I will not move across the street

A half-hour with the Survivors at Foothills High in Bakersfield

cdG6IVNCFADqKtet14HcnVrNvuiZQPvoDHTQb5HWz2Ww3AwA7G1srqd_1dv1SuUR7NWZ0bIokArDBrlDTqhgJhobdSBZ8sgKy4zmyp7Bh5QWO0c=s0-d-e1-ftThe following comes from a mid-Jan. release from the Survivors.

By Mary Rose, assistant campus outreach director

Another afternoon, another high school dismissal. Foothills High School, Bakersfield. The bell rang as I arrived at my assigned gate.  I piled most of my literature on the sidewalk and cursed to myself as it began to slide into the street.  I scrambled to re-stack it, barely managing to hold my sign against the pull of the wind.  Finally, I grabbed a handful of pamphlets and straightened up to greet the first few students coming out of the school, their eyes wide with horror at the image of an abortion victim.

“Hi, did you get one of these?” I asked, somewhat breathless, beginning to distribute the literature.  “Sure, I’ll take one. What is that?” “That’s what a baby looks like after an abortion. Have you ever seen anything like that before?”  “No.” “What do you think about it?” “It’s wrong.”

L6SjQAEO6nviWLPP0ayP33d5CV0ytT2ZPb1DZUeN_HMvwXHQrjmyQV8dOgptA_qhyQUcmS0X5PjYCbuYSeS881rpDTWckugh6m-LJQGPrTOunQI=s0-d-e1-ftThe students began to come thicker and faster and the stack of literature shrunk.  The comments flew around me.  “That’s abortion?” “Abortion is wrong.” “I would never get an abortion.”  “Pro-Choice!!”  “You think that’s okay?”  “What is that?” One student with glittery mascara waved the literature away – “I’m gay so I can’t have an abortion.” I called him back. “You can still be informed and have an opinion.”  A couple of girls stopped to ask questions.  After we finished, I made sure that they knew about the crisis pregnancy center contact information inside the front cover of the pamphlet. The flow of students began to slow.  The buses began to pull out and I turned my sign so the students could see even if they hadn’t had a chance to talk to any of the team or receive any literature.

An administrator came out to talk to me.  “You can’t block the students exiting or the buses, so you’re going to have to move across the street.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t block anyone.”

“No, you have to move across the street.”

“I’m sorry, but I have a right to stand here and I will not move across the street.”

Disgusted, he made a call on his radio and walked back inside the school.  I overheard two students who had watched the encounter, “Yeah, she has a right to stand there.  She’s not doing anything wrong.”

A few minutes later, since most of the students were gone, the security guard closed and locked the gate.  I picked up my sign and what was left of my literature and started down to the corner where the rest of the team were and where a few students were standing around, waiting for their ride.

A student was debating with Kristina when I arrived. Since they were about thirty feet apart, and I was now directly in front of the student, I took over Kristina’s end of the discussion.  He refused to define what a fetus was, beyond “It’s a fetus!”  Finally, after Socratic-type questioning, he admitted that whatever it was that was removed during an abortion was a) alive – because if it was dead it wouldn’t be growing and there would be no incentive for an abortion and b) was a human being – because it couldn’t very well belong to any species other than the human one.  Since he now admitted that abortion kills people, he began to try to find cases where it was justified.

He started with the Plan B pill – “Would you really say that that is equivalent to killing someone?” – and tried to distract with arguments like – “So you would prefer that this child is put up for adoption and ends up in foster care and has a terrible, abusive childhood?”

I went through all his arguments one by one, noticing that not only was he listening very closely for someone who had already made up his mind, but several other students were gathering around to listen.  I described several abortion procedures from chemical birth control – which is designed to thin the lining of the uterus so if the woman does ovulate and become pregnant, the new little embryo will be unable to implant or absorb nutrients – to the RU-486 abortion pill, the Dilation and Curettage abortion, and the Dilation and Extraction abortion.  The students were riveted.  They were absolutely horrified.  They had never heard how an abortion is performed.  The first student left, taking a pamphlet and promising to read it.  The other students came closer to talk more.  It started to rain and, a few minutes later, everyone had dispersed.

The team was only outside that high school for about half an hour.  In that time I distributed around 250 pieces of  Human Life Alliance’s engaging and persuasive literature.  I’m sure every other member of the team interacted with an equivalent number of students.  Our team was at a college for the middle part of the day, too.  Who knows how many people we affected that day?  Who knows how many people I affected that day?  That’s why I’m on the Campus Outreach Team – because we affect countless people every day.  


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  1. Thank you for doing this. Also I hope this discourages students from having marital relations before marriage as there is always a chance the teen girl or young women could end up pregnant.

  2. If these truly Catholic young people were to appear in San Francisco next Saturday at the Walk for Life, they would be threatened by the Walk operators to cease and desist. The Walk people aren’t that interested in making abortion look bad. Their main interest is in women and women empowerment!!

    • Lin, what in the WORLD are you talking about?!?
      The WALK people are intensely pro-life and would welcome these students!!!

      • You apparently don’t know that last year the Abolitionists were treated shamefully and the Walk operators threatened to have the Aboitionists City Permit pulled. If you want to see what abortion really is and how some really fight the slaughter of the innocents, look at abolishhumanabortion(.)com.

    • life lady says:

      I think you might be mistaken. I know the organizers are geared toward the children who attend, that they don’t want graphic pictures so that the children are not traumatized, but I also think there is a Students for Life Conference on Sunday which is expected to be full. I don’t think they would be threatened. Yes, abortion is not pretty, and there is definitely a place for graphic pictures. There’s room for everyone that attends, even the pro-abortion protesters who make a spectacle of themselves shouting at the walkers.

    • Lin, The “Survivors” have had a booth at the Walk for Life every year. By the Way the “Survivors”, was a group founded and run by Protestants. Catholic young people are welcome as well.

    • So true, Lin. The so-called “Walk for Life” is something like 50% fun party and 50% political rally, so even the participants don’t really want to confront the facts about abortion and perchance spoil their catered picnic lunches. It’s discouraging that people (including and especially Catholics) aren’t taking the tragedy of abortion seriously. Every DIOCESE and every BISHOP should be operating homes for women experiencing crisis pregnancies. Instead, the Church hierarchy leaves this to lay people to figure out on their own–usually with little to no diocesean funding or even moral support. Time for the Church to put its money on the table and really address this issue.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        Last week I was on the East Coast, and I went with Joe and Ann Scheidler to the Pallatine, Il March for Life, there were many many youths present and it was snowing and very cold. The next day, the City of Chicago had its own March for Life. The next day, Sunday, when I went to the Green Bay area to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, I was pleased to find out that Green Bay was having its own March for Life. I encourage this movement to have more local Marches for Life, and I am working to get one started here in the Anaheim area of the Moonbeam State. I believe that the Grand Rapids area was also having a March for Life.

        May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
        Viva Cristo Rey!
        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Exactly, Life Lady. There is a time and place for such things.

      • Many pro life people wear a t-shirts with a developing child in the womb on them for pro life walks. Usually though, and rightfully so, aborted children are shown outside of abortion clinics. I think it is good that adults and teens are shown these. They are old enough and should have to face the reality of what really happens in an abortion.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          I agree Anne. Plus kids are subjected to the knowledge of sex at a very early age now…too early if you ask me. They are also subjected to crude humor and sexual innuendo’s. Its a pity that this is the reality. So I don’t get why people get offended with the truth about abortion. The way I see it, its better that a parent informs them than having a liberal tell them its not a baby and its OK to have an abortion. So we better get to them before the pro-aborts do.

          • Anonymous says:

            Abeca Christian, you are right. I avoid buying M&M’s candies because of some their sexually charged commercials. One little boy got thrown out of school because he did the M&M commercial dance in front of a little girl at his school twice. He did not take off his clothes but he did the provocative dance from the commercial. These companies act unethically and immorally when they make indecent commercials for products children like and use. My step father hated one male singer back in my teens because of the way he danced. Now I know why — it has only gotten worse.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Anony yes that is true….its a pity especially since kids like candy and now those companies use candy in a dirty way. Have you seen the Carl’s jr, commercials…wow…they are gross.

  3. Ron Van Wegen says:

    Well done!

  4. You are courageous! God Bless you and your team for reaching out to these high schoolers and sharing the ugly truth of abortion with them!

  5. Abeca Christian says:

    Awesome! I love it….right in front of a school! Awesome! God bless them for educating these students. They need to know the truth and it takes courage to share it with them as well.

  6. Wonderful! God Bless all of you. Keep up the Good Fight! See you at the Walk for Life West Coast, theis Saturday.

  7. Diane Chapman says:

    Survivors of the Holocaust park themselves in front of High Schools and Junior Highs and in front of the church if the church does not allow them in. They do not need permission to show the truth.

    They can do in one day what we have been trying to do since R v W. Pictures tell the truth. They sear the brain with an image that cannot be denied.

    If we really want to end abortion, this is how you do it

    I for one am tired of praying in front of abortion clinics, I want to see the customer base dry up. This is how you do it. Lila Rose saw abortion pictures when she was 9 and you know how her story goes…..Father Frank Pavone believes in pictures/truth.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Never ever grow tired of PRAYING IN FRONT OF ABORTION CLINICS! Why not do both by praying and holding signs that show the terrible consequences of abortion, or us the Guadalupe banners shown on the right side of this Site. It features Our Lady of Guadalupe holding four babies from the four major continents. Pray that I may soon be able to announce a drastic cut in the prices.

      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  8. St. Christopher says:

    “Mary Rose”: You are soldier! Thank you for taking up this battle, everyday, in the face of ignorant pagans, like the school administrator who confronted you. Planned Parenthood, and the demons that assist them, want to control thought and images, particularly with children and teens. All dictatorships to this throughout history. Get kids young and feed them lies all their lives, then — the theory goes — they will not be able to think clearly beyond these lies. Bringing truth to children and teens is vital, before they are lost. Of course, other lies, such as “sexual freedom” and “feminism” are taught along the way, all the better to make it impossible for them to commit to Christianity, or to any moral system that does not conform to Planned Parenthood and to homosexual sexual dogma. Yet, every so slightly, one can see changes: it is not understood as “crazy” anymore, even in California, to espouse a “Pro Life” belief. This is particularly the case among with the young (particularly once they learn the factual truth about pregnancy and abortion). Know what? Love of the Traditional Latin Mass and Traditional Sacraments are also growing among young students — that is, if the fascists in the clergy can loosen their fingers around the throat of the Faith long enough to permit knowledge of these gifts to be freely given, and learned, by all Catholics.

  9. The Survivors puts on a two week Pro-Life Training Camp every Summer in Southern California for high school and college age students. They train the youth in every aspect of the Science of life through one’s legal rights during a protest, or in this case, standing outside a high school. These young people have been arrested by ignorant police on numerous occasions, but they have never been convicted because they know the law and are not intimidated. Most pro-lifers would have moved across the street when told to by a security guard, but as you see in this story, the young woman stood her ground.

    If anyone would like to donate money so that a young person can attend their summer camp, I can tell you that it will be put to good use!

  10. When the truth about abortion is told and shown, it usually will change a person’s mind if they support legal abortion. The “Pro Choice” position, except for those who are pro-abort extremists cannot remain when the truth is known.

    Fear of spreading the truth is the basis of all the laws limiting the telling of truth to people making there way into an abortuary. The pro aborts have to deny, hide, and avoid truth or change their minds.

  11. Joanne Kartak says:

    There is a time for prayer and another for action. Jesus made that clear when he told Martha that her sister Mary “had chosen the best part.” That while Martha worked, Mary stayed with Jesus, which then, as now, is PRAYER. I’ve been on both ends of the pro-life movement, and now due to old age and poor health, had thought of myself as “only” able to pray…until I remembered a lesson from a Carmelite: Do-ers get their strength from those who pray! We all need to keep in mind that not all have the same gifts, and the gifts we have today may be replaced with others.

    • Joanne, thank you for your beautiful testimony. I agree with you. I believe that both prayer and bold action are needed. In both cases we need to be discerning. Sometimes a picture of an aborted baby in front of an abortion clinic will stop someone from proceeding with her abortion, other times it will harden her all the more. Sometimes, seeing someone praying quietly on his knees will do nothing to move an abortion patron and other times the silent prayer will be heard loud and clear as if they were being said over a bull horn. Even Jesus does not deal with us sinners in exactly the same way. He knows us better than ourselves. He knows how to reach each of our hearts in a way that respects us as unique individuals.
      I equally advocate what the Survivors do as well as what 40 Days for Life is doing.

  12. God bless you, Mary Rose, for doing such courageous and vital work, to try and inform the clueless in high schools about what’s taking place all around them, i.e., MURDER of unborn humans who have EVERY RIGHT to be born. And just imagine, they and we have a President that not only supports abortion but does so as the President putatively of ALL of us who profoundly DISAGREE with him on his stance; but he apparently is only the President of the pro-choice crowd who according to the polls are ever shrinking in their numbers. Latest polls put pro-life Americans at around 55%, pro-death Americans at around 40-42%. So why isn’t he, Obama, President of ALL the Americans, pro-death AND pro-life? But check this out: as a state senator in Illinois he advocated killing unborn babies, bad enough by itself, but also advocated killing babies who SURVIVED an abortion attempt, and were plainly alive. These are the actions that could describe a Nazi commandant of Auschwitz, making sure that he’s ruthlessly effective @ murdering Jews, and making sure that NONE survive. In other words, we have the most DESPICABLE President in our history sitting in the White House, and polluting the office as he makes his decrees in a king-like demeanor. He needs to be IMPEACHED, and right now. God Bless all, markrite

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Impeachment takes TOO LONG!
      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

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