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Diocese of Los Angeles

Associate Director, Parish Campaign
Development (Called to Renew Campaign)


The Parish Campaign Director will provide expertise to parishes in the areas of communications, marketing, and strategic planning pertaining to the Called to Renew campaign. The Parish Campaign Director is responsible for leading campaign efforts at the parish level, working together with the pastor and his staff.

Working under the direction of the Chief Development Officer and in conjunction with the CCS Campaign management team, he/she will provide direction and leadership at several parishes concurrently during each wave of the campaign.


Because all Archdiocesan employees represent the Roman Catholic Church, they are expected to conduct themselves according to the goals and mission of the Church in performing their work.

As the Parish Campaign Director is responsible for supporting the parish campaign effort.

Campaign Planning and Early Campaign Activity:

Incorporate local parish dynamics into the established campaign plan fundamentals for an effective campaign for the parish.

Facilitate learning and understanding for both lay and clergy leaders in the fundamental plan to drive each parish-based campaign.

Develop a case for support with parish leadership and facilitate the design and production of campaign brochures and publicity materials.

Customize campaign materials for use in solicitations, volunteer recruitment and training and pledge redemption.

Format the parish database of families to develop the phase segmentation for the campaign.

Develop a timeline of campaign solicitation and communication activities.

Assist the pastor with recruiting a core group of lay leaders for each phase of the campaign.

Prepare the pastor and core leaders to solicit key members of the parish community.
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