Will St. Genevieve in Panorama City stop Cabaret?

Antelope Valley public high school did
St. Genevieve High

St. Genevieve High

The following email was sent to Cal Catholic on February 21 by Kimberly Brehme.

Calling all Catholics!

I know some kids who go to St. Genevieve High School in Panorama City, and that Catholic high school is staging the  vulgar musical play Cabaret this spring.  This hits too close to home.  That’s why I can’t stand by while that school makes a shipwreck out of our children’s faith, and by extension, of the future of the Church. We need to fight the moral decay in our culture, but we can’t do it if we have the same issues within our own Church.

However, you have an opportunity to make a huge difference right here locally.  We Catholics need to unite in taking back our liberalized Catholic schools.  They are disinheriting our children of the truth.  This affects our Catholic culture at large, whether kids are homeschooled, public schooled, or attend a Catholic school.   Our kids are being fed poison, and we know poison in, poison out.

About Cabaret, if you are not familiar with the play, see below.  First, though, you should know the plays put on by St. Genevieve are lavish, complete with full sets, beautiful costumes, professional choreography and choral training, and live music.

Abominable that a Catholic high school would dare to have this play, would subject these children to performing acts of grave indecency, immodesty, immorality, and homosexual behavior on the stage. This is the first Catholic high school to attempt this lewd play. Antelope Valley (public) high school tried to put on this play, but the community protested, and it was pulled.  We can do it too.

Call and/or email the priest in charge of the school and tell him you want him to order the school to stop!  Call the school, too! Our Church is one body of Christ, and each of us members.  If one suffers, we all do. We cannot stand by and allow these children to be scandalized by their teachers.

Please send this out to others in your address book and may God bless you for taking the time to do this,

Kimberly Brehme

“Rise, then, for this is your duty! We will stand by you, so have courage and take action!” Ezra 10:4

St. Genevieve contact information:

Fr. Alden J. Sison 818-894-2261, ext. 111; write to him at vgonzalez@stgenevievechurch.org (ask that the email be forwarded to him)

High School (818) 894-6417

13967 Roscoe Blvd.

Panorama City, CA 91402

Director Nain Doporto: ext. 306 doporto@valiantspirit.com

Performing Arts Music Director Allan Shatkin: ext. 123 shatkin@valiantspirit.com

Performing Arts Vocal Director Rose Corpuz: ext. 124 corpuz@valiantspirit.com

Principal Dan Horn: ext 0 horn@valiantspirit.com


The following summary was attached to the email:

Cabaret is set in 1930 Berlin, Germany, at the time of the Nazi rise to power. It takes place in a cabaret, which is an ultra sleazy bar with girly entertainment (scantily clad), hosted by a cross-dressing debauched emcee who at one point sings and dances with two women: “We switch partners daily to play as we please. Twosie beats onsie, but nothing beats threes. (One) sleeps in the middle, (one’s) left and (one’s) right, but there’s room on the bottom if you drop in some night!” Each table in the cabaret has a telephone so customers can call each other, and they do: women call men, men call women, and men call men. More than one man tries to hit on the main male character, Cliff, and many allusions are made to a past homosexual encounter with him. Another setting is Cliff’s residence, a room for let, where another resident is a prostitute with multiple sailor clients, sometimes several in her room together. The primary female role, the lead entertainer at Cabaret, leaves her live-in lover for Cliff the day he arrives, moves in with him, gets pregnant, has an abortion, then leaves him for her old partner again at the end. It is reported that in the play she kisses multiple men. The only bad guys are the Nazis – immorality is fun.



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  1. Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose, CA produced “Cabaret” several years ago, so St. Genevieve is not the first Catholic high school to perform it. It is indeed a highly inappropriate play for a Catholic school to produce. But are those schools even meaningfully Catholic? No faithfully Catholic administrator or drama teacher would approve such a play for performance by Catholic high school students.

    • Masters Son says:

      As a 12-year alumnus of the school (1966-1978) I can tell you it stopped being meaningfully Catholic in the mid-1970′s, when the priests and nuns left St. Gen’s classrooms. It was all over by the time I left.

      • Khristeen says:

        As an alumnus of 2006, in a modern contemporary world (especially in a city so densely populated as Los Angeles), I deeply appreciate SGHS’s ability to teach its students how to uphold traditional Catholic values, which is so difficult in today’s ever-changing society. Saint Genevieve, both in its elementary and high schools, does more than just teach its kids stories and core beliefs; in addition to Bible studies, multiple retreats, and a thirteen-year religion curriculum, SG shows its kids how to apply these beliefs in the modern world.

        This isn’t the 1970s anymore.

        “Cabaret” shows its audience and the students the consequences of immorality, especially in a beautiful historical and social aspect.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why the fascination with Nazis and sodomites? Maybe the explanation as to why the apologist bloggers cannot profess their faith is because this school staff is too fixed on the thrills of evil. As one student posts in effect, they are learning the result of evil. Is Catholic education the study of evil? Two of the Seven Letters given to St John in the Book of the Apocalypse warn Catholics away from the “deep things” of the devil. Evidently whoever is running the spiritual formation in this school forgot about that. And from another post vainly attempting to support the school, the Gospel would seem to be equal to a big pink cotton candy stick … Is this school a feminist pogrom in how to become immature, or what? And thirdly, why are these parents, assumably adults, putting their children into the bloggosphere to defend themselves? Is it because those parents cannot do it themselves? No one of them makes any profession of faith but rather runs the old “assumed close” that begs the question of what is the issue? They do not know what the issue is. And so they send their children into the fire of the argument … same thing Molochites did. Well, there is a scandal that came to light having to do with parents sending their kids into the clutches of pervert priests … when are these people going to see the light? “Oh, it’s only a few minutes of sodomy in the play” … How shameful can a parent get?!

  2. I thank the Lord I live in Texas where traditional values still exist in most “Catholic” schools.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      well Alan if you don’t help us out to voice our disgust to this…then you betcha that these types of things affecting our church will travel to your area…it’s like cancer and it spreads…..

      • Abecca… I am a current student at St. Gens who WILL be in this musical. I have already been cast as Herr Schultz, one of the leads in this show. The only “cancer” that will “spread” is the is the cancer of inacceptance. I am strong in my faith as a Roman Catholic and my conscience is clear by being in this show. I will make sure that this will be our BEST SHOW IN ST. GENEVIEVE HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY. The mission statement of our school is “To Know God. To Live With Honor. To Change the World.” The statement is incorrperated in everything we do at this school. I can say for me and my fellow cast members: we know about the issues we are dealing with in this show and are mature enough to understand and face these issues in an adult manner because we know God, live with honor, and are trying to change the world one step at a time.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Jacob, thank you very much for educating us on this manner. God bless you.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Jacob be careful because at your age…..you think you know better especially in today’s times, the devil has sold many ideas to the youth and even the adults…..don’t be lead by pride and only pray to grow in your faith…you are still young…you still have a lot to learn…God bless…

          • Abeca Christian says:

            PA you are misleading this young man….shame on you for thanking him and not hellping him understand that he still has more growing to do…if many adults haven’t grown more spiritual and faithful…what can we say about these young ones…we must encourage them to keep learning…not with your false notion..,through that false edification.

          • Anonymous says:

            Abeca, I understand that he’s still young, but from what I could gather from his comment, he is much more mature and open-minded than many adults I know. Part of a spiritual journey is being aware of what’s around you and knowing how to prepare yourself. The fact that Jacob could even analyze the musical so in-depth, articulate himself quite eloquently, publicly announce his faith, and be cast as the Jew in the musical (who has the strongest moral message in the play, in my opinion), shows that the Valiants are more than ready and capable than handling such a show. Abeca, I your strong faith and perseverance are very admirable, but Jacob here seems to have proven how great the Valiants are at SGHS.

            Mark from Pennsylvania, thank you for being so understanding and allowing both sides of the argument to present their opinions, whether or not you may agree with some of them. :)

          • Anonymous says:

            abeca, shaming is abusive.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Anon I judge you by your comments and you play the victim card well….sin tends to do that just fine

            The devil wants people to be open minded in the ways that aren’t from God…if you were open minded in true Catholicism we wouldn’t be having this discussion….

        • Anonymous says:

          right on !!

          To think a high school Student can see what middle aged “true Catholics” can’t. That is the sin here. I am proud of St. Gens and their productions and unfortunately my fellow Catholics are the ones failing me.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          WOW Jacob, what great witness you give. Before I read your comments I was neutral on the musical at your school. I had thought that the mature themes it presents are probably not appropriate to the average high school, and probably inappropriate for a catholic high school, but I didn’t weigh in because I think its for the parents and the school leadership to decide for themselves.

          But you seem so clear about both the mission of the school, your own faith, and the messages of this musical, that I think you are in good hands.

          I wish you all the best in your musical endeavors, and all the rest that God has in store for you!

  3. Want a musical ? How about “The Man of La Mancha” ??? Could they stand hearing the phrase from “The Impossible Dream,” ‘To love, pure and chaste from afar’ ??

    There are many plays out there with positive messages. Why deal with anything that comes close to being smut ?

    • I re-watched Man of La Mancha just yesterday. A much better choice, yes, but even the song lyrics cited are in the context of whores sharing partners while the heroine (also a whore, of course) worries to get to her assignment.

      If coming close to smut is the worry, that musical won’t work either.

  4. Given the current call for religious freedom in the United States, how about the Nobel Prize winning Murder in the Cathedral, by T.S. Eliot?

  5. When my wife and I started our family we moved two streets away from St. Genevieves so that our three children could attend school there – which they did from first grade until they graduated high school. This is disgraceful that they should besmirch their reputation by putting on such a production.
    If this is the choice of the students then the catechesis is not working!
    If it is the choice of the drama department it is perhaps time St. Gens take another look at the personnel they are employing.
    Let us continue to have this high school known as a “catholic” one…..this type of production will do nothing but put a black mark on it’s reputation.

    • maribel de la cruz says:

      My name is Maribel De La Cruz and as a proud student of St. Genevieve High School, i believe by doing this play well not “put a black mark” on our reputation. The students that are in this play show great maturity for this play. And adding that the choice for this play was from the drama department and students, and being at this school even past elementary school, the education that i receive is outstanding and has grown. Also that the religion at the school does show not by just having a mass, but praying before our school day starts, and following the pillars of character that are in our school gym in and outside off school. I do personally invite you to our schools play and see that by doing this play won’t change the way we still have our faith in God.

  6. California Teacher says:

    The play, Caberet, is possibly the best work of criticism ever done on the corrupt culture of Weimar Germany, a culture very similar to our own today. It’s purpose is a warning against the sleaze, not a celebration of it. Cabaret is a cautionary tale by which we can profit mightily. It shows godless totalitarianism springing from the very vices so cosseted by Americans today. Whether teens should be acting the parts of characters from this debased culture is an interesting question that’s not so easy to answer. At best, the play will warn them where their own U.S. culture is headed if there isn’t moral reform. Yet I understand parents not wanting their girls dressed like sluts. BTW: the film is not the same as the play. If the play sticks to the script, it will make actors and audience think very hard about the historical effects of sexual corruption.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      California Teacher I have to disagree with you, I know this play, it may help us who are mature understand how wrong that time period was but I can tell you that it can also do the opposite to our highly influenced youth.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        One does not have to act out sin in order to teach how wrong it is…NO not at all especially in a Catholic setting, where we have so many other wonderful plays that can actually and do a better job at conveying without compromising Chastity and other tasteful dress for our youth!

        • Maryanne Leonard says:

          You are right, Abeca. Also, these points are somewhat subtle and more likely to be picked up by sophisticated adults than impressionable kids, who will only be able to pick up a message of approval of this play’s contents, which are quite unsettling even for adults when seeing this work live. It’s pretty “in your face,” and you really do have to listen for the message.

          And the world thinks pictures of aborted babies are an assault on the senses! That at least is trying to stun common sense into people. I’m convinced this play, on the other hand, was written to make money primarily and make a statement secondarily . . . and it’s a distant second indeed.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Thank you Maryanne. I think what these types of plays do is DE-sensitize the sin….the playful dressing up and pretending etc. I remember when I was in elementary some of my peers pretended to be smoking, they thought it was cool. In high school that same kid, got into smoking and was in trouble as well. We have a lot of movies today that display a lot of pre-marital sex, its consequences and sometimes not, but our youth still think that it is part of the adult world and that it is OK. One teen once told me that she resented her parents for not allowing her to try some of those things, and decide for herself. Sick isn’t it? Well praise God we brought it her parents attention and hopefully they were able to help their daughter. We noticed that it was a teacher in her high school who played a big role in her life when it came to rebelling against what she was being taught at home on chastity.

            Many have not reached the maturity to understand many things and the way this world is already accepting many homosexual agenda’s, I think that this type of play would only continue to encourage more sinful behavior….I have seen it with many teens. Adults introduce ideas and thoughts in young impressionable minds….one better be careful what that might be or do. What is the real purpose to even entertain such play at a Catholic school, while and when there are many and many far greater ones. God have mercy.

    • Thanks for pointing out the artistic point of the work, California Teacher. I’ve only seen the movie, but I can’t imagine how the play could be costumed appropriately. Some works may be good, but not good for high-schoolers….

      Meanwhile it should be noted that Shakespere wrote more than a few dirty jokes – but his plays are ok – right?

    • Even though California Teacher seems to think this play might have some redeeming social value, I do not think teens should be acting out such graphic parts. I never approved of Linda Blair acting in the Exorcist as she was far too young to do so, and she had a lot of problems afterward because of playing that part from what I heard. I have never watched the Exorcist because of certain far too graphic scenes in the movie. There are many more good Catholic, or even other Christian or secular plays, where these youngsters can use their talent to teach good morals and values. Children and teens, and even adults, do not have to see graphic scenes to get the idea that something is wrong. It can be explained in far better ways.

      • I once rented the Exorcist because someone had recommended it, but when my daughter called and reminded me of the scene with the crucifix in it and that I would not want to see it, I took the video back to the rental place, explained to the man that I had not watched and why and got another movie.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Anne T, my best friend wanted to take me to see the Exorcist when I was a college student and I told him that I didn’t want any part of that movie. I didn’t want to see anything about superstitious stuff or the devil. I found it creepy. I don’t remember what the Church rated this movie.

          • Canisius says:

            PA — So you are now admitting that Church verified case of demonic possession is superstition? It is based on a true story of possession that occurred in St. Louis in 1947-48. The movie is a near text book case of actual demonic possession but is not superstition. Denial of the devil will not protect you from him.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        Anne T.

        In too many so called Catholic Schools, teaching good morals and values is so blaisie!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Catholic Mother says:

      Dear California Teacher, This play is based on autobiographical material from a book written by Christopher Isherwood, a homosexual who admittedly visited these clubs in Berlin seeking homosexual liasons. The lead part is based on Isherwood himself. The lead female was based on a woman he knew in Berlin and was fascinated by (Jean Ross) because of her “dynamic personality and lack of sexual inhibitions.”

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Just because someone is a teacher, I would still look into their opinion on matters such as this and it is obvious that this teacher’s views are bit more liberal than mine. A lot of issues we are having today in the classrooms are the many teachers who are now even teaching against our principles and values. With the way this world is, one would think that a Catholic education would be better but obviously it is not always the case, sometimes I found that in Christian schools, there are far more better choices that do not offend Biblical values as many of our so called Catholic schools do. It’s a pity and sad reality.

  7. I wonder if Kimberly Brehme has asked the parents of these children why they support the school by sending their children there. If parents stopped supporting bad institutions, this would all come to a halt very quickly.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Dave N sometimes you place your kids in a school not knowing what you are walking into. and when you do, your kids have already bonded with some teachers and their peers…if parents get together they can make better changes here since obviously the priest isn’t there. If not, then they will have to make the painful change in pulling their kids out. It’s not always as easy as people think. I learned the hard way, i use to move my kids from schools when I end up finding out they were bad, the kids hate being moved often. Believe me its not easy and sometimes I wish I would have made wiser choices but sometimes you end up learning as you go or being the only parent that actually cares about their innocence. Many people find it easier to conform than to speak up or act. It’s not good.


        • Abeca Christian says:

          Yes throw them out into the wolves without any true Catholic instruction so they can live an open minded lifestyle away from God. This denial that Catholic schools are lacking true direction now a days is getting old…time to have some real backbone in Christ and lead that way…so we can give them real tools that will help them in the real world…

          Catholic education isn’t cheap…but their moral guidance and direction is cheapened….cheap like this play!

          People are not getting what they pay for…..they might as well place them in secular schools or better yet in real Christian schools, where at least you may see less of these abuses and from what I have seen in life, many of their students actually do well in the secular, they do try to be witness of their biblical values but Catholics grow up to either lose their faith, live sinfully or become politicians that are politically correct…..hmmm gee I wonder why??

  8. Jim McCrea says:

    This is serious, right? Are you sure that someone hasn’t excerpted a spoof from The Onion?

  9. What about The Sound of Music?

    • Abeca Christian says:

      yes better choice…

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Even a play on the life of St. Augustine…it is really an inspiring and awesome Bibliography. Especially on how his mum played a big role in his conversion through her prayers. St. Monica pray for us!

    • Vincent Nash says:

      “The Sound of Music” has already been done by these students, as well as Disney shows like “Beauty and the Beast” or “Peter Pan”, or even the heavenly-inspired “Carousel”, which was performed for former President Jimmy Carter in his own hometown, who has a strong Baptist background. After a twelve-year-old musical program at SGHS, picking “Cabaret” was not done due to a lack of musical options left to perform. Yes, picking this musical was a very risky choice, and I understand why you would be concerned. Yes, you do not have to act out sin to understand, and yes, there are teenagers out there in the world who might not understand the musical’s value. However, if you continue to subordinate and undermine the moral value of teenagers, their Catholic faiths, and their institutions, then of course they will become sheltered, unaware, and oblivious adults. Organized religion used to have a problem with currently accepted values like racial integration. Now, this organization must take the next step. This is not liberalization; this is education.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Sheltered? What are you talking about Vincent? The real problem we are facing with Catholic education is that it is not Catholic! NOT teaching the real faith to them is actually doing them more harm because they won’t be able to face the real world…one needs a foundation, a moral formed one to help them combat the trash and influences they are being thrown at! This play is trash!

        • Abeca, I’m sorry, but it seems as if you are being too narrow minded to understand. This musical is actually preparing us for the real world. It is teaching us about real problems, that people like you, are trying to keep us (the youth) sheltered from. Without the proper knowledge on how to face these problems, when and/or if they do come to pass, how will we know what to do? This play, in my opinion, is a perfect example on how NOT to go about the issues we face.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Jacob it is you….who is narrow minded, you keep choosing away from God….I have teenagers…I have experience….I have been there and you have not been here yet, for you are still young..

            It’s not uncommon for the youth to think they know better….

        • Vincent Nash says:

          The students are required to study religious courses every year of high school, even if they’re not even Catholic. They know their faiths, and they love God. There is a very strong Catholic education program already set in place at SGHS, in addition to mandatory annual religious retreats.

          No one’s throwing trash at them. Look at the world, and tell me that this world is completely perfect. How does one combat vices when they don’t know what they are? The ending of the musical isn’t even happy, showing that everything deemed inappropriate isn’t even being portrayed positively by the musical. It doesn’t glorify anything that we can both agree is horrendous. Although this musical mentions poor conduct, it also shows the repercussions and consequences.

          This musical has dance numbers that only trained dancers could accomplish, songs only the most-skilled singers could sing, and dialogue that only the best actors could portray. The musical showcases the students’ greatest talents, which is why the musical was chosen.

          The cabaret show almost acts as a light among the darkness of Weimar Germany, and it is metaphorical in the sense of providing a forgiving sense of hope. All the choreography and depictions of this musical vary upon the performers and directors, and I’m certain that SGHS would simplify its themes in order to keep it appropriate, while not obstructing its artful and inspirational messages beneath.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Matthew 13:25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.

            I pray that even though some say that this school teaches the faith but still chooses to have this play…just because sometimes it does good but still chooses to bring in something in poor taste such as this play, one has to question it’s decision making, one has to see where it’s lacking discernment and one has to question it’s integrity and if there is some compromise of the faith…just bet that more will come…That is how it is today, the infiltration of evil and compromising the faith is subtle…that is how the many activist work. that is how evil creeps in…it desensitizes the faithful to the point that they defend it.

  10. I find it sad when our children (including teens) are “sexualized” when they should just be enjoying childhood.

    The skimpy clothing, the suggestive language, the seductive poses, the references to having sex right and left — it’s just too sad that high school students, ESPECIALLY in a Catholic high school, should be involved in such stuff.

    I enjoyed the film “Carbaret,” and the examination it gave of the problems in Germany of that time period — but I’m not a kid!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Mackz you and I can agree on that one…kids get introduced to much stuff like that and now they have to act it out? Something is not right! I didn’t care for the film to be honest but like you said….we are not kids but these are and in a Catholic site too…..God help us!

      I hope parents there are objecting to it! Anyone have an update??

      • I think you both are failing to understand that we are not mere children. We, the students of St. Genevieve High School, are young adults who may or may not have to face these issues one day. We need to learn how to deal with them when they come to pass, and this is a perfect way to show us how not to deal with the issues.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Yes, Jacob, you are young adults and your posts show understanding and maturity.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Genesis 3:1 “Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the beasts of the earth which the Lord God made. And he said to the woman: Why hath God commanded you, that you should not eat of every tree of paradise? ”

            Jacob I am so sorry that you are being mislead…I blame the lack of true guidance from the adults. I know it is tempting to listen to the subtle edification from the enemy…it seems good and most popular in today’s culture.

  11. Catholic Momma says:

    This is so sad, and we need to pray for our Catholic schools but also rise up and be heard so that these schools understand this cannot be tolerated. Kudos to Kim B. for sending this out. I know many parents in that area don’t even understand English, much less would question the decisions of a “Catholic School”.

  12. RegnumChristi says:

    It’s no coincident that Pope Benedict has exposed the homosexuals in the Vatican and they are resigning and being dismissed. And now you have to wonder most likely it’s trickled down to the Catholic schools. What pious, virtuous, in state-of-grace Catholic would challenge the kids to do this? The homosexual agenda has taken over the public schools, and obviously this Catholic school too.

  13. A week or so ago, I emailed all the authorities Kim has listed after her article. No reply.

    Is it time to take this to the Archbishop?

    He is responsible for the catechesis of souls in this archdiocese. The priests merely act in his name, with his permission.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      No reply, its because they are in bad will and will continue with their plans on having this play……good idea lay faithful go up the ladder and protest, do it for the kids and their Catholicity! God bless you!

  14. Nick Tancraitor says:

    This play should not be allowed at this Catholic High school, I went there
    for 2 years and I am extremely disappointed by this..

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Should not be allowed any school where there are children. Like this article says that Antelope Valley public high school protested and stopped it. Why are Catholic parents so lax on this and why is a pastor from that parish permitting it? I tell you there are those of bad will from within seeking to ruin our faith and children!

      If a public school had the decency to stop it why is a Catholic even considering it? God have mercy on us all! The lack of leadership from our priests is key to understanding this problem! So it appears that way. Bad will is leading!

  15. Kendra Tierney says:

    I did hear back from Fr. Alden when I emailed him. He seemed to me to have been misled by someone as to the appropriateness of the play.

    The priests of St. Genevieve’s need our prayers if they are going to have the fortitude and strength of character to stand up against this nonsense.

    I second the suggestion of The Sound of Music: anti-Nazi, but not pro-abortion. Everybody wins.

    Thanks for doing this Kim!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Well this is what is wrong then, if the priest doesn’t do his research before permitting something and trusts too much on the people there, this should tell him something by now.

      You heard back Kendra but what is he doing about it? He could still stop this scandal…

      • maribel de la cruz says:

        Father Alden did research the play before approving it, even without think about the trust that he has for us (which he has great trust for us). So, thank you for the prayers but I mean the play is not much of a scandel if we are trying to make a point for our school to see that even as “youth” we can still be as mature as an adult. And @Kendra we did the Sound of Music many years ago, and along with the other production that we did at the school The Sound of Music was a success as well.

  16. Finally, we are angry enough to organize and complain. Besides praying we must speak out in righteous indignation; to do nothing is to allow this evil to continue.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I agree with you monica! Since the priests don’t check out what they approve or get informed…then the lay have to speak up….we have too much to risk today, being silent is becoming a great sin!

  17. I am a single mother of two boys attending high school in the San Fernando Valley. what are we teaching our kids? I have been to several high school productions over the last few years and have repeatedly walked away sick to my stomach. Why are such degenerate and inappropriate subject matter constantly foisted on our youth? the arts and drama can develop and influence significant character building, talent, and experiential growth, but content and subject does matter! I am a woman of faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I share the same values as my Catholic brothers and sisters and all of our children are exposed to enough of the readily embraced immoral behavior all around. We need to stand up and stand apart, it is never wrong to do what is right. We owe it to our God, our kids, and ourselves. Our children will thank us!

    • Amen Anne.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        yes Anna G, there is an agenda that has infiltrated our churches and even in public schools…which is taking our children’s innocence at a very early years. Believe me we Catholics are sick of all this trash too especially most sick of it happening in our churches. The devil hates Christ’s church and walks in because the door is opened to him by the bad willed. I invite you to visit a holy and devout Catholic parish…please come.

  18. Although I do not have kids of my own, I am concerned about what a ‘Catholic’ HS is teaching the youth of today. All it takes for evil to grow, is for good people to NOT do anything. I’m trying to do what I can, even posting this, hoping to encourage others to help do what they can.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Tim please also write and make calls…God bless you….go up higher in the ladder if the priest there isn’t taking action….

  19. Elizabeth Carreon says:

    Pope Benedict warned the faithful, and specifically asked for our prayers in the very begining of his papacy, over the wolves under sheep clothing. I remember reading recently that many believed he was refering not to the outside secular world, but to those enemies within the Church.

    I am sadded that the leadership of Catholic schools, like St. Gen, have fallen more and more away from the very Truth our faith and Holy Mother Church teach. They may be well meaning and good people/priest. But, their duty here is to follow ALL of the teachings and standings of the Catholic church.

    Also, after some discussion with various teens of the school, I got the feeling that they, themselves, doubt their teacher’s knowledge of Church teachings. WHAT!?!

    Our youth are misled and scandalized too often to not say something. St. Gen, it’s teachers, and pastoral leadership will fail their students if thay allow the play to continue. A teen DOES NOT have the level of maturity to understand every concept that this play puts out. With such an enormous and wonderful selection of great plays… WHY CHOOSE THIS ONE!

    Stop scandalizing our children and our faith!!

  20. Jess Romero says:

    Fr Sison (Pastor) & Mr Horn (Principal) et al – are cooperating in this sexual sin by giving this play a forum.
    CCC 1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:
    - by participating directly and voluntarily in them;
    - by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;
    - by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;
    - by protecting evil-doers.
    By the promotion of this play “Cabaret”, St Genevieve is becoming a “social structure of sin” (CCC 1869) and an “institution that is contrary to the divine goodness” (CCC 1869) leading their students “to do evil” (CCC 1869) on stage.
    This play promotes everything that “Virtus” (L.A. Archdiocesan program) denounces. There is no virtue in this play.
    “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. “Woe to the world for temptations to sin! For it is necessary that temptations come, but woe to the man by whom the temptation comes! (Matt 18:5-7). Any adult Priest or otherwise who is allowing this play to go on under their watch is fastening a millstone around their neck come judgment day.The homosexual cabal is firmly in place in this school.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      AMEN! Jess Romero you are 100% correct! I appreciate your comments, I would love them to be sent directly to this pastor and Mr. Horn! and then up the ladder. Folks do not remain still in a rut but be doer’s of the word, fast and pray for God to make you people who take action!

      I don’t want to be harsh but if we must rid of our-self of the very people who are the ones who are causing this poison in our churches, our schools etc…then so be it! Out of charity if this priest is lead by pride and does not acknowledge how he errs in this…then best we remove him and retire him because what we need today is true leadership not this wishy washy crap we have been permitting by allowing the door to be opened to evil spirits!

    • Paleobotanist says:

      Right on Jesse!…love your CD’s…my wife and I play them in the car all the time…God bless you in your lay Catholic ministry…

    • Jess Romero,

      God bless you! Thank you for your strong example of faithfulness in Catholic teaching!

      Has Archbishop Gomez asked you to help instruct or teach the teachers in the LA Catholic schools? If not, let’s pray that Archbishop Gomez will consider this. : )

  21. I’m very sad that our “Catholic” schools are no longer any different than secular schools. There are no true Christian values left in them because those in charge of them are lukewarm and more interested in gaining students and pleasing the surrounding “community” than in upholding true Catholic culture: the culture of life, of Godliness, of purity, of decency and dignity. Real virtue is no longer valued. If Catholic schools were what they should be, they would be making a true and holy difference in the surrounding community by their good example. Sadly, as it is, this particular school seems to only be interested in making a popular name for itself in our pagan society and not being any kind of true good Catholic influence at all. My prayers go up for the pastor of St. Genevieve Parish and for the principal and others in charge of the school there. May Our Blessed Mother Mary touch their hearts and help them to respond to God’s grace.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Yes Ann D you used the right word…LUKEWARM. Yes they are indeed and even in a secular school one expects those things but sometimes we will be surprised that even in a secular school….they may have more decency depending on who is running it…

  22. Marshall the Surfer says:

    I recently viewed a showing of this play with my wife, not in Panorama City…both of us had forgotten how revolting the content of this story was…I also just watched “The Shoes of the Fisherman” on dvd…with A. Quinn as the first Russian Pope…what a glorious film…made me think of today’s conclave, going on in Rome…the priest played by Osker Werner, was patterned after Pierre Teilhard de Chardin…an anthropologist, struggling with the unresolved conflict of how and when man became aware of his own need for redemption…in light of geologic time…

    • Surfer, forget Teilhard … read the mystic saints on the topic that intrigues you, namely time and eternity. Focus on this during Holy Communion.

  23. Community Member says:

    I challenge the people on this board to look beyond this single issue and look at what this school has done for its students and community as a whole. This school is beaming with spirituality and fellowship. Why are we so quick to bring condemnation before praise?And if we are just going to throw out verses that support our own personal positions, then I will add one to the conversation.

    Matthew 7:1-5

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

    • “This school is beaming with spirituality and fellowship”

      Father Sison & Mr. Horn,

      Please re-read Jess Romero’s Feb. 27, 6:09 post. Please also read the words of the single mother with two high school boys who is asking for adults to show leadership in morality.

      Jess Romero’s words are beaming with Catholic teaching and they are a charitable reminder about scandalizing Christ’s children.

      Taken from a Synopsis of Cabaret:

      “Sally Bowles, a little middle-class lass from Chelsea, London, is
      working as a singer at Berlin’s Kit-Kat Club and doing her not very good best to live the thrillingly decadent life which the city is supposed to offer. Into her orbit comes Cliff Bradshaw, a young American writer, and Sally soon moves determinedly in to join him in his room in the boarding house run by Fraulein Schneider. Their fellow lodgers include the cheerful whore, Fraulein Kost, and the gentle, graying fruiterer Herr Schultz. As the clouds gather, Sally, now pregnant by Cliff, is still determined to show the world what a good time she is having and she will not or cannot hear the noises of Nazism around her. But the others can.”

      • Regnum Christi says:

        What issue is more important than the holiness of our mind, body, & spirit? God doesn’t look at the watered down spirituality and fellowship. The purity of souls is most pleasing and deserving of Heaven.

        “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?… Therefore glorify God in your body.” 1Cor7:19-20
        “Avoid immorality.” 1Cor7:18

        Now really, who are these kids glorifying when they are wearing provocative costumes, singing provocative lyrics, and glorifying homosexuality? Satan himself!! How can St. Genevieve continue to exploit our kids this way???? Obviously there is just pure evil there under the guise of their so called “spirituality & fellowship.”

      • haha Catherine…I just couldn’t keep quiet. In just ten minutes I’ve undone several weeks of self discipline. Foiled again. I suppose I must claim being non compis mentis because of all the recent events in Rome. Back to my cell, bread and water.(patter of bare feet) I have to say Jess Romero is so great! He gets so passionate about Jesus on his radio show he makes my radio hum along. See you in a few weeks. Love to all!

  24. I’ll ask it again, since no answer has come forth yet: How depraved does a priest have to become, before his authority to consecrate the bread and wine evaporates?

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Good question Skai….but I have never really thought about it nor have I thought about asking such a thing. I hope someone will have a good answer that is in the Truth. St. Augustine pray for us!

      • From Catholic Answers: The personal sanctity of the priest has no bearing on transubstantiation in the slightest. I don’t understand what he means by authority but Holy Orders cannot be revoked. A priest can be laicized which means he returns to a lay state, but no valid sacrament can be undone. Laicization (which can occur immediately if a priest joins the military without permission or marries or can be imposed by a superior) does not remove the supernatural mark or the priestly powers of the sacrament but renders it illicit for the laicized priest to perform as a priest. So if your priest has secretly married or committed an unknown mortal sin and you received Holy Communion from his Mass, you would still receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

        • Anon, you’re hung up in Church law. By authority, what would be your guess as to ultimate authority?

        • Anon, what if a priest sells his soul to the devil and then says “black masses”? Would he still have the authority (divine authority) to consecrate the bread and wine into the Holy Eucharist? Hopefully, Anon, you are beginning to see the question.

      • Jesus provides us with a headsup, in the Book of the Apocalypse, that there will come a time when discernment of good and evil will be extremely difficult, so difficult that the devil will be disguised as an angel of light. This time could be all the time or some particular time, or both. For as St John tells us in one of his letters, there are lots of little anti-christs running around. If a priest becomes a little anti-christ, then would he be able to consecrate the bread and wine? If not, then at what point in the priest’s life would the divine authority be revoked or nullified?

    • Paleobotanist says:

      I too wonder that as well Skai… at what point does a priest’s sacrilege, scandal and ignominy become so great that he ceases having the ability to consecrate… I don’t know….

      • Anonymous says:

        Never. That never happens. Even after a priest is “defrocked”. Even if he commits grave sin after grave sin. Even if he becomes a schismatic or independent priests.

        • Paleobotanist says:

          If a priest is “defrocked” he would be consecrating “illicitly”, after being defrocked or laicized…

        • So, Anonymous, your logic would have the anti-Christ, if a priest, being able to change the bread and wine into God. If you are the same Anonymous who posted being an alumni of “St. Gens”, than you only prove the point that the school is really deficient with its religious obligations.

          • Anonymous says:

            No, I’m not. There a lot of anonymous posts that are not mine. And it is Church teaching, not logic.

      • Maryanne Leonard says:

        Or a cardinal?

  25. What the strategy is, is make a loud and emotionally traumatic noise, all the while quietly using the classrooms to feed the kids with subtle falsehoods. The teachers typically would not know the problems with some of the presumptions they themselves have been mis-educated with.

  26. Dear “Community Member.” I wholeheartedly agree with the bible verse you posted. Obviously, we are to correct our own faults before picking at the faults of others. However, you are taking it out of context. This bible verse does not mean that we turn a blind eye to the scandal that people are giving to our own children. We are not called to be passive to corruption and impurity, especially when it is within our own Catholic community! That, in fact would be going against what Our Lord said! You are wrong to have this attitude. On the day of our Confirmation, we are marked as soldiers of Christ! If human respect prevents you from standing up for what is good and right, than you are failing the Holy Spirit.

    God bless you.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Today, in fact, many are ready to “rend their garments” over scandals and injustices-which of course are caused by others-but few seem willing to act according to their own “heart”, their own conscience, their own intention by allowing the Lord [to] transform, renew and convert them.” Ash Wednesday homily 2013 Pope Benedict XVI

  27. I agree not a good choice for a catholic school. Have you sat and talked to them and asked why this play? Why Caberet? I noticed what “california Teacher” wrote about the German setting play, and found it interesting. I have to tell you all thank you for your fight , but also know you needn’t be afraid. I was in cabaret as a junior high schooler….Shocking huh? but it was more modest than maybe high school…any ways we focused on the music and the singing ranges. I knew at that time it was sad. That girls were objects, i did not feel like i was glorifying anything but rather protraying a part of humanity,,,I wonder if High School young adults have the where with all to make the choice how they perceive that type of behavior.

    And the question is how much do we protect them? When they are thrust in the world they will have to decide how they will respond to worldly meham. What age is an okay age to let them make a decision for themselves
    I am a mother of college students and a son in seminary…I was brought up in a very liberal town where my coaches were gay , friends parents were gay, money was the goal in life, my best friends dad was an OBGYN and preached zero population which i thought was absurd…my parents taught me to think and think i did. I knew what was right and wrong and pulled out the bible to familiarize friends to the Word of God.

    I did not roll over and let relativism take over but I practiced my faith and some times stumbled. Even so God uses all for Good and many who I might not have ever socialized with became curious about God’s great love. Sometimes plays , stories, art and music can be a great venue for dialogue and lessons….even in the movie ten commandments someone had to play the role of the harlot, manipulator, idol worshipper, murderer, lier and such. the roles helped to tell a greater story that communicates to us the power of the 10 commandments story.

    I understand Caberet is not the ten commandments…but travel down that road , in a story and see how yukie it is…..maybe the truth about sexual revolution will be distasteful and help make up their minds about which way to go ….even so dialogues are great . hear why , what and how a person thinks and minister

    I heard what ” Catholic mother” had to say about the author…One thing i have noticed about art….The artist cannot help but have some form of truth laced in their confusion about life. I notice that Art has the authentic whisper of our creator because it is communicated from our soul….Even if our soul is in torment it still experiences God’s great truth, love, mercy and Peace,even if in tiny doses. so if an artist travels the whole journey of their art they will communicate a truth even unaware.

    • Tricky, Mergirl, but the devil also, not only art as you claim, blends truth with deception. You will never find salvation in art.

  28. Lou Nelson says:

    The play is on according to Bishop Wilkerson. They are going to clean it up.
    Will be interesting to know how it will be done.

    • Regnum Christi says:

      THEY CAN NOT CLEAN THIS UP! The script is the 1987 rented version from Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc., located in New York. You can google that to learn more about this version. The licensing dept of Tamis-Witmark who license the copyrights for Cabaret, clearly states ‘it is against the contract you must sign, to make ANY additions, corrections, or changes, including deletions. If that is the case, to make any ‘changes’, but commission or ommission, would be in violation of the contract, and the school would be then potentially prosecuted.

  29. Obviously, you people don’t know St. Gens that well. I doubt the drama department will dress these students inappropriatey or have any sort of graphic scenes that would be…disturbing. Anything graphic would be omitted or transformed to something more suitable and I have a strong feeling it would be very PG-13. As a former student, the drama department chose this musical mostly because of the good music and acting opportunities. Any who thinks these girls will be dressed like sluts has another thing coming; they KNOW they are a Catholic school. There will be sexual and violent themes, but it would be drastically cut down. And those who insult this school don’t know anything about it because it is a national school of character and one of the finest high schools in the valley known for its Catholic values and non-traditional approaches. Don’t criticize this school if you don’t know it well or have visited it, and this musical shouldn’t have any effect on its reputation.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, you don’t know today’s generation of teenagers. Haha xD

    I believe in God
    I believe in Jesus
    I believe in the Mother Mary
    And I do NOT believe any religion being “The Right Choice”

    But I must say, instead of forcing a religious belief down people’s throats maybe we should let people live the way they want and let them make their own decisions.

    I am now an alumni of St. Gens and I’m proud to say “I Am, Who I Am.” Which was one of our themes during our HS career.

    Just let us be who we want to be :D

    • Regnum Christi says:

      It all makes sense from this comment. Most St. Gen’s alumni in this generation or last are no longer practicing Catholics let alone claiming to be a Catholic in name only. You reap what you have sowed. The Catholic faith was built on sand here not a solid rock foundation. Those six pillars of faith not founded by the Catholic church comes tumbling down. Yes, you are who you are…ignorant of the true faith founded by Jesus Christ Himself. God Bless!

  31. Repression is the enemy, not progression.

  32. Speaking as a parent of one of the leads in this play, I think you should see it before you judge. What the “author” of this so called article is referring to is the 1998 revival which was done completely different from the original broadway version. The version the school is doing is completely cleaned up for a high school production. I am as Catholic as they come. I would never let my child do something I thought was morally objectionable. Has the Catholic population become the Westboro Baptist Church, judging without information? I support the students 100% in their hard work and dedication.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for writing and giving us this information. It is appearing more and more that there are issues with accuracy and confidence in the articles that appear on this website. They had to go to volunteers and it seems to be good in some ways, bad in others (as with all things of this world.) The people who comment are, well, just people who make comments.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        ya right Linda…shame on you…

        • Anonymous says:

          Please try to be civil.

        • maribel de la cruz says:

          Shame on you Abeca Christian for judging a school that you hardly know and haven’t even read the actual script that the students at SGHS is actually are using, do not judge a community before getting to know the actual community itself….

          • If Jesus had been civil, then He would not have been sent to the Cross, and there would be no salvation.

        • Shame on me? Abecca, you should be ashamed of your unwarranted abuse of St Genevieve High School, the administration, Father Aldon, and most of all, the students of SGHS. Not just you, but every person on this board who has criticized without having the FACTS should be ashamed. Visit the school sometime and maybe you’ll see what a truly Catholic school it is…

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Linda no I’m not ashamed to defend true Catholicism….you should try it….maribel your school is great at teaching you to respect your elders…..I wonder if this situation will help its students grow more virtuous? My take from the comments here from them….most likely not.

            And yes this subtle acceptance of such things are shameful…so yes shame on those who edify it. But I don’t blame its students… it’s the adults….

          • Linda, Fr. Aldon has no hold over many of us. You talk about facts but do not supply even one fact. The blogs supporting the school and the play supply zero facts, zero knowledge of Catholicism, and even get it wrong when they attempt to do so. Don’t you understand that you are representing a school and making a really poor job of it.

    • It certainly sounds like your child is in a suitable school for your taste and understanding. My son performed in Romeo and Juliet in his (public) high school production, where they performed outside on an improvised stage on the school grounds. Having taught high school drama, Shakespeare at the college level and performed in theater, I can assure you that Cabaret is not a typical or especially challenging play either artistically or aesthetically for high school students. I suspect the costuming had a great appeal as opposed to the play’s moral relevance or artistic merit. I’m certainly not going to waste another word on the subject. I’m just glad that it is not I paying private school fees on such meretricious persiflage.


      • DBW: yes my child is in the perfect school. A school where there is a 99.99% graduation rate, with 95% of those students going to a 4 year university as a freshman. A school where he is allowed to pray, encouraged even to pray. A school where there is no bullying (like has been evident on this board). A school where as a parent I am welcomed by the nicest, and most polite teenagers I have ever had the privilege to know. So if that is what you refer to as my “taste and understanding”, then I will take that over your son’s public school anytime… with or without the tuition.

        • Jesus didn’t go to college and I’ve never heard Him referred to as ‘nice’. Isn’t the whole point of a Catholic education about learning our faith, Church teachings and values, coupled with the truth and beauty of philosophy, art and music — in other words, the curriculum used by St.Thomas Aquinas College?

          Isn’t the whole point of our existence to seek the will of God and do it? To learn scriptures in order that we can spread the good news to a dark world? To learn the sciences with a Christian perspective?

          Time is short and it’s crucial in this day of secular and amoral education, that caring, Catholic parents take more responsibility in ensuring that their children get a truly Catholic education. What most here are trying to explain to you is, this may be the only chance your child has to learn about Christ, about ethics, about Truth (which is not about being ‘nice’) and things that really matter… the first and last things. The statistics are staggering how many young people lose their faith after going to college. Since those high school years go by at light speed, and so much information and activities are crammed into that brief time, can you not see the pointlessness and criminal waste of time performing such an inane and silly play like this is? The reason people are so upset is we’re seeing what is going on at Catholic schools and colleges all around the country, and it is utterly shocking what young people are exposed to and how much time is not just wasted but how their beliefs and values are undermined.

          You should really spend more time on sites like this. Did you know that only 25% of Catholics attend weekly mass in this country? No one is out to condemn the parents or students of your school. But we do see a negligence and an irresponsibility on the part of the school for foisting a mediocre and UNCATHOLIC and UNCHRISTIAN timewaster… when you could be performing something that spreads Catholic culture into the community. It isn’t just about you. You are part of something much bigger than your little school somewhere in California and your school’s leadership is letting down the Church as well as the community.

          I said I wouldn’t waste any more time on this, as it’s Lent and this is not conducive to prayer and meditation, but at least I’m resisting saying some things I might normally say, for which I’m very thankful. May God bless you and your family and I hope you have a meaningful Lent. dbw

          • Anonymous says:

            Before you go, I hope you read this:

            A musical like this would take less than three hours to watch, as compared to the four years of Catholic education that these students receive (12 or 13 years in most cases), which is so great they’re more than ready to witness something like this musical, which isn’t even half as bad as everyone is making it out to be. How is it Catholic to criticize, discriminate, or ridicule? It isn’t. What truly lets down the Church is those who shun others away from it. Good night.

          • First of all DBW, Linda was not referring to Jesus when she said the nicest and most polite TEENAGERS she has had the privilege of knowing. Second of all, why did the Church burn most works of science and philosophy during the enlightenment period because “It went against the teachings of the church”? Which, now in most, if not all, the same material that was being burned is now being taught to children in any school, Catholic or not, because it has been proven by modern science that the Church accepts. I would say more, but I have to wake up early tomorrow to participate in a 9:30 mass, like I do every Sunday, even if you think that I’m not part of that 25% that still go to mass weekly. As a mater of fact, I AM part of that small 25%.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            DBW God bless you….you display true wisdom…

      • DBW, “meretricious persiflage”: Methinks you have read one page too many from the Bard … although the rest of your blogging looks great, sounds great, feels great, is great … just like Burma Shave.

    • Regnum Christi says:

      Once again…read my reply above….YOU CAN NOT CLEAN THIS UP!!! It would be in violation of the signed contract. And there is no cleaned up version available for rent. Google Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc. located in New York. This is the company who has full copyrights of the script St. Genevieve’s is using which is the version from 1987.

  33. Vincent Nash says:

    The more uncomfortable material being presented today and in the 1972 movie is much different from the original theatrical versions. “Cabaret” is unique in being able to be interpreted, and has been interpreted much more explicitly in other renditions. However, it is full of ambiguity, metaphors, and culturally thought-inducing material, encouraging strong reflection. “Cabaret” is not about showgirls and homosexuality, although those are present. The movie explores discrimination in the context of the Holocaust, the hope to create one’s own life when disillusioned, and the effects of money over one’s priorities and aspirations. Homosexuality is mentioned, but never truly shown on stage, and SGHS is known to tailor costumes and choreography to be both true to the musical and appropriate for the audience. The Valiants are very mature, and are very much aware that there has been and still is a world full of vices. Only thirty-some students were cast, because the directors went out of their way to cast their maturest students. Sheltering them from the world instead of showing them how the world can be will not prepare them to enter it on their own. “Cabaret” does not promote drinking, abortion, or any other actions that may be deemed inappropriate, but rather shows how empty the characters’ lives are and how the only value to them was found in a cabaret show. The values of Catholicism are not found in the details, but rather from overcoming and learning from them.

    • By “mature” students, you mean those most completely indoctrinated by corrupt ideas, right?

      • How does this make the students “indoctrinated by corrupt ideas?” Kids are always exposed to these realities, and there is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING that we can do about it. Sheltering your kid from these realities will not prepare them for the world they will face in the future. Just because Cabaret brings out these ideals does not mean that it will influence our children to do these things. Our children are smart enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

        • Jem, good that you ask. And good that you identify this play as reality. As Catholic Marshall McCluhan said, “the medium is the message”: Thus, this play works into the mind of the children, and the perversion integrated in the play does likewise. I used to arge with a professor on the point that literary analysis includes the author. That professor and I ended up practically screaming at each other in class, because he insisted that I was not allowed to introduce anything about the author or playwright in any paper discussing the work. For years after that, he tried to sign me on as his grad student, and finally gave up. Later I found solid support that the work cannot be isolated from the writer. The sodomites are extremely subtle, as subtle as the serpent. If you do not know what I’m talking about, then you’d best look into it … Why? Well, have you ever heard of the scandal in the past decades through the Church clergy having to do with priests raping boys? Have you not heard that cardinals and bishops have been involved in facilitating these priests? Have you not heard that hundreds of millions of Church dollars have been paid out by bishops to settle the legal claims of victims? How, Jem, do you think all this happened? Do you imagine that these priest would make their predations obvious? Have you ever heard the word “seduction”? Seduction is what sodomites excell at, Jem. Sodomites identify themselves with their perversion because it has severely disordered their souls … you should never trust them with the formation of your children, and yet that is what you and other parents and the priest and the teachers are doing. You are handing over your children to the sodomites. Why don’t you find a play written by a saint or some devout Catholic and work with that?

      • Vincent Nash says:

        No, by “mature” I mean open-minded and not critical. Quite frankly, maturity cannot be found in subordinating teenage students and underestimating their ability to see past the world’s flaws, either. They’re not being inundated with poison. These things exist, and they are real. I’m assuming you’ve never met any of the Valiants, or even visited the school or one of its beautiful masses. Only then would you see that “corrupt ideas” have no influence on the students at SGHS.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          there goes that word…..”open minded”….let me remind you where that got Eve…..

          • Abeca Christian says:

            What this play does is also open up the curiosity for these youth to read the real trash of the book. Why not get their curiosity in the what really matters…one in a real Catholic education

            I think I would prefer the secular school who rejected this play over this school….why confuse our kids more….they go and act in this play….then go to mass desensitized that when it comes to confession…they often lack direction….

        • “Mature”, Vincent, does not mean “open minded and not critical”: you’ve got some work to do if you expect to ever deserve any credit for being mature. Jesus says quite a bit about maturity in the Gospel accounts, but I’m sure you do not have time for that, as you’re too busy being open minded and uncritical.

  34. by any chance have any of you read the play and have noticed how different the play is. Do you honestly believe that SG would include such vulgar images. How do you not know that they cut scenes out that were inappropriate? Do not jump to conclusions. these are shallow comments being left.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      I don’t care if they add angels and flowers…..if you say the play is different at your school….then goes to show you how subtle they are at trying to soften sin just so it can be acted out in a Catholic school……not good.

      Enough already…this is why we need to fight these things in what is suppose to be a real Catholic school….so we can remove the bad from the good….

      For example I was going into a shop where they had a statue of our Lady of Fatima….next to her, they had a Buddha….and even new age stuff…now I can’t help to wonder what this would do to a lost soul…one that is contemplating about leaving the Catholic faith, they have many protestant friends and then they see the the statue next to Buddha and the new age stuff together…bingo the protestants just got themselves a new member…..the owner of that shop happens to be Catholic…

      • Vincent Nash says:

        First off, Buddha was an actual person, too, just like Jesus Christ. Even better, his religion isn’t even considered anything mythological, but just a philosophy. He can’t be anything worse than decoration. Don’t act like that shop owner was disillusioned or confused.

        Anyway, back to the argument at hand. They’re not trying to soften sin. They’re trying to make it appropriate for people like you who would end up watching. It’s being done in your favor, so please don’t think ill of it.

        Distinguishing between bad and good is not a dichotomy that is easy for anyone. That grey area in between, where everything has both benefits and disadvantages, is one of the themes this musical seems to represent, where a life such as the ones in the musical have more disadvantages than advantages, bringing upon them the question of what road they will decide to go down when the time comes for them to choose. What do they do if they only know of one road? Go down the wrong path out of curiosity or go down the right one out of routine and being told to? Do either of those sound good to you? This school knows what it’s doing. The worst it could get is a little shimmy.

    • student, when you have read several hundred or thousand plays and novels and short stories, the whole Bible several times, the Gospels and Letters countless times, countless editorials, countless literary reviews, understand and agree with Doctors of the Church, and have made your way in this world in the midst of countless worldly, fleshly and demonic temptations and enemies and have not been knocked down for the count, then maybe you will have learned something, maybe then you will have begun to understand what being a student means, what it’s all about. Maybe you’ll someday learn that you cannot know everything and in fact cannot know much at all, maybe only a tiny bit of what there is to know … when you may someday arrive where you admit to yourself that you need God for your teacher, then you will begin to understand. Solomon, history’s recorded wisest man, said, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”. See if you can cut your teeth on this.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Skai I agree…the priest here and the adults in charge need to reflect on that…..the youth are counting on the elders to be holy and faithful…but as you can see many of the comments here from teachers and parents that see nothing wrong with this play in a Catholic setting….it truly a tragedy in our Catholic education. God have mercy on us all.

  35. Kyrie Bass says:

    When the play Cabaret first produced in 1966, it was meant to be controversial in order to inspire meaningful thought and discussion about the impact one can have on the world around us either through action or inaction. It looks like the choice of this play has certainly done just that. I am fully supportive of Saint Genevieve High School in producing a play such as Cabaret. We live in an increasingly complex world and each day our children need to make choices about how they will respond to situations that they are presented with, both good and bad. My daughter is in the play and we have had many deep discussions about the political environment during that time in history, as well as about the characters in the play, and why they make the choices that they did. The students, teachers, and administration at St. Gen’s have integrity and high moral standards, and I know the play will be handled in a way that is both impactful and appropriate. I truly feel that the comments about the play being an unsuitable choice are way off track, and reflect a lack of understanding of the material and the character of this school.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      What happened to decency…..many of these comments are anti-faith….this is becoming the norm I see….God have mercy on us all. Maybe some of these commentators are pro-gay! I see that many activists do no sleep….

      • So now we are indecent? And so what if a person supports gays? Who are you to judge? Does God not accept and love everyone for the greatness of their soul?

        • God judged gays by condeming them. Who are you, Jem, to judge God?

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Jem if your soul is lifted up to being greater than God…thee is where the problem is. We are merely specks..in order to get to God, we must first take the greatness out of our selves…..carry our cross…walk with Christ with humility.

          “Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”
          ~~Douay-Rheims Bible Matthew 16:24

      • Excuse me, but have you read the script we are reading? We are not reading the 1998 revival script, we are reading the original script from the 1960′s version. Nowhere in the script does it have any act of homosexuality being performed or anyone blatantly coming out and saying that they are gay.

      • A Valiant says:

        In Leviticus, it might say to not lie with another man, but the Bible also allows you to sell your daughters, in addition to prohibiting you from working on Sunday, letting women speak in church, and eating seafood, not to mention how we’re supposed to fast COMPLETELY on Fridays during the season of Lent. See how things have changed? Furthermore, being pro- or anti-gay has nothing to do with this topic, and certainly does not diminish anyone’s credibility. Homosexuals hurt no one, and they’ve done nothing to you. My parents are anti-gay, while I support in gay equality (although I’m not gay myself), but both my parents and I can agree that this musical is nothing to worry about.

        Anything vulgar (choreography, certain images, etc.) depends on whoever decides to put on the show. The lyrics, lines, and directions found in the script don’t even say anything explicit. The only thing that is obvious is drinking, which has been done in the past like in “Footloose” or “Grease” (which even has a scene centered on smoking). The word “abortion” isn’t even mentioned in the musical, and anything like that is merely implied. This musical may contain all these issues, but the moral and plot of the play aren’t centered around them.

        Lastly, one’s morals and one’s love under Christ is not determined by religion, sexual orientation, gender, or anything else superficial, so don’t go around flashing labels as a resource for someone’s credibility.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          How insulting to compare holy scriptures, which are inspired books by the Holy Ghost, this play was inspired by a human. So why not be open minded in God and choose a play from the holy scriptures instead….leave the secular crap for the secular…

          See why this school or parish is not leading well it’s parishioners..if this is what they come up with in their defense…its so shallow…

        • Kyrie Bass, Blessed John Paul II wrote that the most radical thing is Catholicism. So, how do you figure that this play, written by some also ran sodomite, is any kind of a motivator towards God?

    • So, Caberet is more thought stimulating than God … hmn. Looks like someone has been in the hot water too long.

      • A Valiant says:

        Mrs. Bass is my friend’s mother, and honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She never stated anything about Cabaret being more thought-stimulating God. That was of your assumption. What she was merely saying is that there’s nothing to worry about, and we shouldn’t be so caught up in all the details, as SGHS is held to very high and mature moral standards.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          There are a lot of nice, well intended people…it doesn’t mean they are always correct…

          We need to help one another reach a deeper spiritual life…to waste our Catholic students working on this kind of play during lent or other time is not leading them towards a deeper spirituality.

          We never stop growing….there is so much more for the love of the faith….

          I would rather defend Jesus than mislead by defending the rights to have this play!

    • Mark from PA says:

      Kyrie Bass, thank you for your input as a parent. It is important that people get a balanced view of this issue.

      • Canisius says:

        “t is important that people get a balanced view of this issue.” PA important to whom?????

      • Abeca Christian says:

        With God there is no balance view,,,,you are either for God nor not! That is only another lie from the devil…

        homosexual activists don’t sleep….just an expression to add a “Balanced view” and make an important point!

        • Vincent Nash says:

          Before I start, let me just say that putting on this musical isn’t some sort of crazed homosexual agenda.

          Jesus loves everyone. Why can’t you? How can you emulate his values when the students are trying to be accepting of the cruel world we all live in? They’re trying to understand, tolerate, and hopefully change the world. Those for God cannot condemn His other creations.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            We are discussing this play…you don’t know my personal relationship with Christ so it is you who is not judging my distaste for this play but you are misjudging my relationship with Christ….my reasons to dislike this play at a Catholic school education is driven by my love of faith and Christ.

          • Vincent Nash says:

            I’m very sorry for coming off that way. I didn’t mean to offend.

            However, are you seriously acting sensitive to your relationship with Christ being misjudged when you’ve been misjudging the relationships with Christ that this entire student body, their faculty, and staff have? Does that not seem hypocritical to you?

          • Anonymous says:


    • Francesca Dimaisip says:

      YOU GO MRS. BASS!!!!!!!

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Mrs Bass…don’t be lifted up or fluffed up with compliments that are not helping you gain a deeper understanding of true Catholicism.

  36. Moises Garcia says:

    This is rediculous. The school is incredibly religeous, far more religious than other Catholic high Schools. I know this because I graduated not too long ago. St. Genevieve strives and succeeds in teaching their students to be respectful, loyal, etc. The school always has masses and all of the school songs are religeous. The amount of time that is put into planning a mass is enormous, and it’s not just the staff. The students are gathered days before every big mass to practice by singing songs of the lord and organizing seating arrangements to have a successful and beautiful mass. This play won’t poison anybody, it’s real life. Some of the things that are portrayed in the play Ate things that happen daily. things that are not new to reality. It’s inevitable to hide from todays youth. The school isn’t doing anything wrong. St. Genevieve is open-minded and the people who make up that foundation have a different perspective. Something many catholic people are too scared to accept. I am religious, I am Catholic, but I don’t see anything wrong with students willingly accepting to act out a story as an appreciation to the arts that might be vulgar. It’s simply an act. And the school allowing this type of play shows how much this school is different and one of a kind. A school that is not afraid to step outside the boundaries of the norm, as opposed to people who live in a box and are afraid of reality.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Need you mind, SGHS was the first school to ever be awarded the National School of Character award, and has performed numerous times for President Carter and Archbishop Gomez, on local prime time news for a Christmas toy drive, and in cities ranging from Nashville to Washington, DC, to San Francisco. If you’re going to worry about vulgarity, immaturity, unprofessionalism, or high sensitivity toward poor morals, you shouldn’t worry about the Valiants of Saint Genevieve High School.

    • RegnumChristi says:

      Mind you, the 6 pillars that the school has adopted as their “character of values” is taken from Michael Josephson an attorney and radio show host who supports gay rights and same sex marriage.
      President Carter also supports gay marriage.
      And our beloved Archbishop Gomez, I’m sure he prays for the salvation of our kids souls and would rather have the school touting the holy virtues of faith, hope, & charity which inform all the moral virtues and give life to them. CCC 1841. I do worry that these kids have no teaching of the true Catholic faith!! St. Genevieve herself was a virgin who led many girls to a consecrated holy life. Are you serious??? The students prepare the mass?? Where is the priest?? So sad!! Liberalism has taken control of this parish school! Oh, and they now want to unify the elementary school with the highschool… See www(dot)saveourspartans(dot)org to help the parents of the elementary school stop this too. The pastor is firing principal Sr. Teresa, and bringing in a non-catholic as the new principal. Please help stop this too!!

      • Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship are the 6 Pillars of Character Counts. Our public schools put this program in many years ago. Catholic schools have always taught character education.

      • So are you implying that everyone in this show is a non-virgin? By my view, it sure seems like you are. Oh yeah, the elementary has no relevance with this play. Just because they are being unified as parish schools does NOT mean that they are going to be unified as a whole. Do you really expect that the elementary school will be allowed to go to prom or anything of that nature?

        • Regnum Christi says:

          Uh, the elementary school goes to ALL the musicals. The prom would be a better choice instead of Cabaret.

      • Supporting gay marriage does not determine someone’s morality. I personally don’t support it, but your statement is a non sequitur one, meaning you’re using evidence that neither supports nor denies the argument in question. It is not immoral to support homosexuals or be a homosexual. Jesus loves everyone for who they are, and therefore so should you. What is immoral, however, is assuming the worst out of us and our teachers. No one ever said that the students prepare the Mass. That is an easy misunderstanding. Of course a priest leads the Mass. We’ve had priests from all over the country, even a bishop from South Sudan, lead our masses. Honestly, no agenda is taking over the school. The only poison inundating our school is this harsh, irrational criticism that the school is receiving. You’re trying to give us guilt by associating us with people that support gay marriage. So what? Think of the best person you know, your best friend, and imagine that they confessed to being a homosexual. How would you feel? Hateful toward them? But they were always that same supporting, caring friend that you’ve always admired! Morality is independent of who someone wants to love. If you truly love Jesus, you have to be as caring and accepting as He was and will always be.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          some of these comments pro this schools actions are truly showing the faithful that there needs to be changes…it’s a pity….so many mislead….we need to pray and fast…God help us.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Wonderful post. Full stop.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            The gay activist will congratulate anything that furthers his agenda….it is not about God but about acceptance of “gay” movement..

  38. Anonymous says:

    If you ever read over the script of this play, you would notice that it doesn’t actually glorify drinking, sex, violence, or abortion. In actuality, this play makes all of that seem downright terrible. By the end, you’d see how hope is crushed by all the poor decisions made. The big finale of the song is a song sung by Sally Bowles, where she goes “life is a cabaret.” It’s almost as if the only consistently exciting thing in these people’s lives is a stage of extravaganzas. Watch Liza Minnelli’s rendition of the song, where she’s about to cry out of life’s regrets, but forces herself to smile for the audience. The characters of the play discuss a lot, from hoping to properly raise a child to a relationship between a German and a Jew during the Nazis’ rise to power. Now, study the actual script (not the 1972 movie or modern renditions, especially not the 1998 version), and study Saint Gen’s, A NATIONAL SCHOOL OF CHARACTER. These kids are going to put on an amazing show that can teach so much. Since the time of Christ, we’ve done nothing but grow and accept anything that comes off as controversial. Was Jesus not liberal in preaching that he was the son of God? We do more than just appreciate His efforts back then, and in the future, people will merely think of this musical as good literature and as commentary on one of the most hurtful times in history.

    • I agree with this. People fail to understand the true meaning of the story and allow the bad to overshadow the good.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        We are educated adults….there is no failure to understand it…it is you who fails to understand why we are protesting and what is at stake here…

        • Anonymous says:

          You seem to understand the moral value of the play. The students seem to understand the moral value of the play. It has been proven countless times that these students aren’t being subjected to sexualization or forms of entertainment.

          It seems like nothing is at stake here, and therefore is nothing to protest.

  39. Mejia Family says:

    As a parent of a daughter that participates in these school productions, i cannot be more proud to say that she is part of this. They will not put on the Adult version of this play. It is a great musical when it is toned down to the appropriate level. Yes homosexuality is in it, but the catholic church does recognize this and we are all children of God. We pray that you who are the nay sayers would try to understand that the things awakened in this play are things our children will be exposed to at some point in life.

  40. We are exposed to these obscenities almost every single day, whether it be through music, television shows, or movies. We cannot shelter our children from these things. Be thankful that our school is a National School of Character. You know for a fact that our students are very much different of that in any other high school. We teach character and great moral values. You should not overshadow the good with what may seem bad, even as something as little as this. It is very unholy for you to be able to call us an institution of sin for something that does not even do any harm. Keep in mind that this is no more than an inspirational story that turns something bad into something good. Have you not wondered why Jesus was accepting of the girl who committed adultery? Those who are attacking us over the fact that we choose to perform Cabaret are acting very much like the crowd who stoned the poor woman.You are no better than we are and sin just as much as we do. Leave the judging to Jesus and stop attacking us for what we show passion for. We are NOT teaching our children corrupt values. We are doing the right thing, which is supporting our valiants in what they love to do, which is perform to their heart’s content. The only wrong that’s going on in here is for you to judge us in such a negative and crucial way that undermines all the good that we have done for our school in the past years. Please take a good look at yourselves first before you choose to judge others or even a play that you don’t even understand or take into full consideration into knowing the true meaning of.

    • Vincent Nash says:

      Just to clarify, they didn’t stone her, but I truly agree with you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not know the play. Never saw the movie, either. If my son’s high school did this play, he would notice if there was something inappropriate in it. I do not permit him to read this website, because many of the people promote their own personal variant of Catholicism (or that of fringe groups or sects) and while he knows the Faith very well, I would prefer him to be older before he is exposed to this.

      • Vincent Nash says:

        Exposed to what, exactly? The musical or this website? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound rude. I just wanted to clarify.

        • Anonymous says:

          I meant this website. He knows that the things that people were afraid would be in the play (prostitution, abortion, casual sex, homosexual sex, drinking) are wrong. Just like when he sees things about them on the news or the web. He has good Christian and Catholic values. There are things on this website about the Catholic Church and Catholic faith that would be confusing and could lead him astray. Everyone who comments means well; they intend to stand up for Christ and his Church, but some of them lack the skills to do it. There is a belief that they are in a spiritual war and anyone that doesn’t toe a certain line is seen as an enemy of God. Unfortunately, some of the most aggressive ones don’t know the Faith as well as they should. God bless you, your kids and your school.

  41. Francesca Dimaisip says:

    I am senior at SGHS. Today I interviewed for crew. After reading these remarks and voicing my own opinion I now understand that the show Cabaret that my school is producing is simply to tell a STORY. Don’t go twisting it around to make us sound bad. We are a NATIONAL SCHOOL OF CHARACTER. I wouldn’t think that in a million years my school would do something to disrupt the beliefs of the Catholic Church. I mean c’mon, we are a CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, so we MOST DEFINITELY respect the church. We follow the 6 Pillars of Character at this school, and although I’ve only been a part of the school for 4 years I LOVE THIS SCHOOL and RESPECT EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. We aren’t showcasing Cabaret for the sexual activity, but to showcase the many talents of the students at this school. I, myself am a ROMAN CATHOLIC and I would never do any harm to the church. If I knew that this production was going to be all about the sexual activity and drinking and etc. I wouldn’t have auditioned. We follow moral values at our school. CABARET is one of those productions that will help our students learn from the mistakes the characters face and how they can overcome them. We aren’t focusing on the bad here, we focus on the STORY. We’ve cut many scenes out to keep this play clean. THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. Watch it if you want and see for yourself that this play is about the hardships and trials, not the sex, drinking, or abortion.

  42. “Will St. Genevieve in Panorama City stop Cabaret?”

    I certainly HOPE so — no high school should encourage wine drinking among teens.

    Whether it’s Cabernet, or Pinot Noir, or Chianti, the school should give it a bit no.

    • Vincent Nash says:

      Again, just because those are present in the musical, doesn’t mean that they’re being glorified or that the kids are being taught to drink. And of course these kids won’t be drinking actual alcohol on stage. There are prop bottles that are usually filled up with soda or water just for that purpose.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Mackz these students don’t get it because they have been desensitized.. well at least because of this article…hopefully them reading our concerns, that they will understand some day the why….but for now…I don’t appreciate these adults that give bad guidance to these kids…in Spanish there is a word for that…alcawetos…don’t know if I spelled that Spanish word well…but it’s sounded out.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am curious as to how, almost a month later, the students and parents found this and started to respond.

    • Because no rational Catholic person reads this website. It is poorly run and not a recommended site. I bet this comment won’t even make it on this board. But if by some chance it does, the reason we started responding yesterday is because my older son’s fiance was forwarded this story by a friend who knew that my younger son was in this play. She forwarded it to me and I posted it on the school’s website. The story took on a life of its own, as people started to realize just how awful the comments directed at the school and the administration have been.

      • Anonymous says:

        Linda, thank you for answering my query. I am sorry for the distress that this has caused the students and parents. The people who post here that have criticized the play have a desire for purity in the Catholic Church, although as you can see, they themselves are not pure and their comments are, quite often, beneath the dignity of Christians. Yours in not the first school to suffer this. They also attack churches, priests, bishops, cardinals and other people who post comments. They search for things in other Catholics that make them not good enough to be Catholic. (Ironic, huh?) I’m sorry that the Internet helps spread these things and people get hurt. It is good that you and so many from the school have stood up to it. You’ve gotten a good Lenten experience of what Jesus suffered from the scribes and priests and elders.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Linda you have no clue who many here are, they are very devout Catholics who defend the faith, defend life etc…..but no one needs to prove anything to you.

          These types of plays do not promote a virtuous disposition, especially since it is lent…. maybe your love for Christ should be shining more with defending true Catholicism but maybe I can’t blame anyone if they are lacking that true direction.

          ….and yes we will have distaste for this play being accepted in a Catholic setting… it’s too bad that you don’t get it.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            I thank Linda for posting this website for their school to look into….it’s time that Catholics stop being in denial of abuses in our parishes and that we need to reflect on how to be more holy and faithful witness of our Catholic faith especially since our youth are involved.

            Scandalizing children is a sin and one needs to see a connection that this play plays in that role, it’s subtle one…..which is far more dangerous!

            this website tries to also educate many by exposing the problems that are happening in our church. But praise God that it also reports on many good Catholic stories especially pro-life ones too.

            I realize that some may feel hurt or attacked because of pride and it is not intentional but if one is truly soul searching, then prayer, fasting and reflection should all be practiced…

            it’s not easy to carry one’s cross…but far better we gain heaven, then gain ways that are of this world….

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Also I applaud the owner of this website…He is very pro-life…..He gave millions of his own money and it almost broke him to put into law the Parental Notification, which we hope that in the future it may actually pass….all this divisiveness is why the Parental Notification initiative didn’t pass…..if we are to be like minded in Christ…the church needs to correct these abuses and secular “open minded” views so that we can pull together and actually give our children true wisdom, true virtuous and faithfulness to help them combat the bad influences that are trying to rob them of their innocent. There is a liar and deceiver playing with the lukewarm from our church, they are the puppets who are misleading many. If they too, were properly Catechized, then we wouldn’t be having this growing problem in our Catholic education…. but they have to first choose to want to learn from this admonishment. Humility is the real result to any test….who will strive to put that into action..

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          and Linda, you should see how they treat others who comment who admit to being gay, even if they are celibate. they are chastised, harassed, and ridiculed. It is such a shame how people of God are treated, including our beloved young people who are discovering their artistic talents, as well as those who live simply as they were created to be.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            The truth Linda that YFC neglects to admit is not the treatment to those who are honoring God and His church but it is the distaste for the gay activists who come on here promoting their agenda and twisting holy scriptures…that is a sin because they promote heresies….I hope that your students know what defines heresy….

      • Anonymous says:

        Not a recommended site — Linda, is it God who does not recommend this site, or is it some someone who has convinced you that you are a Catholic, but never explained what it means to you?

  44. I’m sorry but I truly believe that this article is unnecessary. People are entitled to their own opinions so here’s mine. Cabaret may be a provocative play, but as a CATHOLIC school, we know our limits. Your argument with the devil has absolutely nothing to do with our faith and the show. Because of the provocative things that have been shown in the real musical doesn’t mean that the school will portray the entire show. The devil will not sell us by having teens who have a passion for performing. St. Genevieve High School has an AMAZING Theater Arts program and this complaint shouldn’t interfere with their passion. Your passion for Christ is like their passion for performing.

    • False, No Need. You proclaim Catholicism but push homosexuality on kids. You have no clue what Jesus preaches, teaches or what Catholic believe. None of the posts by you SG apologists has yet to demonstrate anything Catholic. All you folks say is that you’re in a huff because of criticism of your childrens’ education, and none of you can even defend your choice. It does not say much about the quality of what your kids are going through. Astonishing that your SG posts reflect such ignorance of Catholic religion.

      • Regnum Christi says:

        WELL SAID!!!

      • Abeca Christian says:

        That is true Skai…many Catholic kids don’t even read the holy scriptures nor memorize their verses….I wonder if they were even taught any Apologetics…how will they know how to answer to protestants when they become adults, how will they defend their faith. I know that when I was speaking to a few kids from our local Catholic high school, that many didn’t even know what the word Apologetics meant.

        Not many open their bibles at home….or even understand the passages. But this play is far more important to them….

        • Abeca Christian says:

          ” No need” this website didn’t stop you from expressing your own opinion…. but we hope that someday you choose Christ’s…..

        • Abeca Christian says:

          I would appreciate more and support a play that told St. Patrick’s story….truly inspirational and also will show the bravery of this saint, one that would set a great example…

  45. Arely, Shea, and Maria says:

    As students of this school, we understand what we are doing. There is no lack of religious conviction or lack of belief in God. The play does not affect our strength in religion or belief in our own morals. If anything, it should strengthen it because it teaches us the results of immorality. We are able, as humans, to see and know the difference between acting out characters and being ourselves. And as such, we are able to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. We are not immature, so do not belittle our ability to understand what an “adult” should.
    Our school, our parents, and our teachers have taught us well. Do not doubt their ability to teach their beliefs, and do not doubt OUR ability to have an understanding of it. We are as mature as YOU taught us to be! If there is a lack of anything, isn’t it your fault?

    • Too bad you prefer to learn the results of immorality instead of the results of morality.

      • Anonymous says:

        They can’t learn the results of morality if people like you don’t emulate them.

      • It is quite the opposite, Skai. For the past 12 years, our school has been putting on musicals that portray the results of being moral. And many people have loved it. Now, with 12 years of experiencing morality and what comes out of it, we decide to look into the results of ‘immorality’. What happens when you do something wrong? How do you learn in life? By example? Life experience? As teens it is almost vital to portray a message to the community that may not even being discussed at home! What happens when those parents that protect their children leave the house. They get ‘hit by a train’ of wrongness, immorality, and such. It is also the own persons views on their own religion. The school is giving a very in-depth view on the Catholic religion, it is the teens own choice whether to follow it or not. I am sorry you seem to have tunnel vision, and I encourage you to do some research before providing any more comments about what you think is an immoral play. I also suggest reading the playright from the original broadway musical in the 60′s. You would be surprised…

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Just admit that this school made a mistake by choosing this controversial play….no one is perfect and there are far many great plays that can actually give better guidance to these kids..why even compromise that just so you can have your play.

      • Too bad, Skai, you have just failed to understand the meaning behind what these people wrote because of your own hard headedness. What these people are saying, to put it in terms that might be a little bit easier for you to understand, is that they know where they stand in their faith and the musical Cabaret will have no affect on them what so ever because they are mature enough to know where God exactly is in their life, which is that he is with them always guiding them in the path that he wants them to go….. Just like everybody else in this musical.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Jacob you are very disrespectful…Skai is an elder and he knows the faith very well, he is also a convert. You can benefit from his wisdom, as well from other faithful Catholics as well who take Catholicism seriously. Don’t let pride infect you on this topic because if it does, I fear that on other serious matters you may be tempted to pursue your own ambitions…..God bless.

          Read the book Titus-15-9 and Titus 3

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Skai their comments are even a good indicator of their lack of true Catholicism… I appreciate your wisdom you share here… yes in this humble and simple website… and the other poster was wrong… there are a lot of readers and just because someone said it is not a recommended one, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. For a liberal Catholic or even a lukewarm Catholic… they may not recommend this site… because it is obvious why.

        Also the owner of this website is very pro-life… he spend a lot of his own personal millions into helping put into law Parental Notification initiative but of course many Catholic parishes didn’t help push this as much because it failed to be placed in the ballet and in the past when it did, planned parenthood managed to fool many into not voting for that law.

        Before someone judges this site just because they felt attacked they should know that this site is very pro-life…. and it’s owner is also a good person who gave up a lot of his wealth as well for that cause….

        State your opinions in regards to this article but stop bashing the website….

    • Regnum Christi says:

      Since the parents and students keep bringing up the word “mature” as their valid excuse to do this. The definition of “mature” means full natural growth or development; suitable or intended for adults. How does this justify this play is okay for you kids? The definition of “immature” also includes lack of wisdom. Your parents and teachers lack the wisdom of the faith to guide you kids with true Catholic morals. You really think Jesus would approve of this musical?

      I must say my 8 year old is wise enough to know this is wrong and it goes against Catholic morals. Oh, maybe because she’s been taught about the holy virtues instead of those six pillars of character NOT founded by the Catholic Church.

      CCC 2221-2222 “The procreation of children brings about the duty of their moral and spiritual formation. Therefore, the parents’ right and duty to educate children is primordial and inalienable. Parents must see their children as children of God and educate them in God’s law.”

      Would God’s law include allowing kids to participate in immoral musicals? What is lacking is the knowledge of WISDOM & OBEDIENCE to God’s laws. Doing this play doesn’t mean you are mature, only ignorant in the true faith of the Catholic church. And that’s your parents and teacher’s fault.

      BTW…CCC means Catechism of the Catholic Church. I’ll accept the fault for educating you on that. God Bless!

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Bravo Regnum Christi !!! You nailed it! Excellent comments!

      • Anonymous says:

        They’re not going to go about singing about how beautiful premarital sex is or happy drinking makes someone. It seems as though you think those are the contents of this musical. If this musical were to glorify vices, then we would agree with you wholeheartedly, but sadly it doesn’t.

  46. Anonymous says:

    How are any of these comments from the devil or anti-faith? Jesus was such a great, revolutionary figure of his time, and so will SGHS. These students may only be ump-teen years old, but they’ve proven themselves to be quite the young adults and are much more open-minded than many of the adults here. Many of the juniors and seniors just returned from a Kairos retreat, which happens three times a year, where they voluntarily enhanced their faith in God for four days away from home. It is lead by its own students and teachers that follow the same Kairos program that many Catholic high schools around the country use. Tell me these kids choosing to leave their families to become better disciples of Christ is not an act of faithfulness, maturity, and morality.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Simple. Don’t ruin these kids’ spring musical. They’ve done nothing to any of you, and have proven themselves to be mature and morally sound.

    How about a preview video or peacefully asking questions to the faculty or students? The first thing many of you did was complain, criticize, ridicule, and subordinate, none of which Jesus would have ever done. Please rethink your actions. Do not underestimate these students, do not assume personal benefit out of the faculty and staff, and especially do not question the faiths of those of this beautiful institution.

  47. Anonymous says:

    “The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” -Oscar Wilde

    “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27)

    As I see it, performing this musical is does not show that they do not love the Lord. No matter the musical they perform, their love for Christ will not change. If anything, it may grow. The more the musical’s characters mistreat life, the more they begin to treasure life, God’s gift to all of us, giving the valuable lesson to take care of what God has given to us. Secondly, love your neighbor as yourself. If you think that you are wise, then you should think that these students and their faculty are very wise as well.

    This musical is not about the sex or the drinking or any of that. Those are there to show how none of that is worth it, and that they even diminish the value of life. The symbol of the cabaret acts as a distraction from these unfortunate lives and from the world created by Nazis gaining power.If the students are wise enough to see that, then so should the rest of you. They’re the ones you say are not mature enough to find value in the musical, but they’re also the ones proving it to you.

    • Anon, why are you preaching for the sodomite, Oscar Wilde? Is that your guide in spirituality?

      • Anonymous says:

        There are two things I must address:

        Firstly, Oscar Wilde may have had his shares of sins and mistakes. We all do. John, chapter 8: Jesus warns that those who have never sinned may cast the first stone. The way I see it, none of us seem to be perfect, all of us victims of original sin. Why, then, do you have any power over us? Why does your say override ours? I’m not preaching for Mr. Wilde, who is also one of the most famous and praised authors in the English-speaking world, by the way. When I pray, I don’t pray to Oscar Wilde; I pray to the Lord my Savior. I am not preaching for Wilde, and he is not my guide in spirituality. These rash, irrelevant remarks don’t even resemble the amount of maturity that the Valiants of SGHS themselves are creating on this website.

        Secondly: God provides my guidance. The Lord is my Savior, and there is nothing else I should want. Jesus at His time was a revolutionary, evident in the fact that we’re having this conversation right now, 2013 years later. And Jesus himself had his share of mistakes. For example, Jesus secretly went to the festival of Tabernacles after he told the Apostles that he wasn’t going (I think this was John, chapter 6 or 7). He was also showed so much anger in the marketplace. I look up to Jesus for being able to overcome all obstacles, from mere criticism to arrest to persecution, because he shows everyday how maturity and wisdom can stem from anyone. And that is the same reason why I trust in the Valiants, including my little brother.

  48. A Catholic Father says:

    Yeah, I don’t see how this musical even sets some homosexual agenda. If you actually find the script online and search for “homosexual,” it’s only mentioned once, and I read through the whole thing. One guy uncomfortably dancing with another for ten seconds at most is as bad as it gets. Nothing from any “homosexual cabal” happens on stage.

    As for abortion, it is never mentioned, but only implied.

    Drinking is present, but so many musicals contain drinking and no one complains, and I’m certain that the students would not be drinking actual alcohol on stage.

    There was one bit with a fake cigar, if that even matters.

    Choreography is entirely up to the school, and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be both in good style and in good taste, seeing as they’ve done that so many times before.

    None of the lyrics are obscene. If you take out all the upbeat rhythms, all of it is actually very meaningful. Sally’s “Cabaret,” Schultz and Scheider’s “Married,” Cliff’s “Don’t Go,” and the Emcee’s “I Don’t Care Much” and “If You Could See Her” are actually very meaningful songs. Even “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” opens up commentary on the extreme nationalism occurring in Weimar Germany. As a parent, I was as concerned as anybody, but I took up the script and nothing seems to be terrible about it.

  49. Mark from PA says:

    Catholic Father, the play has nothing to do with gay people or the “homosexual agenda.” For some reason some people have some kind of a need to blame everything on “the homosexuals”. It is just like how 70 and 80 years ago some people had to blame everything on the Jews. Some religious groups (not the Catholic Church actually) have a great dislike of gay people and their prejudiced views have sadly seeped into the beliefs of a small number of Catholics. Watching plays that deal with that period do make people think about prejudice and how some people were treated in the past.

    • A Catholic Father says:

      I know what you’re saying, and I totally agree with you. I said that this musical has nothing to do with any homosexual agenda. I was just responding to the many earlier comments saying that doing this musical was just the clergy’s or the faculty’s way to set some agenda going.

  50. This play is a hook for the gay agenda. How do you parents imagine all those boys were dinked by the clergy? No clue, huh? Well, then obviously … right? … obviously it was done under the radar, with subtle bait. If you’ve kept your nose up for all your life, then you wouldn’t know it when you’d see it, and wham next thing you know, you’ve been had. That is how they do it. They are real sneaky about it. You need to develop a sharp line of disctinction so that you can see the serpent as it preys on you. If I were a sociopath, I’d be laughing my head off at your folly. Read Shakespeare and notice how he always plants a few dolts for comedy effect … that, dear readers, is you. But it wouldn’t be if you’d bother to get off your sloth and actually learn and believe what Catholicism teaches you. As it is, you have little clue … Clue: Catholicism is not a “pay, pray, and obey” religion. And you’d never know this unless you actually went to the trouble of reading the Gospel accounts until you knew them and reading the Doctors of the Church …. now why do you think they put their prescriptions down on paper and why do you think the Church has bothered to publish them century after century? Yeah, your answer is that the clergy will study it and guide you … well, guess where they have guided you. Ask the boys were were ravished by those priests. That is where they are taking you … if you want holy priests then learn the difference. Try to understand why Pope Emeritus Benedict called all the bishops to “become holy” … don’t have a clue? Too bad because it is up to you, and if you fail to act to protect your kids, guess who gets an eternal lesson for that slothful failure?

    • you really need to stop overthinking everything about this and just move on with your life. seriously, who do you think you are? you are no better than all of us.

    • Mark from PA says:

      Skai, what is it with you and the “gay agenda”? They seem to have become a handy scapegoat for you and some others here. It seems like some people are trying to turn gay people into the new Jews. I read something interesting about Father Lawrence Murphy who abused over 200 deaf boys in Wisconsin. It seems that he said that he targeted boys and left the girls alone because he feared getting a girl pregnant. So he had no interest in adults it seems. The man was a sicko. He was going to be defrocked but he complained to Rome and his priesthood was saved. He died a priest.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Ya know skai, I think if you actually engaged with the play, you’d actually agree with its points.

      It starts with a baudy homosexually laden opening scene and ends with showing how that original scene results in corruption.

      So what exactly is your problem here? Is it that any POSSIBLE mention of homosexuality causes you to throw the whole thing out? If so, then you need to throw out the Bible, as well as the Catechism, as they too mention homosexual debauchery and warn of its consequences, as does this play.

      • A Catholic Father says:

        Just to let you know, only one character (Cliff) admits to being a homosexual, and even in saying that, he admits that he’s just “guessing” and doesn’t really know what he is. That’s the only line where the word “homosexual” is even mentioned (by Sally, as she asks him). Cliff and Sally even become one of the two love stories of the musical, so he’s debatably not even homosexual at all. The Emcee as been depicted as both masculine and as feminine in past renditions; it’s all up to the actor or the director for the portrayal, but even he doesn’t have a determinable sexual orientation.

        Basically, homosexuality shouldn’t even be an issue at all.

  51. jillianne munoz says:

    this sound like u don’t want us students to grow up and mature to me. the Church is changeing and so are people now a days. yes the play may have things you don’t want ur children to preform and or see but this is 2013 not the 1900s. you all must know that this school is amazing and is trying to stand out fromall the rest. you all can complain on here but think of the children there at the school. when they got the news bout the play they were all excied about this play. so let loose and let us students break a barrier and open up a new phase for schools and students everywhere. you all can trash talk me all you want but i will not care bout this. so grow up ! you all need to know that the world is changing and you all sicken me for holding us students back on acheiving something we can do. put faith in God and your children. let them deside what is right!

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to-day, and to the ages to come.
      Hebrews 13:8

      • A Catholic Father says:

        As much as I agree with you on that statement, it seems as the world is not constant, even though the love of Jesus Christ is.

  52. It seem like that this musical is a thorn in the eyes of many, because of it’s controversial content. Why not take this opportunity to talk to your children about it? Are the contents something that can be found in today’s society? What do you like and what do you dislike and why? Instead of looking negative at this musical, you might rather use it for family discussion.

    Face it, our youth nowadays is going to be confronted with a lot of things that are foreign for a lot of us adults. While they are still living at our homes, we can openly discuss things with them, instead of hiding things from them or trying to protect them from the unknown. Instead if wasting your energy to see this musical as a negative, use it to discuss everyday life. Maybe your child is as disgusted about this musical as you are, maybe your child finds something positive in it, that you haven’t seen yet.

    I personally do not like this musical, but have no problem my child performing in it.

  53. SGHS Junior says:

    It is interesting to see that certain older, Catholic adults are the ones who can’t seem to grasp the maturity needed to understand the messages of the this play while the teenagers involved in the production can. The play is not about drinking, abortion, prostitution, or homosexuality. While those are in the play, or at most implied in it, the plot does not revolve around them. The decisions made by the characters in this play can teach students lessons about life: with decisions come consequences; that in life, one must be sensible; and that in life, YOU WILL NOT BE SHELTERED FROM VICES. While drinking and homosexuality have never done any harm to any of you (unless, an inebriated homosexual has ransacked your home, stolen your life savings, and murdered your family, then I am so sorry), abortion and prostitution are choices.

    St. Genevieve is one of the very few schools in the U.S. dubbed as a National School of Character. It has built a glowing reputation for the high school that they, particularly Fr. Alden and Principal Dan Horn, have worked hard for. Apply some common sense. Do you really think they would throw away a reputation they’ve worked for by impetuously putting on a play this controversial? Although the discussion of whether or not the community should support the production of Cabaret is debatable, it does not provide reason for to discredit all of the things that are good about St. Genevieve High School, especially by dubbing it as an “institution of sin.”

  54. Catherine says:

    “the Church is changeing and so are people now a days.” Dear Jillianne Munoz, Change for the better is good but compromise leads to destruction. If you are interested in changing everything for the good, please read the messages of Our Lady of Akita Japan. Our Lady’s messages are not make believe theater or drama. They are the passionate warnings of a loving mother for mankind. There was a reason that Jesus asked us to travel the narrow road. Yes, you are right that people are changing but the teachings of Christ’s Church including Sacred Scripture are timeless.

    I am sure that many students tried out for a part in the play but only a few exceptionally talented students were chosen. Our life is not a dress rehearsal for the opportunity of being chosen to live a second life in hopes of trying out for another part in a high school play. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and the Resurrection. We are given one life and hopefully by our steadfast refusal to compromise the truth and by our remaining faithful to “all” of Christ’s teachings we will then be given the reward of Eternal Life.

    Matthew 22:14 “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

    • Okay, you have shown how minimal of an issue a school musical is, so can we please leave this issue alone?

  55. Few points that must be made:
    1. There are fallacies all over your arguments.
    2. Let your children face reality. Within 5 minutes on the news, you would hear at least 3 murder or rape cases. Don’t let them grow up to be naive and oblivious. You’re only setting them up for bad decisions. Let them be educated.
    3. The school isn’t telling them to have premarital sex and get an abortion. Stop assuming so, because they aren’t. Stop suggesting that the school is telling them to “Go forth and sin!”
    4. The message of this play is not inappropriate. Perhaps if you’d stop basing your judgments from the movie, you’d understand. Read the script and understand the underlying messages. It seems to me that a lot of us here need to improve our reading comprehension.

  56. First World Problems says:

    First world problems. Meanwhile in Uganada…

  57. Justice Provider says:

    National School of Character is a recognition that the Character Education Partnership started in 1998. A school that currently gets the title only gets it for 5 years, and must renew it to keep it. According to the CEP St. Genevieve is not on the “current” list. St Genevieve got the title in 2003. Because of a loophole, St. Genevieve can keep calling themselves a National School of Character, even if they no longer qualify, but they are not on the current list. So that title is meaningless

    • Regnum Christi says:

      There must be a loophole in the Catholic school system too as they keep calling themselves a Catholic school yet teaching everything contrary to Catholic beliefs. Somewhere on this commentary board someone noted that the public schools use this National School of Character concept too. No loopholes there, the founder of NSC, Michael Josephson is secular and believes in gay marriage.

    • Just in 2010, they performed at their national convention in San Francisco, and I think in 2007 or 2008, they performed at their national convention in Washington, D.C, so it seems as though the the Character Education Partnership seems to really appreciate them and their arts department, whether or not they officially keep the title. The CEP is well aware of SGHS and has never complained.

  58. I suggest that all representatives of St. Genevieve stop commenting on this article before it gets out of hand. Turn the other cheek, and just pray that all the drama stops. There will always be a battle between traditionalism and liberalism/progressivism. This is one prime example. So let’s just stop trying to shove down our personal beliefs down each other’s throats. Clearly, no one here wants to listen or is up for compromise, so why bother? More is said about our character by the words we choose to lay out in public.

    • Stop, I appreciate that you are trying to stop the discussion, but I wanted to say that traditional Catholicism is all about character, virtue, self-control and love for neighbor and God. What you are experiencing here is not traditionalism vs. liberalism. It sounds like St. Gen is a great Catholic school whose graduates have been trained in many virtues. I hope that the students realize that it is individuals who are Catholic who have taken exception to the play. While there are people who brand themselves Traditionalists (they reject Vatican II), traditional Catholics accept all of Catholicism. They are obedient to the Church in all things. In this case, as a traditional Catholic, if I objected to the play and presented my objection to the pastor or head of school and they listened to my objection and then decided to go ahead with the play, it would be an act of obedience to God and to the Church to accept the decision with peace and resignation. God bless you all.

  59. Catholic Mother says:

    First off, I have had a great time reading, especially DBW – XD, great stuff made me laugh till I cried. Thanks for giving up some of your Lent.

    I would like some clarification here on a couple of points people make. One is that the students are very mature, and that this is because of an open mind. Define maturity. Next, what, exactly, do people mean when they say open mind? Five year old children have the most open minds I can think of. They believe everything with wide-eyed wonder. I am not BASHING anyone, just pointing out that “open-mindedness” should be defined here for your own benefit, so please do not take this as an insult. I am asking you to clarify for your own sakes. (Hint, I’m looking for logic, not self-affirming statements)

    Next, more than one person says this play is not about drinking, homosexuality, prostitution, and whatever immorality it contains, while others have maintained that it is about those things, but only in the context of showing how these impact people negatively. Which is it? If the former, then what IS the primary content? And if the latter, can anyone give a logical and fact-filled explanation as to how this is shown in the play? (Other than that Liza Minelli’s face showed sadness under the assumed happiness.)

    Some posters defending the play have complained that other posters are misinformed. Yet they also claim things like “the original 1960′s version” and that the play is cleaned up. But there is one poster here who named the version (Revised 1987) and the company that owns the rights, and that by contract the play cannot be changed. Since that poster is using language consistent with stating facts, would the others please be specific about the information they put forth? Please use this opportunity to be factual.


  61. Some of you are so frikkin conservative it isn’t the ’70s anymore so what if its a play involving homosexuality and abortion? The students aren’t oblivious to those subjects and they shouldn’t be pushed away from learning about it either.

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