Bikers in front of every abortion clinic in the country

Time to come riding over the hill like the cavalry on iron horses

-3The following comes from a Jan. 14 email sent by Life Dynamics.

Today, Life Dynamics, Inc.,  a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas has unveiled their plan to bring more people into the pro-life movement.

As a national pro-life leader, many people may be unaware that Life Dynamics’ president, Mark Crutcher, is an avid biker and has owned between 75 and 80 motorcycles. Crutcher has also done flat track, road racing and drag racing.

According to Crutcher, “I have been a biker since I was twelve years old. I got my first motorcycle at that age, and I have been riding for fifty-three years.  I have always had this belief that the Biker community, from what I can tell, is pretty overwhelmingly pro-life. So I had this idea, sometime ago, about Bikers for Life, that we would try and bring these people into the movement. ”



To help accomplish the goal of bringing the Biker community into the pro-life movement, Crutcher has created the Bikers for Life website to help reach the Biker community.

Crutcher explains, “ I have always been passionate about motorcycles and I always will be. But there is something else that I am even more passionate about. Since 1973 over 55 million innocent and helpless babies have been brutally slaughtered in this nation’s abortion clinics. And today, another 3000 will be butchered, and tomorrow there will be another 3000 and those killings are going to continue every day until we put an end to this nightmare. And as someone whose been involved in the pro-life movement for over thirty years, I can tell you that legalized abortion has also had a devastating emotional impact on millions of American women. Let me tell you what else I know. After more than five decades in the Biker community, I have never met one person who didn’t have a heart for children. I have also seen that standing up against injustice is a part of the Biker DNA.”

To oversee the Bikers for Life project, Crutcher has brought in his newest staff member, Jackie Baird, who is a long standing member of the Biker community.  Jackie has begun contacting biker organizations across the country and she says they are excited about the project.

In addition, Life Dynamics has produced a variety of Biker Gear so those in the Biker Community can express their opposition to abortion and their love for the unborn.

Crutcher says that his ultimate goal is to activate the Biker community to take a public stand against abortion.

“Our goal is to have a Bikers for Life presence in front of Every abortion clinic in America on EVERY killing day. Whether it is one biker, five bikers, or 5000 bikers, it is time to come riding over the hill like the cavalry on iron horses. If that happens, Bikers for Life will be instantly plugged in on the frontlines of the battle,” Crutcher says.

Crutcher has begun to activate the Biker community by placing a call for Bikers to ride in the local March for Life in Dallas, Texas.

“On January 18th, in Dallas Texas, the pro-life movement will change forever.  The biker community is sending the message that it is now a permanent part of the fight against the American holocaust,” says Crutcher….


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  1. Abeca Christian says:

    Hey this is pretty cool. I never heard of them but glad to know. God bless them for being real men, protecting the most innocent of them all, the Unborn!

    • Abeca, the “Bikers for Life” is one of Mark Crutcher’s newest strategies for helping to end abortion which would be why you haven’t heard about them before. I was wondering if you have never heard about “Life Dynamics”? If not, you should discover this organization founded by Mr. Crutcher, which has been on the forefronts of the pro-life battleground.

      Life Dynamic’s motto is: “We’re not here just to put up a good fight. We’re here to win, because winning is how the killing stops.”

  2. Over the last 40 years, I have spent much time praying and counseling at the abortion mills, and I have seen firsthand the unfair and unjust bullying and deceitful, even violent tactics of the pro-choicers, who claim to be so peaceful, tolerant and inclusive. And I can also say that whenever the bikers arrived, they were most welcome by us pro-lifers. Instantly, the bullying and trickery stopped. Just by their presence. A most amazing sight to behold.

  3. God Bless you all, love the sound of the bikers, POWER if only you could all man the Polls in 2014 for our protection, and keep the Polls honest, your a powerful organization, who I greatly admire, God Bless you and the lives you all will save: hugs to all

  4. Well, this would certainly scare some people away from abortion centers — especially those making their living from killing the unborn!
    If they won’t listen to God, and won’t pay any attention to regular folks praying the rosary in from of abortion clinics, seeing bikers will grab their attention.

  5. Fantastic! How about some “Men and Women on Bikes” at the upcoming Walks, including the one in San Francisco? It would be an interesting counterpoint to the “Dykes on Bikes” who lead the gay parade in SF every June. “Rosaries and Bikes.” I like the sound of it.

  6. Anonymous says:
  7. St. Christopher says:

    Yes! Mark Crutcher is doing exactly the correct thing; bring different groups and interests into the Pro-Life movement. Get the media involved. Among other things, this shows the “great undecided” that it is OK to state pro-life sentiments. Ultimately, a general acceptance becomes socially positive, as the Pro-Life movement is showing now, as young people, and more celebrities, are becoming more public in their support. Bikers — Yes. Get the cameras out their, and get on the evening news. Next — tackle the “homosexual marriage” crowd; make it positive to stand fast to traditional morality, and give a true picture to what homosexual sex means (including the terrible abuse of permitting homosexual adoption, and, in fact, the true threat to children that “normalizing” homosexual sex represents).

    • St. Christopher, I agree with everything you are saying except you left out the CONTRACEPTION PROBLEM. All of the evils you mentioned have their roots in contraception.

      In 1930 Anglican Bishop Charles Gore warned his fellow bishops that the acceptance of contraception would open Pandora’s box full of sexual and social evils INCLUDING homosexual practices!

      Today large crowds of Christian people will provide thunderous applause when they hear the cries to end legalized abortion and sodomite unions. But let someone even whisper about ending legalized contraception and see if he will receive even one clap from the audience.

      Conception = God’s thought
      Contraception = Satan’s thought

  8. Great news! If there are any chapters in San Diego, and any Catholic riders here, I would love to ride with them. I don’t have my own bike (sorry) but I love to ride. It would be great to see them at the West Coast Walk for Life next weekend, also.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Intercession: For the father whose child died with his cooperation and consent: that the Lord grant him the grace to repent and be reconciled with God.
    Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be

    Reflection: In today’s Gospel reading (Jn 1:29-34), John the Baptist testifies that Jesus is both the Son of God and “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” At every Mass we repeat these words, but how often do we meditate on this great mystery? There is nothing we could ever accomplish on our own that could atone for our daily failures to love others with the merciful and sacrificial love of Christ. But in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, he forgives our faults, wipes the stain of sin from our souls and gives us the strength to begin anew with the help of his grace. Let us live each day in gratitude for the mercy God has shown us!

    Acts of Reparation (choose one):
    ◾When others are speaking uncharitably about someone else, change the conversation, leave, or offer a counter opinion that is kind and charitable.

    ◾Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. . . for mothers and fathers who’ve lost a child through abortion, asking that they find the courage to seek Reconciliation and counseling through Project Rachel Ministry.

    ◾Read about the life of a modern (19th or 20th century) saint. You might be surprised by how much you have in common

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