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Hillary Clinton upset

The following is an excerpt from a June 26 story on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is upset the document the United Nations adopted at its Rio+20 conference last week did not promote abortion by inserting terms like “reproductive rights” into he language of the text. A diverse group of countries rallied together with the Holy See to successfully remove … [Read more...]

Switch Hitters Ball

On Saturday, June 16, San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer Parish again hosted the Switch Hitters Ball, an annual fundraiser for the San Francisco Gay Softball League.  The parish has hosted the event each year since 2007. Video of this year’s ‘ball’ has already been posted on YouTube. The ‘switch hitter’ in the annual event’s title does not refer to a batter who is able to … [Read more...]

Altar Rails and the Holy Mass

The following excerpt is part of an article by Father Evan Harkins which appeared in December 2011 on the Pray the Mass website.  …Firstly, we call it an altar rail; the name has reference to the altar. This rail can be seen as an extension of the altar. Christ becomes present on the altar and invites us to be fed at His altar via the rail. Very often the appearance of the … [Read more...]

Charges Dropped

The following came from a June 20 press release from the Life Legal Defense Foundation.  Police cited a sidewalk counselor engaged in peaceful educational activities for failure to yield to a motor vehicle. Life Legal Defense Foundation’s review of the incident revealed that the sidewalk counselor actually had the right-of-way under the law. Unfortunately, pro-life … [Read more...]


The following comes from a June 20 story in the New York Post.  A lesbian couple from Westchester yesterday filed the first suit against a Catholic institution for refusing to recognize New York’s gay-marriage law. The Manhattan federal court filing says the women — identified only as “Jane Roe” and “Jane Doe” — were wed Oct. 15, and that “Roe,” who’s worked at St. … [Read more...]

The Church doesn’t serve the poor to please the government

Los Angeles archbishop Jose Gomez wrote the following June 21 posting on the First Things website.  On June 21, the night before the Catholic Church traditionally remembers the martyrdom of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More at the hands of King Henry VIII, American Catholics will begin a unique two-week vigil of prayer, sacrifice, and public witness for the cause of … [Read more...]

The courage not to obey

The following blog by Brad Miner was posted June 19 on The Catholic Thing website. Timothy Michael Dolan has been described as “America’s pope,” and that seems fine, at least until an American actually becomes the successor to St. Peter. Cardinal Dolan is certainly among the most pastoral bishops the American Church has ever known, and for a man as good-natured as he, 2012 … [Read more...]

Mission San Javier Church, Baja California

Name of Church Mission San Javier Location 22 miles inland from the coastal town of Loreto, Mexico in southern Baja California. Much of the road to San Javier is paved, but a portion of the way is still on dirt roads. Mass times Wednesdays, 3:00 p.m. Confessions Before and after Mass. Names of priests Father Pablo Gomez, a parish priest from the Mission of Our Lady of … [Read more...]

Speakers, movie, and a live play

The annual Catholic Family Conference will take place Friday and Saturday, July 13 and 14 at the Ontario Convention Center. Included in presentations will be the live play, Viva Cristo Rey, the riveting story of Fr. Miguel Pro's courage and faith during the religious persecution in 1920s México. Written by Cathal Gallagher & Fred Martínez and directed by Angel … [Read more...]

Romney’s conversion on abortion

The following comes from a June 18 story by pro-life veteran Jack Wilke on LifeSiteNews. As this is written, Barack Obama has proven to be the most pro-abortion president of modern times and he is now seeking a second term. Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, is the presumptive nominee for the Republican Presidential slot in November. Naturally, some have questioned … [Read more...]