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University employee is accused of hate crime for defending Catholic teaching
Loyola Marymount University

Loyola Marymount University

The following is an April 16 email forwarded to California Catholic Daily:

Yesterday (Thursday) my wife came home from work very excited and happy about a conversation she had with a couple of students at work. She has worked at Loyola Marymount for the last 15 years in the Alumni department. The students were placing signs along the walkway of the University promoting among other things, “PanSexuality”, meaning any and all sexual preferences. These girls were member of the LGBTQ group at LMU. LMU still calls itself a Jesuit Catholic University.

At the time my wife was talking to alum, who thankfully heard the entire exchange. After determining they had permission to post the signs, the group engaged in a what my wife thought was a very good dialogue of ideas and opinions. The girls were posting signs promoting the various sexual activities and orientations of the LGBTQ. My wife is Catholic and a strong supporter of the Church, marriage and family, and Catholic morality. Of particular focus was the girls promotion of what they label “PanSexual” i.e. someone who participates (or prefers) every kind of sexual encounter. One of the girls identified herself as lesbian and accused my wife of not loving women. My wife pointed out she was called to love everyone, including the girls. She said she found the whole sexual labeling thing was causing confusion especially in the youth whose sexuality is still malleable. The girls agreed with my wife that they too disagreed with the ideas behind Pan-sexuality, claiming they wanted monogamy, but wanted to give it a label so people could identify themselves. My wife pointed out that this was promotion of these lifestyles not just labeling and this was offensive to her heart. It was lovingly expression of disagreement, and a legitimate exchange of ideas and reasons, with my wife defending the Truths of the Church, and listening with love to these girls ideas.

One girl did ask if she thought they were going to hell, to which my wife gave the only legitimate Catholic response, that she could never say anyone is going to hell and “I’m not called to judge that”. However she could and had a right to disagree with signage that contradicted Catholic morality, especially at a so called Catholic University. My wife pointed out that none of the signs promoted Catholic teachings, it was the girls who suggested that Campus ministry place a sign promoting the Catholic idea of relationships next to their signs next year. My wife of course agreed. At the end everyone shook hands and my wife invited them into the Alumni office anytime they wanted to talk more. The girls express out loud how much they enjoyed the opportunity to ‘dialogue’ on these subjects with my wife.

Everyone thanked the other upon leaving, the girls thanking my wife for her opinions and “appreciated the dialogue’. My wife agreed.

She related the story to me last night when we got home from work and I could tell she was satisfied that everyone was heard and a good thing had happened for everyone. She even admired the girls’ openness…so she thought.

This morning, (Friday 4/15), the following distortion of facts was published in the Campus Newspaper, the Loyolan.

BREAKING: Alleged LGBT+ hate crime during Rainbow Week

LMU Gender Sexuality Alliance’s statement on incident. Posted on Apr 14, 2016 by Kellie Chudzinski:

Three student workers from the LGBT Student Services office engaged in a verbal altercation with an LMU employee from the Alumni Services office between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Palm Walk near the Von der Ahe building on Thursday, according to a Gender-Sexuality Alliance press release.

Senior biology major Catalina Ibarra and senior business majors Kaii Blanton and Cosette Carleo noticed that signs put up for Rainbow Week, or LGBTQ+ Awareness Week, by LGBT Student Services (LGBTSS) had been removed and placed behind a garbage can, Carleo told the Loyolan.

According to the original statement, seen above, Blaton, Carleo and Ibarra attempted to replaced the signs, an employee from the Alumni Services office, whose name has not yet been made available to the public, allegedly engaged the students in a conversation about LGBT issues and voiced her opinions on different sexualities, expressing that anti-LGBT signs should be put up in place of the students signs, according to Carleo. The employee referred to one of the students as a man, even though that student had informed the employee that they identify as gender neutral.

“I am a member of BIRT [Bias Incident Response Team], which is convening first thing tomorrow morning to discuss it further. I am not currently aware of the facts or whether an investigation has started,” said John Kiralla, the executive director of marketing and communications. “The University stands behind its statement of non-discrimination, which prohibits unwelcome, harassing conduct on the basis of several classifications, including gender identity and sexual orientation.”

The Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) met and released a statement on April 15, notifying the LMU community that BIRT along with Public Safety and the Los Angeles Police Department are looking into the events of April 14 as reported by the three students.

“I’ve really only experienced love and acceptance upon coming out to new people. But this lady told me that I was wrong and unnatural. That shook me to my core,” Carleo said.

LMU’s Gender-Sexuality Alliance press release asserted that LMU has created an unsafe environment for LGBT+ and minority students.

My wife was informed this morning that she is suspended from her job of 15 years pending an investigation of this “incident”. No one got her side of the story. In addition there was an alumni witness who verified her accounts of the conversation. No one has spoken to him either.

A large majority of alums have worked with my wife over the years. All would attest that none of these accusations are in her character. I can vouch for her state of mind after the conversations, now labeled a “hate incident”, and she was clear and happy relating the story, and in fact was deeply appreciative of the conversation, even excited that a dialogue was being had and a Catholic point of view heard and thought the girls felt the same way too.

No-one from the University talked to my wife before the Loyolan article was written, or before she was suspended and sent home. My wife, when she read the article, immediately went to her supervisor to protest the accuracy of the article. Her supervisor refused to talk to her and simply sent her home to let HR investigate.

Clearly my wife has been defamed by the Loyolan, and by lack of supervision, the University itself. The University is responsible for this hateful twist of the truth and allowing these lies to be published without getting the other side. If the girls involved really concocted this lie they too are guilty of libel and slander. We are a Catholic Family and hold true to the faith expressed by Christ. But now, being a loving Catholic called to care for others is a Hate crime at LMU, ironically at so called Catholic University.

This really shows the vacuum of academic and moral standards at LMU. Only a vacuum would cause the sucking of intellect from academic and rational discourses on subjects of the day. Pandering to adolescences does not help them grow, especially in the Faith. This is a proof that silence in the creeping face of evil is imprisoning all of us. The Truth is being extinguished. It’s our fault in our false tolerance of evil, and this is evil!

If you are an alum or an interested party, this incident affects you too. Censorship of ideas won’t stop here unless we make it stop. We will keep you posted. Read the article at the Loyolan and comment if you feel the grace. This letter is the other side of the story.


  1. JD Cahill says

    Being a professional womanizer, maybe the impeached former Pres. Clinton can enlighten the students on this matter when he delivers the commencement address.

  2. Michael McDermott says

    It Seems as if you need to speak to Friendly Legal Advisors ASAP – Before Unfriendly ones pop up out of the seams and scream for media coverage, and of course More Clients to Attack the Church for fun & Profit.

    Thomas More Society | a National Public Interest Law Firm

    Thomas More Society is a not-for-profit, national public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty.

    or Alliance Defending Freedom

    But Beware – both the American Bar Assc & State Bars are pusing new Rules of Professional Conduct that would Prevent Representing You or Church Teachings, and possibly strip the License of any Lawyer who would do so – including potential Jail Time for Contempt / Thought Crime = Catholic Teachings.
    Liberty Counsel had this insight on the National ABA Rule 8.4 changes:


  3. FromThePew says

    Tragic chain of events for a brave Catholic woman. Was it a set-up? From the details shared above, most likely. Consider it a ‘test case’ of power for all the LGBT college groups. That ‘power’ flows from the current administration in Washington. They let their agenda out when they openly expressed, ‘religion should only be practiced within the confines of a Church’, paraphrasing their wish list. ( By the way, the term ‘religion’ exempts Islam.) Get a good lawyer as mentioned above and let us all say a prayer for help from Divine Providence.

  4. Michael McDermott says

    “Get a good lawyer as mentioned above and let us all say a prayer for help from Divine Providence.” FTP

    Not to be too pithy about it, but the old saying is ‘There are no good lawyers, just better ones.’
    Of course, like ‘One with the Law is a Majority’ – this only applies if the ‘Better One’ is a Sitting Judge, and they render a decision acceptable to the GILBERT Gang.

    • FromThePew says

      Your ‘old saying’ regarding lawyers is right on target M McD.
      Let’s hope this series of ‘bad events’ doesn’t make it all the way to charges and a court.
      But who/what is the Gilbert Gang?

      • Michael McDermott says

        GILBERT was coined by UNC Law Professor Mike Adams, who wrote
        “Sexual McCarthyism
        – There are many, but here is an overview of some of the guilty parties:

        An LGBT Activist City Council and Mayor. It is readily apparent that few supporters of the Charlotte bathroom ordinance actually took the time to read it. It did not merely apply to public restrooms. It also applied to so-called public accommodations.

        This means the city council was trying to control the bathrooms of privately owned restaurants and retailers, not just public buildings. Therefore, if you owned a restaurant/bar and saw a man following a drunken woman into the single-occupancy ladies…

  5. anne o. nymous says

    where can we contribute to her defense AND her defamation lawsuit against LMU?

  6. Linda Maria says

    Why in the world did America let baby juveniles take over the country, in the 1960’s, with their filth?? Adults have a big responsibility, and America has failed in this responsibility, since the sick “hippie” era! Likewise, the Catholic Church should be firmly in charge of all its schools– or else, close them down! This poor man’s wife, as well as all other school employees– should NEVER be expected to “dialog” with wayward, smart-aleck juveniles! That is NOT HER JOB!! Instead– the Jesuits should be right there all the time, to set the brats straight– and EXPEL them, for bad behavior!

    • Linda Maria says

      Kids have to go to school to learn. They must obey their teachers, and abide by the school rules– or else, get kicked out! School is not a place to play. It is not a place for immoral, juvenile delinquent misbehavior. Kids are not old enough to tell adults what to do! If kids do not receive proper training when young– someday, they will wake up to a horrible shock! They will be forced to grow up– because someday, there will be a big “meanie,” in their lives– who won’t tolerate their “garbage!” Then they will all cry and scream like big babies, over being abused — but by then, they will be too old; people will just ignore them!

    • P Edward Murray says

      Oh let’s blame the 1960’s…


      I was born in 1956 and this stuff is not from the 1960’s!

      • Bob March says

        I was born in 1950, so was a teen through most of the 60’s. You turned 12 in the pivotal year 1968; but I was already 18. The U.S. was one kind of place in 1960, and a very different one by 1970. Same goes for the Church, but in spades. The clouds began gathering decades earlier, it’s true, but the hurricane hit in the 1960’s. I saw it happen, and most importantly, I remember the way things were before. With respect, you don’t.

  7. Linda Maria says

    The best and only way for kids to gain respect from their elders, and more freedom to carry out truly good ideas and plans successfully– is to exhibit mature behavior, be an outstanding boy or girl, be a “role model” leader, and put away “baby” stuff, accept adult responsibilities, and be on the pathway to SUCCESS!! Soon, there will be no more “baby” in the boy or girl, and they will be viewed as mature, capable, responsible, and ready for their adult roles in life! Next, when they have a really good idea or plan to help society– people will listen to them, respect them, and help them to carry out their good ideas and plans!

    • Anonymous says

      oh yea Linda Maria…B R A T S!
      Once discipline was the norm in the household…today, those “brats” actually, sue and take their own parents to court. Political correctness … there’s where the real hate started. Now, every word is incriminating when having dialogue to “opposing views”

  8. Very sad. What a mess we have made of God’s beautiful gift of human sexuality. The process of social degradation and the destruction of the traditional family continues. Karl Marx would be proud!

  9. It is critical that you and your wife make an immediate appointment with Archbishop Gomez—and ask him to personally re-instate your wife and recognize her as a Devout Defender of the Faith. DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE!

    If Gomez fails to defend your wife, then the answer is clear—Gomez and Loyola University are of similar anti-Catholic ilk.

    • Get the name of the supervisor, post it, and have him fired.

    • Linda Maria says

      This is a horrible thing– but since Vatican II, a bishop or archbishop no longer has any jurisdiction over the affairs of religious orders and their schools and other institutions, in his diocese or archdiocese! To go to Abp. Gomez for this problem, is a complete waste of time! Instead, one must go to the head of the Jesuit Order! And they are all CORRUPT!! WASTE OF TIME!! Isn’t that HORRIBLE?? This is why I won’t even commit myself to almost all unpaid VOLUNTEER WORK, for today’s post-Vatican II CORRUPT Church! The Church of today— is truly DECEITFUL and CORRUPT!!

  10. I suspect that the students wrote the article with malicious intent, but it is also a classic “he-said-she-said” situation. These types of situations demand that an investigation be conducted, usually by HR or the Law Dept. Step one often involves sending the alleged guilty employee home while one side of the story is investigated. Then, the employee is interviewed and his/her story is investigated. In a college setting, general best practices don’t work very well because, well, its a college. If the college doesn’t ensure a complete investigation and findings, then take them to court. Where is the person’s union representative? Why was Suprv able to send her home without HR present? If I was an attorney, I would have a ball…

  11. God bless this woman for reaching out to her fellow human beings and sharing her wisdom and Christian faith. The only hate crime committed during that conversation was the hate exhibited by those young women towards this woman. Remember what Jesus Christ said to the Apostles that if they hated and persecuted him they would also hate and persecute those who proclaimed the word of God. To this beautiful woman I say stand firm and be not afraid for the kingdom of God is on hand. God loves you for sharing your faith. We live in a world where good is seen as evil and evil is seen as good. Pray, Pray, Pray!

    • Bravo! I stand in support of my friend, the Good and Faithful Catholic Woman !!!
      Hang in there! My love and prayers are w its you, as ALWAYS!

      • Very Rev. Donald P. Malin, V. F. says

        My prayers are with you, and for LMU to return to the objective truth of the Catholic Faith.

  12. This case proves proof positive why there needs to be protection of freedom of religious expression across the United States of America. Both Hollywood and these huge corporations that are owned by the elite classes are 100% wrong on trying to force states to not protect freedom of religious expression. Once you remove freedom of religious expression from the constitution you have a totalitarian tyranny. When you consider that the founding fathers of America in many cases came to America to build a city on hill or a new Jerusalem. Inotherwards many came to America to be able to freely express their own personal religious beliefs. God Bless America. In God We Trust.

  13. Michael McDermott says

    “If I was an attorney, I would have a ball…” B1

    Doubtless, provided someone was picking up the tab.

    Depending on firm these affairs can cost Thousands of $$ an Hour (Attorney, Staff, Support, electronic stamps & paperclips…)
    – Unless you already have a fully staffed Political Activist ‘legal aid’ Firm, which are often subsidized by ‘Big Happy GILBERTs) and often pay quite well – leading to white house ‘fellow- shop’ positions even.

    Besides – in ‘Civil Rights’ cases the plaintiffs often get nothing – but the Decision / Settlement almost always includes Attorney Fees.

    “A shell for you and one for me, but the oyster is the lawyer’s fee” Auld Sayin

  14. Alison Taoyama says

    It’s absurd to equate a staff members denial of a student’s identity to a debate. There’s a clear power imbalance when it came to this interaction. This isn’t something that both parties agreed to discuss in advance. To make students defend their own identity while the other insists that they are wrong is not anything close to a formal discussion. This isn’t a casual exchange of ideas, this is people trying to defend their existence. If this is really an equal debate surely you and your wife won’t mind hearing the other side. There will be an interfaith discussion regarding LGBT+ identities this Friday, April 22nd from 12PM-2PM at the Theology Village at LMU, and I am formally extending this invitation in the hopes that you will…

    • There is nothing to discuss regarding so-called “LGBT+ identities” except to affirm that they are disordered. Should be a brief discussion. Homosexuality, gender dysphoria and other sexual deviancies are psycho-sexual disorders that are not, and should not be treated as normal nor desirable. Get that important fact correct, and a lot of the asinine devolutions happening in society today would quickly be reversed or halted because they would be understood to be unwise, immoral or just plain stupid. If LMU’s “Theology Village” is going to host such a patently moronic forum, that’s a village with more than one idiot.

    • TheVeiledThreat says

      Were you one of the people present? Could you perhaps elaborate on what you mean by “denial of a student’s identity” and while your at it maybe you could explain what you mean by “clear power imbalance”.

      Heaven help these students when they have to go out into the real world…

    • FrMichael says

      Listen to this commentator. She doesn’t like free speech, so she falsely blathers on about power differentials when in fact the perverts have the upper hand at the Alice in Wonderland world of LMU. For the commentator AT, who was sent home from work and who was allowed to keep their display up? Power differential indeed.

    • Gail Finke says

      A clear power imbalance? Denial of a student’s identity? Defending their existence? The world of academia gets stranger and stranger every day, and then expects the rest of us to go along with it. There are no gender-neutral people. The young man in question certainly exists, and doesn’t have to “defend his existence” to anyone, But his claim to be “gender-neutral” is something that he has to defend, because it’s absurd at best and an indication of a serious disorder at worst. And if he expects to “identify” as something that doesn’t exist and also expects everyone else to accept that “identity,” then he’d better be prepared to defend that position — and for the rest of his life. If some random person from the alumni office…

    • Alison..From both the husband’s post and the Loyolan article, it’s hard to figure out what happened. Did the woman take the signs down? Did she call homophobic names? Even raise her voice? As a lesbian I saw a great deal of fearmongering and hysteria from inside our Church in ’04 with the SF marriages and during the Prop Ha8 debates. I hope sexual minorities at LMU arn’t doing the same thing in reverse. As for a power imbalance, my experience has been that at a private college a student “out ranks” a support staff person. Is a bit of classism at work here.

  15. Wm. Hamilton says

    Alison — “to defend their existence”? Were they threatened with death? Try getting away from the rarefied atmosphere of academia and living in the real world. Maybe a trip to Saudi Arabia or Iran or Singapore. Then talk to me about defending existence.

  16. anne o. nymous says

    perhaps this is what Hillary Clinton has in mind when she says “it takes a village.”

  17. anne o. nymous says

    also- it is “interesting” that LMU has a Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT).
    perhaps the “village” can throw a great big BIRT-day party. The BIRT-pangs for LMU are just beginning.

  18. Though I, in part, sympathize with this chap, after 15 years, surprise, surprise? The smell of coffee on the wall didn’t happen overnight whilst making other plans–in a handbasket.

    First, they came for the Pastry Chefs, and I didn’t speak up, because I was not a Pastry Chef. Then they came for the Florists, and I didn’t speak up, because I was not a Florist, . . . Wedding Photographer, etc. Now, they come for my wife the Alumni Staffer who was “excited and happy” with all the “appreciative dialoguing,” and “admired the openness” of these intolerant deviants, an all-female cast of Lords of the Flies–and there is no one left . . . .


  19. Linda Maria says

    Many permissive, modern religious and secular leaders, fail to understand the horrific consequences of allowing wayward misfits, to break and destroy important institutions, that are a key to maintaining the stability and success of our Church and our civilization. Once you severely break something– it is not so easy to restore it! For example, the institution of traditional Marriage and Family have been nearly destroyed, since the corrupt 1960’s! Our nation merely goes along with the corruption, with free access to birth control and abortion, as well as same-sex “marriage.” The Church states that it is too hard to fix, and wants to mistakenly accept some of these corruptions. I will continue…

    • Linda Maria says

      Yet, to accept sin and corruption as mistakenly “valid,” will only someday totally destroy, our once-great Church and country! There have been lots of prosperous parents, since the post-World War II era, who could afford to send their kids to college– and put up with their horrific “hippie” sins, as best as they could manage. But the economic and other circumstances of a country, are not always the same! There will not always be a “Mommy” around, to sympathize with “hippie baby,” and bail them out– due to horrific sins, such as dope addiction, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, and abortion, gay sex issues and AIDS– etc. etc. You have to GROW UP and FACE REALITY, and LIVE RIGHT!!

  20. Joan of El Cajon says

    Please contact the following people to express your outrage and demand justice:

    Archbishop Jose Gomez
    Archdiocese of Los Angeles
    3424 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90010-2241
    phone: 213 637 7000
    Please contact the office of Media Relations:
    phone: 213 637 7215

    Loyola Marymount University Provost Joseph Hellige
    Mailing Address:
    University Hall 4820
    1 LMU Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659

    By Telephone:
    310.338.2733 (voice)
    310.338.1841 (fax)

    By E-Mail:

  21. The fruits of the Sins of Omission committed for over 40 years from top to bottom is what we are now receiving! The fair of not being liked, accepted, or offending one’s neighbor were greater than to stay with Truth so to be liked, accepted by God and not offending God! The Fruit of Selfishness is self destruction and all around that person. The fruit of Sin is the Death of the Soul to the Fire of HELL. The truth is that in HELL there is no heat, but a Dark beyond Darkness, bone biting chilling environment~~ Ice palace if you will! God alone give Light for warmth, because He is LOVE! Love is Warmth that sustains LIFE! GOD is LIFE! Away from God by willingly committing Mortal Sin without Repentance is embracing Satan and Its…

  22. Kerry Henzgen says

    I am confused.
    Why is there a club allowed on campus which clearly goes against the Catholic Teachings?
    I believe that we should love all people. I also believe that If I was spending 60K to send my child to a Catholic Institution that they would be in a Catholic Institution!
    I graduated from LMU and I am very sad to hear this.

  23. Adrian Johnson says

    I think everyone in a job wherein unwitnessed coversations can be matter for calumnous lawsuits should buy and carry in a pocket at all times a small tape recorder which can record a minimum of 2 hours. Likewise, for those who work in an office, I would invest in a portable security camera concealed in a briefcase or clock which can be strategically set on a table or desk to record interviews which could be “traps” for legal aggression. It is important to review state law so that you can have the right to do this; it would be even better to solicit “employer support” for such precautions, for the sake of “preventing frivolous lawsuits” . this may or may not require a sign or statement before every conversation saying that “for…

  24. Great Hearted Mom says

    My son applied and was accepted to LMU for the class of 2020. He did more research on the school, and was very confused about why so many anti-catholic people attend and why so many professors are not catholic. He decided to go to another university. I am grateful!! LMU is just overflowing with scandal, and I’d rather have my son learn from a university that is all about truth, beauty and goodness. St. Ignatius, pray for LMU and especially those who have made it their mission to accuse those who embrace catholic values to be haters. Help all to see truth. That’s what the faculty member was trying to do with the 3 students.

    • P Edward Murray says

      Good for him!

      He might want to pen a letter to them and tell them why he will go to a different University!

  25. Before reading this article, I was seriously considering sending my oldest daughter to LMU because I thought it was a Catholic University. This does not even sound like a Christian environment, much less a place of higher Catholic learning where Truth is taught and defended. No way will we pursue LMU going forward. The fact that this nonsense gender debate is allowed to denigrate such a long esteemed university is disappointing.

  26. Bob One says

    What does the Church teach about Gender? Does the school teach/allow something else? Church correct, school wrong! Archbishop Gomez, please fix this!!! Jesuits, pleas reconsider your interpretation of the Catholic tradition as a mission of the school! We must, at all times, treat gay people with respect, but that doesn’t include clubs or policies that contradict Church teachings. Either be a Catholic school or stop using the name. Seems like a simple decision to make if you are the President.

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