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No one taking Pill wants to acknowledge the evil

The following comes from Bishop Robert Vasa's Mass of Chrism homily on April 10 (Santa Rosa diocese). Everyone is familiar with the adage, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” When I was bishop in Baker, Oregon, there was a time during the summer of 2001 when one would been well advised to reverse the phrase, for it was obvious that, “Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.” The … [Read more...]

Don’t buy the Harvey Milk stamp

The following comes from an Apr. 23 message from With the U.S. Postal Service unveiling a postage stamp honoring homosexual activist Harvey Milk, a leading pro-family organization is urging everyone who supports the protection of children to avoid this shameful stamp. "Harvey Milk was a very dishonorable man -- a sexual anarchist who hated sexual … [Read more...]

God frozen out of Disney

The following comes from an Apr. 27 story in the Times of Israel. The award-winning duo behind the Frozen soundtrack say Disney only made them let go of one concept when writing the movie’s hit songs: God. Speaking to NPR, Kristen Anderson Lopez, who together with her husband Robert Lopez wrote the Oscar-winning song “Let It Go,” said that putting religion into movies is … [Read more...]

The CrossFit-ification of Christianity

The following comes from an Apr. 27 story in The Daily Beast. CrossFit is a workout philosophy, a brand, and a network of affiliated gyms. It’s also a subculture that, with its manic friendliness and clan-like vibe, carries a whiff of cultishness. Browse the digital pages of our nation’s finest periodicals, and you can read about the cult (or is it more like a church?) of … [Read more...]

Loyola picks Crabtree, tied to Planned Parenthood

The following comes from an Apr. 23 story on the website of the Cardinal Newman Society. Loyola Marymount University has named Dr. Robbin Crabtree dean of its Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, despite her past consultancy work with a Planned Parenthood-sponsored clinic and her involvement with a pro-abortion rights organization. Crabtree, according to her CV available … [Read more...]

The Pope’s phone call to Argentina

  After yesterday’s media confusion about a phone call Pope Francis made to a woman in Argentina regarding her reception of Communion, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi today made a statement confirming that the phone call did take place, but indicating that reports about what was said may not be reliable and have no bearing on Church teaching. It has … [Read more...]

14 days left for Gosnell film crowdfunding

  The following comes from an Apr. 27 item on the site Kickstarter’s reach and reputation have made it “the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects” — and a desirable destination for two movies about abortion. Gosnell and Stolen Moments both sought to use the crowdfunding website. First, they encountered resistance, then rejection from … [Read more...]

Will Calif. bishops do anything about murder of baby girls?

The following was sent to California Catholic Daily by one of its correspondents on Apr. 28. Dear Archbishops and Bishops of California,    I write with urgency and conviction, to bring to your attention that the California Catholic Conference of Bishops is not including support for AB 2336 on Catholic Advocacy Day next Tuesday, April 29th.  AB 2336 would ban Sex-Selection … [Read more...]

Woman who saved baby girl not guilty of mother-in-law murder

The following comes from an Apr. 26 story in the Santa Rosa Democrat. Baljinder Kaur was released from Sutter County Jail on Friday afternoon after a jury returned a verdict of not guilty for the October 2012 killing of her mother-in-law. She was charged with first-degree murder after confessing to killing Baljit Kaur, 68, with an ax in their Yuba City home. Baljinder … [Read more...]