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That’s not what Pope Francis said

Catholics support gay marriage as much as general population and believe the pope has backed It, study finds

The following is from an August 27 Christian Post article by Stoyan Zaimov: A study by the Public Religion Research Institute released in August on the beliefs of American Catholics has found that despite the Church's teachings, they support same-sex marriage and abortion just as much as the general population. What is more, a large percentage of Catholic respondents … [Read more...]

“Despite what your parents say” — Planned Parenthood’s corruption of youth

John Bowen recounts battle to keep the abortion giant out of Coronado schools

The following comes from a Live Action News article by John Bowen: In early 2002, I was asked to join a group of about a dozen friends whose goal was to oust Planned Parenthood from making sex-ed presentations to our high school students here in Coronado, California.  At the time, all I knew of PP was that they provided abortion – which seemed like an unpleasant way to make … [Read more...]

Stolen consecrated hosts returned to church

Tabernacle was taken from East Bay church but thief may have had a change of heart

The following comes from an August 25 Contra Costa Times article by Rowena Coetsee and Nate Gartrell: OAKLEY -- Parishioners at St. Anthony Catholic Church here briefly found themselves at a loss in more ways than one after one or more thieves made off with the church's tabernacle, the sacred receptacle used to carry the Blessed Sacrament. While the heavy, brass box with … [Read more...]

Could a strong reaffirmation of Church teaching save institution of marriage?

Cardinals, bishops and 500,000 faithful ask Pope Francis to reaffirm Church teaching at synod

The following comes from a August 21 TFP Student Action news release: Ahead of the upcoming Synod on the Family in Rome, dozens of organizations are collecting petitions to Pope Francis, asking him to reinforce Church teaching on marriage and family.  Today, the worldwide petition surpassed 500,000 signatures, including those of 5 cardinals, 117 bishops and hundreds of … [Read more...]

Catholic hospital will tie your tubes after all

Pregnant lawyer threatens to sue, Dignity Health changes its mind on sterilization procedure

The following comes from an August 24 SF Gate article by Bob Egelko: Facing a possible sex-discrimination lawsuit, a Catholic hospital in Redding reversed its position Monday and agreed to let a woman’s doctor sterilize her after she gives birth next month. Mercy Medical Center, owned by Dignity Health of San Francisco, the state’s largest private health care company, had … [Read more...]

The video StemExpress did not want you to see

8th video from CMP shows Planned Parenthood partner talking payment, volume, and how to ship human brain The following comes from an August 25 email from Life Legal Defense Foundation: The Center for Medical Progress has released its eighth video on Planned Parenthood’s systematic practice of selling baby body parts. The video shows Cate Dyer, CEO of StemExpress (one of Planned Parenthood’s principal partners in the ghoulish organ … [Read more...]

Cardinal Levada arrested for drunk driving

California cardinal received DUI while vacationing in Hawaii with priest friends

The following comes from an August 25 Daily Mail article by Snejana Farberov: A Roman Catholic cardinal from California was arrested last week on a drunken driving charge while vacationing on Hawaii's Big Island. Police say Cardinal William Levada, 79, was seen driving erratically before he was pulled over Thursday night on Hina Lani Street in Kailua-Kona. Levada, a … [Read more...]

Crisis pregnancy centers face an underhanded assault

The following comes from an August 18 Sacramento Bee opinion piece by Bishop Jaime Soto: Lots of media attention continues to be given to the videos of Planned Parenthood staff members speaking about the disposition of aborted fetal tissue. Some people have questioned the undercover tactics used to capture the candid conversations. This criticism, however, fails to … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood losing social-media war sparked by undercover videos

The following comes from an August 21 The Washington Times article by Valerie Richardson: Planned Parenthood for America is losing the social-media war in the aftermath of undercover videos on its fetal-tissue donations from abortions, according to an analysis released Friday. NetBase, a Silicon Valley firm that analyzes social-media trends, found that “net sentiment” … [Read more...]

Hateful chicken sandwiches

Denver city council trying to block Chick-fil-A franchise because company supports natural marriage

The following comes from an August 21 LifeSiteNews article by Father Mark Hodges: Denver City Council, in a rare move, is stalling approval of a Chick-fil-A franchise at Denver International Airport, because of "concerns" over the owners' support for natural marriage. City Council members have passionately argued against approving Chick-fil-A, saying it is a moral … [Read more...]