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Archbishop Cordileone on states’ rights




The following comes from a Jan. 16 statement by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on the website of the U.S. bishops.

Last week Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government will recognize so-called “marriages” performed in Utah between persons of the same sex that even Utah itself does not recognize as marriage. Presently, Utah defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. On December 20, 2013, a federal district judge struck down that definition, but on January 6 of this year, the United States Supreme Court stayed that decision while the case is on appeal.

However, Attorney General Holder is ignoring Utah law and imposing a contrary federal definition of marriage in that state. In this, General Holder’s decision is actually contrary to the Supreme Court’s decision last year in United States v. Windsor. Windsor unfortunately struck down a uniform federal definition of marriage, but it made clear that the federal government is to respect a state’s definition of marriage. In particular, the Court said that the federal government is to defer to “state sovereign choices about who may be married” and furthermore criticized federal actions – like General Holder’s – that “put a thumb on the scales and influence a state’s decision as to how to shape its own marriage laws.”

The Utah Attorney General, who (unlike General Holder) is responsible for enforcing Utah law, has declared that the validity of any same-sex “marriages” performed in Utah between December 20 and January 6 “will depend on the result of the appeal process.”

In other words, out of respect for the legal process, Utah will wait for the federal courts to decide. But not the Attorney General of the United States, who has already ruled that same-sex “marriages” performed between December 20 and January 6 are valid for purposes of federal law. If the federal government is legally obliged to defer to the marriage law of the state, as Windsor itself holds, then how can the federal government recognize as valid – even if only for federal purposes – marriages which a state has not deemed valid? This logically opens the door for the federal government to recognize any type of relationship (and with any number of partners) as valid marriages in contradiction to state law.

Events over these past several months (the most recent being the January 14 decision by a federal court in Oklahoma ruling that state’s marriage amendment unconstitutional) have made it clearer than ever that the marriage debate we are having in this country is not about access to the right of marriage, but the very meaning of marriage: what it is, and what it is for.

I encourage all those who know and believe the timeless truth about marriage, as well as all those who believe in following the established judicial procedures to address such issues, to not remain silent, but to exercise their constitutional rights as citizens of this great nation and to stand up for the truth.

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  1. Michael McDermott says:

    V. I . Lenin Warned his Comrades about Stalin before his death, but 3 decades of Purges of his own Comrades (and several Wars) had the entire population so condition with propaganda mixed with fear – that it truly resembles our own Age of Abomination and the remains of the Bought and Paid for ‘free press’.

    I do not recommend the squeamish read the book this was taken from, as it is a murder mystery set in 1936 Moscow, and not at all a happy story.

    However – as a description of how Totalitarian Dictatorships evolve – “The Holy Thief” by William Ryan (2010) offers lessons for us all:

    The Holy Thief (William Ryan – 2010)

    Captain Alexi Korolev of Moscow CID in 1936 – follows a trail of grisly murders during the Terror of Stalin and beginning of Decades of Purges of his own people by a Paranoid Dictator Josef Stalin (Man of Steel, after he changed it). Korolev was a Russian Soldier turned Revolutionary, who fought 7 years for the cause – and is an Honest Citizen amongst a sea of corruption.

    • Russia recognizes the sanctity of marriage; the United States does not.

    • Thank you Michael for the “history lesson”—you hit the nail on the head–unless we learn from the horrors of history, we will repeat it. Our people lack education and knowledge of history and with Common Core the final swift cut with the past will now be forever lost.

      • SandraD, The Church has a history problem that keeps repeating itself. When are the “People Of God” going to be outraged by It? Here it is: The Holy See’s recent admission of 4,000 reports of sexual abuse in ten years are damning for Pope Francis assertion of there being no abusive priests during his 15-year tenure as archbishop of Buenos Aires. And his silence during this time silence speaks volumes.
        The Holy See continues to condone the practice of not reporting abusive priests to law enforcement, they even admit it in public last Thursday. With the authority and power it exercises over all Catholic dioceses and religious orders, the Holy See could protect children in every country from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. It instead continues to prioritize the rights of accused clergy and the image of the church over the rights of children. Pope Francis remains silent, evasive, and as a result, dangerous. Perhaps he should answer a few questions himself.

        • thomas nawn says:

          the pope is elected by the cardinals, the holy spirit works thru his chosen servant, francis, servant of the servants of god

    • Red herring. Don’t kid yourself. Lenin murdered thousands of priests in making Communism the state religion.

  2. Father Karl says:

    This evil and demonic man must be dwelt with, hopefully by having hiarrested and charged with treason for not upholding the law. This is the same character who would not prosecute thugs who prevented legal voters from voting. I wish congress would try to impeach this meglomaniac who does as he pleases, when he pleases, and how he pleases. Americans are asleep, or under the influence of Super Bowl Mania, or American Idol Mania to realize what is happening. St Peter told us to stay sober and alert, for the devil is like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. With Obama’s Herodian speech yesterday, hailing the murder of the unborn, is it no wonder that his attorney general is just as wicked and immoral as he is? These two are creating sin and making it normal, while, they persecute the virtuous and outlaw what is good and true. God will not be mocked! May God have mercy on us, as it is almost too late.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you and God bless you Father Karl!

      Eric Holder’s wife co-owns abortion clinic … –…/breaking-eric-holders-wife-co-owns-abortion-c…‎

      Eric Holder’s wife co-owns abortion clinic building run by indicted abortionist
      Wed Oct 31, 2012 16:26 EST
      Thanks to pro-lifers Michelle Wolven and Catherine Davis, a small group of us have been on this story for weeks. While they were digging through online records of Georgia abortion clinics, they stumbled on the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder’s wife Sharon Malone Holder (both pictured right) co-owns with her sister an Atlanta area abortion clinic building. The business itself is called Old National GYN.

      Eric Holder Linked to Doctor Who Killed Patient in Abortion ……/eric-holder-linked-to-doctor-who-killed-patient-in…‎

      New documents a conservative publication obtained link Attorney General Eric Holder with a Georgia-based abortion practitioner responsible for killing a patient in an abortion and who has been accused of Medicaid fraud.

      Human Events says Holder has ties to Tyrone Cecil Malloy (right) and that they help explain why Holder has failed to prosecute abortion practitioners who run afoul of federal laws and why he has been eager to prosecute pro-life advocates who protest outside of abortion centers.

      • . . . and she’s (Holder’s wife) an OB/GYN.

        • . . . Thus she bringeth forth and taketh away. It’s as if Oskar Schindler were part owner of a gas chamber.

          • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


            Wrong! Oskar Shindler would never have approved of gas chambers. Holder and his wife do! Be more retrospect in your choices of examples!

          • Touché (in part), Ken, but that was my whole point–thus the “it’s as if.” Actually, I was going to post separately (thirdly) for emphasis some version of, “. . . only Mrs. H., you’re no Oskar Schindler” (a la Lloyd Bentsen), but I’m a busy (distracted?) man with unreliable WiFi. Hey, you beat me to it (which enhances the emphasis). Thank you.

        • Thank you for defending Oskar Schindler, Kenneth, but I got Hymie’s point. He meant no harm to the good name of Mr. Schindler.

          • Kenneth, the Anonymous post to you about Hymie and Schindler was mine. Sorry I did not add my name.

          • Not only “meant no harm,” Anon, I used him as the paragon. Also I, spelled Schindler’s “good name” correctly (sorry, Ken, couldn’t resist this time–lightheartedly).

    • Yes, Obama and his appointees including but not limited to: Eric Holder, Hilary Clinton (left to run for President in next election), Kathleen Sebelius, Joe Biden, John Kerry, etc. are normalizing sin.
      His social engineering (through his executive orders) is evil.

    • Fr Karl, your thoughts on the released Priest abuse documents from Chicago and how should the Church proceed from here.

      • A few days ago, Pope Francis blatantly refused a Polish prosecutor’s request to extradite Polish Archbishop Josef Wesolowski, from the Vatican to the Dominican Republic to face charges of sexual abuse, filed by five Dominican boys. Pope Francis sequestered Wesolowski out of Dominican Republic this past August before the public or law enforcement officials even became aware of his crimes. Wesolowski is the highest-ranking Vatican official to be investigated for sex abuse, and Pope Francis’ refusal to extradite him to face these charges is depressed of any justice nor decency.

  3. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    This article is so biased that it is actually legally wrong. For the purposes of most federal laws, a person is considered married if they were legally married according to the jurisdiction in which the wedding took place. If a person gets married in France and then moves to New York, they are legally married for federal purposes. If a gay couple gets married in California and moves to Kentucky, they are still married for federal purposes.

    Utah issued marriage licenses pursuant to instructions by a judge. At the moment those marriages were entered into, they were lawful in Utah, and therefore will be honored for federal purposes. It makes no matter that subsequent action stopped more marriages from happening in Utah, and it actually doesn’t matter if Utah treats those lawfully married couples as somehow “en masse divorced”.

    Holder was merely following the Supreme Court findings in Windsor. No scales were tipped in the process. And, by the way, couples married in Utah will be able to file their taxes jointly at both the state and federal level. Its odd and quite discriminatory that Utah considers these couples married for tax paying purposes, but not for the receipt of the benefits of taxation. Like the old saying goes, no taxation without representation!

    • retrospective says:

      Holder is corrupt. Pilate followed the law; Hitler followed the law. The law is corrupt. That is not news to this board. Judges and other legal functionaries who are accomplices to corrupt “legal” process will lose their salvation. If persons in such positions are compelled to uphold corrupt laws as part of their job descriptions, they owe it to God, themselves, and society at large to resign. The Nuremburg defense of following orders didn’t even work work at Nuremburg, it certainly will not work on judgment day. Defenders and supporters of death culture politicians like Holder beware.

      • The Vatican says, Don’t turn over priest child abusers unless the law says you have to, and the church follows the the because that is the right thing to do. Chicago: The Chicago diocese of the Catholic Church has released a trove of 6,000 documents that show terrible child abuse by priests—and a coordinated effort to shield the predators from victims’ families and the law.
        For the victims of predatory priests and their families, there will never be enough transparency to counter the years of perceived lies and secrets at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church. But thanks to a legal settlement between the archdiocese of Chicago and the victims of 30 pedophilic priests, a cache of 6,000 secret documents has just been made public, proving what victims have always believed: that the Catholic Church knowingly covered up years of abuse.
        Some of the documents released on Tuesday and published on the website of attorney Jeff Anderson, who brokered the deal in 2008, are deeply disturbing. Many show a terrible level of child abuse. The documents also show how the hierarchy within the Chicago diocese willingly moved priests around and lied to the victims’ families, legal teams and even the local police. Several documents also show that Chicago bishops petitioned the Holy See in Rome and asked for guidance, despite years of denials from Rome that these matters were dealt with on a purely local level.

      • Michael McDermott says:

        Retrospective has it correct – about the Corruption of ‘the law’, whether it be Stalinist Russia or the Homo-Nazi Reich of party founder and Storm Trooper leader Ernst Rohm & his syphilitic prostitute protege Hitler.

        While it was the Homo-Nazi Storm Troopers who won the battles of the Streets – once Hitler got elected to office they took over the Courts & Police (under supervision by the Party) and had no more need of Storm Troopers – hence the Inter-Party Homosex Purge of Rohm and others during the ‘night of the Long Knives.” – followed by propaganda minister Goebbels finding a ‘heterosexual beard’ (Eva Braun) to play the role of Hitler’s Mistress – and distinguish Hitler from his Mentor Rohm.
        Perhaps the best book ever written on the subject of Legal Corruption is a collection of quotes & essays titled: “Devil’s Advocates – the Unnatural History of Lawyers”…
        – which I most seriously recommend to anyone seeking to understand the foundation of our modern Turkey Baster Creationist Courts becoming the ‘moral conscience’ of the Nation.

        The authors discuss the Special Treatment the Lawyers & Judges of the 3rd Reich were given (Only One Removed – most a Free Pass)- by their own kind, who were not nearly so lenient with Non Lawyers.

        • Michael -Mc. D… FYI, the one lesbian couple who I know who have self-inseminated didn’t use a turkey baster but rather a sterile glass dropper.

  4. Western Schnieder says:

    Did you know this guys wife was a part owner of the Gnosell Clinic

  5. Eric Holder is the tip of the spear for the Baracka Hussein Obama tyranny. We are no longer a country of laws. The president governs by decree of his pen with the complicity of Chief Justice John Roberts.

  6. Thomas Edward Miles says:

    The Archbishop needs a class in Constitutional Law, his lack of knowledge in this area is embarrassing, however, I am sure the JESUIT at USF Law School would be willing to assist free of charge, if not, I will pay for the class myself! Saint Thomas More, pray for us!!

    • TEM you need catechism class

    • Don’t make a mockery of St. Thomas More. He died defending marriage between one man and one woman. Has dare you, TEM, use his name in such a sacrilegious way. Two men cramming their private parts up each other’s backsides does not a marriage make.

  7. John Patrick says:

    I believe the heavy Hand of God will strike us for pushing the blasphemy of same-sex marriage throughout the world through our State Department and here in the US through out of control judges. The intent in this case is to destroy Christianity in my opinion.

  8. Savanarola says:

    Meanwhile, the Bishop of Salt Lake City is silent.

  9. Peggy Bartley says:

    Catherine, interestingly neither link you provide opens — both say “file not found”. Maybe Holder goons blocked them???

    Thomas Edward Miles — specifically what is Abp. Cordileone’s “lack of knowledge”? You have a habit of making general accusations and you seem to be the mouthpiece for the “dissenting against everything good Leftists”. You stick out like a sore thumb on this page.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Peggy, there are no goons. The links Catherine provided were malformed.

      Cordileone’s lack of knowledge is that he doesn’t seem to grasp the for federal purposes, marriages are valid from the point at which the wedding was entered into legally. No one disputes that marriage licenses were issued and weddings were validly held. From that moment on, Holder had no choice but to recognize those marriages.

      • retrospective says:

        No, he had a choice. He had a choice to resign. Innumerable martyrs throughout history gave their lives rather than to sin. All Holder had to do to stake a claim in eternity would be to give up his job. This is the same for any number of other corrupt legal administrators of the death culture. They will not be saved. Period. What Cordileone well understands is that any legal recognition of same sex “marriage,” whether federal, state or otherwise is invalid ab initio under the laws of God, which negates any civil recognition.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          OK well, if you think an Attorney General can swear an oath of allegiance to the US Constitution, and then fail to uphold it, or never intend to uphold it in the first place, well then I guess you are right. But if you think that a person ought to be true to their oath, then you are not.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        So called self acclaimed “YFC”,

        Try your empty arguments when you stand before God! It WILL BE TO LATE for you then!

        May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

      • YFC is not a Catholic as he/she pretends.
        It is clear that most teachings of the Catholic Church as contained in the Bible and the CCC mean nothing to him.
        He continually tries to draw others into sin and to justify his own sins. – Misery loves company.
        No one wants to go the Hell alone.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Oscar pontificates: “YFC is not a Catholic as he/she pretends.
          It is clear that most teachings of the Catholic Church as contained in the Bible and the CCC mean nothing to him.”

          I beg to differ in the most vociferous way. If you believe this statement to be true, either YOU don’t know the Bible and CCC or you don’t know me at all.

          • YFC, if you are a practicing sodomist,
            or if you do not adhere to the Doctrine of the Faith as contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church in entirety –
            you are a heretic and/or schismatic.

            You commit the mortal sin of scandal every time you publically encourage sodomy marriage, or any other form of sexual sin while using the name “Catholic” using your self appointed media name.

            Therefore it would only stand to reason that most conclusions can be made you are not a Catholic, but a schill with diabolical motives.

            Code of Canon Law:
            ” Can. 750 §1. A person must believe with divine and Catholic faith all those things contained in the word of God, written or handed on, that is, in the one deposit of faith entrusted to the Church, and at the same time proposed as divinely revealed either by the solemn magisterium of the Church or by its ordinary and universal magisterium which is manifested by the common adherence of the Christian faithful under the leadership of the sacred magisterium; therefore all are bound to avoid any doctrines whatsoever contrary to them.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            KATHY, how do you know I am a practicing “sodomist”? And even if I am, that does not make me a schismatic or a heretic, as others have correctly pointed out, the church is full of sinners. Being a sinner does not make one a schismatic or a heretic.

  10. The Obamanistas are the American Cosa Nostra.

  11. Michael McDermott says:

    Depression is common in the ‘Law’ – but then the Turkey Baster Creationist Courts have proven to be as Evil a master as Stalin in Russia or Ernst Rohm (Hitler’s Homosex Mentor & boyfriend)…
    – and the mental convolutions needed to keep up with the insanity of Lawyers serving as the ‘Moral Guardians’ of the Nation can be so very destructive, in so many ways. Just look at the ‘law schools’ in places like Santa Clara – little more than political indoctrination camps for Misandry – Hatred of Men& Boys, Masculinity & Normal Catholic Heterosexuality.

    “State bars battle lawyer depression; legal profession ranks fourth in suicide rate (ABA Journal)

  12. Anton L Seidl says:

    Holder abuses the constitution. In this lawless administration, he will never be impeached, neither will Obama, their skin color protects them. It is ALL about race. Make no mistake.

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