‘A slap in the face for the Vatican’

Vatican official says If President Trump takes US out of Paris deal on climate change, “it would be a disaster for everyone"

Pope Francis, flanked, by Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo signs a declaration during a two-day summit of judges and magistrates against human trafficking and organized crime at the Vatican, Friday, June 3, 2016. (Credit: AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia.)

One of Pope Francis’s closest collaborators in the Vatican’s fight against climate change has called President Donald Trump’s reported plan to pull out of the Paris accord a “disaster” and a “slap in the face for the Vatican.”

Argentine Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, said that if Trump takes the United States out of the Paris deal, signed in Dec. 2015, “it would be a disaster for everyone. There’s little else to comment on.”

Sorondo is quoted by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica coming back from a summit at the United Nations devoted to climate change.

“I don’t know what Trump spoke about with the pope,” Sorondo said. “I don’t believe, however, that the conversation was very detailed on climate. I know, however, that the President of the United States spoke about this in the conversation he had with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state.”

In that sense, the bishop said, Trump pulling out of the accords would be “a slap in the face also for us,” referring to the Vatican.

The U.S. President has long spoken about pulling out from Paris, and, according to Sorondo, this is motivated by the “oil lobby.”

Refusing to acknowledge that it is neither necessary nor indispensable to rely on carbon and oil “is like saying that the earth is not round,” he said.

“It’s an absurdity, motivated solely by the need to make money,” Sorondo said.

Trump is expected to reveal his decision on the Paris deal at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday, having signaled the announcement on social media.

Pope Francis openly supported the Paris deal, acknowledging that he’d wanted to make sure his document on the environment, Laudato Si’, was released with enough time to influence the outcome.

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  1. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    Trump is pulling the plug on Earth. And every single pro-life catholic should be appalled.

    • I think you misspelled “applaud”. This pro-life Catholic is certainly applauding President Trump for putting people first over a dubious climate accord crafted by secular leftist elites who don’t know what they’re talking about concerning climate “science” and who want to constrain America’s economic power.

    • Maria de Francisco says:

      Every single pro life Catholic is OVER JOYED that Pres. Trump withdrew from the Parish Accord. It truly shows what a clear thinking person he is and that he has the best interest of the American people at heart.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Maria, that is obviously not true.

        Sawyer, I misspelled nothing. Trump’s speech was loaded with inaccuracies, like his discription of coal jobs as having gone away due to globalization. In fact, coal industry jobs peaked almost a hundred years ago, has undergone a massive technological revolution that makes mining coal more efficient than ever. And clean energy doesnt kill jobs, it creates them: Jobs in solar are about 10 times higher than coal, and solar jobs are growing rapidly. We are in serious competition for solar products with…guess who…the Chinese.

        • Larry Northon says:

          “Coal industry jobs” were booming as recently as the mid 1970’s when I briefly lived in Tazewell County, Virginia. The industry was an economic dynamo, creating local millionaires and keeping the region’s young men employed. They were also well represented by the United Mine Workers, which fought tirelessly for workplace safety, black lung benefits, etc. Forty years ago–not one hundred.

          • Bob One says:

            Larry, that was then. This is now. Technology is changing the process. Miners now need to learn how to program the robots that will do the digging. There are ten times more jobs in renewable energy than in coal. Electric plants are changing to natural gas instead of coal. There will be no use for coal in ten years.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Forty years ago, there was no internet. There were no robots. There were no smart machines to mine coal.

            I lived in Pittsburgh during the horrible Reagan years, just after the period you are describing. Grown men unable to feed their families because smart technologically driven plants (and some supply dumping) in japan produced far cheaper steel. American plants took decades to catch up. It was technology, ultimately, not trade that saved the steel industry in Pennsylvania. But it will never employ the hundreds of thousands it once did.

        • Bohemond says:

          The typical snide response of a West Coast liberal, who looks down the white working class. Your god-man Obama targeted the coal industry for destruction for political reasons. And scams like Solyndra and many others were backed by leftist like you

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            I’m not quite sure who you are referring to Bohemond. Nothing snide in my remarks &I certainly don’t look down on working class folks. Not at all. And where the “white” part of working class folks fits into your equation is something I am lost upon.

            Coal jobs are NOT coming back, they just aren’t. There ARE lots of great jobs in the solar and wind industries. If you care so much about white working class folk, why aren’t you encouraging industries that have a future instead of insisting they make buggy whips?

    • Bohemond says:

      YFC your “progressive Obama world” is coming undone… Deal With It

    • Vince Ryan says:

      The bishop was returning from a UN conference on the environment. First class trans Atlantic flight? Telecommuting next time would be a good choice.

    • John Feeney says:

      Your Fellow “Catholic” is wrong again!

  2. Larry Northon says:

    This Vatican needs and deserves to have its face slapped.

  3. Kristin says:

    What a thin skinned Vatican if they see they see this decision as a personal insult. The sky is not falling but the attendance numbers at Mass certainly are. Would that The Church attend to spiritual matters rather than political ones.

  4. Laudato Si belongs in the trash.

  5. Gooooooo Trump!

    Vatican it is called Subsidiarity, a term you once recognized.

  6. A slap in the face? Apparently the Archbishop is unaware of the concept of national sovereignty. Understandable, coming from Argentina. He lived under one despotic regime after another. [To my best recollection, the Holy Father did not speak out against any of them while living there.] The Holy See [much less the good Archbishop] has no special expertise in the matter of climate change. And so it has no remit—spiritual or otherwise—to dictate which concrete steps must be taken, to what extent, when or by whom. Not to Catholics, much less to the President of another sovereign nation. I am a Catholic and I respect the Holy Father’s views on this matter, although am not morally bound to accept them. I am also an American, and as…

    • such, resent the content and tone of the Archbishop’s comments. When and if the American government feels the need for Vatican guidance in this matter, it knows how to ask for it.

  7. Bohemond says:

    Thank you Mr. President, may the Vatican offer you their other cheek……Smash Globalism

  8. How tragic and scandalous it is for His Holiness to be so concerned with earthly matters. He should instead be concerned with the butchering of Christians all over the world because of Islamic terrorism. He should be saddened that the Catholic Church is declining in members and that Catholics are loosing the faith. He should be angered that the devil is gaining ground and stealing souls who will be damned in Hell. He should be ashamed of himself for not seeking first the Kingdom of God. If your treasure is not with the things of God, than your heart will be troubled, and your soul is in danger of being lost.

  9. Greg the Geologist says:

    A ‘slap in the face’? Since when does the Church stake her reputation on a flawed, never-Senate-ratified scheme that claims to accomplish something that is questionable to begin with, and is filled with unintended consequences that would likely cripple developing nations? Apparently the Vatican didn’t mind being slapped all over the room by Team Obama, in terms of abortion, forced funding for birth control, religious freedom, same-sex marriage, etc. In other words, topics in which the Church actually has some competence, and legitimate concern for social and spiritual consequences.

  10. excuse me, Cardinal, but it is not the “oil industry” that wants Trump to pull out of the Paris accords, it is the people who voted him into office, as this was one of his promises. He is evidently keeping his promise to those who supported him then an now. Sorry you are mourning that Hillary didn’t win for the sake of such liberal clergy with her support for abortion as her primary platform. So far Trump has named a good man to the Supreme Court who will help to protect life and Trump is against tax dollars for Planed Un-Parenthood. The glass is presently half full….take off your dark glasses and let us run our own country.

  11. msgr sorondo is believed to be the ghostwriter behind laudato si. he needs to learn to take the ouches in this bout the only face slapped might be his.

  12. Jesusita says:

    God told man to be stewards of the earth, not to be her slaves. Most of the ecological movement has been treated like a new religion. If Christians fall for this notion, they are committing the sin of idolatry. If mankind did not use oil or coal, where would he be? Back in the stone age. We need coal and oil to heat and to cook. We need gas to power our cars, trains and planes. Sure, we must not waste God’s creation, but God alone is to be adored; not nature. How immature, scandalous and sinful the Vatican has become. Ave Maria Purrissima !

    • Bob One says:

      Jesusita, the use of fossil fuels has served us well but also had its consequences. Today we continue to belch all kinds of junk into the air from coal fired plants. Those will be gone in several years because energy producers are changing to renewable energy for economic reasons. Cars don’t need gas, they can use battery power or at least hybrid engines. We use natural gas to cook; much cleaner and cheaper. Solar arrays are sprouting up everywhere. Wind farms are starting to make financial sense. As technology improves (Mohrs Law is not at a couple of months and heading for a wave) the definition of stewardship changes. And then there is pesky notion that science is true even if you don’t believe it!

      • Bohemond says:

        Bob One once again spouts long winded liberal nonsense….No Wind Farms are not making financial sense, and thats Moore’s Law by the way. You are of the mind lets break the back of the middle class in the name of UNPROVEN theories so globalist and scam the rest of us into servitude. Your liberal snark is really annoying and is easily defeated with fact.

        • Bob One says:

          Bohemond, thanks for the Moore’s Law correction. I guess I was in a hurry. No one wants to break the back of the middle class. That’s rubbish. We need a strong middle class. That, however is not the low or medium skilled job of the past. To reclaim the middle class for our people we need to start more vocational schools at the high school and community college level. Companies need to teach employees how to code and develop apps for whatever platform they are using. That is really hard for the 50 year old who has lost a job and can’t move to where the new jobs are. The world is global today. Look at the thousands of containers going in and out of our ports each day.

      • Bohemond says:

        Bob One would be quite pleased with people using useless solar panels during harsh Northeast Winters so long as the party line is being supported

      • Vince Ryan says:

        Bob One, Coal fired plants will not be gone in several years, even the most ardent climate alarmists are not claiming thay. Yes, in the USA coal will generate less electricity in the next twenty years, settling in at 20% of all electricity generated which would be down from around 40% at its peak about a dozen years ago. So called renewable energy is not making the difference, fracked natural gas is. Mr. Bob, you should educate yourself. The truth is out there.

        • Vince Ryan says:

          Correction: Peak coal electrical generation was 50% of total not 40% as I stated. That was in 2007/2008.

  13. Joel Fago says:

    If the Pope reads the details of the Paris deal, he would see that it is full of devils.

    • Barbara says:

      The Pope doesn’t care. He has an agenda: redistribution of wealth, not saving the earth. Surely Francis understands that God made the world (or is my Baltimore Catechism lying to me?) and He (God) controls the temperature.

  14. To Greg the Geologist and Alice: Your comments are right on!

  15. Maria de Francisco says:

    There is NO global warming. It is another one of Al Gore’s fabrications. He lives in a 28,000 sq. ft home and
    uses more energy than the whole state of Tennessee. Global warming is the mantra of the Pro Abortion folk so they can push their agenda and get money for Planned Parenthood for the United States and the United Nations. Thank you Pres. Trump for following thru on your promises. God Bless you.

    • Bob One says:

      Maria, you are mixing policies. “Global Warming” and Planned Parenthood are two separate issues. There is no peer-reviewed scientific studies that show that climate change is not happening. It is not a fabrication. Climate is always changing, but strong evidence shows that we, the people, are speeding up the change. It can’t be right to want to use coal fired plants to produce electricity any more. Once it was about our only option but not now. New sources of energy are coming on stream quickly. Even the coal companies admit they don’t need many people any more. They can use robots to do the mining. Pres. Trump pledged to save miners jobs. OK, but only 77K people work in coal mining. 150K people work in car washes.

    • Bob One says:

      Maria, the latest report from the Department of Energy reveals that there were 374 K people working in Solar Energy alone last year while all fossil fuel enterprises employed only 187 K people. Last year was the hottest year for which we have history. Cruise ships are now considering using the Northwest Passage. Any idea about the devastation we would experience if the oceans rose one inch? If we don’t save the planet, in a couple of hundred years there won’t be any souls to save.

      • Bohemond says:

        Bob One did you know that it was warmer in the Medieval warming period than it is now.. Its sad that you honestly believe that temperatures can be accurately predicted 100 years out, when they can’t get a weather report right. You have bought this leftist garbage lock, stock and barrel

        • Bob One says:

          Bohemond, you may be correct, but so what? That was then this is now. In the US, renewable energy accounts for nearly 15% of energy production. In California Solar accounts for 6.7%, Hydro 5.0% and small Hydro 0.6% of energy produced. Add to that the roof top solar on homes and business and solar is about 10% of our production. New technology is creating solar roofing material, so that 20 years from now all homes will be self sufficient. In California, the surge of electricity produced when when the sun comes up is almost too much for the grid to handle. But, the issue isn’t about today it is about the future. How do you want your great-great grandkids to live?

          • Bohemond says:

            Bob One you would gladly put people out of work, in the shale oil fields of North Dakota, Texas and Pennsylvania in the name of your false climate gods. You and YFC are the perfect example coastal liberal elite who could care less about the real people in this country who work jobs that neither of you could do.

  16. Jim Grisafi says:

    The successors to Peter need to get back to saving souls and to stop pushing ideology, using their roles to advance their personal sentiments.

  17. Maria de Francisco says:

    With all due respect to the Holy Father, he should stick to matters of the Church and stay out of politics. He needs to know what a slap in the face truly is. He could start with Nancy Pelosi and her continual slaps at the Catholic Church – nothing has been said or done to stop her. Global Warming is a hoax dreamed up by Al Gore and the Democrats to promote abortion. If there are fewer children, there will be less global warming. Does not take a rocket scientist to come up with that conclusion. Al could also donate his home that is 28,000 sq ft and uses more energy than the whole state of Tennessee for a good cause….perhaps a home for unwed mothers. Now we will wait to see what Our Fellow Catholic has to say in response.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Maria, it would be nice to stick with facts. Al Gore did not invent climate change. If you watch Inconvenient Truth, you will see that he learned what he learned from scientists, he didn’t make it up. He’s just the messenger not the inventor. You provide zero evidence to support your claim that Dems had anything to do with climate change. And certainly you have no evidence that it was invented to promote abortion. This is such a crock that it makes you look truly nutty. And then there is the claim that Gore’s house uses more energy than than the whole state of Tennessee. Where do I even start with that one, but here, take a look at Snopes’ takedown of the claims about his house: http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/gorehome.asp

  18. Clinton R. says:

    Unlike the Vatican, President Trump is not working for George Soros. Where was this outrage from our Pope and all the prelates of the Church when the President Obama was pushing the abortion / homosexual / contraception agenda?

  19. Patrick David says:

    Every morning I start my day in a little shrine set up in the corner in my den. While gazing at Jesus on the crucifix and an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I pray the Our Father and the Confiteor in Latin and then read the Scriptures for the day. Lately I have also been reading from Laudato Si – it is a beautiful encyclical and the Holy Father is very wise for offering it up for our consideration and guidance during these very difficult times. Pax Vobiscum!

  20. I guess that the Vatican will need to follow the teaching of Jesus and turn the other cheek.

  21. I agree that Laudato Si belongs in the trash! It is too bad that it ever saw the light of day! The Paris Accord was poorly negotiated and the United States bore the brunt of its regulations, which would have crippled American business interests. At the same time the very topic of ‘climate change’ if fraught with different opinions. I am of the belief – and I am following in the footsteps of many learned scientists, that climate change and global warming are part of a natural cycle that we call WEATHER. I am proud of President Trump for keeping one of his campaign promises in spite of heavy lobbying and the plea of Pope Francis. Thank you President Trump. Shame on you Pope Francis.

    • Bob One says:

      Laudato No, please be sure that when you read a scientific report on climate, or any other subject, tht it has been peer-reviewed. If not, it is fake science. Also, make sure that what you read is not a product of the Heartland Institute who publish non-peer-reviewed material on any subject they are paid to do. They, for example produced a lot of info in the press that said cigarette smoke was not dangerous and didn’t cause cancer. Our Bible, the basis of our faith, calls on us to be good stewards of the earth. That is what the Pope has asked us to do, based on scientific data.

  22. YFC; “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  23. Bohemond says:

    Yes YFC he is ripping the plug out of leftist lies…. when you are outside of Planned Parenthood stopping their death machine you mention the words Pro Life…..

  24. Ladauto si is beautiful and pro-life. Read it for yourself and you’ll discover the truth.

  25. The sacred Roman Catholic faith is not synonymous with any political ideology or party – right our left. The truths of the Faith surpass any ideas offered by a political organization.

  26. My letter to Pope Francis dated Dec. 9, 2015, following the publication of ‘Laudato Si’
    Your Holiness,
    After reading Laudato Si on caring for our planet and particularly its climate I confess similar appreciation and apprehension to potential climate changes that could be harmful to us and to future generations. In this regard I wish to draw your Holiness’ attention to the imperfect state of knowledge of the perceived excessive anthropogenic generation of carbon dioxide and its deleterious global-warming effect.
    Warnings have been sounded by politicians, scientists and by your Holiness’ recent statement reported by the Associated Press on 26 November 2015 — ‘Pope Francis warned Thursday that it would be “catastrophic” for world…

  27. The Vatican not only needs to have its face slapped, but its derriere as well. There are many tools which can be used to reduce smoke from engines such as pollution devices. To exist without oil, coal or gas is silly. Besides, why should America be paying other nations to reduce their pollution. Trump is trying to make America great again, but the snowflakes in the Church, the media and the Democrat party are having a hissy fit.

    • Bob One says:

      So, Lianne, I’m going to assume you have read all 180 pages of Laudato Si, in which case I would like you to list the parts you don’t think are worthy of consideration. Do you think we shouldn’t go to Church on Sunday and Rest the remainder of the day? Do you think that we shouldn’t cut down on our consumerism habits that use excess energy or exploit the world? Do you think we should not help poor people and poor nations improve their human condition, much of it caused by other people? Should we continue cutting down the Amazon and Congo river forests? Tell us, please! As the richest nation on earth why shouldn’t we be concerned about the environment of the future? By the way, this was an Encyclical, a valid teaching of the…

      • Bohemond says:

        ” Do you think we should not help poor people and poor nations improve their human condition” We have been doing this for decades with very little to show for it. Time to shut off the spigot.

        ” Do you think that we shouldn’t cut down on our consumerism habits that use excess energy or exploit the world” No as this nothing but Marxist nonsense tell me Bob One how is the evil US exploiting the world.

        ” Should we continue cutting down the Amazon and Congo river forests?” Rip them all down

  28. A slap in the face? Better a good swift kick in the pants. I call dibs.

  29. If Laudato Si belongs in the trash, so does Humanae Vitae!

  30. Bohemond says:

    No YFC it is your views that are “nutty” you are so caught up in your sodomy that you are unable to discern facts. There is NO scientific evidence of “global warming” all of it is based on flawed models that you leftist believe.

  31. Father Karl says:

    God is the Creator of EVERYTHING. He is omnipotent. He, and the Heavenly Court of Angels control nature. Nature is much older than mankind, as it existed before Adam and Eve. Nature is also more powerful and stronger than man. Several years ago Mt St. Helena erupted, and there was much destruction. Today, most of the vegetation has returned, and the air is clean and fresh, without man doing a thing ! When we abandon roads, soon there are cracks, weeds appear, and nature takes back her own. God is in charge, not the Paris Agreement. He and Mother Nature will make sure the earth keeps on living. Hurrah for President Trump ! Shame on the lies from the Vatican !

  32. Father Karl says:

    Another point that I would like to address concerning this. In the 1970’s, there was a verse of the hymn A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD which stated: ‘Our guns and nuclear might, stand withered at Thy sight’ . This shows that 35 years ago, most Christians still believed that God was almighty, and that He was in charge. With ecology being the new religion, anyone who disagrees with global warming is considered insane, crazy and demented. How tragic that we have dethroned God and replaced Him with irrational and unproven ideologies.

    • Bob One says:

      Father Karl, let’s assume you are correct, which I don’t think you are, but …. If there is no climate change or no global warming, should we not still be good stewards of the earth and its environment? The answer has to be yes! So, then the question is what is good stewardship of the earth? After seeing the results of the many year drought in California, I suggest that we manage our water supply better, minimize the use of pesticides, better manage how we produce electricity, encourage higher mileage cars to reduce dependence on gas, encourage recycling at home, and hundreds of other things that are easy to do. That is not leftist or right wing, republican or democratic, but common sense. How can that be bad?

    • Bob One says:

      Father Karl, I don’t care about your politics, but how can a man of the cloth say “Hurrah for President Trump”? He says he is anti-abortion, that’s a plus. But, he is certainly no pro-life. He wants to reduce the income of the poor and give tax breaks to the rich ($52 billion to the Walton family)alone) he wants to reduce food stamps, reduce basic insurance safety nets, Medicaid, etc. He is anti-life. He wants to shut down free breakfast and lunches in our schools, reduce by billions the money that goes to schools for classroom improvements and new teaching materials. He wants to reduce Pell Grants so that fewer poor kids can go to college. How can a Priest even contemplate that this is good for people? Shame!

      • Bohemond says:

        Bob One, so you think that continuing of the welfare state is a good thing. You and fellow leftist have created generations of people dependent on government, and public schools in which kids graduate but can barely read. But like all leftist you think the answer to failed government is more government. What we need is brutal self reliance. But as leftist you would be against that, because as more people are free and independent the less they need government. Which of course weakens the power of the party and the government. I hope Trump cuts like never before. Then again you are of mindset that individual in this country is not free and is made to serve and be taxed by government without end. I real hope is that this government…

        • Bob One says:

          No, Bohemond, I want to get rid of the Welfare State and all that it stands for. Why do we have it? Several reasons, too many really. How about if we educate our children. They can’t learn if they are hungry. In some parts of the country and cities as many as 75% of the kids come to school hungry. Punish them for the sins of the parents? Really? Parents work for $10 per hour. That’s only $40 per week. How do you pay the average $1,200 apartment rent or mortgage on an average $350 K home in our area. You can’t. You get a second or third job, then family life goes to hell. Baby sitters in our area make $15 per hour, which most can’t afford to pay, so they stay home. A cell phone or a car is not a frill any more.

      • Bohemond says:

        Bob One your constant prattle about the “poor” is getting tiring you and the Pope vilify poverty and in the same breath vilify those who have managed to avoid. More reasons to detest the Left

    • Bohemond says:

      God Bless you Father Karl we have leftist posters on this site who think the Church is a giant NGO to be used to help redistribute income to whom they deem worthy. And they their idea of how government should be, parallels modern day Venezuela. They are Catholic in name only

  33. Laudato Si is heretical. Punkt period; period Punkt.

    • Bob One says:

      Lianne, have you read it? There is no heresy in it. The teachings of Saint John Paul II and Benedict VI are all over it. Have you read it?

  34. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    Everyone continues to miss the fact – the fact – that there are more jobs being created in solar than are lost in coal fields.

    Honestly, I just can’t figure out how any labor minded Catholic could even consider opposing a carbon neutral energy independent US that creates jobs here in the US and exports energy products overseas. And through energy independence makes us less vulnerable to overseas terrorists. Really? How is this is even a question for you all?

    • Bohemond says:

      “Everyone continues to miss the fact – the fact – that there are more jobs being created in solar than are lost in coal fields.” OK YFC tell that the 4th generation miner in Kentucky, and that he has to uproot to the West Coast to get a new livelihood. Perfect example of liberal coastal snobbery, and the reason why you the left and the coasts are so detested by middle America.

  35. Jesusita says:

    The function of the government is to secure the borders and keep its citizens safe. It is NOT the responsibility of the government to provide free lunches to students, or to provide healthcare. The Church used to be a charitable organization,, but now it is a socialistic/Marxist one. Most of the children who have free food at schools should be fed by their parents. The parents all have cell phones, cars and most of them smoke cigarettes (and perhaps drugs). So, if they can have these modern toys, why can’t they provide for their children. America is a nanny state, and this is NOT what she was founded for. Parents have a responsibility. Ave Maria Purrissima !

  36. I will stick to reading St. Thomas Aquinas and other saints rather than the anti-Gospel, which is being preached today by the liberals in the Vatican. This anti-Gospel is indistinguishable from secular ideology and it seeks to overturn both the natural law and the Ten Commandments. According to a faithful priest in Rome, ‘ this anti-Gospel which seeks to elevate the individual’s will to consume, to pleasure and to power over the Will of God, was rejected by Christ when He was tempted in the desert. Disguised as human rights, it has reappeared in all its luciferian hubris, to promulgate a narcissistic, hedonistic attitude that rejects any constraint except that imposed by man made laws.’

  37. Humanae Vitae was a continuation of traditional Catholic morality, and the only people who opposed this writing of Pope Paul VI were liberals and modernists. Laudato Si is NOT an infallible document, and it is not part of the traditional magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church. Comparing the two as having equal authority is sophomoric as well as illogical, like comparing an apple to a stone. But then liberals and modernists make up their own dogma and morality all the time, as almost hourly their opinion changes. They are anti -intellectual and totally obsessed with sentimentality.

  38. The liberals and modernists who are screaming about Trump are absolutely silent on the evils of abortion and birth control. Like vampires feeding on the blood of innocent virgins, they suck the innocence out of the littlest and purest among us, so that before long there will hardly be any goodness left in the world, just fornication, adduction, death and darkness. They want to make sure that the Church will be dead or dying, and then it will not be so difficult for us to look in the mirror and see the spiritual zombies we have become. When there is no more difference between Catholics and the world, then everyone will look and stink the same because there will be no more guilt and the dehumanizing process will be complete.

  39. Jesusita says:

    There are not that many jobs manufacturing solar panels. There are many more jobs in the coal mining industry. Solar panels to make electricity function well only if the sun is shining. Much like satellite television service, when there is heavy overcast or stormy conditions, the solar panels are worthless. Common sense is an attribute which the left does not possess. Ave Maria Purrissima !

    • Bob One says:

      A Jan. 2017 report of the Dept. of Energy indicated these levels of employment in the Energy Industries:
      Coal – 160 K employees of which 54 K were in mining (2% of W.Virginia employment and 3% of employment in Wyoming). Solar – 373 K. Nat. Gas – 398 K, Bio fuel – 130 K, Wind – 101 K, Hydro – 61K, Nuclear 76 K, Oil – 515 K. A map in the report shows that solar works best in California and other sun-shine-states, but also at an efficient level even in the northern snow belt. Some predictions show that when people start replacing their 25-50 year old roofs, they will replace with newer and cheaper “solar shingles.”

  40. The conservatives and reactionaries who mindlessly follow Trump are screaming and abortion and birth control and say nothing about Trump’s plans to starve the poor and the middle class while he is cozing up to Dictator Putin and arming our enemies. Dig a bit beyond Fox News and rediscover the fact that the majority of the 9/11 perpetrators where from Saudi Arabia. Consider more than one perspective.

  41. Pilar: Here is a brief lesson for you: Humanae Vitae and Laudato Si are called encyclicals. By the way neither are infallible documents. Encyclicals are used by Popes to provide teaching and guidance to the Catholic faithful and all people of good will.

  42. Jesusita says:

    Humanae Vitae carries the weight of being infallible because it continues the traditional magisterial teaching concerning procreation. The pill was not invented until the 1960’s (unfortunately a Catholic invented it), and the whole idea of birth control was supposed to be discussed at V2, but Pope Paul VI prevented this from happening. The concept of birth control has always been deemed a mortal sin, and this fact of morality can not be changed or considered unimportant. Ave Maria Purrissima !

  43. Bohemond: your comments about coal miners are illogical. My great grandfather was a shoe cobbler- times change and there is no longer a need for shoe cobblers- so yes I expect people to change and move just like my predecessors did. My great great uncle was a wooden wagon wheel maker – do his relatives have a right to perform such work when it is no longer needed? Of course not! And I ain’t no liberal!

    • Bohemond says:

      There is plenty of need for coal only the gangsters in the lying global warming movement think there is not ..

  44. Camille says:

    Calling for the Common Good (without identifying it as socialism) and Subsidiarity in the same paragraph, as it just did in a California Catholic Conference article, shows that this group doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

  45. Jesusita: just because you say it does not make it so. Pope Paul VI himself stated that Humane Vitae was not an infallible encyclical promulgated ex cathedra. By the way, usury was once considered to be a mortal sin by the Church but is no longer.

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