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The California Pro-Life Council, the state arm of National Right to Life, has published 13 regional voter guides based on questionnaires filled out by candidates:

Central Coast Voter Guide
East Bay Voter Guide
Long Beach/Los Angeles Voter Guide
Orange County Voter Guide
San Diego Voter Guide
San Francisco Voter Guide
San Jose/Santa Cruz Voter Guide
Central Valley Voter Guide
Inland Empire Voter Guide
North Bay Voter Guide
Sacramento/Sierra Voter Guide
San Fernando Valley/Ventura Voter Guide
San Gabriel Valley Voter Guide


Here is a sample regarding San Diego County candidates:

California ProLife Council
San Diego County Voter Guide

The candidates’ positions on the following issues are determined from signed questionnaires, previous voting records, or confirmed public statements:

  1. Does the office seeker support legal protection for unborn children?
  2. Does the office seeker support requiring parental consent before an abortion can be performed on a minor child?3
  3. Does the office seeker oppose efforts promoting a state policy of euthanasia
    such as physician assisted suicide?
[Y=Yes] [N=No] [?=Unclear Position] [NR=No Response] [Bold & Italics=CPLC Endorsed Candidate]


Akinyemi Agbede (D) NR
Jerry Brown (D) NN?
Richard Aguirre (R) NR
Andrew Blount (R) NR
Glenn Champ (R) NR
Tim Donnelly (R) YYY
Neel Kashkari (R) NN?
Alma Winston (R) NR


Eric Korevaar (D) NN?
Gavin Newsom (D) NN?
David Fennell (R) NR
Ron Nehring (R) YY?
George Yang (R) NR


Derek Cressman (D) NNN
Jeffrey Drobman (D) NN?
Alex Padilla (D) NNN
Leland Yee (D) NNN
Roy Allmond (R) YYY
Pete Peterson (R) NR


Tammy Blair (D) NYY
John A. Perez (D) NNN
Betty T. Yee (D) NN?

David Evans (R) NR
Ashley Swearengin (R) NR


John Chiang (D) NN?
Greg Conlon (R) N??


Kamala Harris (D) NNN
Ronald Gold (R) NR
John Haggerty (R) NR
David King (R) NR
Phil Wyman (R) YYY


Dave Jones (D) NNN
Ted Gaines (R) YYY


Lydia Gutierrez (NP) YYY
Tom Torlakson (NP) NNN
Marshall Tuck (NP) NR


Nader Shahatit (D) NR
Lewis Da Silva (R) NR
Diane Harkey (R) YYY
Shirley Horton (R) NYY
John Kelly (R) NR
Van Tran (R) YYY


U.S. House District 36
Raul Ruiz (D) NN?
Ray Haynes (R) YYY
Brian Nestande (R) YYY

U.S. House District 42
Keri Condley (D) NR
Chris Marquez (D) NR
Tim Sheridan (D) NR
Ken Calvert (R) YYY

U.S. House District 49
Noboru Isagawa (D) NR
Dave Peiseer (D) NR
Darrell Issa (R) YYY

U.S. House District 50
James Kimber (D) NR
Duncan Hunter (R) YYY

U.S. House District 51
Juan Vargas (D) NN?
Stephen Meade (R) NR

U.S. House District 52
Scott Peters (D) NNN
Carl Demaio (R) NR
Kirk Jorgensen (R) YYY
Fred Simon Jr. (R) NR

U.S. House District 53
Susan Davis (D) NNN
John Edwards (R) NR
Joel Marchese (R) NR
Jim Stieringer (R) YYY
Wayne True (R) YYY
Larry Wilske (R) NR


State Senate District 36
Patricia Bates (R) YYY

State Senate District 38
F. Tsimboukakis (D) NR
Joel Anderson (R) YYY

State Senate District 40
Rafael Estrada (D)
NR Ben Hueso (D) NNN


Assembly District 71
Brian Jones (R) YYY
Tony Teora (R) NR

Assembly District 75
Marie Waldron (R) YYY

Assembly District 76
Rocky Chavez (R) YYY
Stephen Meade (R) NR

Assembly District 77
Ruben Hernandez (D) NR
B. Maienschein (R) YYY

Assembly District 78
Toni Atkins (D) NNN
Barbara Decker (R) YYY
Kevin Melton (R) NR

Assembly District 79
Shirley Weber (D) NNN

Assembly District 80
Lorena Gonzalez (D) NN?



  1. The knights of Columbus sent this out in my parish and I love it. What more do you need to know?

  2. People should read the answers to the general questions – for each person asked.

    1) Catholic CITIZENS have an obligation to VOTE. (CCC 2089)

    2) Catholics must always vote for the lessor of the evils.

    3) Catholics may not receive Holy Communion if they vote for a pro-abortion candidate.
    There is nothing ‘proportionate’ in the USA to the murder of approx. 1 Million Innocents each year, or the murder of other Innocents (euthanasia).
    “Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion, General Principles”
    http://www.priestsforlife.org/magisterium/bishops/04-07ratzingerommunion.htm – Cardinal Ratzinger 2004 (Pope Benedict)

    And let us not forget that the National Platform of the Democratic Party promotes abortion as well as sodomy marriage.

  3. This would have been wonderful to receive several weeks ago. Thousands have already voted by mail. In the November election, whoever is in charge of promulgating this, I hope, would send it out at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Thank you. Our parish did distribute on the public sidewalk a voter’s guide, but the priests at a neighboring parish refused, as they have for more than 40 years. Very tragic..for the unborn and for adults who will vote according to party line instead of their conscience, which always needs to be enlightened…

    • John Feeney says:

      The priests that are at that neighboring parish are an another example of what’s wrong in today’s Catholic Church.

  4. Linda Radcliff says:

    The biggest disappointment for me, is to find that our priests do not use the pulpit to enlighten their flock about the importance of voting. As Catholics, we must vote according to the word of God. It dismays me to see a lot of hypocrite leaders in my parish. They conduct bible classes, etc. get up and ask people to pray for the unborn, yet over and over they vote and advocate for candidates they absolutely know worship the altar of abortion. It is extremely disturbing and sad. Unless we all go back to God in every way, we will continue to see the decline of our country. Another election is coming up. I hope and pray to God that “these” so called Catholics/Christians, specially the so called “church leaders” would start walking the walk. To start choosing God who is the creator and NOT the creature. Regardless of the color of the candidates.

  5. Linda Maria says:

    I never cast a vote for any candidate that is immoral, regardless of their other credentials. Voting is a responsibility to God, and I will not vote for any candidate who is against God! If I am in doubt– I simply refuse to vote! I gather all the information I can, before voting. I have told the local elections office, and local offices of both major political parties, several times, since the early 1970s, especially– why must we have so many immoral candidates to choose from? WHY?? Voting for civic leaders is a very important matter! Can’t we have outstanding and excellent civic leaders, with good morals, to lead our Nation, in both local, as well as State and National jobs?? I won’t even vote for a dogcatcher, who believes in gay “marriage,” “free speech” (pornography and profanity) in the Library and other public places, abortion, legalizing drugs, and many other immoral issues. Many times, in elections, all I ever have been able to vote for, are public issues, such as propositions and referendums, in which no candidate is involved. I have to leave everything else blank. Tragically, the major religious faiths have not been doing their jobs, of teaching their Faith and Morals, to all the American people, now, for many long years, since the 1960s! They all are such COWARDS!! As a result, we have a sadly morally and religiously illiterate Nation! With very few good political candidates, to consider voting for!

  6. Linda Maria says:

    It would be a tremendous help to our Nation, if our Church, as well as all the other religious denominations– would teach and preach the beautiful and essential virtue of Chastity, as well as the virtue of Modesty– and uphold the Blessed Mother as our Role Model! Our Church (and all the other churches, too!) needs to also strongly teach boys and girls how to date and select a marriage partner, and that sex before marriage is an unthinkable “choice”– a Mortal Sin, period! Everyone MUST learn self-control, from an early age– and learn to make intelligent and wise decisions! Our body is the holy dwelling place of God, and it belongs to our Creator! Our Church (and all the other religious denominations in America)– needs to strongly uphold the sacredness of Holy Matrimony (a Catholic Sacrament!) and the holiness of the Christian home, family, and children! At the Wedding Mass (or wedding rites, of all churches) the bride and groom must be told, that they are to welcome into their home, all children, which God may lovingly send them. (Sex is NOT for selfish pleasure and gratification, for the couple seeking marriage!) This used to be the norm, in all the traditional wedding rites, for most all churches! The roles of the Bride and Groom, Man and Woman– definitely include Motherhood and Fatherhood, which are very special and sacred roles! A baby is a TREASURE, a GIFT, straight from the loving arms of its Creator! Everyone must be taught this! Everything in life is a responsibility, from womb to tomb!

  7. Patricia says:

    Print out the above list now,
    and use it for a starting point for the upcoming elections.

    We all must educated ourselves prior to Voting.

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