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‘Summer in the Forest’ opens in LA April 6

Motivated by his Christian faith, Jean Vanier founded L’Arche communities for people with disabilities

In 1964, Canadian-born Jean Vanier visited a psychiatric hospital near Paris. That encounter would change his life, as well as the lives of thousands with intellectual and physical disabilities, and inspire a beautiful and critically acclaimed new film, “Summer in the Forest.” Vanier was deeply touched by the plight of the people he found in the hospital, who were … [Read more...]

Lawmakers take new approach to force LGBT activist acceptance

Pending bill in California that would make all reparative therapy illegal

The battle over religious freedom has reached a fever pitch in California, where lawmakers are taking a new approach to punish traditional beliefs about sex and gender. Assembly Bill (AB) 2943 declares acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) status and behavior to be a matter of science.  From that opening premise, the bill proceeds to subject skeptics … [Read more...]

Archbishop Gomez recognizes ‘first peoples’ in Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Archbishop of Los Angeles signs new protocols acknowledging Native Americans as deserving special recognition and pastoral concern

Archbishop José H. Gomez signed new protocols acknowledging that Native Americans of California, as the First People of the Land, deserve special recognition and pastoral concern. “These protocols that we are signing today are not a treaty or a legal document. They are a promise. A promise that we will work together so that our future will be more hopeful than our past,” said … [Read more...]

Colleagues honor teacher who created furor with transgender lesson to 5-year-olds

California Charter Schools Association names Kaelin Swaney as Teacher of the Year

A California charter school association gave its highest award to the kindergarten teacher whose transgender lesson last summer without warning parents left some of the 5-year-olds traumatized. The decision of the California Charter Schools Association to name Kaelin Swaney its Teacher of the Year makes it “clear the CCSA does not stand with parents,” says Karen England, … [Read more...]

Three days of holiness

Easter Triduum honors the selfless death and glorious resurrection of Jesus

If “Triduum” isn’t the most commonly mispronounced word in history, there’s a good chance it’s in the top 10. At first glance, it may look like “Try-doo-um.” Some folks insist that it’s “Tree-do-um.” It’s actually pronounced “Trih-doo-um.”   Regardless of how it mellifluously rolls off the human tongue, Easter Trid-uum is a glorious three-day period, the most solemn time of … [Read more...]

San Francisco archbishop defends ‘Humanae Vitae’

"Leaders in the Church do a grave disservice to our people by misleading them with the false idea of what conscience means"

The promise of the sexual revolution and contraception was total sexual freedom for everyone. “Sex is for fun and now women can have just as much fun without the consequences,” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco said about the claims of the sexual revolution in a recent talk. “That was the cry of the day, and yet somehow it didn’t work out that way,” he … [Read more...]

Second ambulance in four days at Planned Parenthood

Abortion center was involved in illegal baby Parts Trade

Just four days after an ambulance transported a Planned Parenthood patient just before dawn on March 22, 2018, an ambulance was called for yet another woman who required emergency transport to a hospital. Pro-life activists on the scene snapped photos one couple entered the Planned Parenthood building just as the paramedics pushed a gurney into the abortion facility, located … [Read more...]

Dominican friar named new San Francisco auxiliary bishop

Pope Francis today appointed Fr. Robert Christian, O.P., of the Western Dominican Province, as auxiliary bishop for San Francisco

The Archdiocese of San Francisco announces that Pope Francis has today appointed Fr. Robert Christian, O.P., as auxiliary bishop. Fr. Christian is a Friar of the Western Dominican Province and currently serves as Master of Students of the province. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said, “I am overjoyed to welcome Fr. Christian back to his native San Francisco. We first met … [Read more...]

Why does Archbishop Gomez tolerate this festival of dissent?

Father Chris Ponnet of LA archdiocese tells parochial school teachers: "I try to figure out how to say a Catholic mass without the word Jesus"

Year after year the Religious Education Conference (REC) in Los Angeles produces a new raft of horror stories: accounts about speakers who gleefully dismiss the established teachings of the Church, cheered on by an audience composed largely of people who are paid, by one American diocese or another, to instruct young people in the Catholic faith. Why does Archbishop Gomez … [Read more...]

Construction starts on new St. Michael’s Abbey in Orange County

More than 50 Norbertine priests along with 34 seminarians and St. Michael’s Preparatory School have outgrown current abbey in Trabuco Canyon, new abbey in Silverado Canyon will be in traditional Romanesque style

More than 50 Norbertine Order priests and 34 seminarians make the tight quarters of the St. Michael’s Abbey in Trabuco Canyon home. There is also the St. Michael’s Preparatory School. The Norbertine Fathers have said the property isn’t structurally sound enough to support a larger campus for their growing community. They purchased a 320-acre former ranch about 7 miles north … [Read more...]