Catholic military chaplains could soon become outlaws

Army deputy chief of staff: they ‘need to get out’
Archbishop Broglio

Archbishop Broglio

The following comes from a January 27 blog by Father George Rutler on

The Geneva Convention’s classification of military chaplains as noncombatants has traditionally been interpreted in the United States to mean that chaplains normally do not carry weapons. This often puts them in precarious positions when they are in war zones. Over four hundred chaplains have been killed in the line of duty. Catholic chaplains are especially exposed to dangerous situations by their obligation to administer Absolution and Anointing. They have received every kind of decoration for valor, and seven have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

All four chaplains awarded the Medal since the Civil War have been Catholic. Among them, Lieutenant Vincent Capodanno, a Maryknoll priest and Navy chaplain, who served with the Marine Corps and was killed while aiding the second Platoon of M Company at the battle of Dong Son in Vietnam, has been proposed for heaven’s highest honor, canonization as a saint.

The military chaplaincy is under threat by our own government as part of its social agenda. One year ago, the Army’s Office of the Chief of Chaplains tried to forbid Catholic chaplains from reading a statement from the Military Ordinary, Archbishop Timothy Broglio, who oversees all priests in the Catholic Ordinariate for the Armed Forces, in which he objected to federally mandated health insurance covering sterilization, abortifacients and contraception in violation of the right to religious freedom. Now the government would compel chaplains to acquiesce in “same-sex” simulations of marriage. The Army’s deputy chief of staff in charge of personnel has said that military members who dissent from this agenda are “bigoted” and “need to get out.”

As behavior contrary to Christian morality becomes a civil right, Catholics in particular could soon become, quite literally, outlaws. Our current President recently announced that he will disobey a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by his own hand, which states that chaplains cannot be forced “to perform any rite, ritual or ceremony that is contrary to the conscience, moral principles or religious beliefs of the chaplain.”

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  1. The military is really not challenged by competing militaries and has no need to create and maintain high levels of character. Even many of its leaders are corrupt pretty much like many Catholic bishops, and this corruption thrives on corruption in the rest of the ranks. It’s becoming a homosexual military led by men and women who have not ever experienced high levels of character development. They are comparative frauds in many cases, sending million dollar missles to hit a couple of bad guys … bad because they do not cow tow to American demands. The USA may well have legitimate military business in these energy producing regions, and its warring presence in them may be critical to US energy interests; however, a homosexual and effeminate military is also going to be a sadistic and cruel military given time to get there. At that stage it can be defeated by much lesser militaries. I’d call for the Church to yank its chaplains from all military involvement and see what happens.

    • Absolutely Skai. Now that homosexuals are welcome and encouraged by the entire leadership nothing else can be expected other than homosexual armed forces — not places for Catholic chaplains who cannot follow the orders that are to come. And why would any heterosexual person, never mind a practicing Catholic, want to volunteer for “service” in a homosexual military anyway, and fight and risk his and now her life, for what? This rerun of Decline and Fall is happening at warp speed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why? It’s called “honor” . . .

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        That’s right, Philippe. It’s raining gay, and the next thing you know there will be puddles of gay where once there were lakes of straight people. Where there were blue skies, they will be pink. And rainbows everywhere. The Purple Heart will become fuchsia, and the Stars and Stripes will become one big polka dotted scarf.

        • The public will one day wake up and destroy the gay movement.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Skai I pray for that day to come, if that doesn’t happen, then it will take our Lord to do if for us… destroy the movement!

        • “Fellow Catholic” (sic) If you were a “faithful Catholic” you would not shriek so much and maybe see the errors of your “ways”. Go peddle your blasphemy some where else.

          • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


            Thanks for writing what I would have written. God bless you and keep you under His Mother’s Mantle.

            God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
            Kenneth M. Fisher

        • Oh Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to you. And pray for those who don’t have recourse to you, especially the enemies of the church.

      • There is way more gays in the Catholic Church than in our military. Don’t ask don’t tell has been part of Church doctrine for thousands of years. Love the sinner not the sin (DADT).

        • Anonymous says:

          The sinner and the sin sometimes unite, Sam. Then what do you recommend? How about kicking out the trash as much as possible?

    • Oh Brother! Will you please find another blog to annoy.

  2. Clinton R. says:

    Another example of how Emperor Obama is pushing homosexuality down our throats. After all, a major thrust of his presidency is to promote this depraved lifestyle and any religious objection be damned. Satan’s influence is becoming more and more prevalent in our world and man is cooperating through his refusal to obey moral and natural law.

    • In science there’s the law that for every action there is a reaction and in history that is called backlash, and I suspect that when the rather naive and ‘hopeful’ liberals of today get a real taste of just what radical homosexuality really is… like an average of 500 sexual partners in the lifetime of a white homosexual male, and that only about 2% live in the otherwise fictitious monogamous, long lasting relationship, and I don’t know what the percentage is for pederasts, but I suggest that on further acquaintance people are going to rediscover why there is such a harsh judgment in the Bible (which they’re trying to re-write) and why throughout history there were stringent laws against sodomy. They are in no way like the ‘heart-warming’ clowns shown on sit-coms. To know them is to want to keep an eye on the kids and one’s back. Just google sex habits of homosexual males if you don’t believe me or go to and see for yourselves.

  3. Juergensen says:

    The Party of Abortion and Sodomy continues its march across the American landscape. And to think what little has been done to stop it these past 40 years . . .

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Well Juergensen there were the faithful few Catholics and protestants who keep trying…the problem was ignored by those in power and now we see the outcome….

  4. A Military without morals and without God will turn against their own people.
    They will commit atrocities at the whim of their dictator.

    The first step is to disarm the people.

    Obama and his Administration do not obey the US Constitution or adopted laws.
    He merely does what he wants by writing his own new Executive Orders.

    Those who voted for Obama in 2012 committed grave sin. They knew he promotes abortion, embyonic stem cell research, same-sex marriage, and was against freedom of religion.
    He will also support euthanasia due to the cost of his ‘Obamacare’ as soon as he thinks that the majority of citizens will support euthanasia.

    • Oscar,
      Well said and 100% right. I understand Obama got the majority of the Catholic vote again. That proves that the bishops are no doing their jobs as leaders. It’s shameful.

  5. Joel Fago says:

    Archbishop Broglio, may the Holy Spirit give you the strength not to withdraw Catholic military chaplains, but to be a witness to the truth by withstanding any coming persecution!

    • Amen !

    • More and more sheriffs are publically letting fed govt know that their gun laws will not be enforced and that any fed entering their jurisdiction to enforce such laws or executive orders will be arrested and jailed. State governments are beginning to pass laws nullifying any fed laws opposing the Second Amendment. The backlash is beginning, and from the people.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        States cannot nullify federal law.

        Artcile IV Clause 2. “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.”

        • State and local officials have no requirement to enforce federal laws. One cryptic motive behind Calif senator Feinstein’s venomous bill to ban firearms in this state is to address the event that a Calif governor, mayors and sheriffs refuse to enforce federal gun laws that oppose the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. BTW, a right is not something that can be voted on, which is why it is called a right.

          • A governor does not have to enforce a state law either. YFC, have you ever … ever … heard of the phrase, “Separation of powers”? This aspect of the constitutionally established government checks the balance of powers among the three branches of the government, namely the executive, legislative and judicial branches. If an executive branch enforces laws not legislated then the legislature can impeach the president, and the Supreme Court can convict the president. The executive branch on the other hand can refuse to enforce laws made by legislature. If the supreme court goes over the top, both executive and legislative branches can reduce or increase its members, and also limit its jurisdiction, and this has happened in the past and in modern times.

          • One of the problems of a federal govt which creates fiat money out of thin air is that if congress stops money for some military endeavor, the executive can yet pay for it by materializing money out of cyber space … called fiat money. That is why fiat money is extremely dangerous to this nation. Not that it is all bad, but that it is not all good, and its bad points could outweigh its good points severely or fatally.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Skai, I don’t know whether local officials have any obligation to enforce federal law. I do know that this is an issue of contention, mostly with regard to immigration and marijuana laws.

            I just know that your comment “any fed entering their jurisdiction to enforce such laws or executive orders will be arrested and jailed. State governments are beginning to pass laws nullifying any fed laws opposing the Second Amendment” is as ridiculous and made up as most of your comments on CCD. Local legislatures cannot nullify federal laws, and sheriffs cannot put in prison “feds” while on “their” territory, simply for enforcing federal law. You make this stuff up, Skai, and you expect everyone to believe you. Time to rein it in Skai.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

          So called “Your Fellow Catholic”, why do you bother to call yourself Catholic when you oppose the Catholic Church’s Dogmatic Teachings?

          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Joel Fago says:

        Accounts of courage by sheriffs throughout our nation can be found in the book, “They Fired the First Shot 2012.”

    • Fago, the Holy Spirit has already long made all of Heaven’s power and authority available to those who accept it. The problem is not that God is reluctant to help, but many bishops and millions of laity are unwilling to accept and work with Heaven’s help.

      • Far too many Catholics see God as a magic wand, and when is the last time one heard a sermon on getting idolatry out of one’s life?

  6. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Just as in the larger society, we are getting the message that we and our saints will be tolerated if we do not dare to speak the truths we know. We serve God best when we dare to stand for our beliefs. Failure to do so allows Satan to prevail, and we see in the larger society the inevitable consequences of silent toleration of evil. This is our watch, and these are our days on earth in which to make our choices, for God or for temptation.

  7. DisturbedMary says:

    One large Catholic dot that goes unconnected: The Chief of (all) Chaplains, appointed by Obama in July 2011 just before the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, is Catholic Fr. Donald Rutherford. Father serves out of the Diocese of Albany, NY, was ordained by Bishop Howard Hubbard and looks forward to returning to that diocese when his military service is done.

  8. St. Christopher says:

    Three points here: (1) the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel must be fired: like all true believers, the implementers of even only slightly tilted policies are the ones to be feared; it was compliant police, school teachers, and shop keepers that turned in the most Jews to the Nazi machine — in other words, the murder of Jews was largely accomplished by the German middle class (the subject of some very good recent histories); firing people with such insolence as this person will set a bright line that may stop others (although each “true believer” wants to be the most worthy of his master’s blessing); (2) If true, Obama’s direct rejection of Congressional authority is grounds for impeachment; and (3) the Catholic bishops must be strong and immediately in opposition to this direction. This latter point is key: this is a game changer for the Church; it will be a pariah in society if it goes along with being booted from the chaplancy of the military. The USCCB needs to get airtime on major networks, and hit the internet with the storied accomplishments of its clergy, and what the President wants to do. This is Satan calling, and very directly. Homosexual activists would like nothing more than to reject the Catholic Church from all sorts of official standing, and to brand its clergy as bigots and the like. Stand up and fight, now.

  9. As an Army retiree, I am ashamed of a General Officer saying such things. The Bishops should withdraw all Catholic Chaplains from the services immediately and make a strong statement as to why.

    • Joel Fago says:

      Withdrawing Catholic Chaplains from the services is cowardly. No “strong statement” can change that.

      • All Catholic chaplains need to be withdrawn from all branches of the US military. A good place for them to continue the work of the Gospel would be to those who are being butchered by the out of control military, for instance to the families of the hundreds of children and other non combatants who are whacked frequently by missles.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      And leave all our Catholic servicemen and women bereft?

    • I think it a better policy to STAY as long as possible to serve our Catholic servicemen & women and let the military bring action if they dare..let them expose themselves to just how far this president has taken us. It’s time to hold our ground…do not retreat! Re-take the hill! Re-take the presidency in the next election.

      • Catholics should withdraw from the military and join state militias. Governors should disengage their state militias from the federal govt.

        • Because when and if push comes to shove, it will be the United States militias vs the Global govt’s lacky aka the federal govt which has a reason for their treason which is tyrannical dictatorial anarchy against God suppression of goodness.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            skai that is why the government is trying to gain more and more control, with gun control and people dependent on the government, then the people will be powerless and more and more laws will suppress the people, religion won’t honor God as much, but they will enforce their faithful to submit to government laws for fear of losing their religious status, their money.

            Laws will bring fear upon those with moral conscience, our values won’t be values from God but from a socialistic society….more and more are bowing down to those ideals and we are becoming less and less of the faithful…

        • The fed govt cannot run essential services such as transportation and power without the consent of the people. In any catastrophic scenario, the gunless will be outgunned.

      • That is what the English bishops chose to do when the Catholic Church in England was taken over by King Henry VIII. Only one bishop refused to switch loyalty from Christ to the King of England, and he was martyred. None of the other English bishops was ever recognized as any kind of saint. When the ruler intercedes between bishop and God, and the bishop cozies up to the ruler, then that bishop needs to go. So, yes, Dana, you have a point. The military bishops should stay and prepare to be martyred in some way, when they refuse to oppose their Church and God at the command of military and political leaders.

      • “As long as possible” has already arrived, Dana.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


        To retake the Presidency will require stopping the voter fraud, and the Republican “Leadership” does not seem up to that!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      I disagree, the Catholic Church should instruct all Military Chaplains that their Commanding Officer is Jesus Christ and they are to obey him and only those worldy leaders who allow them to do so. In other words, defy the Obamanation’s illegal orders.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  10. Obama declared war on the Catholic Church before the 2012 election, yet Catholics helped re-elect him. What did they expect? Freedom of religion in America is being chisled away bit by bit, by executive orders and legislation. Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist and he hates the Church. There are many ways he can persecute the Church; this is only the beginning. Get used to it.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      When you have Bishops and other church leadership supporting this administration or giving the wrong impression of it, then they are misleading their flock. The message needed to be stronger but instead we got a water downed version of Catholicism, one that is most appealing to the lazy soul.

      I am praying for a solution to what we are faced with, we have a tremendous monster of a spiritual battle to fight now, the lay faithful will continue to be persecuted and so will their families, as they try to remain faithful. We can not lean on our priests any longer to solve this issue, for they too have been trained to be obedient to their bishops even when their bishops are dead wrong and misleading. The battle is great for good humble and holy priests to fight alone.

      We must go back to being a people of prayer, faithful to Christ and His church. There will be much more indifference amongst the faithful and must more division….to come…..

  11. No matter what anyone says, Catholic priests can and will only perform weddings that are allowed by the Catholic Church:

    – this means no priest in the military or civilian world does weddings for divorced and remarried people unless an annulment has been granted;

    – this mean no priest in the military or civilian world does weddings for a Muslim and a Catholic unless a dispensation has been granted;

    – this mean no priest in the military or civilian world does “gay” weddings.

    People are trying to scare us into hysteria, but the fact is that CATHOLIC priest chaplains only administer the SACRAMENTS according to the rules of the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Not according to the United States, nor the U.S. military, nor the State of Kentucky.

    The Army can’t force our priests to give Holy Communion to Southern Baptists, nor to marry two Protestants, and it certainly won’t get involved with “gay” weddings when it comes to Catholic priests.

    • Oh but they are trying their hardest to force Catholics to do those very things. We must pray!

      • They’ve alread convinced half the Catholic voters to ok abortion. Why would there exist a problem getting Catholic chaplains to “marry” gays? Or omit the name of Jesus from the Mass.

    • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

      “it certainly won’t get involved with “gay” wedding”

      Do not be so sure,

      just go read about Abp. Vincenzo Paglia on rorate caeli. The most disturbing thing, like ever from a Vatican official.
      If you think Cardinal Mahony is bad. This character seems to be worse.

      The Holy Father will be forced to take a stand sooner or later.

    • False hope, Mackz: When the English ruler whelped his new Church of England, he did it by employing all but one of the former Catholic bishops. Use your gnoggen, Mackz: The US bishops today are so weak for the most part that they cannot even uphold Catholicism in the face of the gay movement. They will collapse under any serious pressure.

      • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

        Yes, US Catholic Bishops pale compared to the English Traitors of Henry VIII.

        I am not going to say all would cave, but certainly many would.

    • Mark from PA says:

      Mackz, you are correct, of course Catholic chaplains are not going to be forced to marry people who are not practicing Catholics. Gay/bi-sexual men are only 5-10% of the male population and lesbian/bisexual women are only 2-5% of the female population so they are not going to take over the army. This article just provides another forum for some to vent their dislike of gay people.

      • PA quit inflating the numbers, gays make up no more than 3-5 percent of the population… your propaganda is tiring….

      • You people are getting hysterical about nonsense. Catholic priests are only allowed to administer Catholic Sacraments to CATHOLICS, and then only under certain circumstances (e.g., the man is not related to the woman).

        Next you’ll be telling me that rabbi military chaplains will be forced to eat pork.


      • It only takes one radical same-sex couple to complain about ‘discrimination’, etc, etc. It is treason for a military person to go against the ‘Commander-in-Chief” – President Obama.

        “As behavior contrary to Christian morality becomes a civil right, Catholics in particular could soon become, quite literally, outlaws. Our current President recently announced that he will disobey a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, signed by his own hand, which states that chaplains cannot be forced ‘to perform any rite, ritual or ceremony that is contrary to the conscience, moral principles or religious beliefs of the chaplain.’”

        • Please note the distinction between “chaplain” and “endorsing body.”

          For Catholic priest chaplains, this is their Bishop or Religious Order. In other words, rabbis cannot be forced to eat pork any more than (Catholic) priests can be forced to do weddings that are illegal according to Canon Law.

          On the other hand, some angry priest chaplain in the army can’t refuse to give the Last Rites to somebody just because he personally thinks they are “unworthy” (e.g., the dying person doesn’t come to Mass regularly, committed adultery, is gay, etc.).

          Even so, a Protestant chaplain can’t refuse to bury a person because he’s a Southern Baptist and the dead person was a Lutheran. This would be his PERSONAL bias, not his denomination’s.

        • It is not treason to disobey the military chain of command, Alex. Every military person is required to disobey any unlawful order, no matter whether it comes from a higher enlisted rank or from the president.

      • Mark, we dislike sin and the promotion thereof. “…another forum for some to vent their dislike of gay people.” “hatred of gay people”, “dislike of gay people”, “hatred of gay people, “dislike of gay people”, “hatred of gay people”, “dislike of…”

        Mark, are you really this sensitive or is it just that you believe if you repeat these statements often enough that we will finally endorse sin because of our sympathy for the sinner?

        A Catholic’s sympathy for the sinner should lead them to: pray for the sinner, admonish those in error, and instruct the ignorant. These are some of the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Mark, you have no right to call those Catholics who practice these things “haters”.

        Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil.”

        • Mark from PA says:

          Tracy, the reason that I speak out is because Catholic gay teens and young people may be reading these stories and comments. Asking that people be treated with respect and compassion is not endorsing sin. Many people here do not have sympathy for our gay youth. Over 85% of gay high school students report being verbally harassed. Almost 20% report having been physically assaulted. Some 30% report having missed at least one day of school in a year due to feeling unsafe. 40% of gay students report that teachers and staff don’t intervene when they are subjected to homophobic speech. I don’t consider some of the name calling that goes on here to be “admonishing or instructing the ignorant”. I think most of our young gay people are good. I think bullying people and mistreating them is evil.

          • Mark, try to speak out about God’s view of Marriage on a school campus today and see where that gets you. We have a very aggressive and ungodly and often violent homosexual movement in this country. They are demanding that we and our innocent children embrace a lifestyle that is contrary to God’s laws. We cannot remain silent because a child may come across some occasional uncomfortable verbiage on this site.

            I have yet to see you post a comment directed to homosexual youth that there is hope and healing in our Lord Jesus Christ and that the sin of Sodomy only leads to sorrow and ultimately the death of their soul. Instead you decry a parent who would try to help their child who has an homosexual identity heal and change from this image.

            Anyway, not to be trite, but would you say that the following quote of Jesus in Matthew 5:11 would pertain to the homosexual reader you are talking about? “Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

          • Gays of any age need to respect God and the Law He made. Sodomites do not enter Heaven … ever.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Tracy, sometimes being gay can be something positive. I think of how I respect women. I actually think that I like women more than some of the men here, but the difference is that I don’t objectify women. I view them as human beings equal to men and not as sex objects. So it is a good thing that I don’t have to worry about being troubled by thoughts of lust directed against women. I can thank God for that, as that is how he made me.

          • Mark, if you as a homosexual male do not view women as a sex object how is there any merit in that? That’s like saying it is a positive that a three year old boy can’t view a women as a sex object. Using our God given free will to choose virtue over vice is what is pleasing to our Lord. Yes, the purity of a child is also pleasing to our Lord, but how much more so then is the purity of an adult pleasing to Him.

            It is a beautiful fact that heterosexual men are attracted sexually to women. God made them that way. However, Jesus also warned men not to lust after women nor I might add after other men either. The positive thing in this is that this encourages a virtuous man to fall on his knees and beg our Lord for the grace not to fall into sexual sin.

            Let me further comment on your statement, “I view them (women) as human beings equal to men and not as sex objects.” First of all God did not make women equal to men. He made us quite different and complementary to men. Also, no two women are equal to one another nor are any two men equal to one another, even if some similarities exist. God gave us all different talents and gifts. He gave us all different looks. He gave us different personalities. He had us born into different situations. All of these differences will necessarily prevent us from being equal. And to suggest that heterosexual men only see women as sex objects, I think I addressed this insult in my first comment

          • “It is a beautiful fact that heterosexual men are attracted sexually to women”: Well, if you say so; I always see it as an agonizing fact.

          • Mark from PA says:

            Tracy, I agree with what you said that people are different with different talents and gifts but we are equal in our humanity. Note that I said some men, not all men view women as inferior to men but some do. It is horrific how some women are treated. Look at the case of some women who are trafficked by men. These women are used as sex objects and abused. So you don’t see any merit in the fact that I don’t view women as sex objects but as equal to men? You said that God did not make women equal to men. Do you think that the statement, “All men are created equal” applies only to men or do you think that this includes women too?

          • Mark from PA says:

            Skai, it can be very beautiful depending on the circumstances. A newly married couple who are filled with love each other are surely beautiful. An older couple who have been married 50 years are more and still have love and devotion for each other are beautiful. Sometimes it can be very ugly such as when women are forced into prostitution or are abused by partners that don’t respect them or don’t respect women. It is not always an agonizing fact.

          • Mark from PA, The statement “All men are created equal” comes from the Declaration of Independence. Clearly the founders did not believe in “equal outcomes” for everyone as common sense tells us this is impossible and Jesus never preached this. The “equality of outcomes” is what most people today mean when they talk about equality. If this is not your definition of “equality” then I stand corrected.

            According to Nathaniel Darnell, J.D., when the Founders of the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, they meant that all men (and for your sake Mark I will add, all women) were equal under the authority of God. They meant that all men were equally accountable to God’s Law. Of course he backs up this statement, which I won’t elaborate on here. You can find him on the web.

            In my mind “merit” means that one has done something to deserve “merit”. I think I implicated that no one would assign merit to a 3 year old boy for not sexually objectifying women and neither would I assign merit to a homosexual man for not sexually objectifying women. Neither would I assign merit to a heterosexual woman for not sexually objectifying another woman.

            As far as facing the fact that since the beginning of time, many humans do some horrific things to other humans is a very sad reality. Jesus came to show us the way to a redeemed life but, as we know, most reject Him. Jesus predicted that those of us who follow Him may suffer some horrific treatment by others. Jesus also showed his followers how to show compassion and care for the least among us. The end to this compassion and care we were to show others was ultimately the salvation of souls.

            Please Mark, warn heterosexual and homosexual youth that a life style of sexual sin leads to death. This includes sex outside of marriage and forbidden sex within marriage i.e. sex while using contraception, etc.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:

      This is the theory, but we all know of weddings in which these niceties are somehow magically dispensed with, and with such a high percentage of priests having homosexual proclivities and presumably homosexual sympathies to match, I am fully expecting to see deviance from conformance to the official positions in the area of homosexual weddings.

  12. What the man said was bad enough, but the Deputy Chief’s (a Lt. General Bostick) statement to “get out” was directed at what he called “a minority of service members who are bigoted”, not specifically at chaplains unwilling to perform same-sex marriages. The context of the article indicating otherwise is simply incorrect if not intentionally misleading.

    Meanwhile, jumping directly to advocacy to interdict the armed services trivilizes the sacraments to the level of political speech.

    Some perspective is required, and this is not the first, only, or worst country to attack the church. Urging that our military men and women be denied the Body the Christ because open homosexuals are allowed within it? Come on – you might as well insist our entire country be denied!

  13. I would strongly recommend “Grunt Padre” by Fr Mode. It’s a wonderful description of the life of Man of God Capodanno. An example for all of us — especailly men.

    I’ll continue to support the Catholic chaplains as best I can with prayer and fasting during these troubling times.

    We can expect to be further pushed out of the public life.

  14. As an Army brat and then over a decade in the Army myself, chaplains are such an intrinsic part of the overall organization. They baptized my children and gave me strength and comfort in Vietnam.
    It’s obvious that this administration, taking its lead from a president that has no idea what war is (no, it isn’t a video game, Mr. President), does not cherish what America stands for.

  15. Abeca Christian says:

    Why doesn’t our church fight back? I hate all this victim game…..stop it and fight! We donate money, why not use that money to sue. That is how sometimes the secular listens.

    This doesn’t sound like the America, the precious lovely USA land of the free.

  16. urbie green says:

    I blame the American Bishops! For failing us. For the loss of so many Catholics who have fallen away from the church because they did not understand her teachings.
    We have so many Americans (and others too), who because of Bishops with weak leadership skills and a true love of our Faith, have caused many to either leave or to engage in acts contrary to our faith: Kathleen Sebelious (Dir. Health & Human Svcs), Joe Biden (U.S. Vice President), Nancy Pelosi (Former Speaker of the House), etc. They all believe that they are “Good, Faithfully Practicing Catholics”. Inspite of their support of Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Etc. Our Bishops cause confusion by making it a normal practice to use Eucharistic ministers at all Mass’s. They are called Extra Ordinary Ministers, to be used rarely! They cause confusion by allowing the receiving of our Lord, Eucharist, on the hand. By not teaching the true belief of Transubstantiation / The Real Presence…etc. Catholic Priest in the military, need to hold fast and never yield to the will of satan…or our countries leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      urbie green, people leave the Church because 1) they stop believing in God; 2) they stop believing that the Catholic Church is the best means to worship God; 3) they have a negative experience at Church; 4) they disagree with the Church’s teaching on something — often times it is moral issues but sometimes it is a perceived irregulariy with the Bible, or with their own personal experience of God; 5) they have a positive experience with another religion or belief system. 6) it becomes unimportant or burdensome at a certain stage of life. 7) they just don’t feel comfortable at Church.

      Bishops are not to blame. We could have a more assertive approach to those who leave by at least keeping up with them and reminding them that they are welcome back. Sometimes people leave in a snit and they would come back if someone asked them to. So if you know someone who left, invite them to return.

      • If Catholics deserve better bishops, then God will supply them.

      • Anonymous, poor catechesis and scandal are the reasons that 1 though 7 exist.
        People learn from what they are taught, and what they see.

        • Real learning comes through the “fear of God”, as it is phrased in the Old Testament. This could be translated as the “respect” for God, but this world “respect” is too nebulous and weak. “Worship God with your whole heart, whole soul, whole mind, and all your strength” says Jesus … This will bring knowledge and wisdom and much much more to your lives. Then you will not have to rely on some teacher whose level of talent is questionable. In other words, Alex, learn from God. Ask Him, Seek Him, Knock on His door … God will give you more than you can dream.

      • anonymous, people leave the Catholic Church because of poor catechesis. Had they known what the Church truly teaches, had they understood just what it was they were turning their backs on (that the body, blood, soul and divinity was present in the Eucharist) they would never have left. As someone who wasn’t raised in the Church, it seems like that should always have been taught and that it had to have been a deliberate act to keep Catholics so ignorant about their faith and especially the Bible. Any bishop caring for the salvation of souls and being responsible for what is taught in his diocese would make this imperative, wouldn’t you think? So why wasn’t it for forty years in the majority of parishes across the United States? Alex is absolutely correct. It had to have been deliberate, which should really be a lesson in our own lives. Are we evangelizing? Are we spreading the good news to those around us? Or are we afraid we might offend someone? Are we deliberately witholding truth so we don’t risk losing friends, a promotion … or cause embarrassment to ourselves? Are we in fact any different from these bishops?

  17. Abeca Christian says:

    The sins of humankind are bringing forth so much hurt, blame and great sadness.

  18. The most vicious and most widespread persecution has always been against the Catholic Church. This will NEVER change, because the devil hates Her, and will do all in his limited power to destory and discredit the Mystical Body of Christ. When persecution comes from the outside, it is proof that the Church is doing her duty and is holy; when she is persecuted from within, it shows she is sinful, and is not doing her duty. Ave Maria Purrissima!

    • “The most vicious and most widespread persecution has always been against the Catholic Church.”

      Are you serious?

      Does the word “Holocaust” mean anything to you?

      • Why, Mackz, is the Holocaust more important than other abominable massacres of millions?

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Wow Skai. Nine Million Dead. Does that answer your question?

          • Twenty million Russians, fifty million Chinese, two million Armenians, two million Cambodians, centuries of extreme persecution of Catholics by Roman Emperors, two million Kulaks, countless lesser massacres by totalitarian regimes. And still the gay agenda sucks up to the types of tyrannical totalitarian regimes that do these things … It would seem to be the “battered wife, battered child syndrome” where the gays keep trying to pacify the powers that brutalize them, instead of abolishing them.

          • Anonymous says:

            I forgot the 55 million people killed by abortion at the floodgates of the US govt, which influence is responsible for countless more tens of millions of abortions throughout the world. Jesus continues to be crucified, and the gays continue to seek vengeance on God for His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. God has also destroyed other well known peoples, and they seem to be seeking the destruction of God’s work out of either or both vengeance and competition. Those who go along to get along with the tyrants and enemies of God become themselves enemies of God … according to Jesus. Anyone who in any way harms or allows to be harmed the seed of God’s creation is better off being executed in this world than having to face the Judgment. People know this to be so, but what they do not know is how to gain the upper hand on the enemies of God. Too bad so many of them simply give up, because they prefer “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die”, than “whatever you eat, whatever you drink, do all for the glory of Jesus Christ and our salvation”. One feeds his belly while the other feeds his soul. Which are you?

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Skai your concern for gays touches my heart. Its the first time I’ve ever seen you express concern for gays!

            If gays were to attempt to abolish those who brutalize us today we would indeed want to abolish the churches, which far more than every other group treat us as inhuman beings who have no moral good, no capability of love, and are not worthy of holding jobs. Instead, most of us try to explain patiently where members of the church are wrong, and hope that one day they will listen to logic and facts, and then in the end, will indeed be pacified.

      • There were over 7 million Catholics, protestants (Germans), handicapped, Gypsies killed in the nazi death camps. There were 6 million Jews killed. Hitler planned to eradicate the Catholic Church after Germany won the war.

        • Newsflash: crazy old Hitler planned to eradicate EVERY church after the war.

          He had made himself into a god and didn’t want any competition. This is perhaps why God smote him like the Amelikites and Hittites…

  19. John Feeney says:

    Obama continues to prove himself an anti-Catholic bigot and some of the bishops continue to kow tow to him. Example: Cardinal Timothy Dolan. With that kind of Church leadership, no wonder 50% of the “Cathoilics” voted for Obama, the most anti-Catholic, pro-abortion president in the history of the United States of America!

    • Cardinal Dolan is pals with an adulterous governor, who receives the Eucharist even though he is pushing same-sex sham marriage and abortion. With “leaders’ like this, is it any wonder the Church is scorned and ridiculed? As long as you’re rich, famous or politically on the ascendant, you’re okay in his book…the antithesis of our Lord, in fact.

      • Anton L. Seidl says:

        Cdl. Dolan came in a knight in shining armor. When I first saw him interviewed on EWTN by Fr. Groeschel I had the highest of hopes. My enthusiasm was soon dashed. Dolan is a politician who “speaks with forked tongue”. A most painful let-down! How could our Holy Father ever elevate this man to such a sublime position?

        • The federal government and some state governments are now intentionally violating the Bill of Rights, mainly the First and Second Amendments. These violations are in effect essentially acts of treason against the United States, and also acts of war against the citizens of the United States. When are our Congressional representatives going to impeach these traitors who have introduced these bills of treason? Forget the bishops on these issues because they typically have no respect for the United States nor the citizens who formed this nation or protected and maintained this nation. Success in stopping the tyranny which gets worse all the time depends on citizens, not bishops or priests. First it was the takeover of the money system, then it was abortion, then sodomy, and presently the double whammy of Christianity and right to protect one from tyranny and outlaws. There is nothing left after this that the tyrants need to do. Three out of five of their goals are met, with public approval; now they are demanding the last two rights be stripped from all law abiding citizens who will then be dominated by money masters who tell you what and how to spend, rulers who tell you if and when you can bear babies, homosexuals who regulate your sex lives and who gets your body and soul, and now they want you to cease your faith in God and force you to worship idols, and also prevent you from resisting and defending yourselves. Now what do you do? Are you comfortable to the point that you will let it happen. Are you sure your vote is the extent of your responsibility? Are you hooked on the world, the flesh and the devil and continue to imagine that you worship God “in spirit and in truth”? Are you imprisoned in your daily grind, your must have habits, your dreams for the future? Or are you willing to stick with Christ no matter what you have to change? Remember that you might be able to last out the lie before you die, but your kids and grandkids will be wondering why you didn’t do something about their totalitarian masters.

        • Because there is nobody else better that he could find … isn’t this obvious?

  20. Anton L. Seidl says:

    I perceive many cries of desperation in all these blogs. Do not despair! This madness shall pass. The military will not become a haven for homosexuals. They are but a small albeit vocal minority. They are an annoyance at worst. Obama is pushing all our buttons! He thinks himself to be Caesar. He is not worth Caesar’s donkey! Let’s hope our Catholic people see the light and throw the democrats out of office in a landslide two years from now! Elect conservatives and stop these liberal outrages! Use your ballot!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      Until the massive voter fraud is stopped, it won’t, it can’t happen!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

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