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What to do with the bodies of aborted babies?

The following comes from an Apr. 25 story on A former temporary worker at the Oregon plant accused of incinerating aborted babies has said county officials “had to” know the facility generated power by burning fetal tissue. Bud Waterman says officials must have known from the bloody waste they saw Bud Waterman, a temporary worker at Covanta Marion, … [Read more...]

Why we need monks

The following comes from an April 14 posting on Patheos by J. David Nolan. “Fathers and teachers, what is a monk?” asks the Elder Zosima in The Brothers Karamazov. “In the enlightened world of today,” he says, referring to Dostoyevsky’s Russia, “this word is uttered in mockery by some, and by others even as a term of abuse. And it gets worse and worse.” Though monasticism … [Read more...]

The anti-democratic fight for homosexual rights

The following comes from an Apr. 17 posting on Buzzfeed. Few moments in the marriage equality movement have provoked more controversy than the 2009 decision of Chad Griffin to fight California’s Proposition 8 in federal court — and to enlist Ted Olson, a key official of the George W. Bush administration, to do so. Now that the legal bill behind that legal effort has been … [Read more...]

If you think your parish is boring, it might be because you’re sleeping in

The following comes from an Apr. 22 posting by P.G. Cuschieri on Aleteia. Fr. Dennis can be seen waiting at the side entrance of St. Monica‘s on California Street at 6am every morning. If he didn’t wear his priest’s collar you’d swear he was on his way to the beach to catch a wave. The guy looks like Laird Hamilton with his wispy blonde hair and year-round tan. He holds a … [Read more...]

He tells the priest he will kill him in a week’s time

  The following comes from an Apr. 17 posting on In the eyes of many, the revelations of the past few years have ruined much of the Church’s credibility.  The evils of the abuse perpetrated by priests, professed religious and laity have struck at the very heart of the Church’s identity. The pain and anguish this has caused is perhaps felt strongest … [Read more...]

US bishops urge caution in dealing with Girl Scouts

The following comes from an Apr. 16 story on LifeSiteNews. A US Conference of Catholic Bishops report two years in the making says that "attentiveness" is needed in regard to some practices of the Girl Scouts that go against Catholic doctrine. In the report, the Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth explains that it had "exchanges" that "were pleasant, … [Read more...]

Another abortionist gone – Christopher Dotson

The Medical Board of California has announced that for Christopher Dotson, M.D. , 82-year-old abortionist, “No practice is permitted.” Dotson has failed to renew his license since June 30, 2013. Dotson graduated from Howard University College of Medicine in 1955. He practiced obstetrics/gynecology in the Los Angeles area at Centinella Hospital and slowly drifted into … [Read more...]

Matthew Fox, Nuns on the Bus, Malcolm Boyd aim for So. Calif.

The following press release came to Cal Catholic during Holy Week. Los Angeles/San Diego CA----A new kind of Jesus radio network, CELEBRATE RADIO, combining the best of both Catholic and Protestant teaching, personalities and pop music and much about ways to help ‘the least of these’ and ‘love thy neighbor’ is crowd funding for a late Spring or early Summer launch. The … [Read more...]

How it is that we have now murdered 54 million of our unborn children

In 2013 twenty-two states passed 70 abortion restrictions, second only to the single year total in 2011 (135 pro-life laws in 36 states). Part of this success comes from the work of Americans United for Life, the premiere group fighting abortion state by state. Clark Forsythe served as president of A.U.L. for ten years. Now he is their senior counsel. But his recent … [Read more...]

Extreme abortion bill spiked in Colorado Senate

The following comes from an Apr. 16 story on Catholic News Agency’s website. Amid growing protests led in large part by the Catholic Church, the Colorado Senate on April 16 killed a controversial bill that could have banned all pro-life laws in the state. “Lift up your hearts in gratitude to God,” said Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila in a post on Twitter. “Blessings on … [Read more...]