Bishop Blaire joins Walk for Life

‘I wanted to greet the folks from the Stockton diocese’
Bishop Blaire at Walk

Bishop Blaire at Walk

The following comes from a posting last week on Bishop Blaire’s Blog.

The day was sunny with blue skies and a cool wind blowing across the faces of thousands (maybe 20 or 30 or more – too numerous for me to estimate) in the park across the street from City Hall in downtown San Francisco. It was the 9th annual Walk for Life – West Coast. Words of greeting were read by the Papal Nuncio from Pope Benedict; testimonies of women who had suffered the devastating effects of abortion and had been spiritually healed were delivered; love was expressed by a mother who kept her child with physical defects but no defects as a human person; husband and wife spoke about coming to their faith in Christ and respect for life after two deliberate abortions and how they now enjoyed two children. This crowd understood from the heart and the conscience what was being said. Their enthusiasm and cheering gave evidence….

When the program finished I quickly moved to the front of the march so that after walking for about 15 minutes I could find a good spot to locate. I wanted to be able to greet all the folks from the Stockton diocese – 30 buses. For one hour huge crowds passed by waving their banners for life; singing hymns; praying the rosary; or just walking with a joy of conviction. What was most noticeable? The great number of young people who were participating and their enthusiasm.

Did some of the participants go over the top? Yes. Were some too political? Yes. But by and large I would say that the excessive zealots were fewer in number. I honestly think more and more Americans are becoming pro-life but the anti-life forces remain formidable because they do not see themselves as anti-life but as supporters of women’s liberty and rights. The evil of abortion rights is presented under the guise of good. But the real good is the dignity of the human person and the sacredness of human life created by God. The March for Life – West Coast was a great experience of public witness for the human being created in the image and likeness of God.

+Stephen Blaire

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  1. Ok. To all those who keep on saying in the pages of this blog that “the bishops do nothing about abortion,” let’s read what you have to say.

    • You’re right jon. A short walk on a sunny day in SF and finding the time to enter his experiences on his blog; Bishop Blaire couldn’t possibly do more to advocate against abortion. What an inspiration he is to us all!

      • And gravey, what Bp. Blaire did is a very appropriate way to get the word out that abortion is wrong. Much more appropriate than dragging the Sacraments of the Church into party politics.

        • Jon, could you tell me exactly what you meant by saying “Much more appropriate than dragging the Sacraments of the Church into party politics”?

          I am not sure, but am I to understand that you think abortion is a political issue? Truly if you knew that your weakest neighbors were being taken away from their homes and being murdered one by one, would you say that this was a political issue? Actually, your weakest neighbors ARE being taken away from their homes and being murdered one by one by the millions. So do you really think a Bishop’s outcry should be saved for an organized march? I, like you, think that it was great that he was there but I believe that this should only be a small part of his advocacy for the unborn.

          I personally am grateful to those Bishops who have brought their voices to the pulpit as well as the to the doors of the abortuarys.

          These Bishops come closer in character to St. Telemachus who slipped into the Roman Coliseum and begged the Emperor and the crowd to stop the killing. He was then fed to the hungry animals himself but the killing did finally did stop.

        • jon, you must have fallen off the turnip truck last week … these weak-kneed ineffective bishops have been bloviating for decades but lip service does not accomplish anything at all. Blaire even trash talked the ardent prolifers who give up a whole lot more of their lives than he cares about.

          • No where did Blaire “trash talk the ardent pro-lifers.” As in other things you read with malice whatever our bishops have to say. Admit it, you are an ardent anti-clergy. You border on hatred for our bishops and priests. Fess up.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      What do we have to say? ENFORCE CANON 915!, that is what we have to say!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Right. Enforce it when it is appropriate. The bishops, who are more prudent than some of you here, have not ruled that the time has come. I’d rather side with the bishops — the successors to the Apostles — on this issue rather than the imprudent folks who seem bent on using the Sacraments of the Church for party political gains.

        • jon, the election is over. Evil has won.

          Correcting evil within the Church has nothing to do with politics.
          There are a few ‘Catholic’ Republicans who might benefit from Canon 915 being enforced.
          Although we all must admit that the title ‘Party of Death’ does belong to the Democrats due to their own actions.

          • Oscar, the bishops of the US have decided that this Canon will be enforced on a case-by-case basis, and not “precipitously” (as Cardinal Burke himself had said).

            This prudent decision by the bishops is far more pastoral than your irrational demands. The bishops are taking into account where the conscience of each politician is.

            This is indeed how this Canon should be enforced — as the reception of Communion is personal to each person.

            However, your demand that this be enforced in a blanket way over all Catholic politicians who may or may not have been adequately catechized on this is IRRESPONSIBLE, UNPASTORAL, and SACRILEGIOUS dragging the Sacraments of the Church into party politics.

            Yes, party politics, for far more Catholic Democrats will be affected if the bishops follow YOUR unreasonable demands today.

        • jon, if you had sided with the Bishops who embraced the Arian Heresy you as well as them would have been abandoning Church teaching. Now, we can agree that sometimes a Bishop chooses his timing to speak out as a course of wisdom, but we can’t ignore the fact that many of our Bishops already have had a history of supporting things like contraceptives, which have all along been forbidden by the Church. BTW it would be great if you answer my above question yourself as I failed to see how Kenneth’s post related.

  2. What is an excessive zealot when it comes to defending the life of the most innocent unborn babies?
    Were these “zealots” truthful, or dishonest – that is the real question.
    Were they advocating violence – and if so, these COULD be protestors who support abortion and wanted to give the march a bad name.

    How can one be too political regarding murder and torture?

    Why didn’t Bishop Blaire walk with his people? Why wasn’t he there to protest murder of the innocent, but only to see those in is Diocese?

    Bishop Blaire needs to see: “ENDOWMENT for HUMAN DEVELOPMENT” on the net.
    By 8 weeks and 2 days – ” Touching the embryo elicits squinting, jaw movement, grasping motions, and toe pointing.”
    By 9 weeks and 3 days – ” The fetus can also grasp an object, move the head forward and back, open and close the jaw, move the tongue, sigh, and stretch.
    Nerve receptors in the face, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet can sense light touch.
    In response to a light touch on the sole of the foot, the fetus will bend the hip and knee and may curl the toes.”

    Abortion is not only murder, but TORTURE.
    If people put themselves in the place of these babies who have had limbs torn off or been burned by chemical abortion – then they would understand.

  3. To quote Bishop Blaire: “Did some of the participants go over the top? Yes. Were some too political? Yes. But by and large I would say that the excessive zealots were fewer in number.”

    What is over the top? What is too political? What are excessive zealots? I bet I know. Anyone who is weary of the wimpy politically-correct walkers who once a year show up for the fun of it all and who scorn those who know the absolute necessity of showing what abortion really is. Would Jesus have been over the top, too political and excessively zealous? Think about it.

    • Last time I saw March for Life people (in DC), it snowed over a foot by the time the March got underway. It had not snowed yet that winter, and kids were wearing penny loafers, tenny runners, pumps, tee shirts, no hats or caps, nothing to keep them from sub freezing air temps and snow that melted on their heads and clothing … Countless thousands of these people continued the March as the snow built up … the local Marchers wore ski bibs, snow boots, heavy winter clothing. No one complained, all continued the March. No one was laughing. One senior capital hill type tried to barge through the throng with his car … hopefully the police dobermans took care of him.

  4. Well, Bishop Blaire, I do take exception to your statement of “some people being too over the top, too political.” However, it was nice that you took the time to attend an event so popular with your Diocese. 30 buses, wow. It was the baby killing sympathizers who used the politicians first. It was they who used the courts, the legislators, the media, the lawyers, yes, even the religious leaders in some cases, to procure the legal protection against killing those babies you finally came to San Francisco to honor. I’ve always thought that the Walk should be in front of City Hall, I even think it should begin at the steps of the state Supreme Court. It is our state and the San Francisco area that leads the country (second only to New York in disposing of our future) and it is the Court that continues to protect the likes of Planned Parenthood.

  5. Bishop Blaire needs to rethink his statements. Both Marches for Life are supposed to be poltical. They are not meant to be a walk in the park for fellowship.

    They are supposed to let all elected officials and all persons know that we oppose the murder and torture of the most innocent.

    Hopefully along the way, we get others to look at abortion in a new light – that of murder, torture, and sin.

  6. I wonder if Bishop Blaire objected to the politics because people opposed the DEMOCRATIC president and the DEMOCRATIC national platform – which has made them the ‘Party of Death’.

    Although he certainly is not required to tell us, I wonder how many pro-abortion politicians Bishop Blaire has voted for over the years at Federal, State, and Local levels of Government.

  7. To the very first poster Jon — Well, you knew that they would find something to criticize the Bishop about. First it’s “why don’t our Bishops come to the Walk for Life?!” The Bishop shows up. Then it’s “Why doesn’t the Bishop walk with others in the Walk for Life?!” The Bishop does. Then it’s “What does he mean by zealots, you can’t be too zealot about protecting the unborn?!”

    Apparently one cannot ever be perfect enough to be a Bishop in some people’s view. They would likely be critics of Christ if he turned up in the flesh!

    Lighten up!

    Oh and please don’t say that by my saying lighten up means I don’t respect life or wouldn’t do anything to protect the unborn. It is just tiring to constantly read all the petty bickering about how everyone else isn’t faithful enough or Catholic enough or pro-life enough! You really expect to save any souls with that attitude? Heart speaks to Heart! I know you have yours in the right place, but please use it.

    • Lisa C – if someone was tearing off your limbs or purposely burning you or someone you love with chemicals – would you tell people to “lighten up” at the horrific act?

      Bishop Blaire did NOT “walk” for life. Go back and read his own words.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Lisa C,

      Please give us your definition of “petty bickering”! Is it protesting the bishops’ almost complete failure to enforce Canon 915?

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Mr. Fisher,

        Good day sir, I would never mean “lighten up” about the enforcement of Canon 915!
        I am not a Canon lawyer so my knowledge is limited there, I trust Mr Ed Peters opinions.
        I also don’t mean for the Bishops to “lighten up” either. If we could be so blessed to have such Holy men as Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Finn, perhaps those LOST (and lost to evil unfortunately) politicians who declare themselves as ardent Catholic might not desecrate our Holy Mother Church or received the Holy Eucharists while in such a state of sin!
        The Bishops are men, nonetheless, and many fall short as do we all.
        I believe as Blessed Mother Teresa does in that the greatest destroyer of peace is abortion and it breaks my heart hearing a woman say she stands by her decision to have destroyed the life of her own child by listing a slew of narcissistic selfish reasons.
        What I meant by “lighten up” is the constant attacking others who take a different approach towards things. Yes, hold those accountable by all means, but I imagine if someone like Dr Nathanson or Abby Johnson were to have come in contact with some of the those who comment here, perhaps they would never have come over to the Culture of Life and the One True Church.
        But what do I know, I am just a simple person in the Catholic laity. So please forgive me.

    • Lisa, “Lighten up” is what the abortionists, their politicians, and slothful bishops do to unborn babies. They make the babies lighter by removing limbs and organs using chemical or mechanical means to do so.

    • Lisa, we do not find anything to criticize bishops about, rather they make it obvious that they are not so interested in putting an end to abortion; all we do is describe what they do and do not do.

      • Skai, if you think barring from Communion a few Catholic Democratic Members of Congress will stop abortion then YOU are living in cloudcuckooland.

        • jon, the purpose of Canon 915 (and 1399) is to:
          1) stop SACRILEGE against the Body and Blood of our Lord (receiving Holy Communion while in the state of mortal sin);
          2) teach the offender who is obstinate in grave public sin;
          3) repair and prevent scandal.
          Which of these do you find objectionable?
          Which of these do you think is not important?

          Canon 915 is being enforced by some US Bishops while being ignored by others. Some Bishops do their job while others do not.

          ” Can. 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion. ”

          ” Can. 1399 In addition to the cases established here or in other laws, the external violation of a divine or canonical law can be punished by a just penalty only when the special gravity of the violation demands punishment and there is an urgent need to prevent or repair scandals. ”

          1 Cor 5:11-13.

          • Oscar, read the reply I wrote below.

            What I would like to add however is this dangerous and cynical attitude of using the Sacraments of the Church for party political gain. It’s sacrilegious.

          • Read the canons again. Read the canons on excommunication. If you still feel that this applies to pro-choice politicians (especially those who have never actually voted on any law that establishes the practice of abortion) please explain.

    • Lisa, are you saying Gospel equals “petty bickering”?

      • I agree Lisa. I Christ Himself would never be acceptable to some of these folks. Why?

        1) He didn’t celebrate the Last Supper using the TLM.
        2) He wouldn’t excommunicate these Catholic Democratic politicians. He’d dine with them.

        • jon, Jesus taught and converted sinners and forgave the sins of those who were repentant. He was always teaching.
          He was not dining with sinners for social purposes.
          Bishops are not Jesus, but are sinners like the rest of us.
          Those obstinate in grave sin crucified Him. Jesus said it would have been better if Judas had never been born. And the same to those who cause children to sin.
          Bishops who ignore the Magisterium’s Code of Canon Law do not teach sinners, do not teach everyone else and allow the mortal sin of SCANDAL to stand and relativism to stand. Let public and grave sin stand causes grave confusion amongs those who do not know the Catholic Faith – including some Catholics.

          Jon, this article has nothing to do with the TLM Mass; both forms of the Mass are Holy.
          You can not dismiss everyone just because someone keeps bringing up the TLM Mass. It is an old Democratic trick to try to lump everyone together to discredit everyone.

          • Oscar you are very wrong. The bishops are not “ignoring” Canon Law. Oscar, THEY WROTE THE LAW! They are the legislators and the judges and the executors of CANON LAW! NOT YOU, not anyone here! It is up to their good judgment, guided by the Spirit, to discern the opportune time to implement any of the Canons. In their judgment OBVIOUSLY the time has not come. It is incumbent upon you as laity to adhere to their judgment.

  8. St. Christopher says:

    Compare Bishop Blaire to Pastor Grogan, arrested for running around with an anti-abortion sign and climbing a tree to protest same. Good that Bishop Blaire stopped writing his dreadfully inaccurate and lefty screeds against capitalism and all that constitutional stuff and actually led a moral, religious activitiy. Too bad he had to apologize while doing so, however, and how can anyone be accused of being, or going, “over the top” regarding protecting life. And, isn’t that the very point of why the American Catholic Church is so truly awful at advocating the Faith — they are self-censoring because they do not really believe what they are saying! Rev. Hoye and Pastor Grogan take to the streets, engage in civil disobedience, anything to draw attention to the gravest of crimes committed against the defenseless every single day. Yet, American bishops like to chat about being pastoral, and not being judgmental (particularly about homosexual sex), and pointing their fingers at corporations for making too much money, and against gun owners, the death penalty, and all that. But what they do not say, and do not do, is what counts against them. Bishop Blaire and many many other bishops are OK with protests, that do not really do too much (and that definitely do not try to upset the tasty apple cart). Give us men that live the Faith, that follow Christ in word and in deed. Looks like the Protestant/Evangelical/Pentecostals are in the lead here (but Catholic bishops are really good at trying to be ecumenical.)

  9. jon & Lisa, by his own words Bishop Blaire is:
    1) complaining because some people cared too much about the innocents being massacred.
    2) He called those who truly care a degrogatory name (zealot), in an effort to put them down.
    3) He downplays the role of his precious Democratic Party and politicians in the role they play in promoting this evil.
    4) He said he was only there to meet those from his Diocese. He did not march, nor was he there to march.
    Again, please re-read the Bishop’s own words.

    How many rosaries has he said in front of abortion clinics with his Faithful?

    Several US Bishops are doing this these days. They are not only giving lip service.

    • Paul, I do not know Bishop Blaire but another poster here has witnessed that he is a holy man. You are twisting what he wrote.

      • Paul, your information is blatantly false. FIrst, the Bishop did not complain about “people who cared too much about the innocents being massacred.” Read his statement again,

        Secondly, he did not “put anyone down.” If you think the word “zealot” is derogatory, you’re living in a bubble.

        Thirdly, so you want our bishops to play politics. Isn’t that the very thing people like you are criticizing our bishops about when their teaching of Church doctrines happen to contradict YOUR politics?

        He did not say he was there “only” to meet folks from his Diocese. FALSE! Read his statement again.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bishop Blaire’s blog on the West Coast March is excellent. The contrast between women who stand for the abortion and those who stand for life is excellent. It is an extremely effective piece. Be sure to click the link and read the whole thing. The statements about over the top and zealots are probably for the many pro-life Catholics who have been alienated from pro-life activities by people who make them uncomfortable.

    • No Anonymous, the Bishop’s statements about ‘zealots’ and ‘political’ is to divide and minimize – what is intended to be a united effort of ALL those who oppose abortion.

      These words were NOT necessary to Blaire’s article. He only gives the pro-abortion, pro-Democratic party folks ammunition. They can point to a Catholic Bishop and say – “even a Church leader says so”.
      But it does show us exactly where he stands – politically.

      A Bishop should not be divisive.
      There were about 500,000 marching in DC. No Bishop tried to divide the people there. People of all Faiths and all beliefs stood together against abortion.

      • Anonymous says:

        OSCAR, I don’t think the bishop’s statement was meant to divide or minimize. Here’s a true story — A major US diocese holds an annual pro-life convention and many of the diocesan staff attend and man the booths and usher and work in any capacity they can. In recent years, they have been treated so badly by a few of the attendees that some will never again work or attend any pro-life gathering. It really is a small minority of the many people who attended, but they never want to be treated like that again, especially when they are giving up their weekend to host these people. There is a fringe element in the pro-life movement that is just plain warped.

  11. I beg you, all of you who have been baptized in Christ, to cease your detraction and calumny and strife. You were not given the One True Faith to sit in judgement on your neighbor. You were given the Pearl of Great Price to serve your neighbor as Jesus served. And it does not serve your neighbor or God to write shameful remarks on the Internet. St. Louis de Montfort writes of the 10 principle virtues of Mary (She had all virtues in abundance with nothing lacking, of course):
    Ardent Charity
    Profound Humility
    Universal Mortification
    Constant Mental Prayer
    Blind Obedience
    Divine Wisdom
    Surpassing Purity
    Angelic Sweetness
    Lively Faith
    Heroic Patience
    This is what pleases God. This is perfection. Please stop condemning people that you don’t even know, indeed, have never even met, because they aren’t dutifully playing some part in a script that you have written in your own heads. The Lord God is well aware of all that is thought, said and done. He knows all his children. He is perfectly capable of erasing all of their faults should He desire to do so. He asks you to pray ceaselessly, to have faith in Him and to hope for all things in Him and He asks you to love as He loves. God bless you all.

  12. If Bishop Blaire had NOT taken part in the walk, he would have been attacked for “not caring.”

    If he DOES take part, he’s attacked for only going for a “photo op.”

    Darned if you do, and darned if you don’t………

    • Sorry Mackz – you have not been paying attention.
      The Bishop (by his own words) did NOT take part in the walk.
      He only met with those from his Diocese.

      • You’re right — he didn’t walk for the whole thing, but he did STAY for the whole thing and rooted for the people, stuck around, and wrote about his experience in a very positive way.

        Not everyone can walk that far, and some are ‘called’ to cheer them on from the sidelines. He took part in his own way, as did thousands of others.

      • Wrong. Again, this proves the anti-clergy bias in your comment. The Bishop never said he was there “only” to meet folks from his diocese. Plus, he did Walk, albeit not the whole way. Be charitable.

  13. jon, I could normally agree that each Bishop individually has the right to stop SCANDAL within his own Diocese when he deems appropriate.
    However, many have NEVER -over the span of many many years- tried to stop or repair the damage of Scandal within his own Diocese.
    It is not a matter of timing, it has become a matter of never.

    And this lack of teaching and correction, along with lousy catechesis is the reason the Church is dwindling and Catholics are voting for pro-abortion and pro-same-sex marriage candidates at every level of government.

    If you believe that:
    heresy, schism, relativism and scandals are not a problem in the USA, and need no correction or repair by Diocesan Bishops,
    - then we have nothing more to say.

  14. Beth, if you really want an end to heresy, schism, and disobedience, then admonish the folks here who daily disparage the clergy of the Church.

  15. ALL those who try to be good Catholics – which includes our US Cardinals and Bishops and Priests — must believe in the “Real Presence” of our Lord in the Bread and Wine.

    Then we each must be extremely SCANDALIZED and do whatever we can to prevent SACRILEGE against Our Lord, when we know politicians and others who promote abortion, same sex-marriage, etc, and receive Holy Communion while in the state of mortal sin.

    Bishops need to enforce Canon 915, and/or publically excommunicate via Canon 1399, those who are obstinate in grave and scandalous sin. (1 Cor 5:11-13). Otherwise it appears that these Bishops and Priests do not believe in the Real Presence — because they do nothing to correct the mortal sin of Sacrilege or the grave sin itself.

    It then appears to everyone that they merely give lip service to this utmost belief of our Faith that makes us different than any other Religion.

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