Abortion-pill reversal under attack in California

State Board of Registered Nursing exploring regulation that would ban classes on reversal process as not relevant to the practice of nursing, meets March 15 in San Diego

Dr. George Delgado, the physician who is pioneering the use of the abortion reversal pill.

Should anyone—let alone unelected government regulators—have the right to suppress education that could save a life?

That’s the question Heartbeat International posed in a petition released Thursday morning, pushing back on a California Board of Registered Nursing proposal that would silence any teaching on Abortion Pill Reversal (APR).

An off-label use of progesterone employed since the 1950s to stave off miscarriage, more than 400 mothers say they have used APR to successfully rescue their babies after having started a chemical abortion—better known as RU-486 or “medication abortion.”

Yet, not everyone has embraced the life-saving medical intervention. Since shortly after the first mother changed her mind after starting a chemical abortion and saved her baby in 2007, abortion activists have been vocal in their opposition to APR.

Implying women like Becky Buell were misled—or worse, are knowingly lying—about saving their babies through APR, abortion supremacists have opposed the intervention at every turn, deriding it as “junk science,” “controversial” and “unproven.”

Now, California’s Board of Registered Nursing is exploring a new regulation that would change the goalposts on APR training and ban APR courses as not “relevant to the practice of nursing.” The decision in California has national implications, since nursing boards in all 50 states accept CEU credit from California-approved providers.

Starting in late 2015, an abortion activist with Rewire began pressuring California’s Board of Registered Nursing to keep nurses from finding out about APR from pregnancy help networks including Heartbeat International, Care Net and National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA).

The focus has since settled on Heartbeat International, a California-accredited continuing education provider that has educated nurses on APR through its online Heartbeat Academy and at its annual conferences since 2012.

Meanwhile, at Rewire’s prodding, California has adopted legislation aimed at carving out Heartbeat International and others as accredited providers—an effort that eventually failed to keep Heartbeat International from presenting the facts on APR in multiple venues.

After harassing Heartbeat International with an unprecedented audit that started in early 2016, the Board of Nursing finally agreed to allow the group to continue teaching APR courses for CEU credit in late 2017. Heartbeat International has announced plans to offer CEU credit for APR training at its upcoming Annual Conference in Anaheim, Calif., April 10-12, 2018.

The latest attempt from Rewire and the Board to silence pro-life speech and education could move forward as soon as March 15, when the Board gathers for a public meeting in San Diego.

By then, Godsey says he hopes to give the Board a stack of petition signatures from pro-life nurses, doctors and citizens across the nation. In the first day, Heartbeat International’s petition received 600 signatures calling upon regulators to stand up to abortion activists and allow nurses to learn about APR.

Click here to sign the petition.

Full story at Pregnancy Help News.


  1. Anonymous says:

    California wants to silence abortion pill reversal and homosexual reparative therapy. Can you not see the writing on the wall? Anyone who still chooses to live in California gets what he deserves.

    • I live in California because my children and other relatives are in California. However, there are many prophecies of a major earthquake in California; it could happen at any time, and I think it would be a judgment from God. If you just go to Youtube, you can find many videos from people who have had dreams or visions of a major earthquake in California or on the west coast.

  2. Steve Seitz says:

    I first wondered who would be against giving a mother a choice to save her baby, er . . . clump of cells. Then it occurred to me . . .

    If you try to kill a clump of cells, but half-way through you reverse the kill and the clump goes on to be born as a baby, you now have a living martyr. It’s also concrete evidence that the clump was not merely a clump, but a human life with a full life to live.

    • Linda Maria says:

      The Christ-child lies clothed, unseen, in that little “clump of cells,” forming under God’s careful Divine hand, in the mother’s womb! And God has Divinely chosen that lady, to be the child’s mother, too– and she must accept her Divinely-ordained motherhood!

  3. The Left is always espousing “pro-choice”. Why do they try to block everything thing other than abortion? Such hypocrites!!

  4. Dr. Delgado is a well trained physician and faithful Catholic who loves Jesus and brings the Lord to this doctor’s patients. HIs staff does the same. Don’t hear anything from church leaders to support this practice/ministry. Could it be because the Democrat party is opposed to life issues, so bishops don’t speak?

  5. The Watchman says:

    It’s abortion that should be under attack not the abortion pill reversal. This story just goes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that life begins at conception. Since abortion was made legal in America in 1973 by Roe versus Wade close to 60 Million unborn baby children have been killed by abortion. If the left and their supporters truly believe in pro-choice then they should also believe that a woman should have the right to change her mind about an abortion by choosing the abortion pill reversal. America is fast approaching the time of God’s wrath and judgement if it does not stop abortion throughout the entire nation. End abortion now! Adoption is the loving option. Pray America Pray. Pray the daily Rosary. Pray Pray Pray!

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