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Gay groups: Google Plus, iTunes must get rid of reparative therapy app

The following comes from a June 14 story on Homosexual lobby groups are outraged at Google for having an app that claims to be able to cure unwanted same-sex attraction in 60 days, available at its Google Play online store. The self-help app is from the organization called Setting Captives Free, which produces a series of interactive courses that deal with … [Read more...]

St. Callistus to move to Christ Cathedral

The following release came from the Orange Catholic Foundation on June 28.               St. Callistus Parish is preparing to move onto our Christ Cathedral campus by  the end of this month. Christ Cathedral Academy is preparing to commence its inaugural school year, and the pastoral center at Marywood is preparing to move its offices onto the new campus in September. To … [Read more...]

Warning signs on Exodus came in 2012

  The following comes from a June 20 story in World Magazine. Exodus International—a Christian ministry that aimed to help people struggling with homosexuality—announced Wednesday it would close after nearly 40 years of operation. A statement on the group’s website said board members believed the organization had grown too judgmental. The leaders plan to … [Read more...]

Body of newborn baby found in Oildale trash can

The following comes from a June 21 story on the KERO TV station in Bakersfield A newborn baby was discovered dead in an Oildale (just north of Bakersfield) trash can early Friday morning. "I don't know, it's really shocking because I don't know anybody who would ever do that to a baby and it doesn't even know anything about life and it's just thrown away," said one … [Read more...]

Churches worth driving to

  Name of Church Sts. Peter & Paul Church Address 3422 East Portland Avenue, Tacoma WA 98404 Phone number (253) 507-5861 Website Mass times Saturday vigil 6 p.m. (Polish); Sunday 9 a.m., 11 a.m. (Polish), 5 p.m. (Latin Tridentine).  Mondays, 8 a.m., Tuesdays, 11 a.m. (with adoration at 10 a.m.), Wednesdays & Fridays, 7:30 … [Read more...]

Why the Church opposes surrogate motherhood

The following comes from a June 19 story on the Washington D.C. archdiocese website. By: Msgr. Charles Pope ....Council Member David Catania has introduced legislation that would legalize and regulate surrogacy parenting within the District of Columbia. Every council member except for Council Member Marion Barry co-sponsored the proposed legislation.... First, we begin … [Read more...]

Parochial schools file suit after CIF decision

The following comes from a June 20 story in the Inland Valley Bulletin. Four Southland parochial high schools are claiming religious bias and lack of due process in a federal lawsuit fighting a California Interscholastic Federation decision to pull their sports teams from mixed public-private school leagues and place them in new leagues made up of predominantly religious … [Read more...]

Calif. mission artifact moved from railway route

The following comes from a June 20 story in the Fresno Bee. Nearly two centuries ago, an ex-pirate built a mill that ground corn and wheat for the San Gabriel Mission, part of the chain of Spanish outposts in California dating to the 1700s. The mill is long gone but on Thursday, crews moved a 15-ton piece of that history from the path of a railroad trench to save it from … [Read more...]

What we did in Coronado

The following comes from a June 21 posting in Cardinal Sean's (O'Malley) blog in the the Boston archdiocese paper, the Pilot. I want to begin by letting you know that I have a friendly wager with the Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis George. If the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, they will be sending me Chicago pizza. If, by some strange chance, the Blackhawks win, I will … [Read more...]

Big U.S. companies you might not know are religious

The following was posted on Yahoo’s Business Insider on June 14. Talking about religion and politics can be dangerous among friends. It's doubly so for businesses. That double-edged sword became crystal clear last year after Chick-fil-A's COO made comments about the chain's opposition to gay marriage. It sparked a massive backlash from the media, gay and lesbian couples, … [Read more...]