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Pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Juan Vargas uses religion

The following comes from a May 17 item on the Huffington Post. Republican and Democrats sparred this week on where Jesus Christ would stand on food stamps, a federal program that supported 47 million Americans last year. On Wednesday, the House Agriculture Committee approved Republican legislation that would reform farm subsidies and trim the Supplemental Nutrition … [Read more...]

Bakersfield city council backs off outright abortion ban

The following comes from a May 20 story in the Bakersfield Californian. A draft city ordinance that would have restricted abortion in Bakersfield was placed on hold Monday when the Bakersfield City Council's Legislative and Litigation Committee voted 3-0 to table its discussion indefinitely, and instead, ordered the drafting of a resolution that could be less … [Read more...]

Life coordinator

The following comes from a May 10 story by Mike Nelson in the Los Angeles archdiocese paper, the Tidings. For Kathleen Buckley Domingo, respect life ministry has been a part of her life almost since she can remember, since she was attending St. Joseph Elementary School in Auburn, and joining her mother in prayer for the unborn in front of an abortion clinic. Now, as Life … [Read more...]

Texas doctor accused of killing babies born alive

The following comes from a March 21 story posted on the website of the Catholic News Agency and other sources. A Houston doctor is under investigation after former employees alleged that several babies were born alive and then killed in gruesome ways. Deborah Edge, a former assistant to Dr. Douglas Karpen, gave her account of Karpen’s abortion work in a video produced by … [Read more...]

Research pertinent to the Boy Scouts of America debate

The following email from NARTH was received May 21 at the Cal Catholic office. The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) is a professional, scientific organization that offers therapeutic assistance to those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality. As an organization, NARTH disseminates educational information, conducts and collects … [Read more...]

New scholarship honoring Bishop Cummins at Santa Clara U.

The following comes from a May 16 release from Santa Clara University. A longtime benefactor and board member of the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University has helped launch a $230,000 endowed scholarship fund for the Berkeley-based school, in honor of Oakland Bishop Emeritus John Cummins. The initial donor is Thomas Bertelsen, Jr., chairman of the board of … [Read more...]

31-year-old man takes pre-teen girl to Planned Parenthood after raping her

The following comes from a May 16 story in the Bellingham (Washington) Herald. An Everson man who impregnated a preteen girl and forced her to have an abortion must serve a six-year prison sentence, then leave the country. Luis Gonzalez-Jose, 31, raped the girl at a home in rural Whatcom County while her mother was in the shower, according to charging documents filed in … [Read more...]

Archbishop Gomez honored in Steubenville

The following homily, written by Archbishop Jose Gomez for the May 10 Baccalaureate Mass at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio appeared May 17 in the Los Angeles archdiocese paper paper, the Tidings. Archbishop Gomez received an honorary doctorate from Franciscan “for his fidelity to the Catholic Church, for being the voice of Hispanic Catholics in the United … [Read more...]

9th Circuit struggling with freedom of speech challenge

  The following comes from a May 15 posting on the Trial Insider. In mid-April we wrote that a three-judge appellate panel appeared to struggle during arguments with the potentially far-reaching implications of a constitutional challenge to California’s ban on gay conversion therapy.  It appears they are still struggling. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals … [Read more...]

Catholic scouts on notice

  The following comes from a May 15 posting by Ed Whelan on National Review Online. The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has issued a statement that, if properly applied, ought to require faithful Catholic scout leaders to vote against the Boy Scouts of America’s proposed resolution to allow openly gay youth members. The NCCS statement reads in part (emphasis … [Read more...]