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Contact Catholic Charities of San Diego
: Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego
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Provide assistance, supervision and oversight of residents at an overnight shelter.

* Welcome and greet women

* Orient residents to program; conduct intakes and explain rules, policies and procedures* Provide residents with information and referrals as needed

* Supervise evening meal. Assist volunteers with meal service and other activities.

* Monitor and observe behaviors of participants; Monitor residents’ activities of daily living.

* Provide residents with information and referrals as needed.

* Record and maintain attendance records

* Provide coaching/ case management support for assigned residents

* Maintain sign-in logs and other record keeping tools/ procedures

* Provide socialization activities, as needed.

* Maintain and distribute supplies.

* Maintain facility and teach standards of cleanliness to residents.

* Teach life skills (e.g. how to use showers, laundry facilities, maintain environment, resolve conflicts, negotiate social service delivery system, etc.)

* Launder linens of outgoing residents, as needed.

* Maintain and enforce program limits, policies and procedures.

* Maintains consistent presence in the residence.

* Secure facility prior to leaving for the day (night shift).

* Report and keep management apprised of issues, problems, complaints and/ or concerns expressed by the residents of the shelter or related to staff members.

* Make accurate reports to supervisor of incidents.

* Participate in weekly Residents’ Meeting.

* Assist with monthly reports.

* Complete assigned house laundry daily

* Ensure facility is clean; teach standards of cleanliness to residents

* Following program procedures, secure facility prior to leaving for the day
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