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Someone doesn’t like this church

The following comes from a Mar. 27 story in the Daily Democrat. Just as her son did in the Bible, the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been resurrected at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. The statue of Mary - which has been missing since December 2009 when it was shattered by vandals - is now replaced. Parishioners pieced her back together and positioned her where she … [Read more...]

Divorce – it’s way bigger than we thought

The following comes from a Mar. 24 posting on the blog of Family Studies. Most of us in the family studies business have had people look at us strangely when we tell them that divorce has declined over the past three decades. Forget about the anecdata, we tell them. Those friends, relatives, and perhaps even you yourself, who have been emptying their life savings into the … [Read more...]

Our Mother Who is Within Us

Over the past 10 days CalCatholic has been documenting the infestation of the departments of religious studies at Catholic high schools within the archdiocese of San Francisco by homosexual activists. But the infiltration by non-Catholic and anti-Catholic teachers is not restricted to homosexuals. Sacred Heart Preparatory is located in Atherton, which, according to Forbes … [Read more...]

Lest so many words complicate a simple question

The following comes from a Mar. 19 posting on A Canon Lawyer’s Blog by Ed Peters. Catholic discipline that precludes holy Communion for divorced-and-remarried Catholics rests on three simple points. Assuming the specifications and nuances that should flesh out these points, they are: Catholics obstinately persisting in manifest grave sin should neither approach for nor … [Read more...]

Six lies the media tells about the contraception mandate

The following comes from a Mar. 24 story on The Federalist. This week, the Supreme Court will consider whether businesses and their owners must choose between paying millions of dollars in fines and violating their religious beliefs. The outcome of the combined cases, popularly styled Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, will shape how government interacts with religious Americans for … [Read more...]

16,000 births, 18,000 abortions in San Francisco

On Friday, March 21, 350 admirers filled the Patrons Hall of San Francisco’s St. Mary’s Cathedral in support of one of only two crisis pregnancy centers in the City. The event was a fundraiser for Alpha Pregnancy Center, located in Mission Terrace. For those unfamiliar with San Francisco, that is not one of the neighborhoods President Obama visits during his frequent … [Read more...]

Holtville’s unmarked graves

The following comes from a Mar. 21 story in the Imperial Valley Press. Nestled in the eastern outskirts of the small town of Holtville sits Terrace Park Cemetery. Upon entering it looks like any other cemetery found across the United States; rows of tombstones and flowers mark where the deceased found their final resting places…. But beyond the typical fence sits a fence … [Read more...]

English bishop Philip Egan : Denying Communion an act of mercy

The following comes from a Mar. 21 story in the Tablet (U.K.). The bishop of Portsmouth (U.K.) has provoked criticism from Catholic MPs after saying that politicians who voted for same-sex marriage should be denied Communion. Bishop Philip Egan said that instead of being punitive, the denial of communion is “always an act of mercy” with the hope that individuals can be … [Read more...]

Priests should sit and wait patiently in the confessional

The following comes from a Mar. 24 story on the Vatican Insider, a feature of the Italian newspaper La Stampa. Priests should sit and wait patiently for faithful in the confessional at times that are convenient for penitents. Cardinal Mauro Piacenza said this afternoon during the inauguration of the course on the inner conscience, the private inner space of each individual. … [Read more...]

Shrinks for priests

The following comes from a Mar. 24 story in the Oakland Catholic Voice. With a blessing from the bishop of Oakland, the Kairos Psychology Group has opened in the diocese. The practice, led by Father Stephan Kappler, who has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, will offer psychotherapy, assessment and consultation, primarily to priests and vowed religious. Father … [Read more...]