Americans demand investigation, defunding of nation’s largest abortion provider

Women Betrayed - 65 U.S. cities protest Planned Parenthood
Photo from July 28 Concord protest against Planned Parenthood. (credit: LLC, William Mayer.)

Photo from July 28 Concord protest against Planned Parenthood. (credit: LLC, William Mayer.)

The following comes from a July 28 WND article by Chelsea Schilling:

An estimated 12,000 Americans in as many as 65 U.S. cities took to the streets Tuesday to demand an end to federal funding of Planned Parenthood amid mounting evidence that the abortion group dismembered unborn babies and sold the babies’ internal organs and parts – including heads, hearts, livers, kidneys and limbs – to organizations and researchers across the country.
The “Women Betrayed” rallies, coordinated by Students for Life of America and Pro-Life Future, followed release of three undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives negotiating deals to collect and deliver the baby parts.

A rally at the U.S. Capitol featured the following speakers: Doctor Ben Carson; Senators Rand Paul and James Lankford; Representatives Marsha Blackburn, Andy Harris, Tim Huelskamp and Chris Smith; Marilyn Musgrave of the Susan B. Anthony List; Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America; Jeanneane Maxon of Americans United for Life; and Arina Grossu of the Family Research Council.

He continued, “When you have multiple individuals caught on tape apparently confessing to multiple felonies that carry with them long jail times, justice must be served. I call on the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce the criminal laws and investigate Planned Parenthood. I call upon state and local law enforcement to investigate the local affiliates of Planned Parenthood in terms of whether they have violated the criminal law. I call upon the United States Congress to hold hearings into whether Planned Parenthood is a criminal enterprise violating the federal criminal laws.

“I call upon our friends in the mainstream media to ask Hillary Clinton is she is pleased that she has so much passion and support from Planned Parenthood, an entity that appears to be a national criminal enterprise. I call on mainstream reporters to ask Hillary Clinton if she supports Planned Parenthood’s sale of body parts and direct violation of federal criminal law.”

In his speech, retired neurosurgeon Doctor Carson said, “I spent so many nights in the operating room, all night long, working, toiling so hard to save one of those lives. You know one of the most wonderful aspects of life is when later on, you can see that same little baby as a 25- or 30-year-old who has their own little baby. And yet there was somebody, at some point, saying it was just a clump of cells that didn’t mean anything. Well isn’t it funny that those same people who say it’s a meaningless clump of cells are trying to get livers and lungs and kidneys? How could you have such organs from a meaningless clump of cells?”

Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaks at “Women Betrayed” rally in Washington, D.C.

Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaks at “Women Betrayed” rally in Washington, D.C.

He continued, “Here’s the worst thing about all of that. I think that we have just gradually slid in terms of our morals to a point where we don’t really care about the killing of human beings. That is the bad news. The good news is, I think we are changing. And I think things like this are starting to change us a lot. There are actually more people in America now who identify themselves as pro-life than there are who are pro-death. You know, we are capable of changing.

Senator Paul told the crowd the Senate will vote on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood before Congress’ August recesses, and he called on Hillary Clinton to return any money she’s received from Planned Parenthood.
“I have three kids, and my fondest memories are of looking at the ultrasound[s]. We still have pictures of our kids before they were born, moving around, fighting, moving their arms. They were already playing sports, it seemed. But we were so proud of seeing those pictures. Something special was coming. But we now find out that Planned Parenthood is using the ultrasounds to manipulate the baby into a position to harvest the organs. This callous disregard expressed over wine and cheese should inflame and infuriate us all. We should stop, once and for all, any penny of money going to Planned Parenthood.”

The “Women Betrayed” rallies were scheduled to take place in the following cities:
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Anchorage, Alaska
Austin, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Baton Rouge, La.
Birmingham, Alabama
Bloomington, Indiana
Boston, Massachusetts
Buffalo, New York
Charleston, South Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbia, Missouri
Columbus, Ohio
Concord, New Hampshire
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Des Moines, Iowa
Erie, Pennsylvania
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Myers, Florida
York, Pennsylvania
Honolulu, Hawaii
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacksonville, Florida
Kansas City, Kansas
Kissimmee, Florida
Lansing, Michigan
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Las Vegas, Nevada
Lexington, Kentucky
Los Angeles, California
Memphis, Tennessee
Miami, Florida
Mobile, Alabama
Naples, Florida
Nashville, Tennessee
Omaha, Nebraska
Orange, California
Orlando, Florida
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Riverside, California
Rochester, Minnesota
Rochester, New York
Sacramento, California
Salt Lake City, Utah
San Antonio, Texas
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Schenectady, New York
Seattle, Washington
Sioux City, Iowa
South Bend, Indiana
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Paul, Minnesota
Stamford, Connecticut
Syracuse, New York
Trenton, New Jersey
Vancouver, Washington
Waco, Texas
Washington, D.C.
West Palm Beach, Florida



  1. Elizabeth says

    And please add to the List San Mateo and Napa California 🙂

    We in San Mateo started at PP on Baywood and walked down to 4th Avenue in San Mateo with signs and praying, led by a wonderful pro-life Priest and we tried to hand out pamphlets, but unfortunately, it looks like people in this area (the Peninsula) choose to still be in the dark !!

  2. Has any bishop in the U.S. denounced Planned Parenthood’s selling of the parts of aborted babies? Name one. Pope Francis is well-educated and aware of what is happening around the world. He has spoken at length about global warming/climate change. Has Pope Francis spoken one word about abortion? Has he spoken one word about selling of the body parts of unborn babies? When? Where?

    • Your Fellow Catholic says

      Sarah, the Pope has spoken many times about abortion. Do your homework before you condemn.

    • St. Christopher says

      “Sarah” is correct: remember, Catholic Reader, the True Catholic is an outlier within his own Church. Most of the Vatican and Church leaders look askance at abortion, making a public proclaimation here and there against it, but not so much. And, the Church does next to nothing about homosexual sex and marriage.

      Just look at the monstrously incompetent job that Cardinal Dolan is doing. He recently took the easy lay-up, cheap-shot, at Donal Trump, but has been silent — silent — on the travesty of the Supreme Court’s pro-sodomite marriage decision. They care only for their own skins folks — do not give them a penny.

    • Please do not attack those who are our leaders in the church. As a matter of fact, Bishop elect Rev. Barron wrote a very thoughtful and moving piece concerning the loss of what is so fundamental to a moral life, the loss of the sanctity of life. Please check it out. Also because you have not seen it or heard it in the media does not indicate that it was not addressed.

      • St. Christopher says

        Bishop Barron is troublesome, “Anne-Marie Hiskes”: He is very taken with Hans Urs von Balthasar and the notion that we can hope that “all men are saved” from Hell. Barron has said other things, of course, but seems to skirt orthodoxy enough to satisfy the Vatican, which is decidedly unfriendtly to Catholic Tradition, or even to conservatism.

        A moral life is a number of things. Disliking abortion for a Catholic priest is easy. The harder things, like contraception, homosexual sex and sex of all kinds not among a married man and woman, are avoided. You need to watch B. Barron very much (and pray for him).

      • Wm. Hamilton says

        You are correct. Abp Chaput has also spoken out along with 4-5 other prelates, including Bp Vasa in Santa Rosa.

    • Anonymous says

      Nope. But C Dolan did take the time to bash Trump on his stance re immigration.

  3. Finley Lewis says

    You could hardly miss groups with signs standing on both sides of El Camino Real at the San Mateo rally!

    It just takes a few people with signs and an hour or so of time to draw some attention.

  4. As Sarah wrote, no bishop, even the Bishop of Rome, has spoken out against Planned Parenthood. With such inaction as this, can we expect the Congress to defund this terrible organization. Unfortunately, most of the powerful people in Congress are Democrats, put in there by Catholics, so donkeys will fly before PP is defunded.

  5. When can we expect the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to release a statement condemning this practice of felonious selling of human body parts?

  6. Though Concord, California, did not get mentioned on the official list of towns Rallying against Planned Parenthood, one-hundred of us were out in 100 degree heat covered four corners of Grant and Pacheco Sts, peacefully, prayerfully, enthusiastically witnessing for life. The three state legislators from our area remain silent though they were sent letters requesting their comments on this situation and calling upon them to support the defunding of Planned Parenthood, Sen. Steve Glazer, (D), Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla,(D) Her office is one-half block away from PP and she has 100% support rating from PP, and Catharine Baker, (R).

    • St. Christopher says

      These people likely get money from PP. Aside from not wanting to offend the pay machine, a politician does not want to offend the “mythical woman voter”. Remember that a good number of people, like the Nutter, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), who are now arguing that by attacking PP you are attacking “womens’ reproductive freedom” and the like.

      People want to have sex with no responsibility. If they, or a business that provides birth control mechanisms, can make money out of sex, or its after-effects, than more power to them (it is believed by many, many people).

      Where is the Vatican? The USCCB? Many other bishops and cardinals like Dolan, Cupich, McElroy, and the like? Disgusting and vile, they are, and a deep embarrassment…

      • St. Christopher says

        (Continued) “to any faithful Catholic.

        Write to them. And tell the Pope on down that the door to Hell is open to all, including them in all their finery. This is granular and needs to be addressed and attacked. Just as the Supreme Court’s pro-sodomite decision needs to be attacked by the whole Church. Where are they? Remember that Jesus was ultimately hated for what He said. We need to be there (and very good work by you and your group in Concord).

  7. To contact your 2 US Senators:

    To contact your US District Congressman:

  8. The main character in the Pogo comic strip said, ‘We have met the enemy, and he is us. ‘ This can very easily be applied to the Catholic Church since Her greatest enemies are inside Her, devouring Her like termites, while keeping a thin façade which still looks holy and nice.

  9. Roberta Genini says

    We may be jumping the gun by asking straight out of the chute for up or down votes on funding Planned Parenthood. The disgust factor is there, although fading already, because human nature can adapt to just about anything. Disgust, much or little, is not enough to turn the tide on defunding PP. To investigate PP truly would mean subpoenaing their financial records and comparing them to the financial records (also subpoenaed for this purpose) of Stem Express and and similar businesses that have a relationship with PP. Only then can investigation get beyond PP’s current plea that it only charges fees for various steps in a process that in itself is legal “donation” : steps that can include extraction, quality control, transport, etc. The…

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