All Souls pastor, parishioners rally against proposed clinic



Father De Heredia, right

Father De Heredia, right

The following comes from an April 24 story by Valerie Schmalz in Catholic San Francisco.

(To see the April 6 Cal Catholic story on the Planned Parenthood clinic, click here.)

A South San Francisco pastor and his parishioners are rallying to block Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s plans to open a clinic on the city’s main thoroughfare, a block from All Souls Church and school.

“These people advocate abortions,” All Souls pastor Father Agnel José De Heredia said he told the parish about Planned Parenthood in a recent homily. Parishioners are gathering signatures before and after Mass and in the city to oppose zoning approval of the clinic.

“Our Catholic faith teaches us that life is sacred from conception to death. That no one has any right to terminate life,” Father De Heredia told Catholic San Francisco.
Father De Heredia said he plans to preach another homily the Sunday before the May 2 Planning Commission meeting to vote on the proposal. Parishioners testified against the parking plan, which was approved, and plan to testify at the May 2 meeting, said parishioner Rolando Delgadillo.
The 435 Grand Ave. clinic will not provide surgical abortion but will issue emergency contraceptives, contraceptives and provide sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, said Planned Parenthood Mar Monte spokeswoman Lupe Rodriguez. Planned Parenthood does not plan to offer chemical abortion, or RU-486, but it could be added without returning to the city for zoning approval, Rodriquez said. However, she said remodeling for surgical abortion would require obtaining city zoning approval again.

“We’re planning to provide primary care services for men and women. We’re hoping to provide pediatric care,” said Rodriquez.

Any minor 12 or older is eligible to receive reproductive health services, including abortion and contraception, without parental consent or knowledge under California law.

The building where the clinic would be housed is owned by John Penna, a former South San Francisco mayor.

Penna said opposition to the plan comes from an unjustified stigma that is attached to the Planned Parenthood name.

He said the clinic will be providing needed health care to undocumented and uninsured residents of the area as well as those with insurance.

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  1. Abeca Christian says:

    Praise God that they are uniting and with them it can empower them due to their unity to do good. There is power in numbers. God bless them. They will be in my prayers. God bless this priest. His efforts are gold.

  2. SandraD says:

    God Bless this wonderful Priest. I and many are working hard to keep PP out of this wonderful South San Franciso downtown neighborhood. We pray that the City Council listens to the people and denies PP’s request. SSF City Council must protect and serve their citizens. Allowing the number one abortion provider into their community will not protect and serve them. Women are hurt by abortion. Children are hurt by abortion. Babies are killed. The owner of the property John Penna is so mis-guided like so many in society. He believes the lies that PP spews out. Why doesn’t he look further and see the research & history on this abomination to mankind? Where is the outrage about Kermit Gosnell and all the rest throughout the country and throughout history where women have died and infants born alive are killed. This is madness. This is lunacy. This is the devil at work.

  3. SandraD says:

    Everyone who wants to push back on Planned Parenthood and end abortion, you need to stand up. Come Thursday evening to the SSF Planning Commission meeting at 33 Arroyo Drive, SSF–7:30 PM.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Strange that in their newsletter a few years ago, their CEO stated that he
    WANTED ALL OF HIS CLINICS to do surgical abortions!!!

    I trust Planned Parenthood as far as I can throw them as the saying goes…….

    They just want to get their foot in the door, surgical abortions is how they
    make their money……from $250 to $2,500 depending on the size of the baby
    they are aborting!!! And they get the majority of their ‘clients’ back because
    of the inferior condoms and contraceptives they give out, on purpose mind you,
    so that when they fail (and 9 times our of 10 times they do) the woman comes
    back for an abortion. That’s where they make their money. And by the way,
    they receive at least 1 Million dollars in all of our taxpayers money everyday.
    There is a group of Congressman in Washington D.C. trying to de-fund
    Planned Parenthood, please suppport them and pray for them.

  5. Gneal Trevethan says:

    I find it hard to believe that they won’t soon be offering medical (RU 486) and suction aspiration first trimester abortions in light of two bills now making their way through the California legislature, both sponsored by Planned Parenthood. AB 154 would allow nurses, physician assistants and midwives to perform these first trimester abortions. The bill omits all reference to these as surgical abortions. Could it be that Planned Parenthood is waiting for AB 154 to become law so that they can do these abortions without obtaining city zoning approval again? The other bill, AB 980, would treat primary care clinics that do these suction aspiration abortions the same as primary care clinics that don’t, in regard to state building code regulations. So, as soon as AB 980 becomes law, this clinic, approved by your city as a primary care clinic, could soon be doing aspiration abortions in the same exam rooms where other services are offered- no remodeling necessary according to state. Be very suspect of the claims Planned Parenthood’s spokesperson is making.

  6. Camille says:

    Planned Parenthood is going to provide pediatric care! Is that a new term for Gosnell type abortion services? Promoting contraceptives leads to unplanned pregnancies for which they can claim state funding when they aboert that child which is the intention of any Planned Parenthood clinic.
    Let us pray that the parishioners of this church, led by their pastor, be graced with the courage to speak up and not rest until they have stopped this curse upon their neighborhood.

  7. SandraD says:

    Many faithful showed up for the Planning Commission meeting last night. Only one Commissioner had the guts, fortitude and honesty to push back on PP. Everyone knows that this is about money. The owner of the building will make big money. He had Land Use changed specically so he could obtain a medical use permit for his run down office building on Grand Ave. PP will come in and completely sruce it up and pay high rent. Shame on this professed Catholic that spews lies along with the abortion giant PP. Did anyone hear the PP Vice President declare that PP is a 100Billion Dollar NON PROFIT—really?! puke!

    Next we will aim our sites on the SSF City Council. Surely they will represent their citizens and deny PP’s application to do business?! The outcry was enormous last night. Citizens want to be protected from this virial evil which is Planned Parenthood (sic)

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