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San Francisco – 1st annual Survivors Prolife Training Camp
Jul 18 – Jul 28 all-day

The Survivors are proud to announce the 1st annual SURVIVORS 

PROLIFE TRAINING CAMP ever to be held in Northern California!  


July 18 – 28, 2017


Don’t miss this opportunity to be trained or to send 

others to be trained in pro-life activism and advocacy!


The Survivors train young people to “Run Towards the Cries of Injustice!”  It is not enough to be pro-life – we must act pro-life!


There is no training camp like the Survivors ProLife Training Camp.  The Survivors are the Marines of the pro-life movement.  The Survivors don’t teach social media activism where posting cute memes is enough to call yourself a pro-life activist.


The Survivors train young people in apologetics so you can defend your pro-life position to even the most jaded college student or professor.  We educate you about the law and your constitutionally protected rights to free speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press.


We take you from being pro-life to being an advocate for the preborn babies.  You are their voice – we train you how to be heard and when to and when not to stand your ground.


Known nationally as THE “pro-life boot camp” The Survivors Camp is the oldest and most recognized training camp in the country.  The camp has been featured in Teen People Magazine, LA Times, Aljazeera America and hundreds of TV and newspaper interviews.


Two documentaries have been produced.  Brainwashing Stacey by the BBC and Fault Lines – The Abortion Wars by Aljazeera English.   In all of these interviews, most by those not too friendly to our cause, one thing has been shown over and over again: The Survivors Camp is a first-rate training experience.


This summer is going to be epic!  Gather some friends and 

make this a must do summer experience.


Don’t forget to register today to reserve your spot!  Early bird registration saves you money, so register NOW!

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