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These seminarians are being ordained – in a refugee camp

Event will be a 'sign of hope' for the Christians who are left in Iraq

The following comes from a March 18 Catholic News Agency article by Elise Harris: After their seminary in Qaraqosh was dissolved following a brutal ISIS attack in 2014, four Iraqi seminarians chose not to give up after being forced to flee, but to continue their path to the priesthood. Now, a year and a half after the attack that uprooted them from their homes, the four … [Read more...]

Mother Angelica dies on Easter

The foundress of EWTN influenced Catholic culture more than any bishop could

The following comes from a March 27 Catholic News Agency article: The Catholic Church in the United States has lost the Poor Clare nun who changed the face of Catholicism in the United States and around the world. Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, foundress of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), passed away on March 27 after a lengthy struggle with the … [Read more...]

A look at what young Catholics did this Lent

Orange County Catholic interviews millennials on their past 40 days

The following comes from a March 25 OC Catholic article by Allyson Escobar: The somber season of Lent is now over. Here’s what some young adults from different dioceses had to say about following Lenten practices: “I’m cutting back on eating out, like fast food, restaurants and whatnot. If I do [eat out], then I have to buy gift cards to give out to those in need when I’m … [Read more...]

A hot spot for spirituality

A Viennese monastery famous for its chart-topping chant album is also breaking records for vocations. What is the secret of its success?

The following comes from a March 24 Catholic Herald article by John Gottfried: Deep in the woods outside Vienna there is a monastery, Stift Heiligenkreuz, which draws more than 100,000 tourists a year. They come on day trips to visit one of the most beautiful medieval monasteries in the world. They see the Romanesque abbey church and the 13th-century cloister, enjoy lunch at … [Read more...]

Pro-aborts don’t like new step in inquiry of baby part sales

Special House committee seeks the names of researchers, grad students, lab techs and admin personnel

The following comes from a March 24 New York Times article by Gardiner Harris: WASHINGTON — A special House committee empaneled to investigate fetal tissue research is preparing to issue 17 subpoenas to medical supply companies and laboratories, seeking the names of researchers, graduate students, laboratory technicians and administrative personnel — and prompting charges of … [Read more...]

Sacramento religious leaders decry genocide by Islamic State

Groups have seen their churches destroyed, clergy kidnapped and executed

The following comes from a March 23 Sacramento Bee article by Bill Lindelof: More than a dozen clergy and lay people from Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim and Protestant houses of worship gathered Wednesday at a news conference on the steps of Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament downtown. The gathering was meant to call attention to Secretary of State John Kerry’s … [Read more...]

Democrats could destroy the GOP — if only they would welcome pro-life liberals

A bigger tent would make Democrats unstoppable at the polls.

The following comes from a March 21 Washington Post article by Charles Camosy: Things don’t look good for the GOP’s future. Yet if Democrats act strategically, they can pick up some of the crumbling pieces of the GOP’s coalition, starting with antiabortion citizens. These voters began joining the Republican coalition after the 1979 formation of the “Moral Majority” group, … [Read more...]

Manny Pacquiao banned from trendy Los Angeles mall over pro-family views

The following comes from a March 23 LifeSiteNews article by Steve Weatherbe: World-famous boxer Manny Pacquiao has been banned from a trendy L.A. mall because of his biblical comments on same-sex "marriage." But at least one legal expert says it's hypocritical to force Christian bakers to make cakes for homosexuals and then ban Christians from public places because their … [Read more...]

Santa Clara’s Jesuit School of Theology gets new dean

Kevin O’Brien, S.J., currently at Georgetown, will take new post on August 1

The following comes from a March 22 Santa Clara University press release: Kevin O’Brien, S.J., an experienced ministerial leader with a background in theology, philosophy, and law, will be the new dean of the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University (JST-SCU). Fr. O’Brien, a Jesuit priest and Georgetown University’s Vice President for Mission and Ministry, will … [Read more...]

Divided Supreme Court hears Little Sisters’ case

After Scalia's death, case for religious freedom heard before 8-justice Supreme Court

The following comes from a March 23 Catholic News Agency article by Matt Hadro: The case Zubik v. Burwell is a combination of seven cases before the Supreme Court against the “accommodation” offered to religious non-profits by the Obama administration regarding its federal contraception mandate. Plaintiffs include the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Archdiocese of … [Read more...]