Contact Vanessa Rivas

Teacher Assistant for Licensed Preschool
Our Lady of the Rosary School, Paramount


· Must be 18 years of age or older

· Must have a minimum of high school degree

· Must be currently enrolled in Child Development courses and provide current transcripts

· Ped: CPR & First Aid Training

· VIRTUS: Good Touch/Bad Touch Certification

· AB 1207 Mandatory Child Abuse Reporter Training Certificate

Classroom Organization

· Implements plans specified by the teacher concerning daily/weekly schedules, individual and group activities for children, lesson plans, room arrangements, and learning centers

· The playground is also considered a classroom and is always to be safe and clean

· Light housekeeping (snack, dishes, wiping tables, area sweeping, keeping equipment in proper containers in assigned areas, etc.)

Behavior Management

· Implements and reinforces the same behavior management strategies utilized by the teacher in accordance with the center’s philosophy

· Always conducts these strategies with kindness and respect to the child

· Corporal punishment is NEVER acceptable


· Will work only under the direct supervision of the teacher in small groups of one-on-one

· Uses open-ended statements and models proper language

Working with Parents

· Greets parents/visitors and determines their needs (find child, staff member, etc.)

· A friendly but professional attitude is always to be maintained with parents

· Parental concerns must be directed to the teacher on duty or the director

Working with Children

· May escort or assist children in going to the restroom

· May supervise children when they are napping

· Assists children to be self-reliant and to relate to others

· Guides students by modeling appropriately in areas of communication

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