Cardinal Burke: Nancy Pelosi ‘must’ be denied Communion

Cardinal Burke

Cardinal Burke

The following comes from a Sept. 20 story on

In a wide-ranging interview, Cardinal Raymond Burke has issued an emphatic call for pro-abortion Catholic politicians like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to be denied Communion.

The cardinal also spoke about the rapid advance of the homosexual agenda, the decline in catechesis that, he says, has crippled the Church’s response to pressing moral issues of the day, and the growing danger of Christian persecution under an increasingly “totalitarian” government.

The cardinal, who heads the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura and is America’s most senior prelate, made the comments in an interview published earlier this month by The Catholic Servant, a Minneapolis-based newspaper, and republished by The Wanderer.

Asked about Pelosi, he said, “Certainly this is a case when Canon 915 must be applied.”

Canon 915 states that those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

“This is a person who obstinately, after repeated admonitions, persists in a grave sin — cooperating with the crime of procured abortion — and still professes to be a devout Catholic,” the cardinal said. “I fear for Congresswoman Pelosi if she does not come to understand how gravely in error she is. I invite her to reflect upon the example of St. Thomas More who acted rightly in a similar situation even at the cost of his life.”

The cardinal also urged the faithful to practice “much prayer and fasting” to counter the growing threat of the homosexual agenda.

“The alarming rapidity of the realization of the homosexual agenda ought to awaken all of us and frighten us with regard to the future of our nation,” he said. “This is a work of deceit, a lie about the most fundamental aspect of our human nature, our human sexuality, which after life itself defines us. There is only one place these types of lies come from, namely Satan. It is a diabolical situation which is aimed at destroying individuals, families, and eventually our nation.”

“The fact that these kinds of ‘arrangements’ are made legal is a manifestation of a culture of death, of an anti- life and anti- family culture which has existed in our nation now for some time,” he said.

Catholics have not engaged the battle for the family effectively, he said, “because we have not been taught our Catholic Faith, especially in the depth needed to address these grave evils of our time.”

“This is a failure of catechesis both of children and young people that has been going on for fifty years,” he continued. “It is being addressed, but it needs much more radical attention.”

“There is far too much silence — people do not want to talk about it because the topic is not ‘politically correct,’” he added. “But we cannot be silent any longer or we will find ourselves in a situation that will be very difficult to reverse.”

The Cardinal said Catholics risk facing increasing persecution, such as the inability to even work in fields like education and healthcare, if the government remains on its present course.

“If the present government, which can be described in no other way than totalitarian, is not held back from the course it is on, these persecutions will follow,” he said. “It will not be possible for Catholics to exercise most of the normal human services whether in health care, education, or social welfare because in conscience they will no longer be able to do what the government demands: to cooperate in grave moral evil. We are heading in that direction and even see it now.”

He urged Americans to take the example of France, where the people have reacted strongly to government imposition of same-sex “marriage.” “The French people are out on the streets in protest — one demonstration had upwards of two million people,” he said. “There has arisen in France among the people the will to resist the government and that is what we need in this country.”

Asked how Catholics can reconcile the fact that they are told not to vote for political candidates who support grave intrinsic evils, while these same politicians are given honors at Catholic universities and public Catholic funerals, he said, “You cannot reconcile it.”

“It is a contradiction, it is wrong, it is a scandal, and it must stop!” he said. “We live in a culture with a false sense of dialogue — which has also crept into the Church — where we pretend to dialogue about open and egregious violations of the moral law.”

“Can we believe it is permissible to recognize publicly people who support open and egregious violations, and then act surprised if someone is scandalized by it?”

See the full interview with Cardinal Burke at the Wanderer here.

For the LifeSiteNews story, click here.





  1. Steve Phoenix says

    Has Card. Burke not gotten the memo from Bergoglio that we are not to be “obsessed” (Bergoglio’s own words, 9/19/13 interview, in English) with abortion, homosexuality, and contraception? The Cardinal appears to be exhibiting inappropriate “small-mindedness” in this matter with Pelosi.

    • Have you gotten the memo that is sinful to use a powerful political position to openly and strongly promote abortion?

    • Steve: Bergoglio? Really? How disrespectful! I believe we are to call him, Pope Francis. And we are supposed to take your comments seriously? Show some respect, Steve! BTW: He may have said not to obsess about it. BUT he DID NOT say that these things were not mortal sins. They remain mortal sins and always will!!!

      • Abeca Christian says

        RR yes I agree we need to show respect to our holy father…it is Pope Francis. God bless him as we continue to keep our holy father in our prayers.

      • RR, I totally agree with you…whether people like it or not, He is our Pope and he is to be called POPE FRANCIS.
        In addition to what you said, our Pope also meant to be respectful to homosexuals and lesbians and to those that do not agree with our Catholic Church teachings; however, we cannot tolerate their behaviors/actions. If Pelosi is promoting abortion and other sinful acts, Holy Communion shall be denied.
        Cardinal Burke has the most Holy orders and is vested with the powers of the Catholic Church. If He says Pelosi must be denied Communion, she must not receive Holy Communion.
        I suggest that Steve log into Catholic and find podcast # 6114 and # 6117 aired on 9/20/13 and 9/23/13 respectivelly.

    • I think you have only read the article on the Pope through the eyes of the American press and a rather faulty English translation. If you didn’t read it in Italian, you missed the context of the interview completely.
      The Pope is telling us, if we approach all men with the love of Christ and by living as examples of Christ’s mercy and charity, we will bring others to see the beauty of the message of salvation through the death and Resurrection of Christ. This in turn will bring the sinner to God’s mercy and forgiveness that only He can provide. It is up to us to live our faith in a manner that draws people to the faith.
      The Holy Father (not referenced as Bergoglio) is teaching the faithful how to live our faith openly. what Cardinal Burke has said is doing just that. Nancy Pelosi has been extended every “olive branch” of charity possible in her years of dissidence. She has had the council holy men and the prayers of thousands; she has been offered the truth of the faith, which teaches the mercy of Christ. When she totally rejects the blessing she has received, Cardinal Burke is applying what the Church has always applied to those who speak heresy; that is excommunication (self-imposed in her case). Remember he is the head of the Signatura, the Supreme Court of the RCC; if the Holy Father is unhappy with his actions, he will replace him. I don’t think we will see that happen. His job and the job of our bishops is first to teach the faith through charity, but their jobs include some basic duties that you or I have no authority to question. We are blessed to answer to God for our lives and the lives of our children and how we exemplified our faith to others; our bishops will have to account for every soul under their care. That is an awesome responsibility. Consider that deeply before judging their actions or trying to put everything that happens in the Church into the context of this interview. It was meant to change our approach to others; the words of the Pope did not change the teachings of the Church.

    • The Pope has ZERO authority to change anything from the Magisterium of the Church. (The Pope must be a part of, but is not the only Bishop in the Magisterium.)

      Until and unless the Church Magisterium changes anything in the:
      CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition
      the CODE of CANON LAW – –
      they all stand, no matter what anyone says.

  2. The Burke interview was published well prior to the Pope’s interview. The bus rolls on.

    • Even if Burke gave this interview after the Holy Father’s dialogue with that leftist magazine, he would be in the right for stating the Truth. After all, one cannot proclaim a Gospel of Salvation to those masses who firmly believe they need no salvation because there is no sin. Not logical.

      Every hiccup of the Pope does not constitute proper teaching. If only it did discernment would be so much easier.

      • Remember that that “leftist magazine” is produced by the Jesuits. The Pope is a Jesuits and has said that he sees things through the eyes and mind of a Jesuit. Look for change.

        • “he sees things through the eyes and mind of a Jesuit.” which explains the the tragic condition of their order, seeped with modernist garbage…all warm feelings and no Truth

        • You are correct, Bob One. That is why ‘Watch and Pray’ is translating into ‘Duck and Cover’ in my household. The subtleties and seeming to speak out of both sides of one’s mouth is what really has me concerned over the goings on in Rome.

          As for seeing through the eyes and mind of a Jesuit, I pray His Holiness will come to see things through the clear eye of St. Ignatius of Loyola. That would be some change!

  3. Your Fellow Catholic says

    With all due respect, Cardinal Burke is not Representative Pelosi’s Bishop and perhaps might want to mind his own business.

    • Canon Law IS Leo Cardinal Burke’s business. He is an expert in Canon Law. God bless him for his fortitude and persistence in telling it as it is.

    • Spoken like a true liberal YFC, since her Bishop will not do ANYTHING, perhaps the good Cardinal thought it was time to step up…..God Bless him

    • With all due respect, Cardinal Burke is head of the Apostolic Signatura and knows more canon law than you, Nancy Pelosi, and Nancy Pelosi’s bishop, combined.

      Your comment represents the very avoidance tactic used by Amchurch: Her bishop in CA says she lives in DC so it’s not his business, and her bishop in DC says she lives in CA so it’s not his business. So neither bishop does anything about a homosexualist abortionist heretic profaning the Holy Eucharist. And you’re OK with that, right?

      • What is especially bothersome about Cardinal Burke’s inadequate analysis of the abuse scandal is it comes after decades of news coverage and studies, civil and ecclesial, which suggest far larger institutional challenges than wayward priests who have failed to live by canon law. To start with let’s note here the obvious: preying sexually on children violates much more than canon law. More fundamentally it violates God’s laws and every notion of decent human conduct in cultures throughout the world. It violates “the laws of the heart and soul, laws of human love, consensual adult expressions of that love, secular laws, criminal laws, and every other law–even if canon law never existed.”

    • With all due respect, you are not Cardinal Burke’s superior and may benefit from rethinking your position on who should mind whose business.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        Dear Ann, you are not my superior either. I’m just pointing out that a Bishop or Cardinal who tells another Bishop – in public – how he ought to exercise his pastoral and canonical ministry ought to understand that he is insulting the local ordinary. He is saying that Archbishop Cordileone doesn’t know what is best for his own flock. He is saying that Archbishop Cordileone is in violation of Canon Law. It is unusual to see a Bishop insult another Bishop so openly and publicly.

        • YFC, that is your spin on it. Perhaps Archbishop Cordileone does not take it as an insult and is glad for the backing of Cardinal Burke.

        • Dear ‘Fellow Catholic’: There’s nothing superior about it. St. Paul called out St. Peter over his treatment of the Gentiles. There was no intimation that Peter didn’t know what was best for his flock, but rather a calling out for lucid discussion and common sense. Oftentimes a leader needs to know he’ll have the support of his confreres and his flock to go forth and do that which is difficult and/or shocking. In this case, ceasing the ongoing scandal of allowing a public official who publically flouts Church teaching to receive Holy Communion.

          With the increase of ambiguous nonsense being infused into Mother Church under the guise of not hurting people’s feelings and egos, I’d suggest we all get used to Bishop against Bishop. Elsewise we’ll become nothing but a rollover to whatever comes along.


    • YFC, please check things out prior to inserting foot in mouth.

      CARDINAL RAYMOND BURKE currently is and has been the Cardinal Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.
      The Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura is the highest judicial authority in the Catholic Church (apart from the Pope himself, who as the supreme ecclesiastical judge, is the final point of appeal for any ecclesiastical judgment). In addition, it oversees the administration of justice in the Church.”

      It is not only Cardinal Burke’s business but also his duty to pass judgment on everything to do with the CODE of CANON LAW.
      ” Canon 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty
      and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion. ”

      The Pope does not have the authority to violate or change the Code of Canon Law by himself. Any changes would have to be a formal act by the MAGSTERIUM.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        Matt, it is too bad that you speak with such authority yet you have no idea what you are talking about. If the Pope can declare infallible doctrine, he can most assuredly change canon law by himself. Besides all that, you still have not given any indication how you think it is that the Signatura can opine on a subject with out that subject being in front of him in a formal sense. There are procedures he can go through if he want to rule in his position as Signatura, but in this case, he has not done so. He has simply violated the sovereignty of the Archdiocese of San Francisco, insulted its ordinary, and forgotten every principle of subsidiarity.

  4. Stephen Joto says

    Like Pope Francis said…”Who Am I to Judge”?…Weeell, it’s o.k. to judge activity and condemn it accordingly…gay men who think buggering other men is fine and dandy ALSO need to be denied Communion!… along with evildoer’s like Pelosi and the other abortion mill politician’s…those who advocate same sex marriage ALSO need to be denied Communion…Helllooo!…think Mcfly!

  5. Stephen Joto says

    The “gay’s”, will not triumph in the Church…if they choose this vile behavior…they must go elsewhere or be excommunicated for endorsing and advocating heresy…e.g., sodomy and the like…

  6. Cardinal Burke seems to be going in one direction and thePpope seems to be gong in just the opposite one. Just saying.

    • Yes Cdl. Burke is going in the right direction….just saying

    • The Holy Father, by his own admission, has no experience when it comes to the workings of the Vatican. He has also said that his ‘authoritarianism’ has gotten him into trouble in the past.

      That being said, for all his good intentions, it is possible that the Holy Father doesn’t yet understand the far reaching effects of what he says on the Fly. This could be why a day after he stated in an interview that he doesn’t need to discuss abortion, he came out strongly against abortion. Why? Because as the Holy Father, he needs to do so.

  7. Tell that to C. Wuerl. So many of our bishops have allowed politicians to continue in scandal ad nauseum.

  8. Absolutely fantastic. Yes Pelosi should have been denied communion years ago. Of course. And yes we need to take to the streets to oppose the govt. imposed homosexual agenda. God bless Cardinal Burke.

  9. Michael McDermott says

    Church Militant is highlighting the Crisis that Cardinal Burke is openly addressing, in an analysis worthy of sharing…

  10. NO ONE must be denied a sacrament they seek based on the judgements of others. “Judge not , Lest you be judged….”

    • Anton L Seidl says

      Pat C. : Nancy Pelosi should be excommunicated. She knowingly and obstinately persists in pushing policies that are in clear opposition to the teachings of her church. Her recent statements in which she called abortion rights “sacred ground” are patently obscene.

    • Ah, yes the only verse in the Bible liberals know by heart… “don’t judge while babies are being murdered, you might offend someone” I say judge until ALL of the liberal filth is ripped from the Church

      • Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be open. Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: Lk. 6.31 for this is the law and the prophets.

    • Once again, the words of Jesus are taken out of context. Read His entire quote. He means that if you pass judgment on someone, you had better NOT be guilty of the same thing. That makes you a hypocrite.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        I believe the entire teachings of Jesus suggest that He who is without sin cast the first stone. I don’t think that there is a requirement that we not be guilty of exactly the same sin.

        • Well now, that surely does put St. Paul, St. Peter and St. Jude in a bad light as they did a heck of a lot judging in the name of Christ. It seems you have never read the rest of the New Testament.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            Anne, you went for a while without insulting me, and I thank you for that. But you know that I have read the New Testament. So please retract your insult.

          • Your Fellow Catholic, you will get no retraction from me as you yourself have said some pretty damning things against Cardinal Burke for which I replied. I had no idea whether you had read the whole New Testament or not. I do not read all your posts or anyone else’s either. It is impossible unless one sits at a computer all day. You had better look up on orthodox Catholic sites what it means to judge. Try Catholic Answers article for one — “Judge Not?”, or just put in “Judge not that ye be not judged”, Catholic interpretation, and you will get the right answers on many good Catholic sites. Even many Protestant websites get this one right. All Christ meant was that we should give fair, just and impartial judgments without being guilty of doing the same thing ourselves. It is impossible not to judge. In fact sometimes we it is our duty to judge.

    • This is the kind of ignorance among Catholics that has led to the mess we’re in today.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says


        You just wrote a mouthful!

        May God have mercy on an amoral America!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

    • It is a priests duty to judge situations. Especially those of scandal to the Faithful. Holy Orders is a Sacrament and yet it is denied and or given based on the judgment of those in a position of authority within the Church.

    • Spoken by a true liberal progressive!

  11. It is hard to believe that the holy spirit picked Francis and passed over Cardinal Burke.

  12. Allan Wafkowski says

    Following canon law is hardly obsession. The pope was wrong to have said what he said without explanation.

    • Allan, read the total interview on a Catholic website, instead of the major media spin. The National Catholic Register has a good article by Jimmy Akin entitled “7 things the pope did not say about gays”.

  13. Michael Hunt says

    I wish Cardinal Burke were Pope!

    • Thankfully the Holy Spirit does not agree with you. He couldn’t even hand his own archdiocese here in the US. He had to be kicked upstairs due to his big mouth!

  14. Michael McDermott says

    Flaming Phonics

    Kudos to the flaming phoenix as the first to twyst the Pope’s words to fit the Gaystapo Agenda.

    How small minded and obsessive this mono-maniacal focus on forcing the Church to pander to such intrinsically pathological Hatreds & Perversions – as if that too precedence over Good Works.

    As for CHINO Nancy – The Botox Flamethrower / ‘Mx. Lube Rack’ – She has repeatedly proven herself as one of the Most Evil Harpies in the entire Abomination…
    – And there is no greater Foe of the Catholic Faith in Congress than the Pelosi-Rat-Pak – who along with ever-lubed up Joe Bytim should be sent packing on greased skids. Ahem.

    Pope Francis was Clear – and his message Positive…

    Wasting our Time, Talent & Treasure pandering to intrinsically aberrant, degrading and objectively disordered Hatreds & Perversions – such as Gaystapo Misandry & Pederasty – is Not a good use for these gifts.

    The shrieking Church Harpies should stop obsessing about their sex Fetishes & Hatred of Men, and join the Good Works – long hindered by distractions from Homosex Infiltration and Abuse of Children – leading to the bankruptcy of Diocese like Stockton.

    All the Faithful and all those struggling with their Faith are Welcome…

    But like a drunkard standing first in line for the communion cup, so as to get a big slug of booze – those abusing the Church for abusive ends – should end it, 0r have others do so – that We may move forward.

  15. It is good to know there is at least one cardinal that knows and detests offending
    God and has the courage to stand-up and publicly proclaim the truth whether it is bad tasting medicine to some or not. We need to pray for the cardinal as he will be hated by the LGBT, their sympathizers, and the administration.

  16. I agree…she should not present herself for Holy Communion…but if she comes in front of you, what do you do? …tell her politely to move on ?….and if she does not, what do you do? you move aside and make a sign to the people behind her to form a new line ?

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says


      I know what St. Padre Pio would do. BASTA! He did so many times.

      May God have mercy on an amoral America!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  17. St. Christopher says

    Here is a Man, fully masculine and not afraid of speaking the truth. As to inconsistencies with Pope Francis, the Pope is a Latin, and emotional. His wording represents his own opinion (no, his opinions are not “infallible” pronouncements in any respect). And, it is likely that the Pope and Cardinal Burke do not agree on many issues. In fact, the Jesuit nature of the Pope’s training is evident in his attitudes, particularly about the liturgy. As many observe, the Jesuits are generally “sloppy” in their liturgy, believing form unimportant. It is not surprising that Cardinal Burke relishes the TLM, and strongly advocates for its wider adoption, and for the understanding and use of Latin within the Church and its sacraments. Gee, what a thought: traditional practice and liturgy and belief in the literal meaning of Canon Law, the Commandments, Heaven, Hell, and all of that. The Latin American Church is not much known anymore for overt devotion (except in parts of Brazil) to liturgy. It is beyond odd that Pope Francis believes that the Church is in great shape now, when all evidence points to its virtual destruction as an institution. Jesus spoke always of forgiveness and mercy, but also spoke more than anyone about the reality of Hell and the need to go through “the narrow door.” Cardinal Burke tolerates nothing that is against achieving the salvation of Mankind, and he does so with the greatest virtue, charity. Pope Francis seems a kindly man, and he is surely to be guided by the Holy Ghost. But, there have been many mediocre, and some very bad, popes. The Church is lucky to have Cardinal Burke — hopefully he will last into future papacies.

  18. Cardinal Burke is my HERO

    • Pope Francis is my HERO!

      • Stephen Joto says

        C&H must be under the deluded belief that somehow Pope Francis is tolerant of homosexual activity….WROOOONG! In a moment of greater clarity I do believe he might amend that staement, and if he doesn’t, HE SHOULD!…Men who get their jollies buggering other men is a grave mortal sin, a sin so vile and repugnant that it cry’s to Heaven for vengeance…Think McFly!

        • No .. The Pope has not changed the teaching on homosexual activity.
          However, he is leading the Church into what President Bush Sr. (Another of my heros) called “kinder and gentler.” He’s setting the right priorities for which we need for today’s modern world.

      • As he confuses the Faithful Catholic.. not surprised LGBT crowd adores him… question to all of you… do you celebrate your sins as a good liberal or do you die to them as a good Catholic

        • Abeca Christian says

          Jesus is my hero…He died for our sins to open the gates of heaven. Those that honor Christ are saints in the making. We are all called to be saints. No matter how big or small. Praise Be Jesus Christ for good Cardinals like Cardinal Burke! His actions are saintly! God bless him.

      • C&H. Why is the Pope your hero?

        • Dear Ann … In no particular order * I think he will go down in history as a great communicator much as Ronald Reagan was in politics and will lead lapsed Catholics back to the Church * He is teaching the whole world, not just Catholics the value of modesty and simpliclty.
          *As a woman, I like that he has said he wants today’s Church to involve me more (No I’m not talking about women’s ordination.) As a gay person I like that he has reminded everyone that we are God’s children and that both He and the pope love and respect us. * I don’t know a lot about the situation in the Vatican , but there seem to be big problems and he has committed to solve them.
          I hope he comes to the US soon so I can see him.

          • Oh..and also he is putting social justice at the top of our agenda. Lazurus and the rich man was the Gospel reading today. Feeding people is important to me. One of the things we do at my parish and at a synagogue I also cater is that after events with fresh leftover food I take it to a homeless or battered women’s shelter. Think about if this would work in your parish!

          • Ann Malley says

            C&H: Thanks for getting back. I’m sorry I was so late – just getting accustomed to this forum and got lost as to how to access older posts.

            Okay, I can respect your reasons for liking Pope Francis. He addresses that which is close to your heart. That said, as a wife, mom, formerly lapsed Catholic (try 27 years), it is dear to my heart to find logic and consistency. Spirituality too, that is Truth, even if it’s hard to hear. Especially if it is hard to hear.

            My leaving the Church happened at a time in ‘my’ life when what I needed most was Truth – not a wide berth. That said, the one thing I do like about Pope Francis is that he is getting people to talk. I personally don’t like what he has to say, or at least the open-ended way he has of saying it (leaves a lot of wiggle room). This I find distressing in leadership. Especially in times of rampant secularism. (That’s the mom in me that I just cannot shake.)

            Sounds GREAT being able to feed folks by way of your catering business. I will think about whether or not we could do that in my Parish. Thanks for the suggestion.


          • Ann Malley, this is not a forum. It is a comment box. There is a limit of 10 posts per day. 250 words per post.

      • Amen! Burke is no Pope Francis. He largely failed as an archbishop in StL.

  19. The Holy Father has excommunicated a priest who was calling out for the ordination of women [my read: the Pope is no wimp!]
    AUSTRALIA — National Catholic Reporter — Brian Roewe — Sep. 24, 2013
    An Australian priest vocal in his support of women’s ordination has become the first person excommunicated for such beliefs under the papacy of Pope Francis.
    Fr. Greg Reynolds of Melbourne, Australia, told NCR by email late Monday night his initial reaction was “shock” upon learning of his separation from the church. Australian media have reported he is the first member of the Melbourne archdiocese excommunicated and the first priest from the area laicized for reasons other than pedophilia.
    The news came Sept. 18 through a canon lawyer for the Melbourne archdiocese, Fr. John Salvano, who invited Reynolds a few weeks earlier to meet “to discuss ‘some canonical issue,’ ” Reynolds said. The former priest said Salvano presented him the letter of excommunication and proceeded to read it to him, since Reynolds did not read Latin.

  20. Perrywrinkle says

    The cheese fell right on the macaroni!

  21. Indiana Rich says

    Maybe Cardinal Burke has to go back to Cardinal School and listen more attentively to his teacher Pope Francis. The lesson is universal, take the action that Christ would take, what about the mill-stone, and throwing the first stone? We know from experience that when Cardinals feel their power is threatened by the people they attack instead of entering into dialogue. They are supposed to be a teacher, instead they become the bully, the pulpit bully. With this, they only influence those who follow the adage, My Church Right or Wrong. Thinking Catholics know that Francis is the real teacher.

    • Stephen Joto says

      Read your statement “hoosier rich”…one of the most absurd comments yet…you don’t really believe all those foolish things you just wrote do you?

    • I am 76. After Roe v Wade I started standing outside of Planned Parenthood trying to counsel women not to have an abortion. I have had many Catholic pregnant women entering the facility tell me that Nancy Pelosi says it is O.K. to choose an abortion. What does the Catholic Church and we, pro lifers, do with her?

  22. Canon 915 states that those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”
    I agree completely — which is why Bishops who move pedophile priests around should neither celebrate Mass nor be given Communion until they truly repent.
    And child abusers (priests, parents, grandparents, coaches, teachers) should not receive Holy Communion either.
    The list goes on and on — if we wish to be consistent in this matter.

  23. If you interpret the cardinal’s statement and the pope’s statements to be mutually exclusive, you need to see a hat doctor. Pointing out (in answer to an interview question) that Pelosi’s conduct should get her excommunicated doesn’t constitute obsession on Cardinal Burke’s part. Some of the comments posted here efficiently show how shallow thought can lead to placing a foot in one’s mouth.

  24. Maryanne Leonard says

    Although we should stop saying that people should be denied communion if they are in open opposition to Church teachings if we are just going to bellow on but not do anything about it when teachings are violated, and I too wish Pelosi and her fellow deviants from Church teachings had been denied communion years ago, if we denied communion to everyone who deserved to be turned away, lines would be shorter indeed. What about the divorced, the adulterers, those who are living in sin and refusing to marry even after children are born? Those who lie, steal, cheat on their taxes, beat their children and dishonor their mother and father? Who among us are the rapists, murderers, and non-parents who have aborted or otherwise prevented the births of children of God? Are nuns and priests the only ones whose lives are holy enough in following the teachings of Jesus to be worthy to receive communion, and indeed are they always worthy?

    I think the problem is that we basically choose to select ourselves and decide if we are worthy to receive or not, and in my 70 years on the planet, I have never ever seen anyone denied communion. The ordained give much lip service to things they never enforce.

    The only time I felt I should not take communion and just sat in the pew, almost every pair of eyes in the church looked at me questioningly as I sat there, and a certain percentage stopped greeting me after Mass as if I were the greatest sinner in the history of mankind.

    I still feel I did right, but how many others have I seen do the same? This is another thing about practicing Catholics that is hard to explain to my Protestant husband, who is confused as to why we say one thing in the Church yet do another. I don’t understand it myself, do you?

    • Maryanne, I feel your pain. I think.

      My formerly heathen husband only converted after we opted for the Traditional community. Why? Because the Novus Ordo chapels we tried (all across the country, mind you, thanks to job moves) were all in conflict with Catholic teaching. After all the different mass styles and love-song sermons, he openly declared that he would NEVER be Catholic.

      The Spirit moves where He wills however.

      Now, even my convert husband sits out from Holy Communion when he is ill-disposed and hasn’t been able to make it through the confession line before Mass. Me too. This has also led to our children doing much the same when – Heaven forbid – they know they are in mortal sin.

      If this is the type of ‘clarity or security’ that Suzanne speaks of in her posts deriding Latin mass goers, I am all for it. Why? Because my children have been given the sense of Sacredness that is Proper to the Most Holy Sacrament. They know what sin is. They know that God loves and will forgive them. They are also open to helping others and welcoming others to the Faith.

      So THANK YOU for abstaining from Communion when necessary. What a great testament of true Faith! I’d give you a high five if I were in your parish. After mass of course.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says

        Before Vatican II’s intentional misinterpretation, many did not go to Communion. Now are we to believe that there really are no more sinners because EVERYBODY goes to Communion?

        May God have mercy on an amoral America!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Fr. Gregory Coiro, O.F.M.Cap. says

          It was Pope St. Pius X who began opening the floodgates to frequent reception of Holy Communion…Pope Pius XII made his contribution by truncating the fast before communion. These papal reforms were instituted long before Vatican II.

          Anyone who knows Catholic teaching well knows that, as long as one is in the state of grace, one may present oneself to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord. Only mortal sin can deprive one of being in the state of grace, and in order to be guilty of mortal sin, one must have met three conditions.–all three. In other words, to be subjectively culpable for mortal sin is not easy.

          We should never presume to be worthy of judging another’s subjective moral state.

    • Yes, we are all sinners. However, we are not prominent leaders telling all of America to follow our lead. Scandalizing the innocent is what Cardinal Burke is addressing. Pelosi has influenced many innocent Americans. She fits the class of people described in the Bible who should have a millstone tied around their necks and thrown into the depths of the sea. Cardinal Burke is trying to save Pelosi’s soul along with all the souls she is leading astray.

    • Anton L. Seidl says

      Maryanne: The lines used to be MUCH shorter when Catholics took the sacraments more seriously than they do now. After the second council the attitude shifted from quality to quantity. We did not need ecumenical ministers to pass out the communion wafers to speed up the process. Today, distributing communion is like an industrial production line. Mine is probably a minority opinion. So be it!

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says


        There ARE NO EXTRAORDINARY “MINISTERS” at Traditional Masses, Indulted or not Indulted!

        May God have mercy on an amoral America!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Anton L Seidl says

          Sorry! Mr. Fisher, I meant to say EXTRAORDINARY! The word “ecumenical” slipped in. Ecumenism is another one of my bugaboos! I have come to despise the term and the concept. It has gotten us nowhere and given us nothing. It has been a one-way street into Protestantism.

      • Anton: The opinion of the Apostles was in the decided minority back in the day as was the Catholic Faith during the Arian Heresy. So keep on keeping on. You might just be that small bit of yeast that leavens the whole loaf.


        • Abeca Christian says

          Maryanne L Pelosi is a woman in political party…she has more power to help increase immoral laws. She is not your unknown person sinning, she is bigger than that…she helps others embrace their immortality and is helping carry laws that murder more unborn children.

  25. Richard Fossey says

    I was heartened to read the story about Cardinal Burke. He is certainly right to invoke Canon Law 915 with regard to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for wayward Catholic politicians. She should certainly be denied communion, and dozens of other Catholic politicians should also be sanctioned by the Church.

  26. Oh, if only it was His Grace Cardinal Burke who is sitting on the throne of St. Peter!!!!! Yes Bergoglio is not one to judge of course.

  27. He’s not her bishop. So Nancy can go on her merry way as long as the Archbishops we have had in SF do not speak up about her. No one has the balls to confront her about it, except Cardinal Burke.

  28. Abeca Christian says

    Amen to what Cardinal Burke recommends! Even if he was not her Bishop or Cardinal, he is still a man of authority in our church and good lay faithful should listen to him. God bless!

  29. Denying someone Communion is the first step in a slippery slope of “proportionality of issues” and is very dangerous for the Church to open up. Burke wants Pelosi denied Communion due to abortion support, but doesn’t mention other issues. Will he come up with a checklist of what he considers “communion denying issues” or will he just stick to abortion? This were the proportionality comes in…..does the Church deny Communion just for abortion views, or does contraception also get you passed over at the Communion rail? What about being gay? So the checklist is set up at the national level and the work begins to snub Catholics based on various issues. If they deny Communion because of contraception, what will the Church do is hundreds of thousands of faithful Catholics walk out the door in protest to something 80% of Americans practice at home? You don’t see the Communion snubbing because the Church knows well there will be a backlash, irrespective of what the issue is. Some Catholics will urge the Church on to include contraception, divorce, being gay, not being at Mass weekly, etc., to the expulsion list and the Church’s numbers will decline even faster. Mark my words, Communion snubbing is the equivalent of excommunication and is a dangerous policy that the Church can’t win on it, and they know it. That’s why you don’t see it happening.

    • Anton L Seidl says

      Good Cause: You are going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Missing mass on Sunday is a far cry from declaring abortion “Sacred Ground” as has recently been stated by our “Dear Catholic Grandmother Nancy P.” Abortion is an intrinsic evil no Catholic legislator should EVER advocate. BTW, the same rule applies to VP Joe Biden and about a hundred other phony Catholics in the US Congress. Let us hope the bishops in other dioceses burn their membership cards in the Party of Death and Sodomy, and follow through on Cdl. Burke’s initiative.

    • Canon Law, Good Cause, does give all the details as to what sin can cause an excommunication and what sin does not. I suggest those who are confused about it should look up Canon Law on line.

    • Good cause: Is Mother Church about keeping numbers high? Or passing on the Faith, full and entire?

      As for the 80% that use birth control, perhaps they would benefit from hearing the Truth preached and then receiving some light penance to help them along. Being denied Communion can often be the wake up call necessary to repent and change one’s behavior. If they choose to wander, then so be it. They have free will.

      After all, the Prodigal son’s father didn’t cut him a deal and/or bring women home for his son just to keep him on the farm. That goes for the prodigal in heart as well.

      But sadly, you are correct in saying that fear of people leaving is WHY more folks aren’t denied Communion. If only they were, perhaps the moral authority and integrity of the Church would shine like the beacon it is instead of being doused under the bucket of misplaced democracy.

      • P.S. Good Cause – please find a solid Catechism and teacher and read what is expected of faithful Catholics. We are not there for the Church’s benefit. Mother Church is there for us, to guide us, not to indulge us and/or change in accordance with our stubborn cleaving to sin – even the sin of missing mass for no good reason.

        Or do you let your children skip school with impunity? Throw their food in the garbage so they can drink soda? Teach other children to disobey and revel in it? And, in general, flout the house rules? Rules that are in place to protect and promote the long term good of all.

  30. I love cardinal Burke and am proud to belong to the same church he does. Now if we could only get the rest of the Catholics, priests and bishops and Popes to join our church we would be on course!

  31. Stephen Joto says

    Denied Holy Communion?…this woman may very well excommunicate herself, if she already hasn’t!…Giving her Communion is a grave sacrilege, not only for her…but for any priest that gives it to her!…Abortionist’s and active homosexual’s are forbidden to partake of the Eucharist!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says

      So called “good cause”,

      NO we don’t see it because too many of the “Shepherds” are actually wolves in sheeps clothing!

      May God have mercy on an amoral America!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God have mercy on your poor soul,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Stephen Joto says

        You’re right ken…they are, i didn’t want to throw down so hard, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say…she’s an excommunicate from way back…

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says

      Stephen Joto,

      Pelosi and many other public “servants” have already “Latae Sententae” excommunicated themselves. Look it up!

      May God have mercy on an amoral America!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  32. Fr. Gregory Coiro, O.F.M.Cap. says

    With regard to Nancy Pelosi, I trust San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Corfileone, J.C.D.,, to do the right and appropriate thing. I’m sure that, in the spirit of collegiality, the Archbishop appreciates and respects Cardinal Burke’s opinion. I have no doubt that both of them, being canon lawyers, understand that it’s Archbishop Cordileone’s call and not Cardinal Burke’s.

    • Messsage of Our Lady of Akita, Japan

      “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops against other Bishops. The priests who venerate Me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises, and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.

      “The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of My sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will no longer be pardon for them.”

      With all due respect to Fr.Gregory Coiro, O.F.M. Cap.,

      Our Lady of Akita never used the words “spirit” of collegiality in her warning but she did use the word “compromises.”

      However, there was a pervasive “spirit” of collegiality taking place when Jesus found himself abandoned in the Agony in the Garden.

      Matthew 26:40-41
      40 And he cometh to his disciples and findeth them asleep. And he saith to Peter: What? Could you not watch one hour with me? 41 Watch ye: and pray that ye enter not into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        Please remember that the Marian appearances are not binding on the faithful, including of course Our Lady of Akita.

    • Fr Coiro, what is the”right & appropriate thing”?. It has not been done yet in San Francisco and I doubt that it ever will. Thank you for your response.

      • Fr. Gregory Coiro, O.F.M.Cap. says

        John, as one who supports the Holy Father and the Bishops (those who exercise Magisterium), I believe they have given the answer to your question: it belongs to the diocesan bishop to determine if and when Canon 915 should be invoked so as to impose its penalty.

        • Fr Coirio, have you studied the “CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition” – which Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Frances have told all of us to do?
          Bishops and Priests are not exempt from the teachings in the CCC.

          CCC: 1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:
          – by participating directly and voluntarily in them;
          – by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;
          – by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;
          – by protecting evil-doers. ”

          Bishops and Priests have an obligation to do their best to stop/hinder the MORTAL SINS of: HERESY, SCHSIM, SCANDAL and SACRILEGE.
          If they do not, they participate in them.
          (These mortal sins are all defined in the CCC as well.)

          For directives about the CCC from our last 3 Popes (including official links to their documents) go to: “What Catholics REALLY Believe Source”.

          Here is only one from the CCC regarding the Mortal Sin of Scandal:
          ” 2286 Scandal can be provoked by laws or institutions, by fashion or opinion.
          Therefore, they are guilty of scandal who establish laws or social structures leading to the decline of morals and the corruption of religious practice, or to “social conditions that, intentionally or not, make Christian conduct and obedience to the Commandments difficult and practically impossible.”
          This is also true of business leaders who make rules encouraging fraud, teachers who provoke their children to anger, or manipulators of public opinion who turn it away from moral values. “

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says

      Fr. Coiro,

      You know darn well that Archbishop Cordileone is only one of many Canon Lawyers and Cardinal Burke is the Head of all of the Canon Lawyers.

      Yes the responsibility of following Canon Law rests with Archbishop Cordileone as does the responsibility for the Scandals caused by allowing Ms. Pelosi and far too many others to sacrilegiously receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord and Savior rest with him as well.

      May God have mercy on an amoral America!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God have mercy on your poor soul,
      Kenneth M. Fisher, SFO, Cap.

      • Kenneth, What is amoral America and the Modern Church? You keep referring to both of these items but never explain them. Please do. Thank you..

    • Father Coiro: I would rather pray that Archbishop Cordileone will have the necessary strength to do the right thing, rather than simply trust that he will. Straightening out that runaway bus of a diocese requires grace and plenty of it! Not just the Canon law degree that too often gets in the way of necessary simplicity.

  33. For all those who think Cardinal Burke and Pope Francis are not “on the same page”, Pope Francis just excommunicated a pro homosexual practice, pro women’s ordination priest. It is all over the web. Do not let people like C&H fool you, it is a tactic to make faithful Catholics dislike the Holy Father Francis and Cardinal Burke to try to separate the Holy Father from his cardinal. Do not be deceived. St. Michael, the Archangel defend us in battle.

    • Anne dear, Why would I want to get people to dislike the Pope. He’s my hero and inspiration. It’s other people here who are saying insulting things about him. As for Cardinal Burke, I’d never heard of him till this article came out. If he and the Pope see things differently I’m sure they’ll work them out.

      • C&H, you have implied on this website before that homosexual practices are all right, or even defended them in the past if my memory serves me correctly. That is why I said that. If not I apologize, but others can vouch whether or not you have.

    • I never said that you were trying to get people to dislike the Pope. I said I thought you and many in the LGBT Community were trying to drive a wedge between the Pope and his Cardinal by implying to the media they were not “on the same page” about homosexual acts being wrong. Now address me no further. I will not answer any more about this article, at least not to you or YFC.

  34. The Holy Father Francis excommunicated Fr. Greg Reynolds, an Australian priest. Now let us see has the liberal press spins that one.

    • But of course, anyone who is in serious sin, can sincerely repent, turn to Christ in the confessional with a good priest, make amends and go on to truly try to serve the Lord as Pope Francis has clearly indicated these last few months, but to advocate for same-sex marriage, homosexual or lesbian practices and abortion is against Church teaching and puts one in serious sin if one has been clearly warned.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says

        Anne T.,

        It is not that easy for public sinners. public sinners are required to make public reparation as have many Kings and Princes and Princesses in the past.

        As far as I know the public sinner Ted Kennedy and far too many others such as Roybal made NO public reparation for their many sins, and the bishops and Cardinal who darn near canonized him will have to answer for it.

        May God have mercy on an amoral America!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        God have mercy on your poor soul,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Yes, Kenneth, faithful Catholics all know it has gone on far too long. Nevertheless, one Kennedy was recently told not to take Communion by his bishop because of his stand on abortion among other things. The good bishop got a lot of wrath from the dissidents, of course, but he should thank God he is being treated like Our Lord for righteousness sake. Great will be his reward in heaven if he stands steadfast. Pray for him. And, yes, politicians should have to repent publically because the damage to the Sheep is greater.

  35. Stephen Joto says

    Cardinal Burke has every right to articualte his position as an archbishop and prince of the Church! Pelosi may not live reside in his diocese, and yet he has every right to remind others that she should be denied Communion, wherever she manifests.. This wayward Catholic endorses abortion and receiving Communion is a grave sacrilege, becasue of her endorsement… and she very well may have excommunicated herself,” ipso facto_, by endorsing the demonic agenda of abortion…always ask yourself…what would Jesus do?…then you will have your answer…

  36. If the sisters of perpetual indulgence in San Francisco can receive Holy Communion, why not nancy?

    • And there’s the rub, Ron. If there’s no consistency, there’s really no guideline is there. And that’s the whole point it seems.

    • Michael McDermott says

      Good Point Ron – Indeed, it may well be that the Twysted Systers of Homo-Anal Indulgence already have ‘day jobs’ – maybe even in ‘catholic university education’, which becomes more of an Oxymoron every year:

      Bishop Vasa: Where are the preachers ‘obsessed’ with abortion, gay ‘marriage’ and contraception?

      Bishop Robert Vasa… one of the American episcopate’s great defenders of life and family affirmed the Pope’s desire to proclaim the basic Gospel message but insisted that the Church must remain vocal in promoting the truth on the most pressing issues of the day.

      “I certainly do know that there are individuals, and I certainly would probably be among them, who firmly believe that these are core cultural issues about which we must be vocal,”
      the prelate told the Press Democrat on Friday. “But I’m not obsessed about them…”

      “Is there a need for teaching about those things? Absolutely…

      “[If] everyone talked about it a little, there would be fewer who feel the need to talk about it more,” he added.

      Bishop Vasa’s assessment is along the same lines as that made by Cardinal Raymond Burke…
      ’ The Catholic Servant that the Church has not been nearly outspoken enough on controversial issues like homosexuality.

      He said there’s been “a failure of catechesis both of children and young people that has been going on for fifty years.”

      “It is being addressed, but it needs much more radical attention,” he continued. “There is far too much silence — people do not want to talk about it because the topic is not ‘politically correct.’

      But we cannot be silent any longer or we will find ourselves in a situation that will be very difficult to reverse.”

      • Bishop against Bishop? This is what Our Lady of Akita warned the world about. Compromises! I am sure that Bishop Gumbleton thinks that he is being oh.. so very charitable and loving to homosexuals. He is not. He is leading many souls astray. Bishop Gumbleton truly needs our prayers. We should never rejoice in the loss of anyone’s soul. When a bishop errors he will bring down many souls with him. Judas also thought that he sounded oh…so charitable when he claimed to care about the marginalized, but his motives were very selfish and very self centered. After all, didn’t Judas also try to seem more preoccupied with caring about the marginalized too? Judas did not really care about the poor and the marginalized because Judas was a thief. Pray for our shepherds who have accepted compromises. Jesus came to testify to the truth. Can there be any greater betrayal than for another apostle to become another thief to steal the truth? Yes, there can. It is called despair. Pray for the special grace and intention that Bishop Gumbleton publicly repent and receive the greatest gift of God’s unfathomable mercy!

        ….Jesus said to his disciples:” If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Matthew 16:24 Douay-Rheims


        • Detroit Archbishop defends his stance that gay ‘marriage’ supporters should not receive Communion

          BY PATRICK B. CRAINE Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:31 ESTTags: Allen Vigneron, Gay Marriage

          DETROIT, Sept. 24, 2013 ( – Despite strong criticism and a public rebuke from another bishop, Detroit’s Archbishop Allen Vigneron has reaffirmed his insistence that Catholics who support same-sex “marriage” should not receive Holy Communion.

          The archbishop was speaking to media at a pro-life vigil in Motor City on Saturday.

          Archbishop Allen Vigneron
          “I don’t think they were hurtful,” he said of his comments from April, according to the Detroit Free Press. “I think they were straightforward. There’s nothing hurtful in telling people the truth.”

          “And the truth is that… the teaching of the church about marriage is God’s way for us to flourish,” he added. “That’s what I want people to know.”

          On April 7th, the archbishop had stressed, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, that a Catholic must be committed to Church teaching if they present themselves for Holy Communion.

          “For a Catholic to receive holy Communion and still deny the revelation Christ entrusted to the church is to try to say two contradictory things at once…”

          Four days later, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a retired auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese with a strongly liberal reputation who has made a name for himself as an opponent of Church teaching, gave an interview to oppose Vigneron’s stance.

          “Don’t stop going to communion. You’re okay,” Gumbleton told Fox News.

      • Thank you Michael McDermott for the excellent post!

        Bishop Vasa is right! “He said there’s been “a failure of catechesis both of children and young people that has been going on for fifty years.”

        Cardinal Dolan admitted as much and included himself in saying that bishops (and priests) have deliberately avoided these hot button issues.
        From The Wall Street Journal, March 31, 2012:

        What about the argument that vast numbers of Catholics ignore the church’s teachings about sexuality? Doesn’t the church have a problem conveying its moral principles to its own flock? “Do we ever!” the archbishop replies with a hearty laugh. “I’m not afraid to admit that we have an internal catechetical challenge—a towering one—in convincing our own people of the moral beauty and coherence of what we teach. That’s a biggie.”

        For this he faults the church leadership. “We have gotten gun-shy . . . in speaking with any amount of cogency on chastity and sexual morality.” He dates this diffidence to “the mid- and late ’60s, when the whole world seemed to be caving in, and where Catholics in general got the impression that what the Second Vatican Council taught, first and foremost, is that we should be chums with the world, and that the best thing the church can do is become more and more like everybody else.”

        • Abeca Christian says

          Catherine I really enjoyed reading your comments, you give out so much information that in some, I have not heard about and it’s nice to read. Thanks for sharing with us. I also agree with the truth you share! God bless you!

          • Thank you sweet Abeca for your kindness! Please keep posting the excellent quotes from the Venerable Servant of God, Fulton J. Sheen, like you have been. A traveler in the barren desert can always use a helpful drink of refreshing truth.

          • Abeca Christian says

            From Fulton Sheen:
            “If a man is ever to enjoy communion with Christ, so as to have the blood of God running in his veins and the spirit of God throbbing in his soul, he must die to the lower life of the flesh. He must be born again. And hence the law of Calvary is the law of every Christian: unless there is a Cross there will never be the resurrection, unless there is the defeat of Calvary there will never be the victory of Easter, unless there are the nails there will never be the glorious wounds, unless there is the garment of scorn, there will never be the robes blazing like the sun, unless there is the crown of thorns there will never be the halo of light for the law laid down at the beginning of time which shall be effective until time shall be no more, is that no one shall be crowned unless he has struggled and overcome.”
            (The Moral Universe)

          • Abeca Christian says

            From Fulton Sheen:
            “Knowledge and wisdom sometimes may accompany one another, though not necessarily so. The gates of wisdom open only to the knock of reverence, to the bended knee, the humble and prostrate heart. Knowledge can walk with sophistication, egotism, boastfulness, pride, self-inflation. As Cowper put it: “Knowledge is proud that has learned so much; Wisdom is humble that he knows no more.” The two, however, can become one by grace, but in order that knowledge may become wisdom, the soul must be rooted in God.”
            (Knowledge and Wisdom)

  37. Stephen Joto says

    Simple ron…the Church sometimes works slowly…one heretic at a time…git er dun!

  38. For too many yeasr the emphasis in the Church has been mercy, look the other way, do not judge, forgive, etc. The Church is a mother, but she also must act like a father sometimes. If a child is constantly disobeying, then some correcive measures must be in order. By ignoring the problem, it will not go away, but will grown and infect the beliefs and behavior of others. The terrible scandal that has been given begs God for revenge. All those precious, innocent children, killed because of a culture of death. His Eminence is absolutely correct in what he has stated. I just hope the powers that be in the Vatican will listen, and then act on Cardinal Burke’s wisdom.

    • Father Karl, when I began reading your post about “the problem,” the tendency to ignore it, how it will then grow, and “the terrible scandal that…begs God for revenge. All those precious, innocent children…” — well, I thought, truly, you were referring to the way Catholic priests abuse, and have been abusing children, over the years.
      But now I see you are talking about the evils of abortion.

  39. Nancy Peloi is not simply a Roman Catholic, but she is also in a powerful political leadership position with the ability to sway many others to her erroneous position. Because of her position, she should be treated with greater severity than should, say, a young pro-abortion college student who is working out the issue in her own mind. Pelosi has cemented her opposition to church teaching many times, and I would agree with Cardinal Burke (who speaks with authority on this issue as head of the Apostolic Signatura) that cannonically, she should not only be denied Holy Communion, but she is fact latae sententiae separated from the Church through her words and lack of repentance.

  40. Abeca Christian says

    Rodda I quote you this from Fulton Sheen in case you have any doubts and also to help remind you to stop resisting good!

    “Hate comes from evil men who cannot stand the reproach of goodness because it makes demands upon them that they are unwilling to accept. The more intense the evil, the greater the fear of goodness. That is why Supreme Goodness is nailed to a cross.” Fulton Sheen

  41. Cardinal Burke is being kind to Ms. Pelosi by denying her the sacrament of communion it may get her attention before its too late. She is past the three score and ten that the Bible allocates man. If she dies with this great evil on her soul she will be lost forever and be consigned to Hell. In hind sight the Cardinal would be doing the most caring thing possible for this elderly politician .

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