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LMU hires Catholic president

Timothy Snyder has worked at 3 other Jesuit institutions

The following comes from a March 29 LA Times article by Jason Song:   The Loyola Marymount University Board of Trustees has selected a former administrator from another Jesuit institution to lead the Los Angeles campus, officials announced Friday. Timothy Law Snyder will be the 16th president when he takes over in June. He will replace David W. Burcham, who has … [Read more...]

Climate change: the religious issue you didn’t know about

California Episcopalians move towards 'partnership' with political movement

The following comes from a March 30 Episcopal News Service article by Lynette Wilson:   [Episcopal News Service] When California Bishop Marc Andrus wants to engage people in a conversation about climate change he doesn’t throw statistics at them, rather he begins with a question like: When was the last time you had an experience of wonder in the natural world? “If … [Read more...]

St. Cesar?

San Jose leaders propose Catholic sainthood for farm labor leader

The following comes from a March 28 Santa Cruz Sentinel article by Matt O'Brien:    SAN JOSE -- Family members of labor leader Cesar Chavez led a march in his honor Saturday through the neighborhood where he once lived, and some supporters also used the birthday commemoration to revive a movement to make Chavez a Catholic saint. "This is the beginning of a … [Read more...]


High school students return after weekend to find male teacher now living as a woman

The following comes from a March 27 Lifesite News article by Kirsten Anderson: Southern California’s Chino High School is facing outrage from parents and students alike after school administrators decided to keep secret a teacher’s plan to undergo a sex change in the middle of the school year. The teacher in question, 32-year-old Michael Swager, showed up at work dressed … [Read more...]

Miscontraceptions, the film

Documentary brings NFP to the millenials

The following comes from a March 24 Conjugality blog post: Having produced several videos about natural family planning (NFP) and fertility awareness methods (FAM), I know how challenging it can be to come up with original angles, fresh dialogues, authentic couple conversations and disagreements, and narratives that can captivate the target audience. That’s exactly what … [Read more...]

To revive a parish

Unreported in the Chronicle

On Thursday, March 26, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on a meeting at San Francisco’s Star of the Sea Parish. The meeting was between a group of parents and press and Star of the Sea's pastor, Father Joseph Illo, and parochial vicar, Father Patrick Driscoll. The article, titled “Parents ask S.F. Archdiocese to remove school’s leaders,” began: “In an emotional and at times … [Read more...]

Don’t mess with Pell

The reform Francis is getting right

The following is a March 25 story by George Weigel on the Catholic World Report. Shortly after George Pell was named archbishop of Melbourne, he instituted several reforms at the archdiocesan seminary, including daily Mass and the daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, both of which had fallen by the wayside in the preceding years. The seminary faculty, enthusiastic … [Read more...]

Nut? Saint? Regular girl?

I no longer felt like a journalist chasing a story

The following is a March 26 story on Catholic World Report by Dorothy Cummings MacLean. Canadian Catholic pro-life activist Mary Wagner was arrested on December 23, 2014 for entering a Toronto abortion clinic and asking the women she found in the waiting room not to go through with their scheduled procedures. Her arrest and subsequent imprisonment made headlines—in … [Read more...]

The suicide tide

Six pro-death Dems vs. two pro-life Reps in state senate health committee

The following comes from a March 26 email from pro-life leader Wynette Sills in Sacramento. Yesterday I arrived at the Capitol hoping to see pro-life supporters visiting our legislators, but the halls were empty.  I attended the noon Mass at the Cathedral, hoping to see a church filled with familiar faces, but there were only about eight people wearing red. I optimistically … [Read more...]

Faithful archbishop and pastor frustrate fellow priests

The role of Bishop McElroy

The following comes from a March 26 story in the National Catholic Reporter. During what one participant described as an "explosive" meeting, the San Francisco archdiocese's Council of Priests in mid-February addressed Star of the Sea pastor Fr. Joseph Illo's decision to phase out altar girls as well as the designation of the parish as an oratory-in-formation. Retired … [Read more...]