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From website

From website

The following comes from recent excerpts from the Culture of Life Family Services website.

For accurate information regarding RU486 or to speak with a medical professional or Nurse, please call 877-558-0333 or email Debbie right away. We are here to listen and help.

If you have taken RU486 and have decided you want to carry your baby to term instead, you will receive natural progesterone according to our protocol. Even if you are bleeding or cramping, you can still receive the progesterone once you have a sonogram to confirm the baby is alive and in the uterus.

Included on the website is the testimony of Dr. George Delgado about a success story:

Rhonda and Gary were both 18, in love, and in college. Like many in our society, they did not think that having sex prior to marriage carried any consequences or could hurt them in any way. Although they used contraception, they conceived a child. Suddenly, all the plans for college and a bright future were in disarray. They were confused and frightened and did not know where to turn.

Rhonda decided she should have an abortion as that seemed to be the best “solution” to her “problem.” Gary did not agree with her, but he felt he should not try to dissuade her.

They both sought the counsel of Rhonda’s mother, who tried to convince her to choose life and not abort her baby. After several discussions, debates, and arguments, Rhonda’s mother wearied and agreed to help her have the abortion.

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 4.26.44 PMSince she was less than seven weeks along, Rhonda chose to take mifepristone, or RU-486. After she took the abortifacient pill, her mother had an almost immediate sense of regret that she had facilitated the abortion of her own grandchild.

She went to see a priest who offered to speak with her daughter. After much discussion the daughter finally agreed to speak to him. After discussing the situation with the priest, she began to question her decision.

The priest put her in contact with me, and she asked to meet with me. On that Saturday I met her in the office, with an assistant, to explain how mifepristone works and what her possible options were. I first wanted to do an ultrasound to see if the baby was still alive.

When Rhonda, her mother, and Gary saw the embryo in her uterus with a beating heart, they began to cry. These were tears of joy that the baby was still alive but also tears of remorse, for each of them, individually, regretted the decisions they had made.

They wanted to know what they could do to reverse the mifepristone. I explained to Rhonda the risks of the situation and offered her progesterone therapy since mifepristone functions as a progesterone antagonist. She agreed to proceed, hoping and praying for the best.

As we journeyed together through the first trimester, at each visit I saw a transformation in Rhonda, Gary, and Rhonda’s mother. I could see a beautiful love, joy, and peace developing within them and among them. They had recommitted themselves to their faith and were now trusting that God would guide them every step of the way.

By the end of the first trimester, I referred Rhonda to an obstetrician. She is now nearing the midpoint of her pregnancy, and all of her ultrasounds indicate that all is well with her baby and her. Rhonda feels blessed to have been given a second chance; a second chance she feels was by the grace of God.

To go to the RU486 reversal website, click here.



  1. Tom Byrne says:

    I have a background in chemistry and using one drug (especially a hormone) as antagonist to counteract another is a tricky business, but a soul and two lives were saved by a (somewhat reluctant) Catholic parent, Catholic medical personnel and a priest. Sometimes it takes a village to SAVE a child!

    • Life Lady says:

      This protocol uses progesterone, a natural hormone that pregnant women need to sustain a pregnancy, and the research can be found on the Pope Paul VI Institute website. The research for using progesterone in pregnancy has been around for about 60 years. Dr. Thomas Hilgers uses it to help women remain pregnant when they are in danger of miscarriage. I did my own research on this, and found that this protocol has sound research and science behind it. If I had a friend who regretted taking the abortion pill, any number of which are available now, I would contact COLFS and Debbie Bradel, RN right away. They are both more than caring, and dedicated people, who are tireless in their efforts to serve the women who call them on the hotline number.

  2. Abeca Christian says:

    Wow what a remarkable story and a miracle….it’s very scary to play with drugs….I just wish we could get rid of the RU486 pill all together so no one could get tempted….

  3. Life Lady says:

    I am not a medical person, I haven’t studied this a whole lot, but I have seen the information about why it works. This use of progesterone has been around for at least 30 years, and based on the work of Dr. Thomas Hilgers who continues to study it’s use wih the Pope Paul VI Institute. I would not hesitate to contact Dr. Delgado since he has started this mission. It is a work of Mercy to help someone who regrets a bad decision. I applaud him and COLFS in this work. God bless them all.

  4. William Keevers says:

    When chemical abortion was first coming out, we tried to speculate what the overall effect would be. Now Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D, National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, Director of Education & Research, is featuring a comprehensive analysis from National Right to Life, of the causes and effects of RU-486.

    One of the upshots is, that women victimized by chemical abortion are in one way, actually more traumatized, because they more immediately see the direct results of their action without abortion professionals present to provide disinformation and misinterpret their prognosis.

    Therefore, as predicted at the time RU-486 was first rolled-out, there is a great, unmet need for follow-up for women who have undergone this trauma.


  5. Combined efforts for a good cause are truly rewarded by God. Faith even as small as a mustard seed, will be used by God to save the souls of many. This is a beautiful experience of conversion where God finds His way in the hearts of this family… thru the innocent heart beat of this baby, beating joyfully for the life he was given by God, and a life which his parents has accepted to nurture and care for. They kept their hearts open to God, although full of fears and doubts. And to Scientists and chemists who continue to search for ways to combat the evil forces of death, to save lives… my prayers are with you.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Thank God the good Doctor referred them to a good Priest!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Mr Fisher yes this good doctor is a very holy and devout Catholic gentleman. He is truly devoted to the pro-life cause. He has touched many lives with his good heart. God bless Dr. Delgado!

  6. Amanda Fleming says:

    This is indeed so informative! I’m glad this revesal thing can be administered especially to those women to have taken abortion pill and decide to carry her baby. But do this have any complication that migh happen to the baby when born?


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