California’s connection to leftist plot to infiltrate Church

Staff member of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has several ties to California dioceses
Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice (screenshot from YouTube)

Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice (screenshot from YouTube)

California Catholic Daily exclusive by Anna Rose:

The early October Wikileaks “Catholic drop” wasn’t a huge surprise to faithful Catholics. It was the proverbial kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Catholics concerned about the faith already knew certain players were trying to subvert the Church from within, so the Wikileaks Catholic/Podesta connection was just validation of what liberals had labeled as mere conspiracy theories. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was confirmed to be a Democratic shill formed to bring about a “Catholic Spring” or an overthrowing of the Church in America by Democratic operatives.

In the midst of the John Podesta scheme is a name that will be interesting to many Californians, Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice. Fitzmaurice is on staff with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Many readers may also remember that Dr. Fitzmaurice has been a repeat presenter at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

In addition, Dr. Fitzmaurice served as the former chair for the Los Angeles Archdiocese Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons. He has been presented the archdiocese’s Lumen Christi and Cardinal’s Young Adult in Ministry Award. He is also the Resource Director of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, and now is listed as a senior fellow for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

His extensive ties to dioceses in California has been a concern to many. Joseph Sciambra, ex-gay porn actor turned Catholic activist, explains how Fitzmaurice has attacked the Church’s teachings on a regular basis:

Arthur Fitzmaurice has said that ‘God made me to be this gay person’ and that ‘abusive language in in the Catechism and other Church writings is…gravely evil.’ The way that Fitzmaurice has chosen to address his same-sex attraction is to believe that God simply made him ‘gay.’ But, then, did God also make him ‘disordered?’ For the Catechism also states that the inclination…’is objectively disordered.’ Therefore, Fitzmaurice, and those who are like-minded, must also attack the teachings of the Church with regards to homosexuality. Apparently, Fitzmaurice has fooled himself, and now he is trying to fool others.

Sciambra has written more about Fitzmaurice here.

While it was always known that Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was a liberal organization, the public confirmation of its mission to undermine the Catholic Church leaves the faithful wondering if the organization and those working in concert with them will be allowed to continue to operate in the dioceses of America. More specifically, California Catholics want to know if Fitzmaurice will be allowed continue to be involved with the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, or if Archbishop José Gomez will bar him and those working with him from presenting in the future.

Fitzmaurice is already slated to speak at the 2017 Congress.

To communicate respectfully, contact:

Most Reverend José H. Gomez

Office of the Archbishop of Los Angeles

3424 Wilshire Boulevard, 5th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90010-2241

Telephone: (213) 637-7534

Fax: (213) 637-6510



  1. John Feeney says:

    Any Catholic that votes for a pro-abortion candidate, is like a Jew voting for Adolph Hitler! Traitors!

  2. Willy McCabe says:

    I always love the absurdist argument that God made me gay. Utter foolishness. God makes us human. No more. As such we are subject to our fallen nature in its entirety. To claim that I have a right to engage in deviant sexual acts simply because God made me that way excuses pedophiles, rapists and any other dysfunctional and perverse behavior.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Being gay is a sexual orientation in the same way as being straight is a sexual orientation. it does not describe whether or not one engages in any particular sexual act. Being gay (or being straight) is part of a person, in the same way as being left handed (or right handed) is part of a person. It’s really just that simple.

      • Homosexuality is an illness. And God loves everyone alike– we all are His children– whether we have an illness or not. God is especially close to those who suffer, to those who have an illness, to those with painful crosses to bear. And He is also especially close to His children, if they have sinned, and are in need of repentance and forgiveness, and need His help to start all over again.

        • hosemonkey says:

          Yes, homosexuality is a disease. When one has a disease, one is disordered, as the Church rightly proclaims. Homosexuals are disordered sexually and sometimes physically. One is not in a state of normal health. Some states of abnormal health are immediately dangerous to the person afflicted alone and other abnormalities are dangerous to the population at large ie: contagion. The homosexual “lifestyle” fosters deadly disease that is readily transmitted by homosexual practice and very rarely contracted by normal behaviour.

      • A sin is still a sin no matter how sugar coated you ‘ve put it, whether in thoughts words or deeds. There is no such thing as a lesser of the evil. If you want to deluded yourself with the evaded thought that it is just an orientation ‘I preferred it, but i’ll not act on it” nevertheless you’ve made your choice or preference. Just like YAH gave as all FREE WILL to choose to serve HIM. You cannot shakes hands with satan and declared that Oh, I am walking with YAH.

      • Homosexuality is not an orientation “in the same way” that heterosexuality is an orientation. Homosexuality is a disordered, and therefore undesirable, sexual inclination whereas heterosexuality is normal and healthy, and therefore desirable.

        If homosexuality is “part of a person”, then as a disorder it should be a part that the individual suffering from the affliction and those who love that person would want to correct. Rather than comparing homosexuality to being left-handed, which is not a pathology, you should compare it to alcoholism, which is pathological.

        It’s really that simple.

      • Bwangi Kilonzo says:

        This is not true. Site one Credible Scientific study that shows anyone is genetically a homosexual

  3. I think the Democrats are a little late to the “infiltration” party. May want to get into a time machine and join Annibale Bugnini and company in the 50’s and 60’s. The Church is infiltrated with Ecclesiastical Freemasons and I think this very publication reported on a lay “former” Freemason helping run the renovation of “Christ Cathedral” in Anaheim. I wonder if any of us will now stand up with any effect against this Satanic onslaught?

    • Ann Malley says:

      …but because the not-so-secret secret has come out via Wikileaks, now folks may actually believe it.

      “I wonder if any of us will now stand up with any effect against this Satanic onslaught?”

      That’s the eternal question, John. For many, it’ll just be the shrug and move on to whatever else fascinates.

  4. Well since over half of so called Catholics voted obama in TWICE their mission is already accomplished….is it not? And now….will they vote for Herodias….who supports abortion up to nine months? Why not….obama was the same and Cardinal Dolan klinking his champagne glass with them.Again why worry ..their mission is already accomplished.One can only save their own soul.There is a diary of a German woman who had the charisma to see souls from Purgatory.The book available only in German from is called “My Discourse with Poor Souls”…by Eugenie Von Der Leyen….I have this book in English…I got it some thirty years ago.On page 94 it is titled “..A Nun in the form of a serpet ”.. A nun who was un-faithful to her…

    • Indeed. I noticed too. I live NY and have yet to hear anything from the pulpit re. the election. It was the same 4 years ago.

  5. God did not create evil. God would not create something He would be against. It is illogical to believe so and utterly stupid. Yes God did create the angels, and yes some rebelled and followed Lucifer, but it was their own choice, God did not desire their rebelliance. God gives us a choice as well, to follow Him or to follow Lucifer. God would not create people to be against Him, to offend Him with their homosexual iniquity. Read St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 1 verses 27 through 31, in the most credible Roman Catholic Holy Bible. Homosexuality is a matter of choice of behavior. It’s source is that of Lucifer and his evil demons.

  6. The Catholic Church was infiltrated long time ago!
    Bella Dodd — From Communist to Catholic |—-from-communist-to-catholic.html

    I read Bella Dodd’s School of Darkness several years ago and am fully aware of the communist infiltration of our Holy and Roman Catholic Church.

  7. Incidentally, the most credible Roman Catholic Holy Bible I was referring to is the Douay-Rheims and the Douay-Rheims + Bp. Challoner versions. It is available on line at You can’t count on protestant bibles being accurate as they are tainted with protestant interpretations.
    Pray the Rosary for our nation as it is going through a major fork in the road in its history, to proceed on the road to communism and Sharia Law via Clinton and her demoncrats, or to be restored to its greatness and US Constitution via Trump and we conservatives. What do you want for your children communism and Islamization or liberty, freedom, and Christianity?

  8. Philomena says:

    EWTN has been doing a great job educating Catholics that it is our moral duty to vote for the candidate who is pro life from conception to the grave and supports that marriage is between a man and woman. These two are the most important moral issues of our time. The democratic party says that it wants to help the poor but it has supported killing millions of innocent babies and wants to allow the killing of the elderly. They want to suppress and eradicate Christian beliefs. THEY pretend to want a social utopia but life has no meaning to them just like the communists. If Hillary gets elected then we will begin to see true Christian persecution in the country. IT is our duty as Christians to vote proliferation and pro marriage between a…

  9. Bwangi Kilonzo says:

    Just spoke to folks that attended San Diego’s ‘Synod on the Family’ Hosted by the new Bishop.

    He pulled a really fast one on everyone

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