Woman rushed to hospital after botched abortion in Bakersfield

Three incidents in five months
Abortionist Wagner

Abortionist Wagner

The following comes from a February 5 post on LifeNews.com.

Yesterday, an ambulance rushed a woman in Bakersfield, to the hospital after she was injured in a botched abortion at the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic.

Pro-life sidewalk counselor, Terri Palmquist, who was at the clinic at the time indicates Vernon Wagner, the abortion practitioner at the facility, has botched at least three abortions over the last five months.

“Minutes ago a Hispanic woman being transported from abortion chamber…pray for her, repentance and healing,” she said on her Facebook page.

Palmquist continued: “Police on way to FPA abortion chamber…As abortionist was leaving, I said, “so did you botch another abortion along with killing all these babies?” He started swearing and screaming at me as he quickly approached me, “You don’t know what the ….. you are talking about, b……!”
I replied, “I know you are killing babies and have botched abortions!” [Vernon] Wagner, still approaching me as I stayed on the public sidewalk yells, get the f… out of my face!” He jumps down from parking lot and I thought he was coming to punch me, but he went to our crosses and started pitching them in the street! All the while screaming swear words!”

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  1. Maryanne Leonard says:

    This is how my Norwegian immigrant grandmother died at the age of 23, at the hands of an abortionist. I can show you today, almost 90 years later, how the tragedy of the enormous loss of a mother’s love is affecting innocent people in our family to this day. The wages of sin is death. The sins of the fathers . . . and mothers . . . shall be visited upon the children unto . . . you know the rest, and so do I.

  2. Another loyal and courageous pro lifer! Yes, spend sometime outside an abortion mill like planned parenthood and you will see ambulances arrive without sirens to take women withering in pain to local emergency rooms because of botched abortions. I thought that with the passage of Roe v Wade that abortions were going to be SAFE and RARE! NOT!

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      Abortions are never safe for the child, nor for the mother for that matter, and at least spiritually speaking, they are unsafe for fathers as well. The father who wants to murder his child is already a damaged soul, and if he insists that the child be murdered and arranges for it to be done legally or otherwise, he is guilty of sin and, as they say, “guilty as sin.” Abortions are seemingly safe for abortionists and their accomplices, assistants and the arrangers of the murders, but to be involved in such work is severely damaging to the heart, mind and soul as well for everyone involved. The only truly safe person is involved is the landlord of the building, that is, until he or she discovers what is going on in their property; if they continue to accept rent from murdering tenants, the question arises if the blood of the child has been spilt upon them as well. Furthermore, those among us who support these murders must be considered accomplices, and I fully expect that Judgment Day will prove a shocking comeuppance for those who have endorsed such murders. Will every inhabitant of our society be damned to hell on that day? I cannot say, of course, but it seems to me that those who stand with God and denounce murdering His children will be counted as among the righteous. Silence in the face of murder can be seen as countenancing the murder of God’s children, and in that regard can perhaps be deemed unsafe for anyone living in a murderous society who fails to denounce it repeatedly at every turn. As to rare, abortion, whether legal or illegal, will always exist as long as love is lacking. The most all-encompassing, never-failing love is the love of God; therefore, go forth and preach in all the lands.

  3. 40 Days for Life is starting next week. This is a great way to take a pro life stance. Praying in front of abortion clinics is so rewarding. Just take a friend with you for courage. Hopefully your church will encourage involvement. Ask the priest to mention it or put it in the bulletin.

    This doctor needs to be investigated.

  4. Abeca Christian says:

    We want to punish the men/women who perform the abortions, whether they do it right or wrong….ultimately we must also understand that in order to have an abortion, there needs to be someone willing to walk in that path. To volunteer one’s child in that, is truly a horrific and awful thing.

    What have we done or gone wrong, to our women that they feel the need to place their child and also themselves in harms way!

  5. Abeca Christian says:

    Where there is a demand for abortions and easy access to them, there is the temptation for some to provide them as well.

    It’s a sad reality but it’s true. Look at Eve, she was tempted to try the forbidden fruit. She convinced Adam to try it as well.

    There are the innocent caught in the middle of all those temptations of sin. With all the resources we now have for women to find an alternative, they still think that an abortion is the only and best solution.

    You can have a good girl but she can be poor in character. Some learn by the pro-life message, but there are those who have to go make big mistakes to finally get it and there are those who just never get it.

    Lets continue to pray!

  6. to the counselors: Be sure to say the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary to everyone you meet each time you go to the clinic.

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COMMENTS POLICY: Comments are limited to 250 words, and should not contain offensive or libelous language. Please strive to be civil. All comments are subject to approval by our moderator and to editing as the moderator deems appropriate. Inclusion of your email address is optional.