Daughters of Charity hospitals for sale

Includes facilities in San Jose, Daly City, Gilroy, Moss Beach
O'Connor hospital

O’Connor hospital

The following comes from a Jan. 13 story in the Mercury News.

Faced with a rapidly changing industry, the Daughters of Charity Health System, which includes six hospitals spanning the Bay Area to Los Angeles, announced on Monday it was putting its hospitals up for sale.

The decision by the hospital’s board, based in Los Altos Hills, follows a two-year-long review of options to preserve the hospitals and access to care. The hospital network will seek proposals from Catholic, public, nonprofit and for-profit organizations to buy its hospitals individually — or the entire health system.

“After careful consideration, our board, management team and advisers have determined that the sale of our hospitals is the most sound and responsible business decision,” said Robert Issai, the hospital system’s president and CEO.

“Like other health systems across the country, we recognize that the way health care is provided today — where it is offered, how it is paid for, how it is measured — is changing dramatically, and we believe that new ownership is in the best interest of the communities we serve.”

Daughters of Charity hospitals in the Bay Area include O’Connor Hospital in San Jose; Saint Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy; Seton Medical Center in Daly City, and Seton Coastside in Moss Beach.

In Southern California, it owns the St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles and St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood.

“One reason for the decision to sell our hospitals comes in response to the rapid changes in the health care industry resulting from federal health care reform, cuts in reimbursement and an uncertain general economy,” said Elizabeth Nikels, Daughters of Charity’s spokeswoman. “Across the U.S., there is a significant proliferation of hospital partnerships, mergers, joint ventures and other arrangements designed to address economic challenges by bringing together like-minded hospitals.”

The hospital chain would not disclose desired sale prices.

DCHS said it has 8,000 associates and physicians that serve its patients. Last year, it formed an affiliation with Ascension Health, which remains in effect, though it said it will not merge with Ascension Health.

The Daughters of Charity Health System in California is sponsored by the Daughters of Charity, Province of the West, a Society of Apostolic Life serving the sick and those who live in poverty.

Its history in the state began after five Daughters of Charity arrived in San Francisco in 1852, founding a hospital, an orphanage and beginning their work of caring for the sick.

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  1. Ann Malley says:

    Sad to see the Daughters of Charity bowing out of their hospitals for any reason. What a sorry season for ‘health care.’

  2. The saga of the V2 implosion continues, and sadly speaking we haven’t seen little of the aftermath yet! Pray the rosary that our Blessed Mother will lead us to her Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Anonymous says:

      From St. Louis de Montfort’s The Secret of the Rosary:
      The Blessed Virgin, protectress of the Church, has given us a most powerful means for appeasing her Son’s anger, uprooting heresy and reforming Christian morals, in the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary…Pope Leo X said in his bull that this Confraternity had been founded in honor of God and of the Blessed Virgin as a wall to hold back the evils that were going to break upon the Church.
      Gregory XIII said that the Rosary was inspired by God that heaven might be more easily opened to us through the favors or our Lady.
      Paul III and Blessed Pius V declared that the Rosary was given to the faithful in order that they might have spiritual peace and consolation more easily. Surely everyone will want to join a confraternity which was founded for such noble purposes.

    • Your right and another problem since V2 is all the religious orders have just about disappeared. Catholic education, along with medical care, is a thing of the past & none of these Bishops (and above) in power want to do anything about it.

    • Yes, the rosary is the weapon to use in these times! Mary will help us…her triumph will come and EVERY KNEE WILL BEND AT THE NAME OF HER SON JESUS CHRIST! MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED

      • Abeca Christian says:

        All this blaming it on the VII is disturbing! I was told it was modernism that produced much more and many more sins.

        Whatever. Sometimes I wonder if its self righteous talk or just avoiding the root of it all. We had many problems even before VII. VII and what went wrong with some of it, is just part of other things that just kept getting worst. Modernism came before VII…so I’m sure it was VII that was infected by it but it sure was not the root of the problem. Remember you also had more of those mega protestant churches that just taught more heresies, they came before I was born, they called it the Jesus revivals or something like that, many have been infected because people are subjects of their environments and society issues, mentality, in other words we are byproducts of modernism. Even before America was discovered, we had other issues, still the same sins but different names, faces, people etc!

        We need to work with what we have now, if we know the truth, then God has empowered us and using that VII excuse is no longer helpful. I respect and will not ignore the concerns that came from VII, I do, if you haven’t noticed there are those of us who are trying to work with what we have, spread the truth and share it.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          I guess I meant to say the Jesus revival, they called it the Jesus cults of the early 60′s or 50′s…..the ones that came before VII and way before I was born. Even before my papa passed away, I remember him telling us how much people where changing in the late 20′s. I wonder if the lack of evangelization before VII didn’t help? I mean it, just think, most people were Catholic, it was a given, probably Catholics didn’t feel the need to defend what seemed the norm and common sense. See how the evil ones works….take away common sense and common decency, look what doors it opens away from God. Hollywood helped with a lot of the desensitization of sin too.

          • Abeca, do some research on religious orders prior to V2 and I believe you will find they were thriving and in good shape. They were in schools and hospitals and many other fields to help all people of all faiths. You say we need to work with what we have now. Fine!! Please explain to me what we have now!! I know you do not like a negative response to you comments but I would appreciate a short to the point response to my question. Thank you……

          • Ann Malley says:

            Abeca, God bless you for giving the benefit of the doubt to VII. That said, yes, modernism was a problem before VII. That is why would-be-priests used to have to swear an oath against it. That is also why much of what is now permitted – even the form of the Novus Ordo Mass itself – was condemned prior to VII. But many secretly pushed for these forbidden practices anyway – much of the ‘theology’ springing from Protestant sources – which resulted in the council fathers being fairly split: tradition vs. modernism.

            There is a rich history of documentation as in that book ‘Second Vatican Council: An Unwritten History’ which I recommended to you.

            The paraphrase issue with VII is that it chose to be pastoral in its language instead of doctrinal – this in itself makes things less hard and fast. It opened the windows to the world. That is why you have the reality of the doctrines supposedly not changing, but the reality on the ground is many priests/Bishops do as they please while citing VII.

            God bless and keep up the good fight, Abeca!

  3. Very sad day for these hospitals — when the Sister took control of them back from “Catholic Healthcare West,” things improved so much.
    But the Sisters are not wealthy, and they cannot do what they used to do, and things are getting so expensive, so complex, so bizarre.

  4. Father Karl says:

    This is very tragic news. The liberals always state that the Catholic Church must do more social work, but then, they are the ones who are responsible for the shortage of nuns, and brothers who once ran and worked in the hospitals. I recall Queen of Angels Hospital in Los Angeles. There were Franciscan sisters on every floor, in full habit. There were two priest chaplains, Mass twice a day in the chapel, religious statues on all the floors, and a crucifix in every room. Today, there is not much difference between a Catholic and a non-Catholic hospital. The Daughters of Charity and many other nursing orders have dried up because of no vocations, and with the despotic dictates coming from Obama, there will probably be no Catholic hospitals in a couple of years. The sisters and the brothers did wonderful charitable work, but now the once flourishing institutions they once staffed are empty, rotting shells. During the Civil War, nuns as nurses were on the battlefield. Because of the turmoil resulting from the liberals running the Church, so many former Catholic buildings are now vacant. As many famous writers have said, the Church is imploding and self-destructing. It seems the golden age of the Catholic Church is over, and if the pace continues, there will only be a remnant left.

    • You hit the nail on the head. The area I live in has a Catholic hospital in the zip code area of 17011 and is run by the Sisters of Christian Charity.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Thank you, Father Karl. You are exactly right about Queen of Angels Hospital in Los Angeles, where I was born. It was a place of sanctuary, peace, love and care for all. There were grounds in the front that were worthy of a great hospital, and nuns, priests and doctors there who lovingly gave wonderful service to all who needed the finest care in a heavenly atmosphere.

      Please don’t look for it today. Most of the grounds have given way to freeways, and I don’t want to speak about the subsequent owners and operators of this once wonderful place.

      The younger generations blessedly have no idea what has been lost to our nation, nor all that has been given to the world over the centuries by wonderful and caring nuns, priests, doctors and nurses in the name of the Lord. Before long, our stories of the “good old days” will be dismissed by those unfortunately too young even to imagine what we saw, experienced, loved and took for granted “once upon wonderful time” in the history of this nation. History books will not convey, after we are no longer able to share our memories, exactly what the world was like when most people believed in God and lived their lives as if what they believed, said and did mattered.

      So much has been lost everywhere, and one place it actually pains some of us to visit is the once sacred ground of Queen of the Angels Hospital.

  5. How many of the Daughters of Charity were left in these hospitals and were they like the pre-Vatican 2 sisters not paid working for the glory of God? That is why these are being sold.

    • Edward, I thought it is because of government regulations! When the Daughters of Charity first founded their hospitals and orphanages, they had so much more autonomy. This was true of all charities. Since then the government regulators have become the new mother superiors.

  6. Mary Jo Gretsinger says:

    I am so very sad to hear about this move by the Daughters of Charity. If their hospitals in Northern California are up for sale, then it should only be a short matter of time before the two in Southern California are offered for sale. I was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Los Angeles, CA on 19 April 1944 – just three months shy of seventy years ago. What sad and difficult times in which we live. May God bless us all!

  7. Exactly what the ObummerCare dictates is looking for, that Catholic institutions would roll over and play dead, or just go away. This is not a surprise, nor should it be to any Catholic when you consider the diluted faith we have been served. We all must stand up for the Faith, we must all stand as Catholics FIRST. Yes, we live in America, the “land of the free, home of the brave” but can you see any of that freedom and bravery in all that has happened since the Pretender in the White House was elected, and largely by so-called Catholics who deem themselves Americans first and Catholics second? No, it should be no kind of a surprise. Until Catholics in the Unites States of America stand up and live the Faith, we will continue to see this happening, because we Catholics in America will not support our Faith, and we will not support our bishops and pray for them and ask them as fathers, to protect us, and to give us the undiluted Faith. We can and must do that if we value the Faith, and value the Church in America.

    • What Bishops? We have very few if any Bishops that preach the Faith any more, yes we support them so that they can party and play golf. Which Bishop has ex-communicated any of all our pro-abortion and pro-aberrosexual “Catholic” politicians?? Yes, we are seeing the fruits of V2 and JP2 the great!

      • Anderson Thomas says:

        One of Your former California Bishop is in Rome telling pope Francis how evil and bad we Americans are to the poor illegal criminal Mexican immigrants: Moreover; how we must give them more of our everything in the name of Jesus and the catholic church. That is where our bishops are. Never mind the faith, Jesus established the church not to save souls, but to be the next wordy politically correct apparatus of the democratic party’s peace corps. So then the Bishops can get a seat the next Obama All Smith roast. Heck they might even learn how to take a selfie from Obama the megalomaniac anti catholic

  8. John Patrick says:

    Another victim of Obamacare.

  9. St. Vincent’s Hospital in Los Angeles used to run one of the largest organ transplant centers in California, including heart transplants.

  10. Thank you Cardinal Dolan for the merry photograph with President Barack H. Obama.

  11. Linda Maria says:

    We all know, sadly, what will happen next, with these hospitals. They will be extremely secularized– no morals!! Morally ignorant, irresponsible “Hippie hospitals,” Obama-style!! Abortion, euthanasia, birth control, etc., for modern, lawless, immature, pleasure-driven, post-1960s “Hippie Americans,” led by immoral, unstable, ego-centric zealots, claiming their “authority” on many subjects!! Some of them laugh all the way to the bank, making lots of MONEY off ignorant and young people!! The Church, and cultures of many nations, failed to stop these crazy, immoral, unstable “hippie zealots,” in the 1960s! And sadly, Vatican II, as well as the evils of the 1960s, seems to have killed the Church! The crass, worldly secularism of the “fallen world,” followed by many of our current Church leaders and laymen, is not truly “Christian.” The world suffers terribly, without Christ!

  12. “One reason for the decision to sell our hospitals comes in response to the rapid changes in the health care industry resulting from federal health care reform, cuts in reimbursement and an uncertain general economy.”

    Where are the Bishops and their PAC Conference on these issues?

  13. What do we expect when our good Catholics Brothers and Sisters vote for people that have no morals! The ROSARY is our only HOPE!


  15. Western Schnieder says:

    It does not matter really because most of these religious orders are just an extension of the Democratic party. They might as well spread the government ‘wealth’ around and let works of mercy be done by Christians. Not to worry. Sooner or later we will found new ones.

  16. All-
    Please don’t give up! The Holy Spirit is guarding the Church. These beautiful religious will be rewarded in heaven. The laity must stop looking to the religious for answers. The Second Vatican Council has called upon the laity to step forward and enter into the re-evangelization of the world. The religious will do their apostolate but the laity must go out into the world and sanctify themselves and the world.
    The laity are baptized members of the Church and are called to holiness and the sanctification of their lives.
    Let’s all pray the rosary. Our Lady has promised to help us!

  17. Roy Banes says:

    We must all use THE WEAPON given to us by GOD. This is the weapon that the Progressives, Liberals or even Satan and his minions will be defeated by. Use it and you will win this war. But the whole of the Catholic Army must take up this weapon. It will vanquish the enemies of Our Church if used. A CALL TO ARMS!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Haven’t you read the new so called Catholic Bibles that NO LONGER teach us that She shall crush the head of the serpent? Turn back to the Duohay Rheims Bible and away from the Raymond Brown inspired
      diabolical funny books!

      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
      Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  18. Before the Sisters took back control of Seton Hospital, there were no priests as chaplains.
    After the Sisters took over, there were three!
    Now, I fear, the new leadership will choose other priorities and the poor patients there at Seton will once again suffer…

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      FEAR and RUN from the priorities of these obscenely paid so called leaders!
      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

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