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As predicted: time to end protection for religious institutions

Gay-rights supporter argues an increase in taxes will help the poor

The following comes from a June 28 Time Magazine article by Mark Oppenheimer: Two weeks ago, with a decision in Obergefell v. Hodges on the way, Senator Mike Lee of Utah introduced the First Amendment Defense Act, which ensures that religious institutions won’t lose their tax exemptions if they don’t support same-sex marriage. Liberals tend to think Senator Lee’s fears are … [Read more...]

The Hollywood nuns and Katy Perry

Sisters fight plan to sell convent to superstar

The following comes from a June 29 Los Angeles Times article by Steve Lopez: Here's a line I never thought I'd have the pleasure of writing: Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez is sparring with elderly Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over the pending sale of the nuns' former convent in Los Feliz to international superstar singer Katy Perry. At the center of the … [Read more...]

Don’t be afraid of the nursing home

Judge strikes law that allowed doctors to make medical decisions for mentally incompetent residents

The following comes from a June 26 Kaiser Health News article by Anna Gorman. Kaiser Health News (KHN) is a nonprofit national health policy news service. A California law allowing nursing homes to make medical decisions on behalf of certain mentally incompetent residents is unconstitutional, a state court ruled this week. The law, which has been in effect more than 20 … [Read more...]

Dolores Huerta endorses assisted suicide bill

Labor leader urges Latino legislators to vote for bill

The following comes from a June 25 Compassion and Choices story: On June 25, Latino labor leader and civil right activist Dolores Huerta publicly endorsed the End of Life Option Act (SB 128) and encouraged Latino legislators to vote for it. Her endorsement is critical because she is a leader in the labor, civil rights, and Latino communities. Several Latino legislators serve … [Read more...]

Teen abortions in Minnesota fall 87% since parental notice law passed

Implications for California?

A July 1, 2014 Cal Catholic story reported that teen abortions in Minnesota had dropped 72% since the enactment of a parental notification law in 1981. Now comes the news that it has dropped even further – to an 87% decrease. The following comes from a June 24 story on Teen abortions in Minnesota have declined dramatically since the state enacted a law … [Read more...]

Surprise! Vatican supports morality clauses for Catholic school teachers

Report shows that Archbishop Cordileone's policies are nothing new

The following comes from a June 24 story originally published by Catholic Education Daily, an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society. “Morality clauses” and high standards for Catholic school teachers are not radical new policies as portrayed by secular news media, but simply implement what the Vatican has been demanding for several decades, reveals a timely new … [Read more...]

The dark side of living childfree

What happens when you choose sterility in your sexual relationship

The following comes from a June 25 Catholic News Agency article by Mary Rezak: A few months ago, several writers opened up a conversation they felt was long overdue in a book titled Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Sixteen Writers on the Decision to Not Have Kids. The tongue-in-cheek title is an attempt to reclaim some of the stereotypes typically placed on adults who … [Read more...]

In praise of Laudato Si

"Climate change is a moral issue"

The following comes from a June 24 Sacramento Bee article by Bishops Stephen E. Blaire, Xavier Ochoa, and Jaime Soto: With the release of his encyclical, Pope Francis has issued a moral challenge to all people of the world. As the Catholic bishops of three dioceses in Northern and Central California, we join our voices with his in calling for urgent action to care for “our … [Read more...]

San Francisco high school students to learn gay advocacy

LGBT studies course at Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts may be first nation

The following comes from a June 22 CBS San Francisco story:  A San Francisco high school may be the first in the country to offer an LGBT studies course.   The course at Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts will cover terminology, and the broad history of LGBT issues. “We’ll look at what it’s been like for gay men, what it’s been like for lesbian women, what … [Read more...]

A win in San Francisco

How did Chinese church get city to side with them?

The following comes from a June 22 Pacific Justice email: Dear Friends, You might find this hard to believe, but we recently achieved a great outcome for one of our church clients ... in San Francisco! You read that correctly—a church … in the heart of the Bay Area … represented by Pacific Justice Institute … secured a unanimous decision in its favor from a local … [Read more...]