Cecile Richards once said Planned Parenthood does mammograms. Today she admitted she lied.

Forensic analysis confirms Planned Parenthood undercover videos were not manipulated
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards affirms to Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) and other members of the House Oversight Committee her belief that: “Abortion is healthcare.” Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The following comes from a September 29 LifeNews article by Steven Ertelt:

During today’s third Congressional hearing into Planned Parenthood potentially illegally selling aborted babies and their body parts, the CEO of the abortion company essentially admitted she lied.

In 2011, reeling from a vote in the House of Representatives that would deny any and all taxpayer funding, the Planned Parenthood abortion business turned to its non-abortion “services” to defend the need for the government dole. On February 21, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards joined the talk show of pro-abortion activist Joy Behar and defended Planned Parenthood against the legislation seeking to de-fund it.

“If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are going to lose their health care access, not to abortion services, to basic family planning – you know, mammograms, cancer screenings, cervical cancer,” she said.

In 2012, they issued a press release that read, “Planned Parenthood helps women nationwide get access to mammograms, as part of the range of health care Planned Parenthood health centers provide to nearly three million people a year.”

But today, Richards repeatedly indicated Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, has no mammogram machines at any of its abortion clinics or other locations, and refers out for mammograms. But Richards also lied about her previous statement saying mammograms are done at Planned Parenthood.

“We do not have mammogram machines at our health centers and we’ve never stated that we did,” Richards said.

The following comes from a September 29 report from Alliance Defending Freedom:

WASHINGTON – Coalfire Systems, a highly accredited forensic analysis and cybersecurity company that does work for Fortune 500 companies, issued a report Monday which found that 10 full-footage videos the Center for Medical Progress recorded while undercover at Planned Parenthood facilities and related locations “are authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing.”

“This conclusion is supported by the consistency of the video file date and time stamps, the video timecode, as well as the folder and file naming scheme,” the report states. “The uniformity between the footage from Investigator 1’s camera and Investigator 2’s camera also support the evidence that the video recordings are authentic.” The report also confirms that “edits made to the Full Footage videos [for the shorter YouTube videos] were applied to eliminate non-pertinent footage, such as restroom breaks, meals, and other similar periods lacking pertinent conversation.”

“The Coalfire forensic analysis removes any doubt that the full length undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress are authentic and have not been manipulated,” said ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox. “Analysts scrutinized every second of video recorded during the investigation released by CMP to date and found only bathroom breaks and other non-pertinent footage had been removed. Planned Parenthood can no longer hide behind a smokescreen of false accusations and should now answer for what appears to be the very real crimes revealed by the CMP investigation.”


  1. This is one evil woman — no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

    • I should clarify my last statement. IF this woman knows about most or all of this she is allowing and doing grave evil, and I have no doubt that she must know about a good portion of it, or she would be very irresponsible in her “job”.

  2. $540.6 Million in Government Grants in FY 2013.
    On top of that they get paid for each visit – abortion / procedure.
    They do not give mammograms. PP has not mammogram machines.

    Taxpayers are giving PP money through government grants. PP donates some of that money back to Democrats who actively support them.
    This should be illegal. And seems to violate RICO bribery laws ?
    Where is Obama’s Justice Dept?

  3. This pathetic person makes a half a million dollars yearly, she lies, and our taxes support her. As was pointed out, many of the services PP provides are also available at your local drug store. Obama care is supposed to pay for it, so why does everyone scream when the threat to close PP comes up? Why aren’t they screaming about the murdered babies that PP kills?

  4. What do you expect from a satanic organization the murders babies.

  5. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Everyone who works at Planned Parenthood is an accessory to the crime of baby-murdering. I’m sorry to say that we are talking about crimes, millions of them, against humanity. Were the Nazi’s worse? How many millions of human beings does an organization have to murder before it deserves some investigative journalism? Cessation of government support? The jailing of the murderers? It’s not ok for our American babies to live the lives God granted them, but it’s okay to welcome floods of undocumented immigrants rushing our borders and taking our people’s jobs, filling our schools and our jails, generally not paying taxes but usually taking our taxed dollars and charity, while selling drugs, joining gangs, raping and murdering our…

  6. It is also tragic, that considering most Americans are against abortion, they are also in favor of PP. Where is the voice of the American hierarchy? Like Niederauer, they praise pro death legislators, and condemn traditional Catholics.

  7. And not to be forgotten is the millions of dollars that the U.S. gives to the United Nations to support abortions throughout the world. The Mexico City Policy was the first bill that Pres. Obama signed into office on his election. He promised he would do it and HE DID! So the U.S. taxpayers not only pay for abortions in the U.S. but throughout the world. Please wake up to what an evil PP is. Join 40 Days for Life in your area and stand up for LIFE.

  8. Maryanne Leonard says:

    What you say is sadly true, Amelia. I believe he thinks it is cheaper and easier to kill Mexican babies than to pay for the walls and the personnel to keep Mexicans out. I wonder if he would dare send money to Canada to kill babies there in order to keep out illegal aliens from Canada. I understand that money is sent to other nations for abortions as well. Only the immoral doctors and clinics win on these baby murders . . . oh yes, and the government personnel who get their salaries overseeing these operations in the USA and the corrupt governmental officials in other states. Babies 0, murderers $$.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Amelia you are so RIGHT ON !!!

  10. Why did that murderer kill the college students in Oregon? Because morals are no longer taught. If there is no Heaven or Hell, why be good? Until Americans get down on their knees and pray to God, there will be more killings all across the fruited plain. With no respect for life, whether in the womb, just born, middle aged, or elderly terrible and awful things will occur.

  11. You so called Catholics, who in practice are CINOS, you voted in the demon cratic party which fosters abortion, homosexuality, and all sorts od other evil perversions. You are culpable for the immoral sewer America is drowning in. You will probably support Hillary and by your sinful actions you show yourselves to be stooges of Satan. And you always criticize traditionalists because we do not waver in our faith or morals. You are scandalous.

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