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Foster Grandparent Senior Program Coordinator
Position Description:
Under the supervision of the FGP/SCP Director, this lead position is responsible for the quality assurance, compliance and direct program related activities and services provided by the Foster Grandparents and Senior Companion Volunteers in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Value the volunteers at all levels of the organization through staff interaction, supervision and community support

Assist in program wide recruitment plans and designs

Provide robust recruitment efforts through selected areas of the county regions through screening of federal eligibility requirements.

Co-facilitates 20 hours of program/agency orientation and training for new volunteers

Conducts community outreach and presentations and assists with the development of recruitment plans and marketing strategies targeting seniors who are on a fixed income

Conducts regularly scheduled volunteer station meetings for San Diego

Monitors individual projects for appropriate service delivery and quality assurance

Facilitates and schedules direct contacts and supervision meetings with volunteers and site supervisors as required or needed

Supervises program component for up to 75 volunteers in partnership with Foster Grandparent Host Sites

Promote shared vision, values and commitment to service by including the volunteers in the development and implementation of assigned service related activities and submit success stories to the Program Director on a monthly basis

Assumes a lead role in quality assurance and grant compliance to safeguard high standards for San Diego and Imperial Counties through the supervision of program files and documentation. Provide quarterly file audits and assist the Director with reviews of assigned program components to further ensure compliance
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