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CBS helps promote Planned Parenthood ‘We Decide 2020’
$45 million to go to nine states for baby-killing election agenda

Kate Smith, CBS reporter, who acted as go-between with Planned Parenthood: "There's so much at stake here." As abortion supporters brace for another year of restrictions and court battles, Planned Parenthood is throwing its weight into the 2020 elections.

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L.A. Auxiliary bishop joins protest at proposed Baldwin Park Planned Parenthood
Led by Bishop David G. O’Connell, more than 600 faithful form candlelight procession to new abortion mill, scheduled to open within weeks

Hundreds of pro-lifers joined a prayerful protest against a Planned Parenthood facility in California scheduled to open within weeks that will offer “abortion services.”  Led by Bishop David G. O’Connell, one of the auxiliary bishops in Los Angeles, more than 600

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Churches Worth Driving To

Churches Worth Driving To offers readers a brief review of nearby churches they might want to visit. The church’s architecture, liturgy, history, parishioners and clergy are discussed, and mass times and photos are provided.

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21st-century music in a 21st-century cathedral
Oakland Bishop Michael Barber recounts history of diocese's cathedral to Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians

The Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians came to Oakland for the first time for its annual conference Jan. 6-9. Two concerts were part of the festivities. The first celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Conroy Memorial Organ in

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Benedict XVI name off celibacy book
Intense pressure on Pope-emeritus, Cardinal Sarah, and Archbishop Ganswein

Archbishop Ganswein: “A misunderstanding, without questioning the good faith of Cardinal Sarah.” (Photo from Business Insider) Pope-emeritus Benedict has requested that his name not be listed as the co-author of a new book defending the Church’s tradition of

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Telling truth about Drag Queens gets police called on you
Chula Vista woman has awkward encounter with Councilmember Steve Padilla

For months, parents and citizens in Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego, have insisted that their City Council take action to stop any more “Drag Queen Story Hour” events from targeting children in the public library. On September

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