The Papal abdication

Benedict XVI’s problematic farewell
John Paul II and the future Benedict XVI

John Paul II and the future Benedict XVI

The following comes from a February 20 story in the Weekly Standard by Joseph Bottom, former editor of First Things.

….Some of the difficulties Benedict faced when he became pope derived from his Polish predecessor and the peculiar, fascinating way John Paul II seemed more to wear the papacy than rule it—administration by personal charisma. When John Paul II took office in 1979, he immediately perceived that he had been elected to lead an entrenched, recalcitrant (and mostly Italian) clerical bureaucracy in Rome—and a church outside of Italy that was still weak from the changes of the Second Vatican Council, locked in battles between conservatives, who thought the texts of Vatican II broke the church, and liberals, who thought the spirit of Vatican II required breaking even more.

John Paul’s solution was simply to do an end run around both his problems. He carried the papacy with him, rather than leaving it in Rome with the bureaucrats, and although he found a few people to help him with theological applications (notably Joseph Ratzinger), he mostly ignored the Roman world and used his personal staff as a kind of shadow Vatican—more real, as the years went by, than the Vatican itself. What’s more, he used the canons and decrees of Vatican II in a parallel way. Ignoring both armies of theological combatants in those 1970s-themed struggles, he ran around the world proclaiming directly to the people that Vatican II didn’t mark any break at all—but was, instead, a fully orthodox, fully intelligible flowering of the church’s long tradition.

As strategies for sidestepping the problems of his moment, both of these were brilliant and effective. Unfortunately, they also left the problems themselves unaddressed: time bombs waiting for his successor. For Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI.

And off with a boom they duly went. A church bank so incompetently run that the Bank of Italy finally prohibited all electronic teller transactions on Vatican territory, in an effort to stop the local criminals who were using them to launder money and cash in on stolen credit cards. A household staff who were pilfering papers and selling them to journalists and souvenir seekers. A press office that lurched from crisis to crisis like arsonists in firemen’s clothes—apparently incapable of not pouring gasoline on the fires they were called to put out. The aftermath of the Regensburg lecture in 2006, for instance, in which the pope was accused of insulting Islam, ought to be mandatory reading for press secretaries in how never to behave….

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  1. I am very saddened by the Papal abdication. Benedict XVI is a great Pope that brought us 8 years of a more Catholic Church. For this I am grateful. He always tried to convince with intellectual arguments. For example, his Jesus of Nazareth trilogy presents balanced historical arguments for and against. But this was a time in which some of us longed for a monarch that would guide us as the Vicar of Christ on earth. With Socialism/ Marxism resurgent in the political world, the pope was a refuge for many. The Pope is not a manager, he is uniquely chosen by the grace of the Holy Spirit. From now on, the Pope will be just another man. Sometimes humility can be excessive.

    The article says the Benedict was not a people person. This is not the case, he would light up when meeting groups or individuals. I was privileged to kiss Benedict’s ring twice. He truly loves meeting people. Papal audiences could have been eliminated and the administration left to Cdl. Bertone. We needed a pastor that would keep the hermeneutic of rupture at bay. We shall see what type of Bishops and Cardinals he appointed with the help of Cardinal Oullet. It appears that in California we have improved; the new Cardinals perhaps not so Impressive. We got a great eight years, so Vielen Dank Heilige Vater!

  2. R.B. Rodda says:

    I have been thinking and praying on the matter of the coming new pope this evening. Like it or not the Church continued to weaken throughout the pontificates of Pope JPII and Pope BXVI. As wonderul at both men were in their own ways, they were not able to turn God’s giant ship known as the Catholic Church.

    The Church needs true renewal! The Church needs an extremely strong and able leader or the misery and weakening will continue…

    • The church doesn’t need any more “renewal”. It needs to undo Vatican II and get back to the church of all time.

      • R.B. Rodda says:


        It does NOT need to “undo Vatican II.” That kind of thinking is partially what has driven the Church to the depths it now inhabits.

        It needs TRUE RENEWAL — not the garbage that has been passed off as renewal for the past 50+ years.

    • Rodda, this is due to the disobedience, arrogance and pride of many (but not all) Cardinals and Bishops.

      • R.B. Rodda says:

        I tend to agree to a large extent.

        There are clearly some outstanding (arch)bishops in the Church. But how many are truly great leaders? How many are powerful shepherds?

        I think MANY bishops are simply not up to the vocations they are assigned. They become bishops due to Church politics and not because they are truly able and willing, and not became they are called!

        • It takes only one super holy bishop to turn the tide, as history has shown. Pope Bendict has called the bishops to holiness … none have replied with all their heart, all their mind, all their soul and all their strength … note the last condition, “all their strength”, and muse on the current event.

          • Oh? How do you know this? Do you have a special insight into bishops’ souls that you cannot detect one of them holy? Your assertions are laughable.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        MATT yes that is true too but you must admit that it comes with the territory….

  3. The author of the article shows a lack of understanding, and posts some incorrect information.

    Pope Benedict is a great teacher of our time, and did much to reform the Church within his short 8 years as our Pope, and also as previously “Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”.

    Pope Benedict will also be known as a great reformer of our time.

    Go to the Vatican web site for his Motu Proprios, Apostolic Letters, Encyclicals and more. Knowing these will help spread the truth.

    I only wish Pope Benedict had the strength and health to continue cleaning up those things that still need attention. But then unfortunately this will be a continuous process.

    • R.B. Rodda says:

      I don’t think so.

      I believe Benedict had to face and deal with much that JPII simply ignored — and allowed to fester.

      But a “great reformer?” Not even close

    • “Great teacher”? So, Pope Benedict has taught something that we cannot find written in the Magisterial docuements already? It is not God who gives and takes great saints, for He has already given us everything and continues to provide us with everything … It is we who refuse to accept what God gives us. As Jesus asks us, “Do we think that God gives us snakes?”

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Gail you are correct…I agree with you 100 percent!

  4. The True Catholic Church is all about SALVATION and it is not liberal or conservative, as these are just useless terms made up by the very blind media. For 2000 years the Church has been attacked by the devil and now he has far too many so-called “catholics” helping him, but, we know, that God is still in charge and He has the last word. I didn’t bother to read the whole article as this little bit shows enough nonsense to ignore it. Why was this even posted on this site as there isn’t even anything worthwhile to read??? +JMJ+

    • R.B. Rodda says:


      • Abeca Christian says:

        well JMJ Not to be rude but the reality is that these modern times have affected many people and it is suitable to state the obvious…..they have names you know……just like in the infant years of our faith, there were other names used….how are we to help our youth define the difference and what leads to salvation…not everyone is born with the knowledge or wisdom that you have now, Of course those of us who know the true Catholic Church knows that but for the souls who are still wondering….we must point out the obvious that is what is causing their blindness and it could mean the big difference between those terms you find useless. Speak their language….in order to help them identify where they may have gone wrong.

  5. The most needed and most important document of our time came out under Pope John Paul II with the assistance of Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) – -
    The “CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition”.

    “ The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which I approved … and the publication of which I today order by virtue of my Apostolic Authority, is a statement of the Church’s faith and of catholic doctrine, attested to or illumined by Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition and the Church’s Magisterium.
    I declare it to be a sure norm for teaching the faith and thus a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion. “ – Pope John Paul II. (CCC pg 5)

    “Through the harmonious and complementary efforts of all the ranks of the People of God, may this Catechism be known and shared by everyone,
    so that the unity in faith whose supreme model and origin is found in the Unity of the Trinity may be strengthened and extended to the ends of the earth.” – Pope John Paul II (CCC pg xv)

    The author of the above article never even mentioned the CCC, which is now 20 years old, and written for the entire world.

  6. The Catholic Church will happily carry on its mission whether the Pope is Polish, German, Italian, or Californian.

    We’ve ALWAYS had problems, and have survived for two thousand years. And of course, no matter what happens in the Vatican beaurocracy, the people of God will continue to live their Catholic faith, and spread it, in their parishes, until Jesus returns in glory.

  7. In addition to the CCC mentioned by others, we now have also the YouCat, written in large part by Christoph Cardinal Schönborn (of Vienna, Austria), and approved and commissioned by Pope Benedict XVI.

    This catechism for young people is yet another example of the Church trying to find good, solid, user-friendly ways to pass on the faith in a world that has ignored Christianity for far too long in search of wealth, power and prestige.

    (And no, it’s not for cats — it’s for people…sigh…must one explain everything?)

    • Laurette Elsberry says:

      YouCat is not a good product and the fact that it was produced under Cardinal Schonborn makes it less so. Cardinal Schonborn has a reputation of being too accepting of homosexual relationships, and he is also too accepting of the proliferation of alleged apparitions which are causing dissention in the Church. I pray that he is not going to earn any votes in the papal election.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Thank you Laurette for the information….I like to be informed which to lead me to the truth and seek quality.

      • YouCat (Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church) is an excellent product. It references back to the paragraphs in the CCC.

        Cardinal Schonborn wrote the truth of the Faith in this book, not his personal opinions.

        Pope Benedict wrote the introduction.

        Everything in YOUCAT is correct.

        There was a language translation error in ONLY the Italian version, which was caught within days and has been completely fixed.

        • If Catholics practiced their faith, then they would not need crutches such as CCC or Youcat, for they would know how to lead others and youth to faith in Christ.

          • Skai,

            God bless you, I know you mean well but it is not helpful to refer to the CCC as a crutch. Skai, if you could witness the vitriolic hatred for the CCC in some of our Catholic schools by those who seek to undermine the faith, you would recognize the value of this excellent teaching tool. You are a great defender of goodness but each time you negate the value of the CCC then you are truly pleasing those who do not accept Church teaching. I know that is not your goal.

            Here is just one of the many examples that convey the importance of the CCC. A religion teacher let the high school students stand in front of the class and take turns explaining what they had learned in the CCC. The young teacher sat in the back of the classroom when the new priest at the parish walked in and sat at the back to listen to what the student had learned. The priest turned to the teacher and said, “Ughhh! Those teachings are obsolete. I wonder how many years it will take before we won’t have to hear this kind of stuff.”

            Skai, Teachers have been terminated for teaching from the CCC. Those who disdain Church teaching are pleased as punch when someone devalues it in any way. Especially a person who loves attending the Tridentine Mass. The Catechism is a teaching tool that leaves no wiggle room for dissenters. Dissenters have taken Sacred Scripture and interpreted their own meanings. I just learned something recently. I did not know that dissenters had interpreted their own Rainbow Bible of teachings. It is absolutely astounding how something called the Rainbow Bible is being used to excuse mortal sin through bad interpretations of Sacred Scripture. The Catechism of the Catholic Church would teach a person who was calling himself or herself a Catholic, that they were not adhering to Catholic teaching. Many misguided souls would either learn that they are being fooled and want to reflect on this and stop sinning or because of free will and mutual support of sin, many might choose to continue on their journey of fooling themselves. The CCC completely ties in with Sacred Scripture and leaves no wiggle room for those who want to justify certain sins. This is why many avoid the teachings contained in CCC like the plague. The knowledge attained by studying the CCC does lead others to Christ. That knowledge is also placed into action. I am curious to learn from you if someone is teaching you to think this way or is it just your personal thoughts?

            It is because I care about you that I would ask you to reflect on your consistent misunderstanding of the tremendous value of the CCC. I know that if you personally witnessed the many times there have been insults, digs and complete disdain for the catechism from heretics you would recognize that there was absolutely something wonderful there that they did not want others to know about or learn about. That something is the truth without wiggle room for personal interpretations that can mislead others.

          • Catherine, the CCC is being pumped up in the same manner as the Baptists pump up the Bible … as a replacement for the pope and bishops. The CCC seems fine to me but it includes rhetoric that is nebulous, ambiguous, indeterminate in some important areas … Also these catechisms pop up from era to era and always have changes: This does not do a lot for teaching that Church doctrine never changes.

          • A faithful teacher does not need the CCC or the Youcat; an unfaithful teacher would only slaughter the CCC or Youcat.

          • This comment of Skai’s is outrageous. It contradicts the solemn words of the late Holy Father The Blessed John Paul endorsing the Catechism.

            The Blessed John Paul wrote: “I declare [the Catechism] to be a sure norm for teaching the faith and thus a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion. May it serve the renewal to which the Holy Spirit ceaselessly calls the Church of God, the Body of Christ, on her pilgrimage to the undiminished light of the Kingdom!”

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Catherine and Skai I must say I read both your points of view and I understand both sides. I get what Catherine is saying but I also get what Skai is saying too. I remember when I first bought the very first edition of the CCC, later to find out that they told us to destroy them because there were many errors found….then we bought the most current one.

            Now another reflection is true on what Catherine has pointed out….the way many parishes are run today with much abuse, I can see why it’s important to have the seed there…the CCC….if people are poorly Catechized and especially CCD teachers…well it is a important to start somewhere, we can’t go wrong with beginning with the word of God, the Bible and the CCD together as our youth explore and learn their faith, then they will hopefully be intrigued to dig further and read the early church doctors. I know that my grandmum didn’t have the CCC and she knew the faith better than most. But she was a rare breed….Skai you have to admire Catherines lovely post to you…she is lovely at conveying and she makes excellent points. I guess this is not up for debate…the matter of the truth is that the CCC does contain many of the teachings of the faith…period…if some start there, it can be good.

          • Yes, Abeca, I enjoy Catherine’s posts, even when she takes me to task. Science or the seeking of truth only comes to a stop when there is a mitigating factor such as money … which does not enter the framework here, and so the rewards are greater.

          • Catherine, the CCC is only good for people who can read well, and then it only serves those who have no serious problems to solve. Most people who can read cannot deal with the level of bureaucrat-ese which is the style of this work at least in the English language. And many people do not read well other than, say, technical material or fiction. Because of this fact, the CCC really does not do a whole lot to gain the attention of countless souls who seek God but are being thrown off by vague and ambiguous materials. The doctors of the Church write way better and are easier to understand than the CCC.

          • Skai, without the Bible and the CCC, just where do you think the majority of Catholics will learn their Faith in entirety?

      • It is hard to trust any of the cardinals or other bishops in the Vatican. Another cardinal has been brought up on homosexual accusations, this time Archbishop O’Brien, the head of the Church in Scotland. Where will it end? Not only does Our Lady, as we are informed by various bloggers, tell us that stuff like this is getting worse, but the New Testament says it also, both in one of the Letters of St John and in the Apocalypse. Those pointy head types who are always dissing the Book of the Apocalypse (because they take their interpretation from television wackos) need to engage in some Catholic realignment programs.

        • Skai, if you can’t trust many Bishops (and I agree that is sometimes a problem), then you do need the CCC to know what the Church really teaches.

          Anyone who is literate (in any language) can read the CCC.

          Everyone should be greatful that we have two great books to find the TRUTH in entirety under all circumstances.

  8. From the article: “His aging has brought little new; he has been, all in all, a terrible executive of the Vatican. Not in San Celestino’s league, of course, but as bad as a pope has been for 200 years.” First he excoriates Benedict for being a bad adminstrator, then for quitting the papacy and not letting the world watch him die in office. With friends like Bottom, Benedict doesn’t need any enemies.

    • “Worship God with … all your strength” (Jesus). I’d say that Pope BenedictXVI has some strength left over, so the question becomes one of whether it is he would be worshiping God more in abdication or in remaining on the throne. A bit of a thorny question, as they say, and in this case aptly so.

  9. Benedict XVI was a wonderful Pope. I am sorry he resigned. He should have taken less duties and continued as Pope for the rest of his life but there must be reasons we do not know for his resignation and maybe will never know.

    God bless Benedict XVI and the pray the Holy Spirit help us in the selection of a good new Pope.

  10. Pope Benedict was a very kind man, highly intelligent, a profilic writer and thinker, but hopelessly miscast in an office that required leadership skills, public relations savy that, like most intellectuals and theologians, he simply did not possess nor was he interested in. The poor man quckly learned that the Church needs more that re-wording the Mass responses and prohibiting “Yahweh” in the local church to refashion the Church as a result of its many crises.

    The next Pope will need to quickly restore trust and confidence in the Vatican as an institution that truly cares about the laity, is concerned about corruption and criminal wrongdoing in its own ranks within the worldwide institutional Church.

    My recommendation for how to start that process? Have the entire Vatican staff, every single one of them, hand in their resignations within 30 days, after which time the new Pope can reappoint some to their current posts, appoint some to new assignments, and thank the rest for their service and suggest they seek other work outside of the Vatican. It would shake things up and give the new Pontiff a leg up in getting the sprawling beauracucy to work more effectively, heal many internal wounds, and give his agenda for reform a good head of steam.

    Think about it, folks…

  11. I am not surprised by what the author of this article wrote. He wrote a article some years ago on the homosexual priest scandal in the Orange diocese and ridiculed a couple who shown the light on what was taking place under Bishop Todd Brown.

  12. I used to read those two publications mentioned in the intro, and always found them to be more like “go along to get along” rags than anything of value.

  13. This abdication is just another sign of active modernism in the Vatican 2 Church as it evolves into whatever it will become. Is it any different than Cardinals being required to retire at 80 years old, or priests retiring at 65 years old? I hate to imagine what the future holds for the Vatican 2 Church. A gut feeling tells me if the trend continues the way it has for the last 50 years, there will be no Vatican 2 Church in two generations, that is effectively what has taken place in Europe.

    • How, exactly, is this resignation a sign of “active modernism”. The only possible connection I can make is that modern medicine is extending lifetimes so effectively, that you’re getting more and more Popes that are still alive, but not physically up to the demands of the job.

      I suppose you come from the idea that God appoints the Pope and that God will cause his death when He wants the Pope’s term to end. What will it take for you to understand that’s not how the world works? Does a Pope have to have a debilitating stroke to the point where they are a virtual vegetable (like happened to my grandfather) before you accept that age and health could take away the ability for a Pope to be an effective leader?

      Some people seem to think everything that happens in the world is ordered and specifically planned by God. That’s not my model of the world. I guess I tend to think of God as only intervening in human affairs only when things will get seriously off kilter (for God’s purposes). I think of nature as sort of like a computer program that does things its designer might not specifically intend, but as long as that operation does not harm the ultimate purpose of the design, the designer does not bother to fix it.

      Thus, to me, Benedict’s decision does not violate God’s will. In fact, God allows the choice. In my view of the world, Benedict has the freedom to recognize whether he can or cannot adequately meet the needs of the Church (which is a moral decision). He made the unusual choice of surrendering worldly position and power (a choice few people make). Thus, I think that Benedict’s abdication flows from humility and putting the needs of the Church before his own ego: consequently, I view it in a positive light.

      Of course, I come from a philosophical view that does not prize obedience to God as the primary purpose of human existence. I think human beings were created as metaphysical beings (a fusion of spiritual and animal) as a way to develop our spirituality. Instead of OBEYING God, the world is intended to show us (through experience) why we should genuinely make moral decisions like God (as much as we limited humans can think like an Omniscient Being) So that rather than obedience (which suggests we want something other than God, thus we CONFLICT with God) we come to want what God wants. IN short, our worldly experiences are designed to persuade us to come to HARMONY with God rather than submit.

      Submission and obedience are only way-points along the path to the ultimate goal. And, if the obedience is for the wrong reasons, (fear of punishment or the desire for eternal reward) it can be a dead end to spiritual development.

      However, if you see life as an “obedience” contest, where the goal is to discern the will of God and make the “right” choice, then you’re going ot view things differently. You’ll see Benedict’s abdication as gainsaying God’s will and not having sufficient faith in God’s wisdom.



      • JonJ, your theories of how things are and ought to be make no sense. Have you not yet read the leaked documents from the Pope’s safe? The several hundred pages?

  14. Just by the fact that there is so much turmoil in various factions of the modern V2 Church, so many disagreements and difference of opinions between what should be catholic bloggers that should all be one in the faith, and so little of the true Roman Catholic worship, faith, and practices that has been passed on to our generation and subsequent generations, and worst of all the loss of the Roman Catholic faith in millions of what would have been practicing Roman Catholics only shows the bad fruit of V2 and how we have all been misled and deceived. The state of the Church didn’t grow better folks with V2, it grew far worse. I’d give V2 a grade F. The trouble is how does the modern V2 Church get back on its right track and correct itself when the leadership isn’t even catholic. Ever compare the Canon of the Norvus Ordo Mass to the TLM and the Lutheran’s service? Visit a Lutheran Church and pick up their religious worship text. Compare it to a Norvus Ordo Missalette. The Canons are nearly identical in words. Then compare them to the TLM Canon and weep for what we have lost. Our Lady foretold that in the end of times, our only refuge would be her Immaculate Heart and to pray Her Rosary to receive sanctifying grace, that is because, according to the Great Apostasy prophecy, the Roman Catholic Church would be less available (but not end because Christ would be with her to the end of time) to the faithful. The V2 Church and its leaders are not what most think of them to be. Find a traditional Roman Catholic Parish and enjoy. Live a holy Lent by praying the Stations of the Cross, abstinence, and fasting!

    • Harv, the novus ordo apologists argue that it is closer to the liturgy presented by St Justyn Martyr to Caesar Augustus in the second century, which you can google up and read.

  15. Harv…you and I are congruent it appears on matters of faith and morals…the modernism that has gripped the Church since V2, was ushered in by the “smoke of satan”…as proclaimed by Pope Paul the VI, in a sermon he gave in 72…

  16. Skai, guy, being a “faithful Catholic” does NOT mean you don’t need the CCC, the YouCat, the Bible, or to keep updated by reading what the Magisterium in teaching in 2013.

    These things are all tools to help us grow in the faith, not crutches — and if we don’t want our faith to remain on a second grade level, it’s good to read adult sources that help us understand, and then articulate our faith, especially to our younger people, and to those who attack Catholicism.

    Sure, you can be a “faithful Catholic” and never read the CCC, especially if you are poor, illiterate, and/or working 12 jobs to feed your family; but for those who CAN spend time updating their faith, it’s a good thing.

    • The Church did a whole lot better for millenia without the CCC or the YouCat. These things are irrelevant.

    • Mackz, the Magisterium is no different today than twothousand years ago. Perhaps you are confusing Canon Law with the Dogma of Faith.

  17. This prayer, writted by Archbishop William Lori, is to be prayed daily until a new pope is elected: O Lord Jesus Christ, Supreme Pastor of Your Church, we thank you for the ministry of Pope Benedict XVI and the selfless care with which he has led us as Successor of Peter, and Your Vicar on earth. Good Shepherd, who founded Your Church on the rock of Peter’s faith and have never left Your flock untended, look with love upon us now, and sustain Your Church in faith, hope, and charity. Grant, Lord Jesus, in Your boundless love for us, a new Pope for Your Church who will please You by his hoiness and lead us faithfully to You, who are the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.

    • Umm…that’s real nice of Archbishop Lori to command that his prayer be used each day, but I’ll just stick with, “thy will be done.”

      • Mackz, you know he didn’t command it. Pray as you wish.

        • Anon, when I read k’s statement (“this is to be prayed daily…”), I assumed Archbishop Lori had issued some commandment.

          Guys with miters like to do that. Maybe k meant something different.

  18. Well, the usual assortment of clux are coming out of the woodwork re this one. Not surprising. And it’s partly the fault of the editors of this increasingly p.c. site,who really only like the comments of the Catholic Traditionalists, they NEVER get censored.For they can be as sedavacantistic as they wannabe and they’ll NEVER hear about it.
    Like all human beings, Benedict XVI is flawed. Big surprise, huh? Only to a moron. He IS somewhat of a weak sister. But he’s also closing in on 86, and arguably not in the best of health. There’s n question in my mind, however, that the former Cdl. Ratzinger is one of the BRILLIANT MINDS that the Papacy has seen in the last hundred years.

    What the Catholic church needs now, in this murderous epoch of much slaying of the innocent unborn, is a FEROCIOUS defender of LIFE such as the Papacy has never seen before. If the Holy Virgin,CO–REDEMPTRIX OF THE HUMAN RACE, will so graciously pray for us, we’ll see such a pope being anointed in March. Count on it! GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

    • MarkRite, there is NO SUCH THING as a co-redemptor or co-redemptrix of the human race — Jesus, the ONLY Son of God, redeemed by human race by HIS Paschal Mystery.

      The Blessed Mother was not nailed to the cross, nor did she die for our sins — Jesus did.

      As for the title of this particular article, the Holy Father is not “abdicating” like some European princeling — he is resigning. We should not use royal titles for things more important than any royal family.

    • markrite – there are only Catholic Faithful, Catholic Heretics and Catholic Schismatics.
      Those who adhere to the Bible and the CCC are Catholic Faithful. The rest are not – and by definition are heretics and/or schismatic.
      Regarding the Mass, both the Ordinary (vernacular language) and the Extraordinary (Latin) forms are holy.

      If you are really a ‘Catholic’, you would know CCC: ” 95 It is clear therefore that, in the supremely wise arrangement of God, sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church are so connected and associated that one of them cannot stand without the others.
      Working together, each in its own way, under the action of the one Holy Spirit, they all contribute effectively to the salvation of souls. ”

      Those who slam ‘tradition”, slam the Catholic Church.

  19. I think you all need to read
    by Fr. Dariusz Oko, Ph.D.
    I do not have the link, but it is online to read for free, and should be shared with every Catholic you know. Just google it.
    It explains so much about what has happened to our Church and what Pope Benedict XVI had to deal with during his seat, and what he accomplished. He tackled problems in our Church that had been left to fester for decades. No wonder he is so ill. I will miss him greatly, because he was one of our most courageous Popes in a long time.

  20. Paleobotanist says:

    Unquestionably the Church has been inundated with homosexual clergy, as well as homosexual religious, and many have a very definite agenda… and this wouldn’t be so entirely revolting if they weren’t out crusading and attempting to poison the laity and faithful with this disordered sexual orientation. I have already articulated that homosexuality is a form of sexual paraphillia — right up their with zoophilia, coprophilia, necrophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and a whole host of other forms of sexual deviance that are treatable, if the afflicted is open to therapy and redirection. These “malcontents” who are out browbeating everyone with the rainbow flag are actually encouraging others to endorse this perversion and validate this gravely sinful behavior. The seminary in my hometown was overridden with modernist, flamboyant homosexual seminarians some years ago, and I hear that it’s only been since Archbishop Gomez became the Archbishop of Los Angeles, that this cesspool of modernism and perversion has been addressed.

    • “They keep talking about paedophilia among clergymen, while it is most often the case that the problem is ephebophilia, which is a
      perversion consisting in adult homosexual men being attracted not to children, but to pubescent and adolescent boys.
      It is a typical deviation related to homosexuality.
      Basic knowledge about that reality includes the fact that more than 80 percent of cases involving sexual abuse by clergymen reported in the U.S.A. were cases of ephebophilia, not paedophilia!

      That fact has been carefully hidden and ignored, as it reveals particularly well the hypocrisy of the homolobby in both the world and the Church.
      It is all the more important that it be exposed.” — from “WITH THE POPE AGAINST THE HOMOHERESY” by Father Dariusz Oko, Ph.D.

      (A link to this paper can be found in full by searching – “New Pope & Homoheresy 02-22″ by ChurchMilitantTV.)

      • In the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, God did not differentiate among the variety of perverse sexual practices, but simply destroyed everyone involved with it … and not only that but He destroyed Lot’s wife for turning back to look at the inferno … no doubt her heart linguered there and God was not going to put up with it at all.

      • Paleobotanist says:

        Absolutely…if the Bishops’s agreed with this, they would not have ordained many of these fallen cleric’s who not only sexually assaulted young men…but once brought under control, freely admitted that they were homosexual…this is a fact without equivocation…methinks many of the Bishops are “gay” as well…that’s why they weren’t as vigilant in denying ordination to these shameful men, who scandalize the office of the ministerial priesthood, by indulging in this perversion as they sought out young men to “bugger”…

  21. Yesterday I was at the Religious Education Congress. National Catholic Reporter had a booth inside passing out its newspaper. This is the same newspaper that the local bishop called a disgrace to the Church and he said it was not to call itself Catholic. Also inside was the Los Angeles archdiocese Gay and Lesbian ministry booth with their rainbow flags displayed. Right across from them was a pro life booth. The “seamless garment” was on display. There was an anti-catholic man outside protesting and yelling in people faces as they passed by. I felt like he was sent there as a judgement on the people for allowing the scandals of homoheresy and liturgical abuses. He was screaming awful things against the Church and our Holy Father. There were also several “women priestess” promoting their cause by walking around wearing clerical clothing. They held a banner outside the convention center. I also saw Mr. Fisher with several other faithful Catholics peacefully hand out fliers warning the people of the heterodox speakers. It is a shame and scandal that there were not more faithful Catholics publicly denouncing this Religious education congress.

    • I don’t live in that area, but please – please EACH of those of you who were there and witnessed, – write a brief letter/email of what happened to LA Archbishop Gomez. Only include the heretic or schismatic participants of the REC, not those only outside who have nothing to do with the REC.
      No California Bishops should allow the REC to meet within his Diocese, or he should publically speak against attending prior to the next conference.
      The Scandals need to stop.
      Bishop Sheridan of Denver just came out against the NC Reporter this weekend, and said no Bishop should allow this paper to be distributed through any Catholic function within his Diocese.
      Thank you Mr. Fisher for your dedicated work. I hope the REC turn-out was lousy.
      (The seamless garment theory started by Cardinal Bernardin and picked up by Cardinal Mahony are that all sins are practically equal, so that Catholics would be comfortable to vote for Democrats who support abortion.
      To this day the USCCB gives out a Cardinal Bernardin Award for social work – that does not include evangelization.

      • Sandy, the seamless garment refers to the robe of Jesus that was not torn apart after they stripped Him and nailed him to the cross. The soldiers did not tear it, but cast lots for it. The seamless garment proposal was made by Eileen Eagan and it states that human life is the most important consideration when making moral decisions. Cardinal Bernadin proposed a consistent ethic of life. He deplored the idea that all life issues are equal. He was an outspoken defender of human life and an opponent to crimes against life especially abortion.

        • The “seamless garment” is a mythological idea stemming back millenia. It is a version of the “golden thread”, then updated to an app known as the “Silk Road” and Jesus was presented with a garment made from one thread, woven without seam. This golden thread is the idea that commerce can eventually connect all of mankind in peace. It was give Jesus in a way that the crown of thorns was given him … a gesture by people, of both cynical and well intentioned sort, who had no real clue what He was all about. The seamless garment is a symbol of man’s attempt to twist Jesus into something commercial … and many bishops lap it up.

    • Paleobotanist says:

      Stop attending…I did…very little at the congress EVEN feels Catholic…it’s pathetic

  22. Susanne, thanks for your report. Glad to hear Mr. Fisher had some help.

  23. Despite its common usage in discussion of papal resignations, the term “abdication” is not used in the official documents of the Church for resignation by a pope.

  24. “it seemed like the Lord was sleeping”: Hmn, what about “It seemed like the bishops were sleeping”? I suspect someone other than the Pope is writing his speeches.

  25. Skai, read your Bible. His Holiness was clearly alluding to the story in the Bible of the disciples’ boat being tossed by the waves while the Lord on board appears to be asleep. Whoever wrote the speech, and I have no doubt it was Benedict himself, he was clearly inspired by the Spirit to remember this Biblical passage. Again, read your Bible!

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