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Hollywood looks to the Bible for screenplay potential

The following comes from an Oct, 23 story on Religious News Service. Studios and filmmakers are rediscovering a classic text as source material for upcoming mainstream films: the Bible. Nearly 10 years after the blockbuster success of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which earned $611.9 million worldwide, studios are looking to the Good Book for good … [Read more...]

Ten things to understand about Pope Francis

The following comes from an Oct. 22 posting on Catholic News Service If people are still unsure about what to make of Pope Francis, the Vatican’s media adviser offered his take on decoding the pontiff. “Pope Francis is not a politically-correct pope,” rather, he is “a loyal son of the church” who presents the hard truths with a heavy dose of mercy, said Greg Burke, senior … [Read more...]

Obama’s ambassador to the Vatican rankles pro-lifers

The following comes from an Oct. 29 story in LifeSiteNews. Only four days after formally beginning his post as the new US ambassador to the Vatican, Ken Hackett, the former head of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) took a swipe at pro-life Americans who criticized CRS for funding groups promoting abortion and contraception.  Hackett was interviewed days after presenting his … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Form pilgrimage at St. Peter’s Saturday

The following comes from an Oct. 27 story on the website of the Catholic News Agency. The road leading to St. Peter’s Square was packed on Saturday morning: but not with the usual tourists or merchants. Instead, a long line of pilgrims processed along the street carrying candles and singing hymns. They were participants in an international pilgrimage to Rome celebrating … [Read more...]

20-week restriction on abortion may face Supreme Court this year

The following comes from an Oct. 24 posting on In a wave of new laws enacted across the country, foes of abortion are pushing a common goal:  to ban the termination of pregnancy at earlier stages than the Supreme Court has previously allowed.  The first new case seeking to test whether the Court will go along with that campaign has been filed, and could be … [Read more...]

Mixed report on Catholic theological society

  The following comes from an Oct. 23 posting on the Catholic News Agency website. A spiritual theology professor has said that an internal report acknowledging the Catholic Theological Society of America excludes more-orthodox and conservative thinkers is regrettable, yet an opportunity for change in the group. The National Catholic Reporter recently published … [Read more...]

U.S. bishops to vote at Nov. 11-14 Baltimore meeting

The following comes from an Oct. 21 release from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will elect the next president and vice president of during the bishops’ annual fall General Assembly, November 11-14, at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott Hotel. The president and vice president are elected from a slate of 10 candidates … [Read more...]

Late-term abortions still the issue

The following comes from an Oct. 28 posting on the website of Commentary magazine. Abortion-rights activists are celebrating this afternoon in the wake of the news that a federal court has struck down a provision of a controversial Texas law. This seems like sweet revenge for the many liberals (especially those in the media) who applauded State Senator Wendy Davis’s … [Read more...]

Victorville Planned Parenthood hospitalizes first patient

  The following comes from an Oct. 25 posting by Operation Rescue. After just 42 days in business, a patient at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Victorville was rushed to the hospital suffering from an unspecified medical emergency. However, the Victorville clinic is not supposed to be doing abortions. The incident raises questions about what services are … [Read more...]

Archbishop Müller affirms Catholic marriage

  The following comes from an Oct. 23 story posted on the Catholic News Agency website. The Vatican’s head official on doctrinal matters has reaffirmed that Catholics in irregular marital unions after divorce cannot receive communion, but he urged that this means it is “all the more imperative” to show “pastoral concern” for them. “The path indicated by the … [Read more...]