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Will David Daleiden be subject to RICO charges?
Judge Orrick gives jury instructions; Planned Parenthood charges racketeering

Holly O'Donnell from Stem Express, who worked with Planned Parenthood in fetal parts business (From David Daleiden videos) Tuesday, Nov. 12, the federal court in San Francisco in the Planned Parenthood vs. David Daleiden case heard jury instructions

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Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds is a weekly article written by Mary Rose, who boldly ventures to college campuses throughout California to ask hard-hitting questions to some of the world’s most malleable minds.

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Foothill College student likes Church but not the rules
Kayla goes to Sunday Mass and Confession, but doesn't subscribe to Catholic teaching on abortion, assisted suicide, or gay marriage

California Catholic Daily reporter, Mary Rose, visits a California college each week and asks students about God, good, and evil. Interview on the Library Quad with Kayla, who is studying biology during her first year at Foothill College in Los

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