Will Jerry Brown push poor women to sell eggs?

Supercharged hormones release 20-30 a cycle

EGG-Still-SuperovulationThe following comes from a July 9 story by Wesley J. Smith on LifeNews.com.

….[California's] AB 926 will legalize egg selling for biotech research–as well as purchase and sale of human embryos, e.g., nascent human trafficking. The bill was passed overwhelmingly in the radical left wing California legislature, and now sits on Gov. Jerry–the last adult state-wide office holder in California–Brown’s desk.

Here’s what I wrote about this awful bill earlier in the year in the Weekly Standard.

AB-926 aims to repeal the ban on paying women to supply eggs for research (beyond expenses) and allow university or other institutional review boards to establish compensation rates to pay women for their “time, discomfort, and inconvenience.” “Discomfort” is a tactful word for what women experience when submitting to mass egg extraction.

The process—known as superovulation—requires administering supercharged doses of hormones that stimulate the ovaries to release 20 to 30 eggs in a cycle, instead of the usual 1 or 2. After that, the donor’s (or seller’s) eggs are harvested under anesthesia via a needle inserted through the vaginal wall.

Most extractions do not harm the egg supplier. But some women are wounded: Potential side effects include infection, the swelling of ovaries to the size of a melon, infertility, stroke, some cancers, and, in rare cases, even death….

But establishing egg and embryo commodities markets would actually lead to unequal exploitation opportunities for buyers. Those lining up to be superovulated for pay are unlikely to be members of the professional class.

Rather, they would primarily be the poor and/or unemployed, women in such dire financial need that they are willing to risk their health, fecundity, and lives for a relatively small stipend. The real money in the embryo/egg industry would be made by the companies and scientists who succeeded in using the reproductive substances of women and embryonic cells to achieve fame and fortune….

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  1. Paul Joseph says:

    Now is a time for prayer and contemplation. The Pill dramatically increased the tendency to view others as a means to an end (one’s own gratification) rather than as an end in themselves. AB 926 represents the culmination of the sexual revolution and is the epitome of treating others as things instead of as people. Ye shall know them by their fruit….

  2. The California senate and assembly (sen. and ass.) is so democrat that republican legislators have no effective say in the voting process. It may even be irrelevant whether Brown signs or doesn’t sign anything at all, since the dumb .. .I mean dem legislature can override any veto he might sign.

    • Bob One says:

      Skai, you are right! (there, I said it). The overwhelming majority of democrats in both houses make the voice of the other party pretty quiet. But, we must remember that these are the representatives that the people elected. I think it speaks more to the general lack of ethics in our society, compared to what was considered right and wrong fifty years ago, that have deteriorated to the point of a total lack of standards in our culture. When I grew up (40-50s) everyone, church goer or not, knew what was right and what was wrong. Today, everyone’s opinion is regarded as of equal weight. The teenager’s opinion is given the same weight at that of the Pope. Today, the difference between the politicians of either party is microscopic. The general population may think there is a difference, but there isn’t in reality. They are both working the phones four hours a day trying to raise money for the next election. Give them enough money and they will vote for your cause. Don’t give them money and they will vote for someone elses cause. If you think they vote for what is right, you don’t understand the corrupt system.

      • ” But, we must remember that these are the representatives that the people elected.” Uh, Bob One, I appreciate deeply the flattery, but what am I supposed to do about the fools who voted for tyrants, join them??? Growing up I learned honor but nobody ever said much about respect … today the word, “respect”, has been hijacked just like the word, “gay”. Also, the cliche that in the 40s and 50s everyone knew right from wrong … they also had a hit song about some dude chirping about “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, they’re coming to take me away, ho ho”: Bob, this may be a real shocker to you but … sit down, fasten your seatbelt, take extra meds … have people on standby just in case … evolution does not happen that fast, human nature does not change that fast, Bob One, no matter what the looney genetics professors like YFC, claim otherwise. We all know right from wrong to some degree. Back then I wish I had had a better grip on right and wrong, and had been instructed better. And how many others might say the same thing … but no, you liberals all had it all down perfectly back in the day, and found no reason to change: remember what Jesus says, that He did not come for the righteous but for the rest of us. I’ll bet you can recommend some book by some author who explains what it’s like to be righeous and never to have had to learn anything or need a savior for eternity.

        • Anonymous says:

          Skai, my brother, who is not a democrat, receives democrat propaganda and fund raising emails and he passes them on to me show how truly gullible and to be honest, downright stupid dems have to be able to even read that utter hog’s wallow let alone feel compelled to support it with their money. I’m not exaggerating…it’s geared to the lowest possible intelligence and they lie about issues and candidates that is truly scandalous. If the courts were not filled with people of the same caliber it would behoove republicans to file law suits for libel, but as it is, they would not find justice. It feels like we’re surrounded by zombies…brain dead, souls gone, living lives based on complete fabrication of truth. The zombie/dems invariably say “Well, that’s your version of truth. There are many truths, and my truth is that Jesus will love me no matter what I do and we will all go to heaven. Who are you to say what truth is!” If a movie were made about zombie/dems the hero of the movie would naturally begin to note the giveaway signs of which ‘humans’ were really pretending to be human, but inside they rejoiced that babies could be killed at will. old people ‘peacefully’ put to sleep like dogs, that scientists should not be limited as to what they can do with their research, that God didn’t make man in His image but man evolved by chance and a host of other spiritually dead beliefs …the movie ends when a terrible plague attacks only those whose body chemistry was filled with all these polluted thoughts (unbeknownst to the zombies) that made them susceptible to the disease. Those whose thoughts were filled with truth and graces were able to fend off the virus. The only way that the infected could be ‘saved’ was to repent and don sackcloth and ashes. The restored zombies soon became so upright that they began to destroy icons and statuary because they were false idols, but that is for a sequel. heh heh

        • oops. I forgot my email again, skai. I hate being anonymous. (especially if I can sell my idea to some big hollywood movie mogul) ha!

      • Anonymous says:

        Bob One,

        Spoken like a true idiot, I know personally many Republicans who are not Republicrats and who do vote their honest convictions!

        Viva Cristo Rey!

        May God have mercy on America,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

  3. tom in san jose says:

    “The bill was passed overwhelmingly in the radical left wing California legislature, and now sits on Gov. Jerry–the last adult state-wide office holder in California–Brown’s desk.”

    I must say, referring to Brown an “adult” in the traditional sense of a responsible individual is a bit of a stretch, to say the least.

  4. Patrick says:

    Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Most sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the human race, look down upon us, humbly prostrate before Thy altar. We are Thine and Thine we wish to be; but, to be more surely united with Thee, behold each one of us freely consecrates himself today to Thy Most Sacred Heart. Many, indeed, have never known Thee; many too, despising Thy precepts have rejected Thee. Have mercy on them all most merciful Jesus and draw them to Thy Sacred Heart. Be Thou King O Lord not only of the faithful who have never forsaken Thee, but also of the prodigal children who have abandoned Thee; grant that they may quickly return to their Father’s house, lest they die a wretchedness and hunger. Be Thou King of those who are deceived by erroneous opinions, or who discord keeps aloof, and call them back to the harbor of truth and unity of faith, so that soon there may be but one flock and one Shepherd. Be Thou King also of those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or Islamism, and refuse not to deliver them out of darkness into the light and the Kingdom of God. Turn Thine eyes of mercy toward the children of that race, once Thy chose people. Of old they called down upon themselves the Blood of the Saviour, may It now descend upon them, a laver of redemption and of life. Grant O Lord to Thy Church assurance of freedom and immunity from harm, give peace and order to all nations, and make the earth resound from pole to pole with one cry: Praise to the Divine Heart that wrought our salvation; to It be glory and honor forever. Amen.

  5. Brown’s head looks like an egg, and no doubt he has sold it already, probably many times, to egg harvesters.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Moonbeam was taught well by the apostate Jesuits how to obtain his place in HELL!
    Viva Cristo Rey! May God have mercy on America!
    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.