Body of newborn baby found in Oildale trash can

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The following comes from a June 21 story on the KERO TV station in Bakersfield

A newborn baby was discovered dead in an Oildale (just north of Bakersfield) trash can early Friday morning.

“I don’t know, it’s really shocking because I don’t know anybody who would ever do that to a baby and it doesn’t even know anything about life and it’s just thrown away,” said one neighbor.

A man moving his trash can from the curb on the 500 block of Beardsley Ave. found the baby around 6:11 a.m., according to  the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

“I couldn’t believe it, just like if you don’t want the kid there are several places to take a kid. Like fire department right down the street, there’s hospitals, and they blatantly tell you [that] if you do not want the kid you can take it in so many days and I hear about this baby sitting in a trash can for literally most of its life [it’s] like come on,” said another neighbor.

Detectives said the infant appeared full term and no more than several days old. It did not appear the body had been in the dumpster for more than one to two days….

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  1. Tragic, but the horror and irony of it all is that little babies from abortions are thrown in human waste bins all the time at some hospitals and Planned Parenthood facilities.

  2. Abeca Christian says

    I cried after reading this news….poor little baby and just think how much the mum has to answer to our Lord for this crime.

  3. Maryanne Leonard says

    Stunning news like this leaves most of us speechless. We are accustomed to thinking in terms of Planned Perpetrators and their ilk killing off 50 million of our American children, which overwhelms our minds, but we can relate on a very personal level to word of one little baby being killed by its mother . Even those who believe in abortion as a birth control measure are affected by this sort of gut-wrenching news, once a baby is born. Women do not usually kill their babies, or anyone else for that matter – unless you consider how many pay others to kill their babies. A child is just as dead, and that’s forever, folks, which means eternity, when the baby’s own mother kills the baby before or after the baby is born. God created all babies, and the killers will pay for eternity for depriving 50 million American children of their God-given lives. Of course there are so many others murdered around the world, but my mind can’t even grasp the concept of 50 million dead anywhere, let alone buried on our shores, every single one murdered, almost all with the complicity of their own parents. What does it take to shock us to action?

    • Catherine says

      ” What does it take to shock us to action?” Maryanne, That is a beautiful question. Each and every one of us has to be just as shocked and outraged when Christ’s own shepherds misguide or compromise the teachings of our Catholic faith through serious disobedience and the grave offenses of committing many serious sins of omission. Why should anyone be shocked that a person can throw a newborn baby into a garbage container when the majority of Catholics are not shocked and duly outraged when the Nancy Pelosi’s and disobedient clergy tear down the need for obedience to Christ. Our nation is desensitized to the evil of abortion. How do we shock sensibilities and hearts to wake up our nation?

      Perhaps the mother who gave birth to that precious baby was held in captivity and she had no say about what was done to her. This is what has happened to many women who have been kidnapped and held against their will. The women in the news who were recently rescued had been impregnated many times by their captor. I don’t know if this is the case in this particular story. We can give this mother the benefit of the doubt until she personally admits that she threw her own precious baby in the trash container. Meanwhile the best way to insure that people understand the value and sanctity of all life is to stop disobedience to God in it’s often appealing tracks.

  4. Our culture of death makes women feel that they have no other “choice” but to kill their children. Instead of reaching out to them with compassion and love, as the Gabriel Project advocates, these poor souls are backed into the darkest corner of their existence. Pray for women who become so lost in our society that they turn to such sin. Their souls are truly broken after infanticide. Only the Divine Physician can heal them with His Divine love and forgiveness. Reach out to them with charitable love.

    • Abeca Christian says

      SandraD yes…I agree but I am more concerned for the infants that will die because of their choice…

  5. Abeca Christian says

    I understand that the pro-life cause also cradles the mum who makes these horrible choices but we must also understand that it is also sin and the wickedness in their hearts that didn’t have a conscience or concern for their baby. This was murder and it needs to be treated as such.

    • Abeca Christian says

      OK I’m probably going to be hounded for my last comment but I am speaking of the woman with no concept of conscience…..I realize that some have been tricked or what have you….but it still does not take away the fact that a child was murdered……how about what the baby had to endure before it’s death? It’s come to this….but who knows maybe this person was a rape victim or some sort…so of course we need to help them and get them real healing and support but not taking away from them the reality of what they have committed, they need to feel a reasonable amount of guilt to understand that this is a human being that they threw in the trash. Maybe drugs played into this spiritual blindness or more….but we still need consequences and therapy for them. Well I have no power over the current laws but I do hope for justice and real healing but a life was lost and we can never bring them back to life. This child had no chance at life….it’s sad.

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