Paul VI’s miracle receives medical approval

Unborn baby in Calif. with brain damage
Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI

The following comes from a Dec. 13 posting on the Vatican Insider (La Stampa).

The Medical Commission of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints chaired by Dr. Patrizio Polisca, Benedict XVI and Francis’ personal doctor, has called a healing attributed to Giovanni Battista Montini, Pope Paul VI, “unexplainable”. The alleged miracle will now have to be examined by theologians and cardinals before it receives the Pope’s approval. But the toughest part is over and it is expected that Montini’s beatification will take place in the next few months.

From the list of reported cases of healing which the postulator of Paul VI’s cause, Antonio Marrazzo, received, he chose one case which early clinical tests showed as “unexplainable”. Marrazzo chose this healing case some time ago. A year ago, on 20 December 2012, Benedict XVI approved the heroic virtues of Paul VI, concluding the canonical process. Only one miracle is required for beatification.

The alleged miracle Marrazzo chose to present to the commission, was the healing of an unborn child witnessed in California in the early 90s. During a woman’s pregnancy, doctors found a serious problem in the foetus which normally results in brain damage and advised the mother to abort. The woman refused and decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, trusting in the intercession of Paul V, the Pope who wrote the Humanae Vitae encyclical in 1968.

The child was born without any defects but only when the child reached puberty could doctors be certain of whether the child had made a full recovery without any problem. A year ago Fr. Marrazzo told Vatican Radio that “a truly extraordinary and supernatural event had occurred thanks to the intercession of Paul VI.” This healing was perfectly in line with the magisterium of Paul VI, who wrote the Humanae Vitae in defence of human life, but also in defence of the family because the document talks about conjugal love, not just about unborn life. This healing fits in with Montini’s way of thinking.”

The debate over the late Pope’s cause has intensified over the past year, with doctors exchanging medical opinions until yesterday’s final verdict. Speaking at a conference on Paul VI’s visit to the Holy Land last November, the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, said the former Pope’s beatification “should be relatively imminent.”

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  1. Pope Paul VI will be cannonized. What a historic saint he was and still is, working to save babies!

  2. Used to be two miracles and a Devil’s Advocate. Anyone can get canonized now! He did irreparable damage to the Church! He even admitted that “the smoke of Satan has entered the Church” after V2!

    • Ann Malley says:

      Please, Becie, don’t undermine enthusiasm with facts. Fullness of truth and logical methodology seems to have no place in modern thought.

    • Pope Paul VI deserves to be canonized if just for issuing “Humanae Vitae” against the Commission of consultors that recommended “the pill” as a form of birth control for women. (If I am wrong on this I welcome correction). He was God’s prophet just as surely as any in history. Just read this encyclical and see that everything he predicted to follow the use of the birth control pill did come true in spades. In centuries past two miracles were needed, probably because there were no advanced scientific methods to confirm a miracle, such as we have today with advanced technology. If scientific evidence, and years of confirmation, are needed, why would another miracle be needed? People blame Paul VI and John XXIII for the troubles in the Church after Vatican Council II. Nonsense-the Council was hijacked by theologians and others waiting in the wings to decimate our Holy Catholic Faith, “modernize it.” God has allowed many so-called abuses for His purposes, and He always brings good out of evil or apparent evil. Remember the story of Joseph in the Old Testament… it may take decades or even a century before Vatican II is truly implemented as it should have been. We cannot blame the Pope for everything some of the bishops allowed, or priests did, especially in other countries. I recommend reading a reliable biography of both Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI. They both suffered a great deal, and are still vilified by a few who need to read the “whole story.”

      • Warren Goddard says:

        I say Paul VI was the worst pope we ever had. He took away our Mass and gave us birth control known as NFP.
        Natural Family Planning is natural in that it monitors natural fertility cycles and uses abstinence during selected fertile periods to regulate and space (1) conceptions for ideal family size. (2)
        Without abstinence, regulation is impossible (3) and, without regulation conceptions may increase excessively (4).
        Conceptions increasing “excessively” implies that conception is natural; an act of nature alone – Deism.
        Some couples, though, believe that God is the conception soul Supplier and faithfully entrust their family size to His plan for peopling Heaven.
        “As long as there is no sincere determination to let the Creator carry on His work as He chooses, then human selfishness will always find new sophistries and excuses to still the voice of conscience.” Pope Pius XII 1958 Address To Large Families.
        1. Pope Paul VI 1968 no. 16 On The Regulation of Birth.
        2. Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) p.243 Love and Responsibility.
        3. Ibid., p. 284.
        4. Ibid., p. 238.

  3. Nice to see someone in the laity with the miracle as a cause for sanctity; it’s always nuns or priests.

    Pope Paul VI was a very holy man with a good pontificate; unfortunately, Humane Vitae’s teaching on birth control damaged the Church and we are seeking the ill effects of this damage to this day: massive departures from the pews by the laity, widespread rejection of the birth control teaching, most priests disagree with it, etc. Pope Francis could move the Church in a new direction by understanding why the laity rejects and amend Humanae Vitae to allow for scientific means of birth control to be used for licit purposes. This would simply confirm what the laity and most priests already agree with and practice. What a great way to end the Synod on the Family, too!

  4. Pope Paul VI certainly was prophetic about the destruction of the family from the use of the birth control pill after he wrote Humanae Vitae. I lived to see it all unfold.

  5. Not surprising all the post Vatican II popes will be canonized eventually. Then we in effect can honor St. Second Vatican Council II.

  6. Clinton R. I honestly believe you stated it correctly, as I to have held this belief for the last 5 years. The modernists are out to produce the appearance of credibility to the Vatican 2 Church by raising its fallible in faith, morals, and doctrine leaders to sainthood. Funny how JXXIII, PVI, JPII are now to be admired, but look at the devastation of the once RC Church they left behind. The mark of a true saint is their presence in heaven. Under the old rules, before JPII changed them, it took 3 miracles and overcoming great scrutiny of the life of the candidate by Holy Mother the Church herself which often took years to finish before canonizing a saint, today that isn’t the case, especially with these three men. In the last 500 years only two Pontiffs had been canonized, Pope Pius the Vth and Pope Pius the Xth. None of the pontiffs in that 500 years made upheaval changes like these V2 leaders did. Under Pope Pius the Vth and Pope Pius the Xth’s leadership the RC Church grew in holiness, numbers, and spirituality. (It also grew for all of the other pontiffs in between them). On the contrary with the V2 leaders, millions have lost the faith, thousands of parishes have closed, the world-wide scandals of pedophile priests and cover-up bishops, and the liturgical abuses apparent unholiness actions of priests and bishops in public, are the bad fruits that Jesus warned us about, the wolves in sheeps clothing. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what the V2 Church declares, only God can decide who is a saint, don’t let some misinterpretations of biblical verses throw you. Some think that whatever the V2 Church declares, that it is accepted in heaven and that is not the case, the verse these folks refer to most if you read the Douay-Rheims bible footnotes is ‘what is bound on earth is bound is bound in heaven and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven, refers only to the forgiveness of sins. OBTW, if one studies RC Church history, there have been nearly 40 false popes in the history of the RC Church per credible (pre-V2) written historical documents.

    • Tom, very well written and you thoughts are 100% correct. As far as i am concerned the last Pope, that was a Pope, was Pius 12th (died October, 1958). Since Vatican 2 the Church has faded and will continue to do so unless we get leaders and that starts from the top on down. It seems to me that over the last 50 years, or so, the Church has become a political business with ‘my way or the highway’ attitude demonstrated by the ‘leaders’.

  7. Until Pope John Paul II changed the process, it was more difficult for one to be proclaimed a saint. Of course, everyone who dies in the state of sanctifying grace, and who has led a pious life can technically be called a saint. Yes, Pope Paul VI wrote HUMANAE VITAE, but during his reign, he acted most of the time like Hamlet, being unable to make a decision. The changes he instituted have not built up the Church, but with the ‘smoke of Satan’ have been destroying Her. The act of canonizing Pope Paul VI would be like naming Stalin, Mao or Hitler to the pro life hall of fame. It makes no sense. Ave Maria Purrissima!

  8. This is just crazy, he was the proponet of Vatican II which destroyed the Roman Catholic faith and the Holy Mass.

  9. Father Karl says:

    I personally believe the Vatican should canonize Pope Pius XII and Pope Leo XIII before attempting to grant sainthood to Pope Paul VI. A man is known by his deeds, and the effects of Pope Paul VI have not been fruitful, to say the least, in regards to the terrible situation in the Catholic Church today.

  10. If anyone cares, questions, or is concerned about the worthiness of these three wholy men John the XXIIIrd, Paul the VIth, and John Paul the IInd, might I suggest they review intensely some very detailed reports with many pictures and references supporting the evidence which can be acquired from The Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success in Wisconsin. They do have a website to acquire the reports from. Pray the rosary, Merry Christmas

  11. one of the great popes of the last 100 years…we seem to hear so little of his holy and humble pontificate…i have no doubt he will be canonized…in 1970, he canonized the “40 holy martyr’s of england and wales”…what a marvelous, holy man…

  12. I fear lightening will strike the Vatican again soon, after seeing and reading those credible, irrefutable reports taken and written by the Vatican itself and the world-wide press years ago when most of us were to young to be around, pay attention, or care. Why aren’t those real-to-the-times reports brought to light and made fully aware to all of us? They are shocking to say the least. Merry Christmas everyone.

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