(photo: Wright/SF Gate)
Candi Martinez, left, gets a tour of Holy Rosary Academy in San Bernardino by President Delila Vasquez on Thursday, Feb. 4. They examined photos of past graduating classes in the hallway. (Photo by Kurt Miller, Press Enterprise photographer)
St. Ignatius Church on the University of San Francisco campus
Saint Lawrence Academy, is a college-preparatory Roman Catholic high school in Santa Clara, California, USA founded in 1975. The school is marketed for its small size with close interaction among students, administration, faculty, and counselors. (wikipedia. Screenshot from YouTube)

Daily News Items

Thank the church ladies

The following comes from a February 4 Catholic News Agency article by Mary Rezac. For previous CalCatholic stories on Erwin Mena, click here and here. For months, Erwin Mena donned vestments, called himself “Padre,” and convinced Southern California Catholics that he was a priest, police say. He was good at it, too, reportedly. He attended seminary […]

Condoms for middle schoolers

The following comes from a February 1 SF Examiner article by Laura Dudnick: San Francisco’s public schools leaders are considering distributing condoms at middle schools. The policy change, introduced by San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Richard Carranza to the Board of Education earlier this month, is part of an overall effort by the district […]

Trying to fix the Catholic school problem

The following comes from a February 4 Press Enterprise article by Stephen Wall: As they celebrate Catholic Schools Week running through Saturday, February 6, leaders of the Diocese of San Bernardino are trying to bolster enrollment by courting parents dissatisfied by the public school system. In the Inland area and statewide, nine of 10 Catholic children […]

‘Gender-inclusive housing’ offered at USF

The following comes from a February 2 Catholic Education Daily article by Adam Cassandra: The Jesuit-run University of San Francisco (USF) launched a pilot program for the 2015-2016 school year offering “gender-inclusive housing” to students who “identify as transgender” or “do not wish to be identified by any sex or gender identity,” embracing and promoting […]

Another Catholic school goes under

The following comes from a February 2 statement from Bishop Patrick J. McGrath on the Diocese of San Jose website: It is with great sadness that I am informing you of the decision to close St. Lawrence Academy at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.  This decision has been a difficult one, made in […]

Archbishop Gomez: not all issues are morally equivalent

The following comes from a February 4 Catholic News Agency article: Efforts to combat social injustice cannot forget that the right to life is foundational, Archbishop Jose H. Gomez of Los Angeles said January 30 at the Hispanic Pro-Life Congress in Santa Ana, California. Pro-life questions are not just one issue among many, the archbishop said, criticizing […]

LMU deletes regard for Catholic mission from school’s website

The following comes from a February 3 Cardinal Neman Society article by Justin Petrisek: Following inquiries from The Cardinal Newman Society about a recent conference on campus promoting LGBT advocacy, Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles deleted language from its website specifying that every group which sought to hold an event at the University would need […]

Planned Parenthood Houston admits accounting gimmicks hide baby parts sales

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Director of Research Melissa Farrell explains abortion group “worded” fetal specimen line item as “patient consent” to skirt law The following comes from a February 3 Center for Medical Progress news release: A new video at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and newly-released documents from a Texas Public Information Act request show […]

Fake priest caught in LA

The following comes from a February 2 LAPD news release. To read previous CalCatholic article on Erwin Mena, click here. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Commercial Crimes Division (CCD) detectives have arrested 59-year-old Erwin Mena who impersonated a Catholic Priest to defraud parishioners. On June 4, 2015, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles contacted the LAPD […]

California considers ‘all-gender’ bathroom bill

The following comes from a January 31 Breitbart article by William Bigelow: A new bill proposed by Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) AB 1732, would force businesses, government buildings and other public venues to stop identifying single-use restrooms as either male or female and identify themselves as “all-gender” instead. Co-author David Chiu (D-San Francisco) added, […]

Who wants to be a bishop?

The following comes from a February 2 Catholic News Service article: Speaking yesterday about the annual course his office sponsors for new bishops, Cardinal Ouellet was asked about rumours that more and more priests are saying they do not want to be a bishop and declining an appointment even when the Pope, on the recommendation of Cardinal […]

Schismatic priest who performs gay weddings to speak at San Francisco Catholic church

The following comes from a February 2 post by Joseph Sciambria on his blog, How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Homosexuality, Pornography, and the Occult. On February 13, 2016, the Rev. Vincent Pizzuto, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of San Francisco, Episcopal priest, and founder and vicar of New Skellig Christian […]

Hear David Daleiden in webcast tomorrow, February 2

The following comes from a January news release from Life Legal Defense Foundation: Life Legal VP of Legal Affairs Katie Short will provide an update on Planned Parenthood’s attack against David Daleiden in a special nationwide webcast on Tuesday, February 2. After the Center for Medical Progress published videos showing Planned Parenthood’s willingness to profit […]

Vietnamese Catholic community celebrates lunar new year with Tet Festival

The following comes from a January 28 Diocese of Orange press release: The Most Rev. Kevin W. Vann, Bishop of Orange and the Most Rev. Dominic M. Luong, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Orange, will preside over a mass and celebration marking the lunar new year and the traditional Vietnamese Tet holiday at the Vietnamese Catholic […]

Pro-choice legal experts side with David Daleiden

The following comes from a January CNN article by Sherry F. Colb and Michael C. Dorf. Colb is professor of law and Charles Evans Hughes Scholar at Cornell University. Dorf is Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law at Cornell University. They are the co-authors of Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animal Rights. A grand jury in […]

Fresno diocese consolidates parishes

The following comes from a January 29 Visalia Times-Delta article by Juan Villa: A process that began more than seven years ago concluded earlier this month with the consolidation of the Catholic parishes in Visalia and Goshen into one entity: The Good Shepherd Catholic Parish. The newly named parish replaces the current title, The Catholic Church of Visalia. […]

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