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Encouraged by others to write this

The following was posted on Cardinal Mahony’s blog the morning of February 1. 

Friends in Christ,

This morning I sent this letter to Archbishop Jose H. Gomez giving the history and context of what we have been through since the mid-1980s.  There is nothing confidential in my letter.   I have been encouraged by others to publish it, so I am do so on my personal Blog.  I hope you find it useful.

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February 1, 2013
Dear Archbishop Gomez:
In this letter I wish to outline briefly how the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and I responded to the evolving scandal of clergy sexual misconduct, especially involving minors.

Nothing in my own background or education equipped me to deal with this grave problem.  In two years [1962—1964] spent in graduate school earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work, no textbook and no lecture ever referred to the sexual abuse of children.  While there was some information dealing with child neglect, sexual abuse was never discussed.

Shortly after I was installed on September 5, 1985 I took steps to create an Office of the Vicar for the Clergy so that all our efforts in helping our priests could be located in one place.  In the summer of 1986 I invited an attorney-friend from Stockton to address our priests during our annual retreat at St. John’s Seminary on the topic of the sexual abuse of minors. Towards the end of 1986 work began with the Council of Priests to develop policies and procedures to guide all of us in dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct.  Those underwent much review across the Archdiocese, and were adopted in 1989.
During these intervening years a small number of cases did arise.  I sought advice from several other Bishops across the country, including Cardinal John O’Connor of New York, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, and then Bishop Adam Maida of Green Bay.  I consulted with our Episcopal Conference frequently.  All the advice was to remove priests from active ministry if there was reasonable suspicion that abuse had occurred, and then refer them to one of the several residential treatment centers across the country for evaluation and recommendation.
This procedure was standard across the country for all Arch/Dioceses, for School Districts, for other Churches, and for all Youth Organizations that dealt with minors.  We were never told that, in fact, following these procedures was not effective, and that perpetrators were incapable of being treated in such a way that they could safely pursue priestly ministry.
During the 1990s our own policies and procedures evolved and became more stringent.  We had learned from the mistakes of the 1980s and the new procedures reflected this change.  In 1994 we became one of the first Archdioceses in the world to institute a Sexual Abuse Advisory Board [SAAB] which gave helpful insights and recommendations to the Vicar for the Clergy on how to deal with these cases.  Through the help of this Board, we moved towards a “zero tolerance” policy for clergy who had allegations against them which had proven true.

In 2002 we greatly expanded the SAAB group into the new Clergy Misconduct Oversight Board.  They were instrumental in implementing the Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth and served as an invaluable body for me and our Archdiocese.  They dealt with every case with great care, justice, and concern for our youth.

From 2003 to 2012 the Archdiocese underwent several Compliance Audits by professional firms retained for this purpose.  Most Auditors were retired FBI agents, and extremely competent.  Every single Audit concluded that the Archdiocese was in full compliance with the Charter.
When you were formally received as our Archbishop on May 26, 2010, you began to become aware of all that had been done here over the years for the protection of children and youth.  You became our official Archbishop on March 1, 2011 and you were personally involved with the Compliance Audit of 2012—again, in which we were deemed to be in full compliance.
Not once over these past years did you ever raise any questions about our policies, practices, or procedures in dealing with the problem of clergy sexual misconduct involving minors.
I have stated time and time again that I made mistakes, especially in the mid-1980s.  I apologized for those mistakes, and committed myself to make certain that the Archdiocese was safe for everyone.
Unfortunately, I cannot return now to the 1980s and reverse actions and decisions made then.  But when I retired as the active Archbishop, I handed over to you an Archdiocese that was second to none in protecting children and youth.

With every best wish, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,

His Eminence

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony
Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles

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  1. The cardinal is still ducking the real problem here – blatant homosexuality. With young men it is called pederasty. Yes, some child abuse, but basically was happened was the perverted taste for young boys and young men. Why is there a constant effort to cover this up? I’m sure Archbishop Gomez understands this. I pray he will admit the truth that the cardinal did not.

    • Authorities, both civil and Church, need to interrogate Mahony until he spills the beans on the identities of his associates in infamy. Is he the chief in this cabal or is it someone else? Get the rot out of high places asap.

    • Mark fr. Ca. says:

      Please, read the files that the victims of these crimes represent. The victims (Catholic at the time ) spent the rest of their lives trying to pry these documents from the Church so they could prove to all of you what really happened to them, and be believed. They were victimized over, and over, and over… by the Church. They were labeled as anything but victims along with their families, advocates, lawyers that represented them along with advocating for them. You can safely believe the victims that have been telling you the truth all along.

      There are really no nice words to describe what he is. Those that came before Roger Mahony were not any better. The files also expose them as well. The right side of this is to stand with the victims. I am positive that is where Jesus stands and I stand with Jesus and the victims. Where do you stand?

  2. Jeff Culbreath says:

    “… the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and I … ”

    Oh, that’s rich.

    “Nothing in my own background or education equipped me to deal with this grave problem.”

    A basic formation in Catholic morality might have helped.

    • No kidding! What kind of genius doesn’t know that child abuse is evil? This man has been protected by liberal politicians and elites for so long.

    • Vive Vendee says:

      During Cardinal Mahoney’s tenure, the Vatican document Crimen Sollicitationis (which exists still today) forbade the Catholic clergy from speaking of or exposing any such sins of priests and incurred excommunication if they did. There was no misunderstanding this rule of secrecy. It explains the hierarchy’s identical actions on the matter of abuse across the globe.
      About the legal costs our L.A. Archdiocese caused plaintiffs & their lawyers over five years to prevent the release of records, now being relinquished…would it not be the decent gesture for the Archdiocese reimburse the fortune it took to aquire them?

      • Whoever conspired to create that secret document, VV, that you call Crimen Sollicitationis, needs to be thrown out of the Church, for it is treasonous and betrays all innocent souls, betrays God, and betrays the Church and it also betrays every human being ever conceived or to be conceived. The Vatican needs to be exorcised.

      • Mchicha Wacheza says:

        Nonsense @Vive Vendee.
        The document in the very first paragraph says anyone involved in such a crime should be immediately brought to trial.

        The document is in English on Vatican .com

        Nowhere does it say that the crimes should be kept secret.

        It also primarily covers crimes against the sacrament of confession.

        Read it before posting wrong things

        • Good work, M Wacheza!!!

        • Vive Vendee says:

          Re: Crimen Sollicitationis:
          Wikipedia may be your best shot at an objective look.

          The Church has long reserved investigations into abuse allegations to its own tribunals, to quote:

          “… An oath of secrecy was to be taken by all members of the tribunal; violation incurred a penalty of automatic excommunication”.

          Canon Lawyer Thomas Doyle 2006, “To fully understand the overriding concern for secrecy one must also understand the traditional canonical concept known as the ‘Privilege of the Forum’. Basically this is a traditional privilege claimed by the institutional church whereby clerics accused of crimes were tried before ecclesiastical courts and not brought before civil or secular courts. Although this privilege is anachronistic in contemporary society, the attitude or mentality which holds clerics accountable only to the institutional church authorities is still active”.


          • The Vatican needs to be exorcised, asap.

          • To be noted, VV, the doc says tribunal, not all clergy. There is a distinction. But this legalistic minutia is nonsense. The problem is the damned homosexual perverts in the clergy ruining all they can get away with ruining. Bring on the Inquisition.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Wow I can’t believe such utter prejudice as Skai utters is allowed here on CCD.

          • Mchicha Wacheza says:

            @ Vive Vendee

            I am supposed to believe Wiki more than the document itself? Really?

            The Catholic church does not give oaths in public or secret. What nonsense?

    • Vive Vendee says:

      It gets better.

      This day in history, February 3rd, 2013, all congregations assembled at Mass in the L. A. archdiocese, were read a statement by Archbishop Gomez concerning the Church files just released against their will after 5 years of legal haggling.

      We learned A.B. Gomez was shocked, shocked to find there was gambling going on in… oh, wait… shocked, SHOCKED to find there was a cover-up going on in this archdiocese. Never in his years of a cleric has he been so saddened to learn of such evil.
      And then the business about the archdiocese program of “Safeguarding the Children,” which makes everything better.

      There is a more efficacious approach. Require all Catholic children to become proficient in the art of Judo. Accompany this with instructions that, should a priest make an “inappropriate” move, to administer a thrust kick to the groin which will stun the offender long enough to flip him into the air in a manner that lands him on the ground so very hard that his lungs flatten of all air.
      This will give the child ample time to call the police on his cell-phone in case no one else will.


  3. Somebody’s mad they got called on the carpet…

  4. Liar.

    • Notice that Mahony’s blog is centered on himself and his feigned ignorance? Why is he not centering his life on Christ instead? Is Mahony even aware of the difference? Is he sociopathic? Is he a pathological liar? What exactly is the matter with him?

      • Vive Vendee says:

        “What exactly is the matter with him?” At worst, I think, his errors were the result of wishful thinking. This is all that remains for clergy who are not at liberty to act independently.

        The tragedy was the scope of ruin false hope caused.
        Cardinal Mahony is human, just like you & me. That fact is “what is the matter” with all of us who enable by our silence & indifference the media’s corruption of youth, the death of innocence inflicted by a God-less culture, the slaughter of the unborn and the debasement of marriage and morals by no less than church-going Catholics. It is the killing of a reputation everytime we whisper gossip. It is the wounded heart of everyone to whom we have been hateful
        Now, then… who will throw the first stone?

        • VV, don’t you realize that people are disgusted with the modernism that you’re preaching here. As Abp Gomez says in his letter, there is no excuse for Mahony’s behavior. It is not human weakness that gains us salvation, contrary to your pitch, but the work of the Gospel.

        • One reason this is such a great site is it affords us an opportunity to share our griefs, frustrations, hopes and joys. It’s not so much about casting stones as it is sharing our common sorrow. Yes, we’re all sinners indeed, but when I was a teacher, if I’d known of another teacher molesting children, I would never have covered up for him or her. It is the duty of ALL who are working with children to be ‘better’ than most people… it is calling. If you do not think more is expected of an archbishop than what we have just witnessed, then perhaps you should refresh your memory about what Jesus said: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”

          This is what Catherine had referred to in another post. It’s pretty imperative to correct error and help one another to gain eternal life, wouldn’t you say?

          • “If you do not think more is expected of an archbishop than what we have just witnessed”: commenting further on this phrase of Dana’s — St Paul in one of his letters says just this, that the more responsibility one has the more is expected of him. Jesus in parables says the same thing.

        • Ah, how about we hand the stone to any number of those who lost their faith and childhood to the priests that Mahoney protected?

  5. Mchicha Wacheza says:

    The man tries to blame Archbishop Gomez

    “Not once over these past years did you (Arcbishop Gomez) ever raise any questions about our policies, practices, or procedures in dealing with the problem of clergy sexual misconduct involving minors.”

    This man does not know when to quit. He is still trying to play saint on his way to Jahanam, he cannot pause for a moment and be truly sorry and let Archbishop Gomez deal with his mess without him trying to say, I am innocent.

    This man totally belongs to jail.

    I do not understand how he could have become a Bishop, let alone a priest. He is devoid of any Christian Charity.

  6. R.B. Rodda says:

    For Cardinal Mahony, it all seems to be about CYA. About doing what’s best for himself and his legacy.

    By far the worst thing he did was remain as Archbishop of LA once it was clear that he had screwed-up. He should have retired and faced the music. Then the real investigation and healing could have begun. Given the fact he lacked the grace and humility to leave on his own, he should have been canned by the Pope. The Pope was wrong not to take that courageous step.

    Few realize how much support Mahony had — actually HAS (particularly from Hispanics) once it was clear he had screwed-up. That’s why he wasn’t replaced.

    It seems in the end the Church has a dearth of courage and grace.

  7. Clinton R. says:

    The arrogance of this man is beyond belief. Looking at this in a larger context, the current sad status of the Church can be traced to the time of St. Pope Pius X. He released the Oath Against Modernism in 1910 when modernists were biding their time until they could inject their poison into the Church. As the 20th century moved along, they gained more and more power in the Church. Vatican II allowed them the opportunity they needed to take over and change Catholic doctrine, morals and of course Holy Mass. As a result, we have had cardinals, bishops and priests who have fostered an ‘anything goes’ mentality within the Church. Seminaries were allowed to become rife with homosexuals. Heterodoxy became widespread. Liturgical abuses common. False ecumenism paramount. Tradition disdained. The embrace of the homosexual and liberal agenda. And so on and so forth. Now in our time, the Catholic Church has become nearly unrecognizable and allowed to be an object of scorn and ridicule. Domine, miserere nobis. +JMJ+

  8. The hubris of this Cardinal is amazing. He responds to the discipline of his superior by publishing a CYA letter on the Internet. Shame on him. Mahony’s 25-year reign here in Los Angeles will be long remembered. The Mass under Mahony was corrupted, so that people were asked not to kneel at any time.

    Thank you Valiant Archbishop José Gomez. Rest assured Cardinal Mahony will do his best to stop a Gomez promotion to Prince of the Church. This step really required strength. And thanks for accepting the resignation of disgraced Bishop Thomas Curry, an opponent of the EF Mass in San Buenaventura Mission. I hope that with Curry’s removal our stable group of faithful will not be expulsed from the ancient Mission.

    • Mark from PA says:

      “The people were asked not to kneel at any time?” I don’t quite understand this. Are things that different in LA? Here in PA, we kneel during the Consecration and Eucharistic prayers and also during communion.

      • Yes, out here, we are ordered to “stand in unity” at communion, even after having received. In some churches, the kneelers have been removed to ensure that no one will try to act more “reverant” than the others.

        At the church I used to go to, pew mates would hiss at me to stand and then take me to task afterwards saying that even if I didn’t agree with this, the beloved Cardinal must be obeyed as we would obey Christ! Oh, please! Would Christ shelter child molesters?

        Thankfully, there are some churches who decided to follow Christ, rather than a man. I go there now where I kneel in thanksgiving.

        • Mark from PA says:

          Convert, that is completely foreign to me. We always kneel during and after communion. I don’t understand why people are ordered to stand in unity at communion. Who thought that up?

          • Mark — the posture of standing during Holy Communion is implied in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM), although it is not explicitly stated, and the Holy See has confirmed that it is not to be forced upon the faithful.

            The GIRM, n. 43, says in part:
            “The faithful should stand … from the invitation, Orate, fratres (Pray, brethren), before the Prayer over the Offerings until the end of Mass, except at the places indicated here below.”

            Then, in the same article, it indicates that the norm in the U.S. is to kneel from after the Sanctus until the after the Amen of the Eucharistic Prayer, with a few named exceptions. Then it continues:

            “The faithful kneel after the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) unless the Diocesan Bishop determines otherwise.

            “For the sake of uniformity in gestures and bodily postures during one and the same celebration, the faithful should follow the instructions which the Deacon, a lay minister, or the Priest gives, according to what is laid down in the Missal.”

            A note in this article refers to article n. 41 of Varietates legitimae:

            “… The gestures and postures of the assembly are signs of its unity and express its active participation and foster the spiritual attitude of the participants. Each culture will choose those gestures and bodily postures which express the attitude of humanity before God, giving them a Christian significance, having some relationship if possible, with the gestures and postures of the Bible.”

            To sum up, it is legitimate for a diocesan bishop in the U.S. to ask the faithful to remain standing after the Agnus Dei. Additionally, the posture of the faithful in the pews is not proscribed for the time during the Communion procession and immediately following. Many have interpreted the “until the end of Mass” phrase from GIRM, n. 43, to indicate that standing is the norm throughout Holy Communion unless otherwise indicated. But, of course, it has been customary in the U.S. for people to kneel after receiving Holy Communion. It was and remains a legitimate option for a local pastoral authority to ask the faithful to assume a common posture of standing during Communion, but it is not to be “forced”. The same would go for kneeling.

            Some pastors — bishops and priests — have asked the faithful in their jurisdictions to assume a specific common posture in order to signify the unity of the faithful especially at that moment of Holy Communion, but because the norm is implied and because the custom of kneeling after Holy Communion is strong, making such a request of the faithful has often proved to be divisive instead of unifying. How sadly ironic.

  9. I wanted to organize some of the thoughts that have been running through my head ever since I read about Archbishop Gomez relieving Cardinal Mahony of his existing duties within the Archdiocese of LA.

    First, many wonder why Cardinal Mahony was not asked to resign many years before he retired. The simple fact is until very recently he had absolute bedrock support from millions (most notably first generation Latino immigrants) within the archdiocese and the greater community. Only until he lost that “constituency” as one person called it did lose his privileges within the archdiocese.

    In reading Msgr. Francis Weber’s book about the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels I was struck by the many thousands of hours over several years that Cardinal Mahony noted that he personally invested into the project. One has to wonder how such a distraction impacted him as the chief shepherd of Los Angeles?

    I remember talking to an insider at the archdiocese just before the new Archbishop arrived. I jokingly asked if the Cardinal had made up his mind to retire in Hollywood or would it be Beverly Hills? The conversation became serious — the cardinal had no intention from moving out of the cathedral center and many onlookers found that to be quite odd. He had moved from the archbishop’s quarters into new quarters at the cathedral center and fully intended to stay.

    When the Cardinal moved to St. John Borromeo Church in North Hollywood, it spoke volumes. While it’s a large parish with a school and it’s where the Cardinal grew up, it’s also in the San Fernando Valley, well away from the downtown chancery and the LA power brokers.

    This is all a very sobering example of how the mighty fall when they neglect their flocks and stop following the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I think the Archdiocese of LA can now begin the healing in earnest.

  10. Where is the LA Prosecuter? Where is the justice?

    – Aiding and abetting sexual child abusers (felony) by purposely hiding their actions from the legal system.
    – Assisting in these crimes by not permanently removing the abusers from positions of trust with other children.
    – Hiding information from the legal system and from all the Faithful families of the LA Diocese – who have a right to know and protect their children.
    – Having to pay out $660 Million dollars of money donated to the Diocese by the Faithful, in fines and hush money, which forced the protections currently put into place within the Diocese.
    – Stating (above) he believes he did a “sufficient job over the years for the protection of children”.
    – by his actions causing others to mistrust the Church instituted by Jesus leading to the loss of Souls.

    And Mahoney says “nothing in his background taught him how to deal with this grave problem”?
    Does he not have any morals, common sense, or a “properly formed” conscience?
    This is evil.

    Jesus said we must forgive, but He does not say we must TRUST anyone with such immoral and poor judgement.
    Jesus did not say that this type of man should be in any position of trust within His Church.

    By his blog above, it is clear that Mahoney does NOT believe he did anything wrong – since he merely blames organizations for his own actions, and blames his lack of training to handle these types of problems. He believes he is not culpable for his own actions.
    Therefore, he is only sorry that he got caught.
    A Bishop/Cardinal is responsible for everything ‘Catholic’ within his own Diocese; other organizations do not drive or mitigate his responsibility and actions.

    He should lose his titles of: “Cardinal”, “Eminence” – a person of high rank or attainments, and “Archbishop Emeritus”.
    In the words of Jesus – Mt 18:6.

  11. Part of the evil brought on by Diocese or Bishops/Cardinals who follow man made organizations,
    rather than the teachings of Jesus and the Bible,
    and the Code of Canon Law, and since the late 1990′s the CCC is the grave injustice of guilt by association in the public eye — of holy and innocent Priests.
    When is the Cardinal going to apologize for his part in all the damage done to good Priests, and his damage done to potential vocations?

  12. Has he no shame? Now it’s Archbishop Gomez’ fault? He’s still showing he is incapable of accepting culpability. He sounds just like an obama or a kennedy as far as I’m concerned… glib and unscrupulous. Perhaps he can pursue a second career as a politician and run on a platform of how he was used and abused by the Catholic hierarchy? What he calls ‘mistakes’ were out and out fraud and the point is, even if criminals are really sorry for their crimes, does that mean they do not have to suffer the consequences? What he does not seem to understand is, he committed criminal acts, and being sorry and apologing doesn’t make it in the ‘real world’ unless you’re an obama, who doesn’t even have to apologize. The secular media, aka Tass, wipe all incriminating evidence completely away. The Cardinal chose the wrong profession, especially since his master’s was social work.

  13. Tom Byrne says:

    The Cardinal’s opening paragraph correctly expressed certain facts about the secular world’s attitude toward child sexual abuse. It was never mentioned in my teacher training (1979-1981 at USF), nor was it an in-service topic until the mid-1990s. The secular psychologists certainly gave bad advice at the time and I wonder why no one confronts that profession with that failing. But the Cardinal answers to Jesus Christ, not Sigmund Freud. Where was the outrage against the abuse of children by men under his command? Why does he invoke his social service training, but never the the words of Our Lord? “Mistakes” is the best he can say? Where does he say SIN, REPARATION, EVIL, CRIME THAT CRIES OUT TO HEAVEN FOR VENGEANCE? How can one apologize when one makes no admission of moral fault?

  14. Defensive and subtly defiant to the end. What a waste of paper. Eminence, how greatly you have fallen. All you needed to write Archbishop Gomez was, “Mea cupla, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.”

  15. The Cardinal sounds unhappy with his new shepherd. I don’t see a “your faithful servant” in it anywhere…

  16. Bigger they are, harder they fall.

  17. When he hits the ground, will we hear a “thump” or the rattle of “dead men’s bones”?

  18. Francesca Fontes says:

    Bishop Gomez did not say anything in the biginning because he didn’t know the whole story, he probably had not seen all the documents Cardinal Mahony was hiding, that’s why he didn’t say anything.

  19. Cardinal Mahoney, would you make a card for me and for all those in other diocese?

  20. I’ll pray for you, too.

  21. Soon after the installation of Archbishop Mahoney, some influential friends of mine from Northridge went to Rome to present valid documents to the sacred congregations of why this cleric was unfit to be in a leadership position. The papers were delivered, but they were never acted upon. The bishop who was helping these friends was discovered, and he was banished from the Vatican to an inferior post in France. The Italians have a saying that if the fish stinks, it is because of the head. The reason why Mahoney, as well as other evil bishops, get away with such scandalous behavior is because those in the Vatican were NOT doing their duty. It is a terrible shame that many souls were lost to hell because of these wicked clerics. My Jesus mercy! Ave Maria Purrissima!

  22. Roger Cardinal Mahony injected his poison far and wide into the Church. In 1998 he published “Gather Faithfully Together: A Guide for Sunday Mass” [ still available in the Internet]. He recommended to follow the mass of the Taj Mahony Cathedral Box. It was widely obeyed in this Archdiocese of 4,000,000 baptized Catholics and by fellow modernists beyond.

    In my parish we can trace to this instruction the standing up after the Sanctus instead off kneeling, the forming of human chains for the Our Father, the standing up after communion, forming of human chains with the altar servers behind the altar facing the people, the disappearance of the Confiteor and use of an abbreviated form of the Nicene Creed used in baptisms. The interior of many churches was wreckovated.

    Mother Angelica called Mahony on this but the damage to the liturgy was carried out implacably. The Mahony Mass has to be fixed. One way to go would be to allow the mutual enrichment of the OF and the EF to take place as requested by the Holy Father. The FSSP has requested a Personal Parish in Los Angeles. That would help a lot. Archbishop Gomez could attend the Latin Mass in St. Therese in Alhambra to send a signal. There are only 313 bishops and Cardinals that have been present at the EF liturgy since Summorum Pontificum, out of a total of about 5000 bishops worldwide. All wreckovations of parishes should be stopped and the few traditional churches left standing protected. How the Los Angeles Cathedral could be improved I do not know, but at least the pews and kneelers could be rearranged so that the Altar is not surrounded on three sides. The Mahony mass needs a liturgical antidote to make it more reverent. The new translation of the Mass helped, but after a few weeks the Confiteor disappeared again in my parish.

    I am glad Cardinal Mahony is now disgraced. Archbishop Gomez deserves out gratitude for this brave step forward. We need strong leadership.

    • Mchicha Wacheza says:

      If the Mahony Mass Exists, It behooves Archbishop Gomez to explicitly condemn it in witting and forbid its use.

      • R.B. Rodda says:

        This is all a huge amount of garbage. I have been present when both Mahony and Gomez have celebrated Sunday Masses.

        The ONLY issue I could detect is that the pour the Precious Blood into the chalices after it is confected. THAT’S IT.

        The Masses are actually quite solemn. The MC (the archbishop’s priestly secretary) and the male altar servers are extremely serious and competent. Incense is used in large amounts, the preaching is typically fairly good and holy communion is distributed with an almost military precision. There’s no showboating.

        People should actually attend a Mass they are trying to critique before popping off…

        • Rb robba
          Were you allowed to kneel after the Sanctus? Did your pew mates permit you the grace of kneeling once you had recieved or did they keep their legs pressed against the kneeler?

          Were you allowed to pray as a Catholic or did someone grab your hand and make you part of their “unity”?

          Trust me; we’ve all been to this flawed mass here in LA.

          • One time when the pew mob shifted into the isles to hold hands, and I didn’t, they walked right over me. That is a sign of what, Rodda?

  23. It is my opinion when someone in authority goes to such great lengths to protect evil doers and cover up their crimes, usually the person in authority also is guilty of evil doing and they don’t want to be seen as a hypocrite or they are afraid their own evil doing will be exposed by the evil doers if they were to punish or expose them.

  24. “The root of self-love is alive in them, wherefore they bear perverted and servile fear. Because they fear to lose their position or their temporal goods, or their prelacy, they do not correct, but act like blind ones, in that they see not the real way by which their position is to be kept.

    If they would only see that it is by holy justice they would be able to maintain it; but they do not, because they are deprived of light.

    But, thinking to preserve their position with injustice, they do not reprove the faults of those under them; and they are deluded by their own sensitive self-love, or by their desire for lordship and prelacy, and they correct not the faults
    they should correct in others, because the same or greater ones are their own.

    They feel themselves comprehended in the guilt, and they therefore lose all ardor and security, and, fettered by servile fear, they make believe not to see.”
    – St. Catherine of Siena

  25. JohnXes4eyes says:

    Why does the Lord honor the hierarchy even when they fail him.

    (That great lion at the Council, Cardinal Ottovani, quipped that the only biblical example of Episcopal Collegiality was in the aftermath of our Lord’s arrest, in which it was said about the Apostles, ”they all fled”.)

    But why does our Lord honor the offices which He created?

    A pretty good parable about this is a story about a spoiled little shrpherdess, and an even worse Princess, both of whom were born on the same day.

    This is in a free Librivox recording by Nathan of George MacDonald’s ” The Wise Woman”. The title character is rather a predecessor of Tolkien’s character, Galadriel, herself widely supposed to be a type of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    The Wise Woman provides correction to both the little shepherdess and the even worse Princess.

    But the shepherdess doesn’t receive the instruction very well, whereas the Princess, with her comparatively greater ROLE and RESPONSIBILITY, does receive the instruction and becomes reformed.

    Why did the Lord choose to give greater dignity to the Hierarchy than to the Priesthood of All Believers? St. Peter wouldn’t have boasted of any inherent superiority on the part of the Apostles. But it was the Lord’s decision to give us this nature. Better argue it out with Him.

  26. JohnXes4eyes says:

    There’s a Catholic Greek-Melkite (Greek &Arabic) Holy Ikon of the Dormition, with our Lord standing over the prone body of our Lady, holding a Girl Infant in swaddling clothes in His arms, representing, I suppose, Her Immaculately Pure Soul. Macula non est in Te.

  27. “nothing in his background taught him how to deal with this grave problem”: All human beings have the Law of God written into their nature; so, is Cdl. Mahony saying that he is not a human being? Or, more likely is it the case which St Paul explains in Romans, that sin “sears” the conscience? Thus, Cdl. Mahony’s sin is so extreme that he long ago lost his conscience. Even in 1989, when I shook his hand, it was easy to sense that his core was nothing but frightened jelly. The Church and the civil authorities need to go after his “handlers”, whoever they might be.

  28. Help me out here. Wasn’t Cdl Mahony deposed for the same practices as bishop of Stockton? How many incidences of recidivism does it take to realize placing trust in “inexact sciences” such as therapists and psychologists was an abject failure. These bishops had three more sacraments than the rest of us through ordinations. Why didn’t they place their trust in the Holy Spirit instead?

    As for myself, my confessor told me the only way to rid myself of the white hot rage I’m experiencing is to pray for the souls of these men.

    Kyrie eleison.

  29. Archbishop Gomez has taken the fatherly action against Cdl Mahony which should have been done in so many of these cases, but sadly most of our current day bishops are lacking the testicular fortitude it takes to do the same. We can see from Cdl Mahony’s letter that he is not accustomed to being reprimanded and he is not taking this action against him easily. Archbishop Gomez action is definitely a step in the right direction but more should be done and maybe it will be. I pray that our Holy Father, in his paternal wisdom, will lower the cardinal’s rank. Cdl Mahony needs to serve jail/prison time, and Catholics should be crying out for this. If the cardinal somehow escapes prosecution, he should be forced to reside outside of LA, better yet, outside California. Ideally, as I’ve commented before, I believe the best place for Cdl Mahony, would be in a cloistered monastery or some such place. Not only as a punishment but hopefully for the salvation of his soul. If he stays in Los Angeles, he will not be likely change or be able to reflect on his very grave mistakes as he will still be surrounded by his cleric and lay friends who still hold admiration for him.

  30. Oh, great, to have one’s own personal blog to attack the Archbishop of Los Angeles because he has called you on your criminal negligence.

    This embarrassing blog entry reminds me of that nut Marc Andrus, the so-called “episcopal bishop of California,” who attacked our own, brand-new Roman Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, just a couple of days before his installation in our cathedral.

    Then good old Marc had the chutzpah to show up for the installation Mass, late no less, and then wine on his blog that he didn’t get to sashay up the center aisle of OUR cathedral after failing to arrive on time and be seated with the others in his group. Instead, he went off in a huff and ran to his typewriter to enter yet another whiny blog entry about how he had been “snubbed” and “denied entry” to the Mass. NOBDY wants to take responsibility for their own actions — whether it’s endangering children, or coming late to the party!!!

  31. The Archbishop strikes back.

    Just returned from Mass. Archbishop Gomez had his letter limiting Cardinal Mahony’s faculties and retiring Bp. Thomas Curry read in full. I could not believe my ears. Ours is a very liberal Novus Ordo VC2 parish so this was amazing.

    Viva el Arzobispo José Gomez y la Virgen de Guadalupe.

  32. Dave Heath says:

    “Nothing in my own background or education equipped me to deal with this grave problem. In two years [1962—1964] spent in graduate school earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work…”

    Really Your Eminence?

    You never studied the 6th Commandment, remembered the Final Four Things – Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell or the Words of Christ Himself: “…And whosoever shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me; it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he were cast into the sea…” ?

    What did you study in Graduate School? “How to Ignore the Obvious 101″? “Children and Their Resiliency to Neglect 212? Social Work For Dummies 102?

    Please… you abandoned your Responsibility to Yourself, Your Priests, Your Flock and especially the Children. You cannot walk that back, so stop trying. You own this.


  33. Some Bishops place far too much trust and stock in man-made stuff, and in organizations of their own creation such as conferences — and for this they must be held personally accountable.

    They each have the obligation and authority for their own Diocese, and for this they must be held personally accountable.

    They and many of their USCCB Committees publically get involved in politics (such as gun control, immigration laws, federal budget so the USCCB will get more money for their multi-million dollar budget, etc.) and other things that have nothing to do with the Gospel and the Saving of Souls or even have nothing to do with Church teaching as stated in the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition”.

    They pretend their own polticial views are “Catholic’, and pretend they have a right to act according to their own political viewpoint. (CCC 2245, 2246). These same Bishops/Cardinals do NOT do their own jobs — relating to handling SCANDALS within their own Diocese. 1 Cor 5:11-13; 1 Tim 5:20; CCC 2284, 2285, 2286, 22287; and Code of Canon Law 1364 through 1399. (Public excommunication ab homine for those who are obstinate and scandalous.)

    We must continuously encourage all Bishops and their Diocese Priests to do the right ‘Catholic’ thing according to the CCC, and pray for them. We must publically support those Bishops who handle SCANDAL within their Diocese because they will be verbally attacked by those who support sin. By our joint active participation we can make a difference.

    We must first KNOW our Faith as stated in the CCC and a Catholic Bible.

    We must always remember that each of us has the “right and obligation” per Canon Law — “212 §3. According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.”


    Gomez’s decision to remove Mahony, who was Archbishop of Los Angeles between 1985 and 2011, has very few precedents in as far as cardinals’ dismissals go. One case that comes to mind is that of the Cardinal of Vienna, Hermann Groer who was accused of child molestation. The Opus Dei prelate has ordered for the cardinal to be stripped of all public duties following the release of confidential church files, containing documents that show how Mahony and other leaders of the nation’s largest Catholic diocese tried to protect as many as 124 priests accused of molesting children, over a long period of time.


    During the recent symposium at the Pontifical Gregorian University entitled “Towards Healing and Renewal”, monsignor Charles Scicluna – the promoter of justice of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – was very clear: “We need to be vigilant in choosing candidates for the important role of bishop and also … use the tools that canonical law and tradition give for accountability of bishops.”

    In particular, during the press conference he held after his speech at the Gregorian University symposium, the archbishop from Malta seemed to refer to canon law 128 from the Code of Canon Law (“Whoever illegitimately inflicts damage upon someone by a juridic act or by any other act placed with malice or negligence is obliged to repair the damage inflicted”); but in more general terms he stressed how bishops, as members of the clergy, are subject to the same punishments and rules that apply to priests. “It’s not a question of changing laws, it’s a question of applying what we have,” said Scicluna.

    • Mchicha Wacheza says:

      JP II as much as I love him should not be canonized. This is an indictment of him. He was the Pope after all, a great Pope, but this is a huge failure on his part.

      • Shameful statement!

        • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

          I agree with the statement.
          Was This not part of his legacy? The blatant lack of discipline in the Church was largely due to innaction by JP II. I get his personal holiness, but he had a job to do which he did not do.

      • Nah, sometimes, as recorded in the OT, God relies not on His chosen or annointed ministers but on the faithful laity to uphold His Law … same goes for His Gospel. When a pope is surrounded by false teachers, what can he do? When the laity sucks up to false teachers, what can a pope do? That is the situation. Popes do not wave magic wands … They suffer crucifixions however.

  36. I don’t feel we should be giving Archbishop Gomez too much credit… yet. Yes, he deserves credit for taking action but, I, like others, am curious to know, WHEN did Archbishop Gomez know about Cdl Mahony’s sins and crimes and HOW much did he know? If we discover that the main reason Archbishop Gomez took action was strictly a PR move, as he knew the public outcry would be much worse if he didn’t do something, well then, this would be very sad. Also, there should be much more focus on Bishop Curry, for his part in this.

    • Catherine says:

      Cardinal Mahony is still very much in control, that is until Archbishop Gomez chooses to become totally equipped in grace. Cardinal Mahony still has voting rights power in the Vatican with other powerful voting rights friends in high places. Blessed Pope John Paul II knew that he was surrounded by enemies. Pope Benedict XVI has just experienced a bitter betrayal by his butler and Pope Benedict XVI has also addressed the “removing of the filth within the Church.” Archbishop Gomez does not have voting rights for the next Pope but Cardinal Mahony does. This is the reason for the latest press release.

      The LA Times hates the Catholic Church but the LA Times likes the fact that Cardinal Mahony is homosexual agenda friendly. Now they are all at a crossroad. The LA Times with it’s hating of the Catholic Church but it’s loving of how much Cardinal Mahony homosexualized the seminary, sexualized catechesis, and even the Mass at the body swaying tambourine playing heretical Religious Ed Congress. Archbishop Gomez has ruffled the attention of the LA Times and the narcissistic “ill equipped” feathers of Cardinal Mahony because Archbishop Gomez accurately BULLS EYED the right target by calling the scandals and the conniving handling of the scandals, for the descriptive name they are. “Evil.” As great an evil as the scandals are, the greater evil is the loss of so many souls and the destruction of the faith. Cardinal Mahony achieved this destruction by choosing to remain “ill equipped” in grace.

      The reason that Cardinal Mahony did not handle the scandals properly is that he did not view them as “evil.” Perhaps they were just seen as “sexual immaturities” or as not being “not consensual”, uncomfortable matters to be swept up and hidden under a rug. Archbishop Gomez DOES view this as evil and he called it out! Archbishop Gomez needs to be very careful of friendly appearing “butlers of information.” Archbishop Gomez needs to immediately disassociate with Marxist groups such as La Raza and Obama promoting, race baiting immigration groups. They are NOT his friends or friends of Jesus Christ. He is dangerously naive if he thinks that these groups with their own masked agendas are any less harmful and potentially dangerous to the soul. Archbishop Gomez and many of our bishops have turned to the political workings of men for their strength and guidance instead of completely relying on God and the teachings of Christ’s True Church on earth to achieve the Great Commission of the spiritual workings of salvation. Archbishop Gomez will be slowly silenced by the many remaining entrenched wolves that are also “ill equipped.” Especially if he continues business as usual. No human is any match for such great evil unless he is totally equipped in God’s grace. This great spiritual war against evil will only be won with the Supreme Guidance of Jesus Christ through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. When the faithful see that Archbishop Gomez responds to crucially important letters written from faithful priests within his own Archdiocese, the return of reverence at Mass, authentic Catechesis instilled in every parish, true devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested in Fatima, then the faithful will know that our new Archbishop is well equipped to face this battle.

      Cardinal Mahony was right to refer to himself as “ill equipped”. There is a well-defined reason why he chose to fabricate such a lame hearted and weak excuse for his transgressions. When you look to please men before pleasing God you will always remain “ill equipped.”

      Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Office of Media Relations
      3424 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010 | phone: (213) 637-
      7215 | fax: (213) 637-6215 |
      FEBRUARY 1, 2013

      Questions from the faithful and some members of the news media indicate that it would be helpful for me to clarify the status of Cardinal Roger Mahony and Bishop Thomas Curry.
      Cardinal Mahony, as Archbishop Emeritus, and Bishop Curry, as Auxiliary Bishop, remain bishops in good standing in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, with full rights to celebrate the Holy Sacraments of the Church and to minister to the faithful without restriction.

    • It probably is not so much a matter of when Abp Gomez knew … likely he was put on the L.A. throne because he does know. It is a power struggle, and the Vatican is trying to rally faithful allies. This is the way I see it. The Vatican is likely full of demoniacs; after all, what could be a better place to set up a few nests? The biggest problem is the lack of intellect among the public … they are so brainwashed by television that they have no idea that there is such a thing as reason. So, before a bishop can really effectively clean out a viper’s nest, he has to win over the flock … Gomez may be doing this, and his move would bear witness to his sense of success. Perhaps a popular movement could be established to demand a riddance of evil among prelates. The Pope seems to be asking clergy and laity to get holy … This is the only real weapon the Church is effective with.

    • Maryanne Leonard says:



    The stance he has taken is significant and indicative: the Bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Freiburg Charles Morerod – also a Dominican theologian, Rector of Angelicum, Secretary of the International Theological Commission and member of the delegation representing the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Church’s talks with the Society of St. Pius X (SSXP) – has published a decree forbidding Lefebvrian priests to celebrate mass in churches and chapels in his diocese. He also stressed that the Fraternity’s priests are suspended “a divinis”.


    P.S. If he’s the rector of the Angelicum in Rome, that’s where Blessed John Paul II studied theology. These Lefebrve groupies need to get with the Church!

    • These Lefebrve groupies need to get with the Church!… perhaps but did you notice there have been NO reports of sex scandals within the SSPX? Lex orandi lex credendi …by the grace of God the SSPX will come home and its detractors defeated…

      • I did not know that, and it is good to hear. One grain of salt in a batch of flavorless mush makes all the difference.

    • Mackz, that has been happening all along.. Catholics have always been forbidden to go to chapels ran by the Lefebvrites if there were a Catholic Church in good standing with the Holy Father in ones area.

    • Mchicha Wacheza says:

      This has always been the case with SSPX. Nothing new here.

    • A particular location or set of buildings does not impute holiness to a man, Mackz. If that were the case, then the opposite would be true also, and that would indict you and all residing in SF, wouldn’t it now?

  38. Per Lorraine: I, too, considered the PR aspect until I read that Cdl Mahony, who included a nice home for himself in the Cathedral compound, has been living in St Charles Borromeo parish for some time.

    Unspecified “insiders” expressed surprise that he moved. So perhaps Ab Gomez had begun this process of cleansing quietly and methodically.

    As for me, I choose to believe this and continue to pray for his clarity of vision and courage as our shepherd.

    Dominus vobiscum, et cum spiritu tuo.

    For Cdl Mahony & Bp Curry, Kyrie eleison.

    • Mchicha Wacheza says:

      What a Joke.
      LA Congress speakers

      1. Mark Shriver is the keynote speaker. He is not known for his being Catholic, but for Being a Democrat.

      2. Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP, PhD. A domincan nun dressed in a secular night dinner dress.

      3. There is a Jesuit speaking about “Restorive Justice.

      Archbishop Gomez needs to shut the whole thing down cold turkey.

  39. BTW: JohnXes4eyes, where is that ikon or where may I see a print?

    Hopefully there’s a religious art website that has it.

  40. What did Cdl. Mahony have against kneeling to Christ? Why do so many of you continue to obey him?

    • It’s a hold over from the European mindset of master slave. Many people simply cannot shake it. People want to worship bishops and popes and all sorts of things. And so the “just follow ordeurs” without actually using their God given powers of reason. When clerics become evil, they take advantage of this and use the flock for their own pleasures. The question is how do these maniacs obtain such nefarious power. Go after the handlers. Find out who are the handlers and the evil power structure that Mahony is part and parcel to.

      • Skai,

        You’d have to go all the way to the bottom then: to the devil himself.

        • Convert, we can see the smoke of Satan on many in society, and thus no real need to plummet all the way … in fact the Angel of God wrote to St John in Revelation to warn two churches to keep from delving into the depths of evil.

      • Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

        Make no mistakes, Jesus might consinder us Friends, but we are lower than servants to him. we are created beings, created by him.

        While he has elevated us, we should not be Presumptuous about our status, consindering the suffering we have caused him.

      • The handlers were Communist agents at first. Once their job was complete it just metastasized into the situation we have today in many areas of the Church. Yes the main handler is Satan.

  41. John Xes4eyes, I am assuming that your post at 1:14 pm today was in answer to a question I mistakenly posted under this article instead of the article about the Coptic Catholic Church. If that is the case, thank you for answering. You will find that I re posted my question under the right article concerning churches worth going to in California about a Coptic Catholic church.

  42. Maryanne Leonard says:

    Nothing in this man’s background prepared him to tell the truth, to denounce the sexual abuse of children, to discipline “celibate” priests he might one day be responsible for, or to seek justice for victims of crimes? Defrock, excommunicate, and try this man for high crimes and misdemeanors. He dares to try to fool all the people all of the time and has ended up fooling none of us, even with this latest series of self-serving lies and attempted obfuscations. If we were all to follow his moral example, our Catholic world would long since have unravelled from within. If our Catholic hierarchy fails to remove him from cleric office in disgrace, and our justic system fails to find him criminally guilty, we will have been badly served by both. Thank God for Judgment Day; let our Highest Power deal with this man’s soul.

  43. Although I believe Pope John Paul II probably had a good heart, he failed miserably in his selection of many bishops or in his oversight of that process. It will take the Church decades, or maybe even centuries, to overcome these grave errors in judgment.

  44. In his years of Social Work training, according to Cdl. Mahony, there never was any discussion on the subject and duties of a Social Worker regarding child abuse? What did he think Social Work was all about? What was his Priestly training all about if not sin and redemption? He, apparently, only got the redemption part right.

    The Diocese following Cdl. Mahony’s retirement still shows the after effects of moral leniency. Priests silent on abortion, contraception, assisted suicide, etc.

  45. Abeca Christian says:

    Who raised Cardinal Mahony to his high position? When we have so many loyal and faithful priests who should of moved up the ladder. Maybe the curse of homosexuality that has infiltrated within the church, stained the spiritual eye’s of those who make decisions of who moves up the ladder in our church leadership.

    When will the church listen to the cries of the faithful, when our faith is being attacked, and when we cry out to help end the wickedness that is being permitted?

  46. Patrick,

    In response to your post to Mark regarding kneeling, some of the most heinous or vile acts in the U.S. are considered “legitimate” or legal. That being said, this still does not make any of these acts, or the evil ulterior motives behind these acts noble or right or just or good. There is a uniform “reason” for ulterior motives behind many bad or evil decisions. Our Catholic Universities are rife with uniform postures that undermine the truth.

    Ulterior Motive Online Dictionary
    1. Lying beyond what is evident, revealed, or avowed, especially being concealed intentionally so as to deceive: an ulterior motive.
    2. Lying beyond or outside the area of immediate interest.
    3. Occurring later; subsequent.
    [Latin, farther, comparative of *ulter, on the other side; see al-1 in Indo-European roots.]
    ul·teri·or·ly adv.

    Patrick, You wrote the words, “To sum up, it is legitimate for a diocesan bishop in the U.S. to ask the faithful to remain standing after the Agnus Dei.”

    Patrick, To truly and legitimately sum it up, the *liturgical consultants and bishops* in the U.S. who initiated this ulterior motive have been homosexual agenda friendly.

    Convert asked a legitimate question. “What does Cdl. Mahony have against kneeling to Christ?”

    “He that sees another in error, and endeavors not to correct it, testifies himself to be in error.” Pope St. Leo I

    “It is better that scandal arise than that truth be concealed.” St. Gregory the Great

    “Not to oppose error is to approve of it, and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and, indeed, to neglect to confound evil men, when we can do it, is not less a sin than to encourage them.” Pope Felix III

    Patrick, Thank you for writing, “but because the norm is implied and because the custom of kneeling after Holy Communion is strong, making such a request of the faithful has often “proved to be divisive” instead of unifying. How sadly ironic.”

    Patrick, This is much more than sadly ironic. There was an ulterior motive that has nothing to do with desiring uniformity. Obama would not be the President of the United States if “uniformity” had been placed as an importance. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is not divisive.

    “How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it! Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them.”…. Matthew 7:14-16 Douay- Rheims

  47. Oh please, I can’t believe people are fixated over standing or kneeling at communion as if that matters in light of child sexual abuse. Do you really think Cardinal Mahony’s behavior was caused by improper body posture during communion? The fact is, I don’t care if the person next to me in the pew stands on their head and twirls in a circle during communion. I care about how they behave.

    I certainly don’t care what form of the mass anyone attends. If someone wants a swahili mass, I’m certainly not going to think much about it. I will evaluate them on their choices and behavior. Now, I can understand a desire for uniform ceremony and think there is a benefit for a consistency worldwide in modes of worship. But the scale of importance of the “Mahony mass” vs. Mahony’s policies with respect to handling child sexual abuse allegations are in completely different galaxies in terms of moral significance.

  48. It seems clear from the Moral, Doctrinal, and Liturgical example of the Cardinal’s tenure when he was Ordinary of the Archdiocese, where there was nothing but antagonism toward the Catholic Faith. So I’m not suprised by his inablity to accept responsibility for his actions.

    I visited several seminaries as I sought to discern my own vocation, around the same time as the Cardinal’s “religious” formation, and ran, not walked away from the relativism being taught there, so his rejection of what the Church teaches does not really shock me.

    What does shock me is that he would try to hide behind Graduate School in Social Work as his defense. Either he was sleeping through class, and not reading his assigned texts, in which case he should repay the diocese which paid for his schooling, or if it is the School of Social Work which failed him, they should refund the Diocese.

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