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What does ‘pro-life’ even mean

if you do nothing for the voiceless?

The following comes from an Aug. 29 email from the Survivors of the American Holocaust. Picture a busy street in Los Angeles or Washington D.C.  Men and women rush by, distracted.  People hurry along, heels click on the pavement, taxi cabs fly by.  Everyone has somewhere to be, some place to go.  Unconcerned that one third of this generation is gone, they go about their … [Read more...]

The Radcliffe scandal – whose idea was this?

Parishioners ask but San Diego diocese mum

The following comes from an Aug. 28 email sent to California Catholic. At a recent Consecration of Marian Catechists, Raymond Cardinal Burke stated the following; “In a time of great confusion regarding the moral teaching of the Church, St. Alphonsus Ligouri  held steadfastly to the word of Christ. He understood the meaning of every word of Christ in the Sermon on the … [Read more...]

Nonconsensual abortion

Planned Parenthood protests possible prosecution of marriage-marring Marine for multiple murders

The following comes from and Aug. 28 posting on the almost-factual news page of the San Diego Reader. Statement released following the news that Christopher Lee, the ex-Marine arrested on suspicion of killing Marine wife Erin Corwin and hiding her body in a mineshaft, may be prosecuted for a double homicide if it is determined that she was pregnant. Here at Planned … [Read more...]

Shootings kill two from San Fernando Valley churches

Gloria Tovar was picking up fellow Eucharistic minister to the sick

The following comes from an Aug. 14 story in the Angelus, the LA archdiocese online paper. The parish communities of Santa Rosa de Lima Church in San Fernando and Guardian Angel Church in Pacoima are mourning the loss of two beloved parishioners, who were shot and killed on their way to Mass early Aug. 24 in an apparent series of random shootings in the San Fernando … [Read more...]

Pro-abort Latino leaders embarrass their constituents

They’re something special

The following comes from an Aug. 27 story by Ruben Navarette in the Sacramento Bee. Many Latino lawmakers have nicknames. In California, we continue the tradition. Often times, we call them “defendant.” In a state where Latinos make up more than 38 percent of the population, it’s shameful to see Latino legislators act as if the rules don’t apply to them. With reckless … [Read more...]

Napa – not what it seems

One of highest poverty rates in Calif.

The following comes from an Aug. 25 posting on by Lisa M. Hendey. If you don’t know much about California or the agriculture industry, you might have laughed off the early morning Napa earthquake on Sunday with thoughts of your favorite wine and how the price might rise. Because when we hear “Napa”, we think “wine”, right? In reality, this earthquake is likely … [Read more...]

Curbside Catholics on one side of the bay

Dominicans on the other

The following comes from an Aug. 27 story by Christina Gray in Catholic San Francisco. To read the Aug. 11 Cal Catholic story about a similar ministry in San Diego, click here. Office workers on their lunch hour, shivering tourists, local street folk and others crisscrossing the sidewalks near San Francisco’s Metreon complex Aug. 18 walked past – and a few around – the burly … [Read more...]

We don’t work for the government

Tijuana's archbishop speaks out against demand for "profits"

The following comes from an Aug. 26 story in the San Diego Reader by Bob McPhail. In unusually combative language, the archbishop of Tijuana has accused Mexico's federal government of extorting money from the Catholic Church under the guise of taxation. In an interview published August 25 by the daily newspaper El Sol de Tijuana, archbishop Rafael Romo said new tax … [Read more...]

Father Pavone: Our religion requires no less

What if government wanted to imprison small children of employees?

The following comes from an Aug. 25 release from Priests for Life. Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, this morning released a statement regarding the new “accommodation” to the HHS mandate announced last week. Father Pavone said: “On Friday afternoon, it was announced that the Obama Administration has come up with an alternate procedure for … [Read more...]

How Calif. will help its elderly

Bringing care-givers under the government

The following comes from an Aug. 22 story submitted by Camille Giglio. Concord: Today while standing with the prayer group in front of Concord Planned Parenthood, a young woman obviously looking for the abortion entrance, was told by one of the employees to go around to the back. Her parting words to this young woman were:  “Good Luck.” As I continued to stand there I … [Read more...]