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Executive Assistant
Victims Assistance Ministry


The Executive Assistant for Victim Assistance Ministry’s primary areas of responsibilities are:

· Updating and maintaining VAM audit database and contact management system.

· Coordinating the process and paperwork related to victim-survivor therapy.

· Providing Spanish speaking services for persons who call or visit the office, as needed.

· Preparing vouchers and record keeping according to the process established by Financial Services.


Because all Archdiocesan employees represent the Roman Catholic Church, they are expected to conduct themselves accordingly to the goals and mission of the Church in performing their work.

VAM databases and contact management system:

· Extracts and inputs significant actions or information from VAC case notes and files into VAM audit Database and Contact Management System.

Victim-survivor therapy:

· Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with clinicians.

· Follows the established process for paperwork with clinicians and consultants.

· Sends therapeutic policies and reports to clinicians.

· Establishes and maintains a process of keeping track of expiration dates on licenses and insurance of clinicians.

· Follows up with clinicians regarding procedures to initiate and sustain therapy, ensuring accurate, complete and updated documentation in all new and active files.

· Assists with moving files from active to closed cases.

· Maintains and keeps the referral database current.

Provides Spanish-speaking services:

· Provides telephone and in-person interpretation for Spanish speaking persons, informing the coordinator verbally and in writing of the substance of the conversation, when asked to do so.

· Translates VAM documents and correspondence as needed.
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