Bishop McElroy denies gay subculture among San Diego priests – and a response

Pastoral reflections on the listening sessions

Bishop McElroy statement in current Southern Cross

The following comes from a Jan. 14 story in the Times of San Diego by Chris Stone.

Despite voiced parishioner concerns, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy denies that a gay subculture exists among diocesean priests or seminarians — men studying to be Roman Catholic priests.

Writing in the January issue of the diocesan newspaper The Southern Cross, McElroy says he agrees that such a subculture would be a “threat to a healthy Catholic community.”

But the former San Francisco cleric added that “I have not witnessed the presence of such a subculture in my three years as bishop of San Diego.”

McElroy’s statement, titled “Pastoral Reflections on the Listening Sessions,” is part of a report released in response to concerns raised at eight listening sessions in October and November throughout the diocese on the heels of continuing revelations about clergy sexual abuse.

In his 1,600-word response, McElroy delineated steps taken or will be taken as a result of the sessions.

Initiatives include hiring a full-time diocesan victim assistance coordinator and providing and paying for victim counseling.

Other efforts that have begun or he promised will be done involve more lay people in diocesan discussions and decision-making, hire a professional investigator to examine abuse accusations, publicize lists of clergy sex offenders and re-examine church files about clergy behavior.

Report on the listening sessions in the current Southern Cross

San Diego priest responds

The following response comes from a Jan. 16 email sent by a priest who has spent his career in San Diego:

When I saw this, I thought of the SD priests who promote homosexuality who gather to sit together at the convocation.

I thought of the report of parishioners complaining of a trans giving communion at San Rafael in Rancho Bernardo and of a faithful Catholic man complaining of being thrown out of the pastorʻs office when the man asked about it

I thought of an associate pastorʻs comment regarding the unusual behavior of his pastor when one of his “friends” comes by and that the bishop visits there frequently

I thought of St. Thomas More parish promotion of homosexuality

I thought of parishioner frustration at the pastor of St. Peters Fallbrook referral of homosexuals to St. Thomas More gay support group

I remembered McElroy yelling at me that gays donʻt need to convert

I thought of the gloating of one of the former SD vicar foranes, now retired, when the Union Tribune published the bishopʻs wish list of homosexual inclusion

I thought of the gossip of some priests about the pecadillos of our diocesan priests with each other and with men outside the clergy as well

I thought of the gay priests at USD (most older and retired now)

I thought of the mandatory attendance of pastors with parishioners to the “welcoming ʻfamiliesʻ ” training meeting

I thought of the bishopʻs use of the word “family” regarding homosexuals with children

I thought of the recent conviction of a Eudist priest for sexual battery on a male with homosexuality being promoted in SD by the bishop, the Eudist superior, and the perpetrator priest being ordained by Oscar Maradiaga from Honduras who ordained a practicing homosexual predator as auxiliary.

Could Bishop McElroy not see the subculture because he is inside of it, not having sex, but trying to advance homosexual acceptance?

Denial of something does not negate its existence, just oneʻs own opinion, blindness, or desire to promote a new order in the world and church.


  1. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

    • Typical liberal cop out, “no you won’t judge” even if their perverted behavior ruined countless souls. Not only will i judge I will condemn.

    • “But go and sin no more lest something worse befall thee.” Christ did leave that warning. We all had better heed it.

    • The issue here is that those tasked with shining a light on evil; tasked with forgiving sin, are instead perverting evil into goodness and faithfulness into evil. They are not calling sinners to repentance. They, beginning with the bishop, are calling sinners to their damnation. And ALL have an obligation to cast a light in this horror.

    • Casting stones, we are talking about Priests who lie and abuse their positions. Why don’t gay priests leave en masse for the Episcopal Church where they wouldn’t have to lie about their lives?

    • Te underlying teaching of the stone casting is the Jews were trying to trick Jesus – the Pharisees knew the OT law required 2 witnesses to convict on adultery. Jesus is verbally slapping them in the face saying “Fine, oh you keepers of the law – no witnesses, yet you want to condemn her? Let the one among you who has no sin start the rock throwing”.

      The priest responding sure seems to know the Bshp. and his actions intimately – umm, that’s called a “witness” Mike!! We are exhorted in Scripture to point out to our brothers and sisters when their words, deeds or inaction goes against Christ and the Church. It’s not judgment – it called loving them.

  2. A sad time for San Diego Catholics.

  3. These days you have to parse everything bishops say. When McElroy says, “I have not witnessed” a gay subculture in the diocese, that doesn’t mean it’s not present nor does it mean he doesn’t know it exists. It just means he hasn’t “witnessed” it. It’s a non-denial denial, something the bishops are very good at.

  4. Arthur McGowan says

    McElroy is correct. There is no gay SUBculture in San Diego.

  5. I strongly feel that the Catholic Church needs to get her act together– and be very definite, clear and strict, guiding her flocks– and clergy!– worldwide, in Faith and Morals, courageously and accurately, from Rome!

    • So– what is the Pope going to do, since he recently made statements publicly, that men with gay tendencies, should not be priests?? Will he forget all about that speech– or do something helpful??

  6. So we may have one of the most gay-friendly bishops in the U.S. who has repeatedly promoted clergy and (gay married) laity who are soft on homosexual issues, who has said that the catechism’s language about homosexuality should be changed, who has said that chastity isn’t a central virtue, who has publicly supported Fr. James Martin’s near-blatantly pro-homosexual books and talks, who has been vociferously critical of orthodox Catholics and has persecuted faithful priests in his own diocese… and we’re supposed to believe that such blatant winks don’t encourage and cover for a gay subculture? 😉 Yeah, right. I totally believe him.

  7. Wm. Hamilton says

    I know we’re in there. If we don’t come out, we’re coming in after us.

  8. I believe the SD priest response… It sounds like more cover-up by the bishop. Does McElroy wonder why there is less money coming into the diocesan fund? Will be difficult to pay for all those lawsuits.

  9. Cute words from this bishop. Cute words from his boss.
    Nevertheless, the Capo di Tutti Capi will have the final say, in the end, forever.

  10. William Robert says

    I heard there is a “straight sub culture” among San Diego priests.

  11. How do we know the e-mail referenced in the article is true and really from a priest? It is filled with unsubstantiated allegations.

    • R A Besterci says

      I certainly agree with you……. I believe unless a credible name is given, these allegations should find their way in the trash can. I’m surprised at Chris Stone…… unless
      names are printed and allegations can be back up by
      “facts”, he’s another reporter if “fake news”! Come on Chris, man up and give us a name!

  12. And this is the guy that insiders say will be the next Ordinary in Washington, DC? Hagan lio!

  13. Bp. McElroy can deny, obstruct and threaten all he wants. Mere denials do not cause the homosexual and lesbian subcultures within his diocese to cease to exist, particularly after it is so blatantly supported by McElroy himself. The continuous support of McElroy towards Aaron Bianco (an open, practicing homosexual in a same-sex “marriage”), by placing Bianco in progressively higher levels of parish administration is in direct opposirion to the inherently disordered state of same sex attraction that is tauhgh in the Catechism.

  14. I witnessed the now-disgraced Eudist priest give a homily in which he spoke of a gay teen who had to leave a “fundamentalist” church because he was tired of pretending to like girls, and subsequently converted to the catholic church this priest was posted to so he could “live a life of integrity” and “be who he really was” (to quote this priest). There was no mention of either the call to chastity or to holiness that the Church teaches all of us to strive for. After that, my son and I would attend elsewhere whenever he held Mass. Luckily, this priest recently tried to sexually assault a faithful seminarian and was just convicted. It has become obvious that law enforcement is an essential tool in…

    • R A Besterci says

      Again, Bob…… if you can’t post your full name
      and back up all you claim, I should believe you?
      I think not.

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