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What will Brown do?

‘A gradual widening of categories’ of patients to be killed

The following comes from a Jan. 28 posting on Physician-assisted suicide has returned to California’s political agenda. After years off the table, the issue gained new life in the wake of Brittany Maynard’s high-profile decision to end her life. Maynard, 29, an assisted-suicide activist living in Oregon, advertised her impending death as a dignified … [Read more...]

Appeal to Pope

Family groups launch petition

The following comes from a Jan. 29 email. I'm writing with a news tip that may be of interest to you. Over 20 pro-family groups launched a worldwide appeal to Pope Francis to defend marriage and family at the upcoming Synod in Rome. You will find more information here. A list of some 100 VIPs have signed the petition -- including Cardinals, Bishops, priests, a King … [Read more...]

Felt excluded

Indio mayor dumps prayers

The following comes from a Jan. 27 story in the Desert Sun. Indio Mayor Lupe Ramos Watson has made the executive decision to not open council meetings with the traditional invocation, prompting at least one councilman to seek a legal opinion about the move. Ramos Watson, a Republican who holds the top title under the city’s rotation, said she is forgoing an invocation … [Read more...]

Three out of 150 families at the school attend the church

100-130 fill 1,000 seats at Sunday Mass

The following comes from a Jan. 29 story by Jim Graves on Catholic World Report. See California Catholic Daily Jan. 27 story on Father Illo and altar boys. ….CWR: The CBS news story interviewed several people besides yourself, all of whom were opposed to the altar boy-only policy. It has a clip of you saying parish income is up, and then cuts to a parishioner saying that … [Read more...]

San Francisco speaks to Rome

Father Fessio defends Filipino bishops against other Jesuits

The following comes from a Jan. 29 story by Sandro Magister in Chiesa news service. They have not gone without notice, the harsh criticisms addressed by an authoritative Jesuit of the authoritative La Civiltà Cattolica to the bishops of the Philippines, for their strenuous opposition to the law on “reproductive health” successfully backed in the country by Catholic president … [Read more...]

The words of Jesus Christ

Lay movements speak strongly in Rome

The following comes from a Jan. 28 posting on Eponymous Flower. Some editing has been done by Cal Catholic editors to smooth the translation. Preparations continue for the Synod of Bishops on the family in 2015. The Pontifical Family Council invited the leaders of the world's most important Catholic lay movements from January 22nd to the 24th to Rome to hear their views on … [Read more...]

The short form

San Francisco to survey parishioners on family issues

The following comes from a Jan. 28 story in Catholic San Francisco. The Archdiocese of San Francisco is planning to survey parishioners to gauge the sense of the faithful on matters that a global bishops’ gathering under Pope Francis will discuss this October on the theme “The Vocation of and Mission of the Family and Church in the Contemporary World.” The plan calls for … [Read more...]

Nun on the Bus keynote speaker in Alhambra

Obamacare advocate gets ink in Angelus

Update: Sister Campbell appeared Jan. 27 at Santa Clara University "co-sponsored by the diocese of San Jose. according to website of the Ignatian Center at Santa Clara. The following comes from a Jan. 23 story in Angelus, the online paper of the L.A. Archdiocese. Sister Campbell, who led the Nuns on the Bus, advocated passage of Obamacare. Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, an … [Read more...]

Will Scouts cave because of judges?

Totalitarian California courts

The following comes from a Jan. 24 story in the L.A. Times. When the California Supreme Court voted last week to prohibit state judges from belonging to nonprofit youth organizations that practice discrimination, Julia Kelety was not surprised. The issue, which had been roiling through the legal community for the last year, had triggered vigorous debate, giving Kelety, a … [Read more...]

It’s a scientific fact

Archbishop Cordileone speaks clearly to clouding of the life issue

The following comes from a Jan. 26 story on LifeSiteNews. After House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi repeatedly refused to say last week whether an unborn child at 20 weeks is a “human being,” her archbishop in San Francisco has responded by insisting that “no Catholic can dissent in good conscience” on abortion. CNSNews posed the question to Pelosi on January 22 in light … [Read more...]