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Queerty’s attack on protect-marriage salaries

$500K/year for Brian Brown

The following story comes from a late June posting on the pro-homosexual site, Queerty. Far be it from us to relish the financial woes of our enemies, but it appears the campaign to stop same-sex marriage is running out of money, even as one of it’s main proponents takes in a cushy mid-six-figure salary. Oh who are we kidding–we eat this stuff up! Reuters reports that … [Read more...]

Chinese don’t cover up abortion-cancer data

Unlike their American counter-parts

The following comes from a story sent to Cal Catholic on June 27. The author is a northern California physician. Reproductive Research Audit covers studies that address the most controversial topics in reproductive health research, including the long-disputed (but recently affirmed) link between induced abortion and preterm birth, the contested link between induced abortion … [Read more...]

Life Legal reacts to last week’s Supreme Court decision

Plus - full text of Scalia’s even stronger words

The following comes from a June 26 release from California’s Life Legal Foundation. In a unanimous decision, the United States Supreme Court today struck down a 2007 Massachusetts law that created 35-foot no-entry zones around the entrances and driveways of abortion clinics in that state. Life Legal Defense Foundation was the lead filer of an amici brief in defense of the … [Read more...]

The unwitting death of many

Freezer burn and poison take care of nearly half of frozen embryos

  The following comes from a June 18 story in Crisis magazine. Karla and Jacob began dating in 2009 when they were 42 and 32 years old, respectively. After Karla was diagnosed with lymphoma, and “despite neither of them thinking the relationship had long-term prospects,” both agreed to have human embryos created from their gametes. These were frozen for later use … [Read more...]

Feelings, nothing more than feelings

Culture is moving away from born-that-way narrative

The following comes from a June 18 posting on Ask a group of people today—especially high school and college students—what makes them them, and you’ll likely get as many responses as respondents. They may say, “I am what my genes make me,” or maybe “I am what I experience,” or “I am what I choose.” And soon, you’ll notice two distinct themes emerging. … [Read more...]


‘I don't want his life to be just a prop’

This YouTube link was sent to Cal Catholic on June 18. The video was uploaded in 2012 but continues to get views and comments. A sample of comments follows: Che Mago via Google+ 6 months ago I don't know if you guys heard about the story of baby boy #christianbuchanan (blind since birth) .. This is a video of her mom Lacey sharing her joy of being a mom. Sharing how … [Read more...]

St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral, Reno, Nevada

Name of Church St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral Address 310 West 2nd Street, Reno NV 89503 Phone number (775) 329-2571 Mass times Saturday vigil, 5 p.m.; Sunday 7:30 a.m.; 9:30 a.m.; 11:30 a.m.; 5 p.m.; 7 p.m. (Spanish).  Weekdays, 7 a.m. & 12:10 p.m., Monday – Friday; 7:30 a.m., Saturday Confessions Thursday, 5:45 p.m., Saturday, 3 p.m. Names of priests The … [Read more...]

Young adult Masses treat me like a child

Standing room only in Latin Mass basement

The following comes from a June 19 story on Millennials are leaving religion in droves, recent surveys find. Churches are roiled and it appears some will do anything to stop the exodus. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Archdiocese of New York recently hosted millennial Mass-goers for pizzas and drinks at a Midtown dance club. "We're definitely people … [Read more...]

The ‘evangelical’ Catholics who are remaking the GOP

The ultimate swing vote

The following comes from a June 16 story on How many voters know that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a Roman Catholic? Or that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist, not a Latino Catholic? Or that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio worships at both a Catholic parish and an evangelical church? More importantly, does it matter? Actually, it does in today’s … [Read more...]

Date night at the abortion movie

Only half the audience laughed

The following comes from a June 20 story by Heather Wilhelm on Real Clear Politics. Earlier this week, I did something terrible: I talked my husband into going to a screening of an “abortion romantic comedy” with me. It was his birthday. To my credit, we went to a manly steak dinner beforehand. Also to my credit, I usually have decent taste in movies. But over the past … [Read more...]