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Birth control and the decline of civilization
A woman who takes the pill has little to no cost to sex, and can therefore “sell” it to men cheaply

Susan comforting the baby, painting by Mary Cassatt, 1881 In The Sociological Tradition, Robert Nisbet referred to the Industrial and French Revolutions as the two great ideas of the western world. No two events so dramatically altered civilization as

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Former Daleiden lawyer appointed to federal bench
In narrow vote, Sarah Pitlyk confirmed to Eastern District Court of Missouri

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Sarah Pitlyk, a Catholic lawyer and advocate for pro-life activist David Daleiden, as a judge for the Eastern District Court of Missouri. Pitlyk, confirmed by a vote of 49 to 44, was a special counsel

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Inquiring Minds

Inquiring Minds is a weekly article written by Mary Rose, who boldly ventures to college campuses throughout California to ask hard-hitting questions to some of the world’s most malleable minds.

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Co-defendant Albin Rhomberg and attorney Katie Short describe jury in Planned Parenthood trial
"Excruciatingly bored and then at the same time feeling kind of angry"

Short and Rhomberg: "We're talking about a lawsuit about reporting, reporting illegally, where the jury was not allowed to see what was reported." On Nov. 27 Albin Rhomberg, co-defendant with David Daleiden case against Planned Parenthood, and his attorney,

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“Joy to the World” almost axed
South Sutter Charter School pointed to words like “Savior” and “heaven”

  A school in Northern California has reversed course after initially declaring “Joy to the World” unacceptable for a student piano performance. The Benzel family reached out to Pacific Justice Institute after their 13-year-old daughter Brooklyn’s musical choice was rejected

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Pope names new coadjutor bishop for San Bernardino
Bishop Alberto Rojas, an auxiliary bishop of Chicago, will succeed Bishop Gerald Barnes

Pope Francis Monday named Bishop Alberto Rojas, an auxiliary bishop of Chicago, to be coadjutor of the Diocese of San Bernardino, California, and serve alongside Bishop Gerald Barnes until Barnes’ retirement. As coadjutor, Rojas will assist Bishop Gerald Barnes

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