Contact Attn: :Fr. Tom Elewaut, Pastor
Diocese of Los Angeles

Youth Minister - Confirmation Coordinator Full-Time
Mission San Buenaventura
Posted 8/4/2019 until 10/31/2019
​The Youth Minister/Confirmation Coordinator is responsible for: developing and sustaining a parish-based pastoral ministry with youth (ages 14-21); reaches out to all youth in the parish community; invites and enables youth to serve others and to participate fully in parish community life; provides formal catechesis; coordinates and oversees the two-year Confirmation Program; develops close communication with and mutual support from parents of youth; collaborates with other community and parish youth organizations.

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​Minimum Education and Experience:

v Active member of a Roman Catholic faith community

v B.A./Master’s degree in Religious Studies or similar field or Basic or Advanced Catechist Formation Certificate

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

v Recognized organizational and inter-personal skills are required and should have an ability to work within parish and diocesan systems.

v Knowledge and experience of:

• Program planning, development, and organization.

• Resource and budget management.

• Public speaking, group facilitation and teaching methodology.

• Professional use of social media and technology.

v Skill in:

• Pastoral application of Church teaching.

• Communicate effectively in written and oral form in both English and Spanish.

• Use of current office software including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.

v Ability to:

• Exercise personal initiative while collaborating with a team.​

Information/Application Contact:
Mission San Buenaventura
Mission San Buenaventura
Attn:Fr. Tom Elewaut, Pastor
211 E. Main Street
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