California Assembly votes to make pregnancy centers tell women of abortion option

Like walking into McDonald's and reading a notice that there's a Burger King across the street
Harris (photo: Richard T. Bui)

Attorney General Kamala Harris supported the bill, which will go next to the state senate (photo: Richard T. Bui)

The following comes from a May 26 Reuters article by Alex Dobuzinskis:

The California State Assembly approved a bill on Tuesday that would require licensed pregnancy centers, which sometimes steer women away from abortion, to inform clients about state programs offering such services, officials said.

The Democratic-led Assembly voted 49-26 to approve the bill, which has the support of California’s Democratic attorney general, Kamala Harris, and will next go to the state Senate, said Allison Ruff, aide to Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, a Democrat and co-author of the bill.

The California bill would require pregnancy centers that are licensed as clinics to notify patients that the state has programs that offer free or affordable abortion services, as well as help with family planning and prenatal care, according to Burke’s office.

Pregnancy centers that are not licensed as clinics would be spared from having to give notice to clients of state programs, but would be required to disclose they are not licensed medical providers.

California has about 200 so-called crisis pregnancy centers, which may be licensed as clinics or unlicensed.

Sandra Palacios, associate director for governmental relations for the California Catholic Conference, which opposes the bill, said her organization would support an effort to fight the legislation in court if it is enacted.

“If I walk into a pro-life center, then I’m trying to figure out what can I do to get some medical help to make sure that my baby is safe and healthy,” she said.

“It’s almost like saying that I’m walking into McDonald’s but they’re supposed to put up a notice that says across the street a Burger King or something better is offered.”


  1. St. Christopher says:

    Anything for their father, Satan, and for his ally on Earth, Planned Parenthood.

    Voters of California — you have only yourselves to blame. Stop electing these people to your legislature. Stand up to their evil, if they do get elected.

    And, as Catholics, you cannot vote for Kamala Harris. She is pretty much rock-bottom regarding any moral candidate, that is, moral in a Catholic sense, or in any Christian sense. She will pretty much say anything to get elected, just like Hillary Clinton. At some point you voters are going to have to assume the responsibility for your vile voting records. Time to start.

    • Linda Maria says:

      A good and decent American, cannot vote for candidates such as the immoral, evil, unChristian Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton– it is a terrible SIN, against Almighty God!! For Catholics– a very serious MORTAL SIN!!

      • But Linda Maria, this is what feminists fought for so hard…not just the right to vote, but the right to murder our own children and make everyone else want to do so, as well. Hillary said it all when she sneered “I don’t bake cookies”. Just ask Vince Foster. Look at the picture of feminism above…the clenched fists, the vicious glare, the self-righteous expression…she could be George Wallace saying ‘coloreds’ will nevah go to no white schoools. I wish more women would organize to fight these anti-feminine harpies! Nip it at the root…we don’t need more laws, we need more feminine women asserting motherhood, love, kindness, goodness and that we’re sick and tired of evil shrews promoting hate, meaness, and the killing of…

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Thank Jesus that you are not the arbiter of what constitutes a mortal sin.

    • Patricia says:

      As a Catholic conservative pro-life, of course; voter; I must tell you that the battle is waged every election! The liberals run this state and I have to tell you it is very simplistic for you to say we have ourselves to blame! You have no idea the effort made to get out the vote for life! You are also right in saying that satan is alive and active in this state. We are SO in need of a clergy to stand up during election time and educate voters, but I’m sorry to say that does not happen, at least in my area.

      When I was Pro-life Representative for the lower desert vicariate of the Riverside Diocese, i visited every single pastor in an effort to get them to become more active in all the issues, including voting! I was met with a literal…

  2. Anonymous says:

    We need to sponsor a bill that legally requires abortion clinics to inform their clients they have a right to go to a pregnancy center too!

  3. Voting to FORCE people to go against their religious beliefs ?

    Trouble is a coming.
    Thanks to all those who voted for Democrats – the most evil Party this nation has ever seen.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Excuse me but Lincoln was a Republican. He forced slaveowners who justified their “ownership” of other human beings in the Bible.

      So is your issue with government forcing people to abandon religiously held moral actions? If so, you should be revolting against Republicans.

      I bet you are against the EPA? A Republican invention.

      The Educaton Department? A Republican invention.

      TSA and Homeland Security? A Republican Invention.

      • Linda Maria says:

        Your Fellow “Catholic”– are you CRAZY?? America was founded on basic, Judeo-Christian beliefs, of the Holy Bible! The Republican Party was formed, during Lincoln’s time. Lincoln was a Bible-believing man, who sought to daily live his life, by Biblical principles! Is that what YOU live your life by, YF”C”?? Lincoln believed, with all his heart, in preserving the Union, and in abolishing slavery. He gave his life for his beliefs! How about YOU– what do you give your life for, YF”C”??

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          You didn’t get to my question. The Republican Lincoln used the force of government to end slavery, against the religious objections of slaveowners. Do you dispute that?

          The EPA, which is now a whipping boy or Republicans was founded by Republicans. Do you dispute that?

          etc etc.

          • Anonymous says:

            Lincoln only “ended” slavery in the states that had succeeded from the US. Not in the border states that had slavery.

          • Anonymous says:

            YFC, there were no valid religious beliefs that people should be stolen from their own Countries and made into slaves at the time of Lincoln in 1863 – due to their skin color.

            If you believe otherswise please provide the documentation from each particular Church that says that.

            (For Catholics you can use the OFFICIAL Catechism of the Council of Trent of 1566 AD, which was in use at the time of Lincoln.
            You will find no such thing that people of color or anyone else is inferior and can be held as slaves.)

      • Anonymous says:

        YFC, the Federal Dept of Edjucation was signed into law by Jimmy Carter – and last I heard he was a Democrat.
        Should we get rid of it – yes. They are nothing but a bureaucratic social engineering group. Education belongs with the States and Parents.

        EPA – is out of control under Obama. It needs to be cut back but not out.

        TSA was created in response to the Sept 11, 2001 attacks – when passenger jets were hijacked – and flown into World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon in DC, and into the ground in PA.

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    “To make, tell about about abortion option” really? How are they going to make them? Hold a gun over their head? Absurd. Let the law suits begin. How dare they make anyone go against their morals. Most prolife pregnancy centers are funded by donations from people who seek to save a life and help women make a good choice to choose life.

    • DottieDay says:

      NARAL will send one of the brainwashed university girl interns (hoping someday to go to Law school — like the law needs one more left-wing lawyer). They will call her a “courageous” undercover agent who investigated the enemy encampment. The findings will be entirely hearsay — more hearsay than even Perry Mason encountered in his long courtroom career. About how they FELT. Bullied by all the talk of life; deceived by the look of the center as a real medical facility; how the counseling was lies about the risks of breast cancer and abortion. One lie after another. And of course, no mention of the choice lie that you can leave your problem at an abortion mill. This is what was done in New York City in advance of the City Council…

    • The will shut them down (make them close) for breaking the law.

      Watch for LEGISLATIVE Persecution of Christians and people of good will.
      They will eventually attack both the Bible and CCC for “hate” crimes.

  5. Our Lady of Good Success messages four our times…

  6. Anne T. says:

    Me thinks Attorney General Harris is a control freak.

  7. If that is the case, the Abortion clinics must also offer Life Centers within their choices as well. Ir not, it is t otherwise, it is Discrimination!

  8. Linda Maria says:

    I have always believed it is morally wrong, to vote for any candidate, who is not pro-life, and who does not stand up for Traditional Marriage, between one man and one woman– and who does not support ALL of our Judeo-Christian morals! There have been MANY elections, especially since the 1970’s– in which I could vote for NO ONE AT ALL!! I have always complained to election officials about this!! What kind of HORRIBLE country do we have, with all of these laughable, SHAMEFUL, immoral, and untrustworthy candidates– similar to the evil “Caligula,” at the Fall of Rome?? Can’t America do any better than that??

  9. Joan of El Cajon says:

    Will abortuaries similarly be forced to provide ultrasounds to expectant mothers to show them the humanity of their unborn babies? And then have to refer them to true healthcare clinics that will provide the necessary assistance to bring their babies to term and safe delivery? Silly me! Of course not–but it would be nice if one of our Republican lawmakers introduced such a bill.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      They did. Perhaps you missed the news. The problem is that forcing people (in this case, of course, women) to have medical procedures that have no medical benefit is immoral and unethical. And expensive. Here’s the article from just 2 days ago:

      • Medical procedures that have no medical benefit? You’re kidding, right? The percentage of babies saved because their mothers saw them as the tiny human beings they are and choosing not to abort them is very high. I’d say that was a highly advantageous medical benefit for the tiny life in his mother’s womb. And I find that being a Catholic ‘n all, that reading liberal garbagethat sites like salon et al slog out are really antithetical to my spiritual and intellectual growth. Like so many who carry completely opposing, illogical belief systems , I’m sure you have it all worked out how it fits in. Like a while back when I compared you to a vegetarian who eats meat. mmm mmmm Steak was once grass, right?

      • Canisius says:

        Spoken like a true abortion excusing lefist,, from of course….

  10. Linda Maria says:

    What has been so terribly shocking, since the evil Roe v. Wade decision of 1973– is that abortion in America, is not even being asked for, legally, by basically good and decent American women— for very rare, extreme, life-threatening, unusual medical cases! No– abortion is being demanded, for normal, healthy babies, developing in their mothers’ wombs– and the reasons given for abortions, are all IMMORAL!! It is most often to allow young women to live an irresponsible, immoral life, of promiscuity– with no responsibility, for pregnancies!! This is truly Satanic!!

  11. tee bohnar says:

    How bogus is this: Pregnancy care clinics are mandated to state that they do not provide death dealing abortions.
    Is Planned Parenhood obliged to state the dangers contained in the drugs, services that they provide? Where is THEIR truth in advertising?
    An OB doctor, who had practiced obstetircs for over 50 years in a variety of settings, stated that he never saw one case that even slightly mandatd the taking of the life fo the baby for the health, safety of the mother.
    More negelct of truth in advertising.

  12. OneoftheSheep says:

    And will these crisis pregnancy centers be given millions of dollars in tax payer funds so that they can implement this directive that nullifies all that they believe in? Of course not. I watched the hearings in the CA legislature and saw many representatives of crisis pregnancy centers who speak for thousands and thousands of their donors. They testified against this bill. Meanwhile some folks from the abortion lobby, fat, dumb and happy, drunk with the power of tax payer dollars, testified they wanted this bill. Really? I say, in the words of Isaiah 5:20, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Our legislative body in…

  13. OneoftheSheep says:

    Perhaps we should enact a law that requires abortion providers to stand on one leg when dispensing their so called valuable information to the public? I say, that the abortion industry doesn’t even have one leg to stand on. Nor does Kamala Harris and her friends who voted for this law in the CA state legislature. They are fiddling while Rome burns. They are fiddling while our water suppy is dwindling. They are fiddling while our taxpayer base is diminishing. They are fiddling while our state budget is depleted. Fools they are. Fools they intend to remain.

  14. Imagine when these politicians start banning the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church due to political incorrectness…

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