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U.S. bishops 10-year report on colleges

The following February 20 story by Anne Hendershott appeared in the online version of Catholic World Report. ….Last month, the Office of the Secretariat of Education at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops released what they called The Final Report for the Ten Year Review of the Application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae for the United States. Unfortunately, the Ten … [Read more...]

Caroline thinks she or Maria would make good Pope

The following comes from a February 21 posting on the L.A. Observed website. Caroline Kennedy was in the LA area last week as part of the Distinguished Speakers Series of Southern California. Speaking to full houses in Redondo Beach, Pasadena and Thousand Oaks, she said she was flattered to be part of the series since "everyone knows I'm the least distinguished speaker in my … [Read more...]

Lay employees screening Catholic chaplains for Calif. prisons?

The following appeared February 15 on the website of the California Catholic Conference. The following California State Prisons have immediate openings for a Catholic Chaplain. Qualified Candidates are lay persons, religious, deacons and priests with demonstrated detention facility pastoral competence who are in good standing with the church and must be endorsed by the … [Read more...]

Jesse Romero: I realized I was made for Heaven

  The following comes from a February 22 story on three apologists by Jim Graves in Catholic World Report.   A dozen years ago, an injury forced Jesse Romero to retire early from his job as a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy. He decided to begin a career as a full-time lay Catholic evangelist. Romero speaks publicly and through a variety of communications … [Read more...]

The brazen clericalism of Cardinal Mahony

The following comes from a February 21 story by George Neumayr in Crisis Magazine. Neumayr, former editor of San Francisco Faith and Catholic World Report, wrote “Cardinal Mahony’s La Cosa Nostra" on Real Clear Religion, re-printed on Cal Catholic January 28  four days before the story broke about Archbishop Gomez relieving Cardinal Mahony of public duties  and five days … [Read more...]

Will St. Genevieve in Panorama City stop Cabaret?

The following email was sent to Cal Catholic on February 21 by Kimberly Brehme. Calling all Catholics! I know some kids who go to St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City, and that Catholic high school is staging the  vulgar musical play Cabaret this spring.  This hits too close to home.  That’s why I can’t stand by while that school makes a shipwreck out of our … [Read more...]

News from the trenches

One of the counselors approached a car with two young women and a man.  As they were getting out of their car, the counselor could see one of the young women who looked to be pale and sad.  The counselor approached her and gave her information on the doctor and the horrible accounts of what happens to women who choose to enter Family Planning Associates. The young girl … [Read more...]

Mexican Supreme Court opens door for same-sex marriage

The following comes from a story published February 18 on Denying same-sex couples the right to marry is unconstitutionally discriminatory, Mexico's Supreme Court announced in a sweeping ruling made public Monday. The ruling not only makes a strong statement about Mexican law's treatment of equal protection guarantees, it also relies heavily on civil rights … [Read more...]

New bill pushes Scouts, little leagues, religious groups

The following comes from a February 21 release from the Pacific Justice Institute. A new bill introduced this week in the California Senate would take some of the most aggressive action to date to force youth organizations to embrace homosexuality and “gender identity.” SB 323, sponsored by Equality California and introduced by Sen. Ricardo Lara (D – Long Beach) threatens … [Read more...]

The Papal abdication

The following comes from a February 20 story in the Weekly Standard by Joseph Bottom, former editor of First Things. ....Some of the difficulties Benedict faced when he became pope derived from his Polish predecessor and the peculiar, fascinating way John Paul II seemed more to wear the papacy than rule it—administration by personal charisma. When John Paul II took office in … [Read more...]