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Pastoral care workers killed in 2015

More died in America than any other continent

The following comes from a December 30 Agenzia Fides article: The wake of pastoral workers killed in this historic phase of humanity reveals an unprecedented upsurge. It seems to have no equal in the history, because it is an ongoing globalized persecution. Indeed Christians killed in this year, that our Agency regularly records, belong to 4 continents. America, already for … [Read more...]

The problem with anger

How it's destroying some Catholic marriages, and what to do about it

The following comes from a December 30 Catholic News Agency article by Kate Veik: Of the countless Catholic couples who have come through Father T.G. Morrow's office in Washington D.C. for marriage counseling, two remain imprinted in the priest's mind even today. In many ways, these two Catholic couples were the ideal; they were open to life, they formed their children in … [Read more...]

Why Catholics needn’t celebrate New Year’s Day

The following is excerpted from a December 29 Crisis Magazine article by Dusty Gates: On Friday, January 1, the secular world will observe “New Year’s Day.” The Catholic world will not, for two reasons. One is that we have a genuine religious feast day to observe, in celebration of Mary, the Mother of God. The second is that Catholics don’t find much use in celebrating the … [Read more...]

Ultra-feminist leader declares herself pro-life

Founder of Femen Brazil apologizes to Christians

The following comes from a December 28 LifeSiteNews article: Sara Fernanda Giromin first made herself known to Brazil and to the world under the alias “Sara Winter” in 2012, when she became the founding member of Femen Brazil, and led a trio of girls in a number of topless protests that garnered much media attention. However, only three years later, the young activist has … [Read more...]

The beauty of suffering

There's a higher standard for humans than for cats and dogs

The following comes from a December 2 Angelus article by Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk: Sometimes people will point out: “We euthanize our pets when they suffer, and they are clearly creatures of God, so why can’t we euthanize a sick and suffering person who wants it? It seems like we treat our dogs and cats better than we treat our suffering family members.” The way we treat … [Read more...]

What will the pope decide?

The countdown is on for his big decision on the family

The following comes from a December 28 Crux article by John L. Allen Jr.: Sometime soon, Pope Francis is expected to issue his own conclusions on the two recent Synods of Bishops on the family in the form of a document, technically known as an “apostolic exhortation.” Veteran Italian Vatican writer Marco Tosatti recently reported that the document could appear as early as … [Read more...]

From gangs to consecrated life

Brother Cesar John Paul Galan makes perpetual profession of vows

The following comes from a December 23 Angelus article by Michael Wahle: On April of 2001, St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood served as the site of the greatest loss Brother Cesar John Paul Galan, FSP, would ever endure: the death of his brother Hector due to gun violence. Nearly 15 years later, the same medical center became the site of his greatest triumph. In a Mass … [Read more...]

The devil’s favorite sin

Barcelona's exorcist is interviewed

The following comes from a December 28 Catholic News Agency article: It has been nine years since the Dominican priest, Father Juan José Gallego, was appointed as exorcist. In an August interview conducted by the Spanish daily El Mundo, the priest said that in his experience, pride is the sin the devil likes the most. “In the beginning I had a lot of fear,” Father Gallego … [Read more...]

Where will this lead?

Lawsuit threat is fulfilled over Catholic hospital’s denial of sterilization procedure

The following comes from a December 28 SF Chronicle article by Bob Egelko: A physicians group and a woman who was denied a tubal ligation at a Catholic hospital in Northern California on religious grounds filed suit Monday, saying the rejection was sex discrimination and an illegal refusal of medical care. The suit against Mercy Medical Center of Redding and its parent … [Read more...]

Embryos are human, not property

Nonprofit law firm files amicus briefs in embryo custody cases

The following comes from a December 23 Christian Newswire press release: The Thomas More Society has requested leave to file amicus briefs in two embryo custody battles. The national public interest law firm is interceding in the Missouri Court of Appeals McQueen v. Gadberry case on behalf of Missouri Right to Life, Lawyers for Life and the American Association of Pro-Life … [Read more...]